How To Manage Expectations

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Airlines are Managing Customer Expectations. Managing customer expectations is critical for success in business. The post How To Manage Expectations appeared first on. Have you been on a flight recently and found that you arrived at your destination a little early?

You Can’t Afford NOT to Pursue Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management (KM) may be the single most impactful technology to help centers address key goals: Reduce workload through greater self-service and shorter handle times Improve First-Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, and with it, the customer experience Enable agents to handle increasingly diverse and complex contacts without extensive training and specialization Contact center leadership understands the […].

3 Critical Change Management Steps

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The post 3 Critical Change Management Steps appeared first on Beyond Philosophy | CX Consultants | Customer Experience. Changing your culture is never an easy task. Your culture is the way it is because of the way the organization is.

Workforce Management in the Omnichannel Age

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Workforce Management call center contact center omnichannel WFM workforce managementThank you for calling, your call is important to us, please wait for the next available agent… ♪ The contact center credo is simple: When somebody calls, somebody should answer.

See the PureCloud call center in action

PureCloud software is the next-generation, all-in-one cloud contact center solution that helps you manage multichannel customer interactions from a single application. Admin experience : See how to manage your team, effortlessly. All cloud contact centers are not created equal.

21 Call Center Leaders Reveal the Biggest Concerns Keeping Call Center Managers Up at Night


Call center managers are tasked with myriad responsibilities, and they maintain responsibility for ensuring that their call center operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Workforce Management's Impact on Customer Service

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Workforce Management drives CX A biker friend of mine recommended a book to me called “Freedom” written by Sonny Barger – yes “that” Sonny Barger – a founding member and former Oakland Chapter President of the Hell’s Angels. CCW Customer Satisfaction customer service Workforce Management

Insights from the SWPP Workforce Management Professional of the Year Award Nominees

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Workforce Management call center contact center WFM workforce managementThe 2018 SWPP Annual Conference in Nashville kicked off on Sunday, June 3rd. I love the all-WFM-all-the-time format of this conference. Every break, every lunch, and every session is devoted to forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, staffing models, power-of-one, net staff, Erlang… and this goes on for three days. I can’t wait to get out on […].

What’s New with Workforce Management?


What’s New with Workforce Management? These interfaces are delivering enhanced tools that engage agents and give them the autonomy to become active participants in managing their own work-life balance. Innovation is also about addressing intraday management challenges with NewGen WFM adaptive real-time scheduling and intelligent automation. 2018 is the most exciting year in decades for the WFM market, with developments in innovation, interest and investment.

The Evolving Role of Workforce Management in Organizations

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Challenges in attracting and retaining talent and the need to effectively balance quality of service with efficiencies have created a need for more sophisticated Workforce Management teams. Workforce Management workforce management workforce management teams workforce managers

Assessing Your Quality Management

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Recent research reveals that 81% of businesses strive for customer experience to be their competitive differentiator, yet only 22% of businesses themselves report that they are exceeding customers’ expectations. Quality Monitoring

The Essentials to Scaling Your Customer Success Program

By now the team may have a CRM program to manage customers and a basic set of steps they put the customer through. Most tech companies start with a barebone customer success ‘program’ that is reactive.

Garbage In, Garbage Out… Makes Contact Center Managers Want to Shout!

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Remember Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street”? For some reason, he was our son Brendan’s favorite character. He even had an Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume! During that period, I would sometimes borrow the mask to alert the family to an emerging “grouchy” condition.

2018 livepro Knowledge Management Awards are OPEN!


Get in your applications for the 2018 livepro Knowledge Management Awards! Off the back of the success and overwhelming response that we received from the first ever livepro Knowledge Management Awards in 2017 – this year they’re back bigger and better.

Workforce Management: Big Benefits for Small Contact Centers

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Where is it written that only contact centers with 100 agents or more can benefit from a workforce management solution? A workforce management solution can make all of these challenges more manageable. Blog Workforce Management

Trends in Workforce Management and Integrated Analytics

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An effective Workforce Management organization ensures a contact center has the right number of agents, with the right skills, in place to deliver the desired member experience in the most efficient manner.

Managing a Contact Center: The Immutable Laws

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I recently created a course for on Managing a Customer Contact Center. In this succinct course, you’ll learn what makes contact centers so complex, how to implement a solid planning framework, and … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Workforce Management Brad Cleveland leadership workforce managementFor contact centers to deliver great service they need to get the right resources in the right places at the right times.

3 Important Things A Chatbot Can’t Do (But an IVA Can)

Virtual assistants, on the other hand, use advanced NLP, natural language understanding and dialog management. Chatbot Context Chatbots often lack an advanced dialog management. Chatbot 3 Important. Things a Chatbot. Can’t Do. But an IVA Can) Does not. compute.

