Always Active, Mary Susan Costa Assembles Our On-demand Workforce

Working Solutions

When Mary Susan became a full-fledged employee in 2006, the company’s name […]. When Mary Susan Costa joined Working Solutions as a contractor in 2003, she was one of only two people in human resources. “I

Uncovering Cloud Options for Your Organization

NICE inContact

Since 2006, cloud computing has expanded and advanced in incredible ways. While cloud computing is a staple in numerous organizations, less than half of contact centers have any form of investment in cloud technology.


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Inside View: MOO

Contact Center Pipeline

Online print and design company MOO launched in 2006 with a compelling vision: To disrupt the trillion-dollar global print industry by delivering cost-effective yet superior design and a world-class experience via the web. The company has much to celebrate, given its remarkable growth and achievements over the past decade. MOO has won multiple Webby awards […]. Inside View agent empowerment call center call center awards contact center culture live chat self-service

Keeping Core Values Top of Mind

Contact Center Pipeline

Hispanic market—in 2006. […]. How do you get your entire company to support and live your core values? By engaging staff and leaders in defining what your organization stands for. That was the approach taken by Listen Up Español Founders Craig Handley and Tony Ricciardi. The two launched the business—a bilingual call center for the U.S. Culture call centers community service contact centers core values corporate citizenship culture

Helping AI Help Agents: A Better Way to Use AI Applications in the Contact Center

Upstream Works

It was 2006 and it was way ahead of its time – providing omnichannel agent desktop capabilities long before the concept of “omnichannel” was formed. By: Rob McDougall, CEO, Upstream Works Software.

Teleopti showcased workforce management at the Moroccan event SICCAM


SICCAM fit perfectly with Teleopti’s plan to enter the Moroccan market with the goal to achieve a comparable success with the one in Middle East, where we since 2006 have managed to get around an 80% market share STOCKHOLM, May 23, 2012 — On May 17 and 18, Teleopti proudly took part in the SICCAM forum in Casablanca, focusing on Contact Centres and Customer Relations in Morocco.

Black Friday Shopping Brings Out The Worst In Us

Steve DiGioia

Black Friday is the only shopping holiday with its very own death count: 10 deaths, 105 injuries since 2006 with an honorable mention to the Texas pair who “beat, strangled and set on fire an assistant store manager to steal thousands of dollars of Black Friday sales” and the California father charged with the vehicular manslaughter of his two daughters, when, after only three hours of sleep in 24 hours, he crammed his four children into the back car seat designed for only three.

Sales 168

Teleopti celebrates 10 years in the Middle East


It was in 2006 that Teleopti management team understood the need to expand its business into this fast evolving region, and within a year a representative office was opened. Teleopti is celebrating it’s tenth year anniversary operating in the MENA region. The results quickly exceeded expectations. The company started with just a couple of employees and one customer, but now boasts more than 50 established customers.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): A Peek behind the Curtain of the Healthcare Behemoth

Certified Languages International

For example, in 1972, Medicare expanded to cover those with disabilities, and in 2006, it expanded again to provide prescription drug benefits for enrollees, known as “Part D.”.

What is AWS End User Computing?


This has all been very relevant in the previous years—that is, until Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its public cloud subsidiary of Amazon in 2006.

Understanding the Cloud Adoption Approach


However, in 2006, Amazon launched a subsidiary called Amazon Web Services (AWS), which completely changed the future of IT Infrastructure.

5 Case Studies to Improve Your Customer Service


The company’s steady growth since 2006 outpaced its existing resources for support requests. As more and more customer transactions occur virtually, the quality of online help desks and customer service support is becoming an essential differentiator for companies.

The Quick Fix for Better CX

Customer Interactions

In a 2006 Bain study, 80% of companies surveyed claimed they offered a “great” customer experience. Some contact centers claim to prioritize customer satisfaction, but all they’re accountable for are operational metrics. The result of lip service? That only sounded impressive until Bain went on to survey the customers of those companies. Only 8% of those customers claimed to have received “great” service.

Guest Blog: Becoming a Blockbuster?


That’s why we haven’t built a major enclosed mall since 2006.”. This week we feature an article by Ted Janusz who writes about how customers are always looking for a better customer experience. It’s important to stay up to date on new technology and trends in order to keep your customers and attract new ones. . Was this a typical Friday event for you and your family?

“U.S. Employee Engagement Reaches Three-Year High.” Where Customer Experience and Value Delivery Are Concerned, Shouldn’t We Ask: ‘So What?’

