5 Ways to Manage Risk

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Coaching Contact Center Compliance Training & Development B2B business-to-business coaching compliance data list management outbund prospecting risk management sales training2022 has been a pivotal turning point in the age of sales, risk, and technology.

Simplifying Multiple Channel Management

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Brands have never been more accessible to their customers than they are today. Whether it’s through a voice call, chatbot, or WhatsApp, or via a company’s mobile app, website, or good old-fashioned email – there’s never been as many options for customers to interact with a brand.


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5 Contact Management Database Mistakes to Avoid

Contact Center Pipeline

When it comes to managing your contacts, the days of the rolodex and the spreadsheet database are far behind us. Today’s business landscape calls for much more sophisticated solutions, which means having a contact management system that’s robust and feature-rich.

Managing the Human Element

Contact Center Pipeline

I can’t underplay the extent and severity of the cyber threats that we all face.

Managing Product Feedback at Scale

As with all things related to customers, there’s an art and science to effectively dealing with each of their ideas. With so many voices competing for attention, you need a means of effectively dealing with all of the data that will come your way. This practical 26-page eBook provides product managers with the strategies needed to deal with the common pitfalls that come with opening up the inevitable floodgate of data that comes with asking your customers and internal stakeholders for their input. In this eBook, we’ll show you: • How to gather, prioritize, and select the best ideas from your customers and stakeholders, • How to make internal feedback more effective and inclusive, • How to make more strategic product roadmap decisions based on data, not opinions, • How to set expectations for new development both internally and externally. Get your free copy now!

There’s Magic in Managing the Details


I asked a manager about this and he gave me a great explanation. The short version is that when someone comes to work at Brio, they are taught to manage a number of these small details. In other words, the employees are trained to have a “manage the details” mindset.

Managing Emotional Labor in the Contact Center

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Stress Management agent burnout agent morale call center complaint handling contact center emotional labor irate customers stress managementThe phone beeps in my ear; I answer with, “Thank you for calling Hoosier Healthwise. This is Mark. How can I help you today?”

Rebooting Your Workforce Management Strategy

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Our workforce management (WFM) landscape is changing at breakneck speed. This presents entirely new challenges and opportunity for workforce managers. Workforce management professionals are still grappling with this epic change.

Three best practices for effective call management


Effective call management is an essential step in boosting contact center efficiency. Read on for three best practices to optimize your call management strategy

How to Manage Multiple Evolving Channels

Contact Center Pipeline

In recent years there has been an uptick in the number of digital channels through which customers can be engaged. These range from websites to mobile phone apps, to social media and eCommerce platforms, to the Internet of Things, and to virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

Managing Product Feedback at Scale

This practical 26-page eBook provides product managers with the strategies needed to deal with the common pitfalls that come with opening up the inevitable floodgate of data that comes with asking your customers and internal stakeholders for their input.

5 strategies for managing customer expectations


So in the cases where a customer is asking for something you can't provide, whether that's faster response times or new features (or a trip to the Moon with Wallace and Gromit), your business needs to manage their expectations.

What Does Management Want From You?

Steve DiGioia

But what does management want from you? What Do Managers Want From Their Employees? Most managers want their team members to continue doing their job without incident, especially if the team works well. It creates safety, security, and peace of mind for the manager.

Developing a Strategic Vendor Management Framework


Transform Vendor Management into Partnership Success. So, how you manage outsourcers has a direct and lasting impact on customer loyalty and bottom-line growth. This means that the traditional vendor management approach needs to evolve. Centralized Vendor Management.

Transforming Quality Management with AI


While reviewing 2-5% of interactions may help understand some issues, it leaves many companies to question what they are missing and how they can drive more insight and efficiency from their quality management process. Playvox Announces AutoQA.

Research Report: The State of Community Management

Online communities provide a wealth of benefits for organizations. In collaboration with the Community Roundtable, we have provided you with a comprehensive summary of The State of Community Management 2020. Get a free copy today!

Peer Coaching for Key Account Managers


Top Key Account Managers (KAMs) continually build their skills and knowledge. Strategic Account Management Account Management Quarterly Business Reviews Key Account Management

What is digital customer experience management?


Read this blog to learn about prioritizing and optimizing digital customer experience management CX is one of the most important facets of a company's performance.

Managing Through COVID-19: A Roundup of Tips, Tools and Tech for Contact Centers

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Crisis Management call center change management Collaboration contact center COVID-19 leadership remote communication strategic planning technology selection virtual agents work from home workforce managementWe are finally at the end of a turbulent 2020.

Choose your battles wisely – Conflict Resolution Training for Managers

Myra Golden Media

Jack Cooper’s managers are ready to preempt escalations and manage conflict. For Jack Cooper University , I produced a ten week conflict resolution training. Here’s our week eight video training. I loved every minute of this interactive training project!

Localization: Revolutionize Your Global Content Strategy

Speaker: Zak Haitkin, Localization Manager

From broad communication to eLearning and virtual content distinctions to understanding the unique cultural nuances of a new demographic, there are many factors at play when it comes to localization projects at scale. Join this webinar with localization manager Zak Haitkin to dive into the details!

Workforce Management Evolution

Contact Center Pipeline

Workforce Management call center contact center WFM workforce managementNo matter the size of your contact center, your team is focused on making sure you have the right number of agents to process the transactions within the targeted grade of service while controlling the cost of providing that service. In smaller centers, proper staffing can be an even more acute challenge and a priority […].

