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Discover the 14 game-changing opportunities and risks awaiting you in 2024

Beyond Philosophy

11:53 Colin shares his statistic from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) regarding how 70 percent of organizations remained flat or decreased customer satisfaction and that the index is at its lowest point since 2006. 23:06 Colin shares a statistic from Emplify that explains why customers will pay a higher price to buy from you.

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The Complete Guide to MyShopify


Gearing up in 2006, it became a wagon of e-commerce titles in [.]. Last Updated on August 5, 2022 If you’re planning to start your first ever e-commerce platform, there’s a high chance that you are counting on Shopify. It is a platform that allows you to set up an online store and sell your products.


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Black Friday Shopping Brings Out The Worst In Us

Steve DiGioia

These reports are now overshadowed by the lunacy of shoppers from all corners of our great land detailing the fights, scuffles, arguments and mayhem our once-respectful shopping public now partake in.

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Always Active, Mary Susan Costa Assembles Our On-demand Workforce

Working Solutions

When Mary Susan became a full-fledged employee in 2006, the company’s name […]. “I was brought in to provide overflow relief to Kristin Skiko (vice president of Talent Management) in adding agents,” Mary Susan said.

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“U.S. Employee Engagement Reaches Three-Year High.” Where Customer Experience and Value Delivery Are Concerned, Shouldn’t We Ask: ‘So What?’

Beyond Philosophy

‘Employee engagement’ has many meanings and interpretations, but relatively little of it has to do, by conceptual definition, specifically with impact on customer behavior.

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Inside View: MOO

Contact Center Pipeline

Online print and design company MOO launched in 2006 with a compelling vision: To disrupt the trillion-dollar global print industry by delivering cost-effective yet superior design and a world-class experience via the web. The company has much to celebrate, given its remarkable growth and achievements over the past decade.

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Helping AI Help Agents: A Better Way to Use AI Applications in the Contact Center

Upstream Works

It was 2006 and it was way ahead of its time – providing omnichannel agent desktop capabilities long before the concept of “omnichannel” was formed. That’s when we looked at all the desktop applications that people were using (the multiple desktop applications) and all the channels they were dealing with.