Beyond Philosophy

Thorough analysis conducted by The Conference Board in 2006 showed that, among twelve leading engagement research companies, twenty-six key drivers of engagement could be identified, of which eight were common to all: – Trust and integrity – How well do managers communicate and ‘walk the talk‘? – Nature of the job – Is it mentally stimulating day-to-day? – Line of sight between employee performance and company performance – Do.

ParkWhiz Lines Up Talkdesk to Drive Improved Customer Experience


ParkWhiz , headquartered in Chicago, was founded in 2006 with the mission to free drivers from the hassles of everyday travel by making it faster and easier for users to find, reserve and pay for parking at thousands of locations. One of my favorite cities to go to is Santa Cruz, California. We were blessed to live in the Santa Cruz Mountains for a few years and fell in love with this city.

Getting Company Culture and Operations Right, and Keeping Them Right: What It Really Means to Be Stakeholder-Centric This Labor Day

Beyond Philosophy

In 2006, when it was sold to Bank of America, MBNA was an enterprise of 25,000 employees, the U.S.’ Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy. A recent article on corporate customer-centricity by a prominent market research firm made the case for this type of culture as “the most effective way to meet customers’ changing needs.”

Why PCI compliance is crucial

TMP Direct

It was first introduced as an official regulation in 2006, by major credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Data security and privacy are today a prime focus for most organizations globally.

Customer Service Focus Fuels Unprecedented Growth for Synergy Automotive

CSM Magazine

Founded in 2006 by Paul Parkinson, who has amassed over three decades of industry expertise, Synergy Automotive provides B2B and B2C car leasing, contract hire and finance services. A 66 per cent increase in sales since 2012 has turbocharged success for vehicle leasing and contract hire broker Synergy Automotive. In the driving seat: Paul and Martina Parkinson with members of the Synergy Automotive team.

Intouch Games Automates 28% Of Live Chat Queries with ServisBOT

CSM Magazine

Founded in 2001, in the West Midlands, UK, as a manufacturer of leisure machines for the hospitality industry, Intouch Games launched its first mobile casino games in 2006. AI chatbot handles peaks and supports business growth.

Avoid IVR Jail and Release the Customer Journey

CX Global Media

GetHuman started back on 2006 when, founder of several software companies, Paul English became enraged when he was locked in Verizon’s IVR jail. Last year, roughly 1 in 8 Americans used GetHuman. Now GetHuman tries to create a better customer journey and take care of customer service problems for people. Avoid IVR Jail and Release the Customer Journey Click to Tweet. I know that I would never want my customers to have to hire GetHuman to receive good service.

Plotting the right (Green)Path: Calabrio Customer is a Finalist in the 2021 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards


Employed by GreenPath Financial Wellness since 2006, David knows firsthand that one earns what one receives there: nothing is simply given to you.

Top 5 Reasons Contact Centers are the best partners for COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

Call Experts

Since 2006, two-thirds of all U.S. Contact centers are the best partners for vaccine clinics and medical centers with the significant change in business and patient requests since coronavirus, Covid-19. According to the WHO , there are over 106 million confirmed cases across the world.

Making Personalization the Center of Your Customer Retention Strategy like Spotify


Spotify, originally founded in 2006 in Sweden, continues to see success. Long-term customers are more valuable to your company’s growth than you may think. A study from Harvard Business School found that increasing customer retention rates by even 5% can boost your company’s profits by 25-95%.

Making emotional connections with customers is key to excellent NPS and VOC results

Robert Davis

This was the highest October sales figure since 2006, even though the recession had hit people hard across the country. By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates. Recently I read an article by Toma Kulbyte entitled “32 Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know for 2018” ( [link] ). In addition to all of the statistics she quotes, I particularly like her definition of CX: “Customer experience is your customers’ perception of how the company treats them.

Emotional Intelligence in Customer Experience Leadership


It comes from psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s 2006 book, The Happiness Hypothesis , and it compares your emotional, automatic mental processes to an elephant—lumbering, inflexible, and massive. In a past job, my superiors were excited about what they called the “elephant-and-rider metaphor.” And your rational mind? That’s a tiny human riding atop the elephant—well-intentioned, nimble, holding the reins and the illusion of control.

Black Friday By The Numbers

Branch Mesenger

This year, the holiday created by Alibaba back in 2006 made $30.8 Did you hit the mall or a physical retail store this past Friday? If you skipped the store for mobile deals, you're part of an ever-growing, ever-shifting audience of consumers who are increasingly taking their dollars online.