Why Key Account Management Matters


Your job as a key account manager (KAM) is to secure that revenue by delivering value to your customers. Strategic Account Management Account Management Key Account ManagementFor most B2B companies, about 70% of annual revenue comes from existing customers.

The Fine Art of Contact Center Management

Contact Center Pipeline

Part 2 of 2) In my January Contact Center Pipeline article, my topic was on the Art and Science of contact center management and its three driving forces: Random Call Arrival, Visible and Invisible Queue, and Caller Tolerance. The five factors of Caller Tolerance.

What is EndToEnd Project Management?

Andrew Mcfarland

If you are unsure about the benefits of EndToEnd project management, you might want to know about the different stages of the process. Using SMART project management for EndToEnD project management involves defining realistic and timely goals. Project management Uncategorized G

Drips, Bots, and Blogs: A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning Reinforcement

Speaker: Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Rebels LLC

Today's work culture requires giving people the ability to control when and where they participate in their professional development. Learn how you can provide valuable, self-directed bites of learning content (and strategies to make that content stick) in this webinar!

Top 7 Call Center Management E-Learning Courses


Fortunately, e-learning has made call center management courses more accessible than ever. Who Should Take Call Center Management Courses? Top 7 Call Center Management Courses. ICMI Contact Center Management Boot Camp. More on ICMI’s Contact Center Management Boot Camp ?.

Quality Management Should Not be Seen as a Tick Box Exercise, but Rather as a CX Value Driver


By definition, Quality Management (QM) ensures that an organisation’s product or service is consistently managed against a standard that assures the organisation of meeting customer expectations.

Coaching Tips for Account Managers | Key Account Management


So, to ensure retention, your key account managers need to be at their best to shore up these VIP customers. Key Account ManagementAs you prepare for the new year you’ve got ambitious goals for growth and retention. Retention is essential to meeting your growth numbers. Otherwise, it becomes less attainable with approximately 70% of annual revenue coming from existing clients.

What is Workforce Management?


Workforce Management (WFM) is a set of business processes that contact centers use to ensure that staff can work in a cost-effective way. In other words, WFM involves studying the past, managing the present and predicting the future. Why does workforce management matter?

Transforming the Digital Customer Support Journey

This eBook will focus on exploring the process of digital support transformations, including the types of support solutions available that meet customer demands and how to create the best combination for your customer base.

If You Manage To Averages You’ll Never Be Better Than Average


Many Contact Centers use metrics of averages to base decisions, i.e.: Average handle time (AHT) Average cost-per-contact (ACC) Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Averages have their place in management decision-making, but they cannot be overly relied upon.

CCNG 195

Tenant Retention Made Easy with a Property Management Answering Service


When managing a property, you can expect to receive calls at all hours of the day or night. In order to maintain a balanced life, property managers are now seeking Property Management Answering Services to help maintain all aspects of their business.

KPI 101: Call Center Workforce Management Metrics

Global Response

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are displayed on a dashboard that allows customer service managers to assess performance and to determine needed changes, such as increasing or decreasing staffing. Timely and actionable KPIs enable analysis for the effective management of resources.

WFM ROI: Why You Need Workforce Management Software Now


For contact center managers, this phrase rings in their heads each time they create a forecast, build a schedule, or track schedule adherence. . Research by Nucleus found that workforce management solutions pay back an average of $12.24 Manage Human Resources Costs.

Conquering CX Through Workforce Engagement

Speaker: Rosetta Carrington Lue, CEO, RCL Customer Experience Solutions, LLC

According to Gallup data, only 33% of employees reported they are engaged at work. Low engagement can be caused by several factors including lack of recognition by managers, poor company communication and not being aligned with the mission of the company. Tune in to this webinar and learn how investing and focusing on employee engagement allows your company to increase productivity, retain top talent, and increase your customers' experience.

The Humble Manager – Tip #15

Steve DiGioia

Is this a mindset of a weak manager? Instead, the humble manager is realistic and open to suggestions. The Humble Manager Values Teamwork. It’s good to be a humble manager. It’s about a bad manager, a really bad manager.

Coaching Tips for Account Managers | Key Account Management


Developing a key account management program is a worthwhile effort, given the fact that key accounts can represent 30 to 50 percent of revenue and margin for many companies. Key Account ManagementSo, retaining these top accounts is essential in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How To Manage Expectations

Beyond Philosophy

Airlines are Managing Customer Expectations. Managing customer expectations is critical for success in business. The post How To Manage Expectations appeared first on. Have you been on a flight recently and found that you arrived at your destination a little early? I have, but I never thought much about it until I heard this NPR report. A Tufts University researcher named Silke Forbes thought it odd that she arrived 30 minutes early on a flight from Cleveland to Washington.

How to Manage Uncertainty

Beyond Philosophy

How to Manage Uncertainty. I heard the manager say about the team that you have to control the controllable. I quite like that phrase and I believe it is the key to managing uncertainty in your business for your customers. In some ways, this is how you manage uncertainty. We talked about how to manage uncertainty for yourself, your organization, and your customers in this episode of The Intuitive Customer podcast. My team is the Luton Town Football Club.

3 Must-Haves on the Path to a Better Customer Journey

Speaker: Alton Harewood, Contact Center Consultant, and Kara Allen, Global Workforce Management and Optimization, 8x8

Join this re-released conversation with Alton Harewood, Contact Center Consultant, and Kara Allen, Global Workforce Management and Optimization for 8x8, to hear how the fundamental building blocks of CX strategy are being used today, as well as which technology enablers provide the insight and oversight needed to adjust and administer the modern customer engagement team.