Sales 55

Top 30 SaaS Companies in the US


Founded in: 2006. Founded in: 2006. Founded in: 2006. SaaS – Software-as-a-Service – is an umbrella term referring to a range of technologies and tools that facilitate the processing, storage, and management of big data using remote servers.

SaaS 52

ChurnZero Becomes a HubSpot Connect Beta Integrator


Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more inbound. ChurnZero the real-time Customer Success platform announced that it has joined HubSpot as a Connect Beta Integrator. Today, ChurnZero announced that it has joined HubSpot as a Connect Beta Integrator. HubSpot, a leading growth platform, works with Connect integrators to help grow their business through listing and marketing and distribution resources to increase shared customers.

CRM 40

How to Stay Close to Customers While Working From Home

CSM Magazine

He formerly founded contact centre analytics company, Performix Technologies, which was acquired by Nice Systems in 2006; Arantech, which was acquired by Tektronix in 2009 and FeedHenry, which was acquired by Red Hat in 2014.

Top-Rated SMTP2GO Moves to Talkdesk for Reliability and Cost Savings for Their Global Organization


SMTP2GO, founded in 2006, is headquartered in New Zealand with customers in 130 countries. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte James Lisbonne (Customer Success Manager) and Lukas Williams (Head of Tech Support/Business Development Manager) from SMTP2GO. Their mission is to provide the fastest, most reliable SMTP service on the market. In this blog find out why they chose Talkdesk and how they’ve benefited. .

voip 50

Top 25 SaaS Companies in Israel


Founded in: 2006. Founded in: 2006. Israel has earned the global nickname – “start-up nation” – thanks to the growing number of global startups it produces. The nation has produced 2,000 startups in the past decade, and a majority of these start-ups have been SaaS-driven.

SaaS 52

Why you don’t get credit for great customer service – and how to make sure you do


A leisurely company standard like “we strive to answer all emails within 48 hours,” which may have been fine in 2006, shows a misunderstanding of what satisfactory customer service calls for in 2016. “Customer service—now that’s a dying art.” I hear this sentiment often, and my response is, “Uh … I’m not so sure you’re right about that.” I’m just not convinced that customer service is in particularly bad shape compared to how it was in the gauzy, dimly-remembered past.

“Get the Balance Right” – Why Businesses Must Map the Customer Journey before they Roll-out New Channels

Enghouse Interactive

The analyst’s recent “The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel” report looked at the proportion of UK contact centre inbound interactions by channel since 2006, with predictions shown until the end of 2021. One of the headline findings was that the percentage of interactions made by telephone was anticipated to fall from 90 per cent in 2006 to a projected 62.2 Recent research from Contact Babel has uncovered that traditional telephony-based interactions are on the decline.

Spearline Podcast Episode 17: Talking fraud on telecoms networks with Andy Gent


2001, 2006, I was doing some self-work at home. In 2006, I went out to Afghanistan and found the SIM Box fraud, and I came back and developed a product to address SIM Box fraud. Andy Gent: A classic example was say 2006, a call from the UK was 25 cents to Afghanistan per minute.

What the heck is a Chief Customer Officer?

Inside Customer Service

Bliss published Chief Customer Officer in 2006. Advertising disclosure: This blog participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites.

Wix Website Builder: Get to Know Its Features


Founded in 2006, since then Wix has focused on developing technology that allows you to build professional websites. Wix website builder is a platform developed to enable people who don’t have experience in design or coding to create their own websites.

Black Friday By The Numbers

Branch Mesenger

This year, the holiday created by Alibaba back in 2006 made $30.8 Did you hit the mall or a physical retail store this past Friday? If you skipped the store for mobile deals, you're part of an ever-growing, ever-shifting audience of consumers who are increasingly taking their dollars online.

Sales 48

CX Initiatives: What if Employees Are Not On Board?

Beyond Philosophy

Where customer behavior changes are reported as a result of employee engagement, they were (like satisfaction’s impact on customer behavior) also at macro and rather weak tea, incidental levels: “An earlier (2006) Gallup report that examined over 23,000 business units showed that companies with engagement levels in the top quartile averaged 12% higher customer advocacy than those in the bottom quartile.” Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

February 2006. For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. At times (more in the “old days” but every now and then it happens in present times) we’ve literally have been accused of “having religion;” i.e., believing in Customer Experience (CX) without proof and asked to show the value of CX. So, the debate continues.