The Uberization of Workforce Management


The Uberization of Workforce Management. We called this concept the “uberization” of workforce management, as it was conceived with the intent of balancing the “power” between companies and their employees. The cause is and always has been poorly conceived staffing and salary practices, exacerbated by managers who do not listen to their employees.

Knowledge Management in the Era of AI


Knowledge Management in the Era of AI. The knowledge management (KM) market is experiencing a resurgence, driven by the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Management Posts Technology AI artificial intelligence contact center knowledge management Contact Center Technology intelligent virtual agents IVA’s KCS KM knowledge centered support Knowledge management machine learning robotic process automation RPA

Collecting the Data That Makes a Difference in Quality Management

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Your quality management (QM) program runs on data. If you’re not sure the policies you have in place are working, here are five tips to help you collect the best data to boost quality management. Find out more about Monet’s Quality Management with Screen Capture solution.

The Key to Motivating: Great Management

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General Business Leadership Management ConsultingThe best companies are made up of employees who are both successful and committed. Motivated and engaged employees can be found in a company that promotes productivity, creativity, and innovation through its culture and leadership.

Moving Customer Service to Customer Experience and How It Benefits Your Business

Speaker: Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Strategist, The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders

How to set and manage CX expectations. This webinar will do a deep dive into the mindset, processes and methods of building a successful Customer Experience.

UC Device Management Creates Greater ROI

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Unified Communications (UC) has brought a slew of new capabilities to the modern contact center, increasing the flexibility, mobility and functionality of workers through devices such as advanced UC headsets and audio conferencing solutions.

Contact Center Management Is Both an Art and a Science


Contact Center Management Is Both an Art and a Science. It’s alarming how many contact centers are managed without metrics, yet running a contact center strictly by the numbers is no silver-bullet solution either. In other words, contact center management is both an art and a science. It takes a great deal of talent and skill (the art), as well as the right data and metrics (the science), to manage a contact center effectively and efficiently.

4 Ways to Improve Call Management

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HINT: Extra phone lines can easily be acquired and tracked for accountability to ensure best practices set in place by management are being followed by staff. It’s time to improve call handler skills so that you don’t receive as many missed opportunities.

Remote Agents: Making That System Work With Workforce Management

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A cloud-based workforce management solution makes that possible. Managers can access real-time and historic reporting so they will always be aware of current activity no matter where it is taking place. Find out more about Monet WFM, our workforce management solution.

The Value of Executive Management in Customer Service

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As an executive in any organization that provides customer service, the worst possible message that you can receive is that “suddenly” a customer is leaving due to poor customer service, or that they’re dissatisfied to the point that they’re going to explore their options with your competitors.

5 Qualities of Great Customer Service Managers

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Workforce Management According to Jeremy(s)

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I’m quite fond of the names of a couple members of our Workforce Management Team at FCR — Jeremy Grogan and Jeremy Conway. We actually care about the colleagues we’re scheduling, the managers we’re partnering with, and the clients we’re serving.”

What Is Escalation/Incident Management? Prevention, Challenges, and How Real-Time Monitoring Can Help


A Definition of Escalation/Incident Management In short, escalation management involves transferring calls to supervisors, managers, and other agents who have more experience than the agent who initially answers the call. Because customer service is a top priority for organizations, escalation management is an important process to have in place to ensure customers’ calls are addressed […]. The post What Is Escalation/Incident Management?

How Should You Manage Your People?

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Doing it effectively will test any organization’s ability to manage its most valuable resources, the very people who serve customers. Call Center Communication Customer Service ManagementThe customer service industry is complicated.

Fast and logical workforce management


The post Fast and logical workforce management appeared first on Loxysoft

Customer Strategy and Management Podcasts

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If you haven’t listened before, you might want to check out my podcast series “Customer Strategy and Management.”

The Customer Experience Management Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Call Center Customer Experience Customer Service Infographic Management Customer experience doesn’t happen by chance. It takes the right combination of insights and actions that result in the positive bottom-line impact that supports revenue positive growth in an organization.


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One of the most discouraging experiences … Continue reading "SO, YOU WANT TO BE A CALL CENTER MANAGER?". Compelling Conversation Training Call Center Professionals Call Center Operations Call Center Leaders Call Center Agents Call Center Leadership Call Center Management Job PromotionIf you are currently in a call center leadership position or seeking to be in a call center leadership position, you MUST read this article!

Who Should Manage Your Company's Social Media?

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All of these teams have a valid reason to manage social media. An alternative Rather than having one team manage social media, a multi-presence approach may work best. By Sean Hawkins Who should be in charge of your company's social media, Customer Service, Marketing, or perhaps Sales?

Managing a Contact Center in Real-Time

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Real-time management compliments contact center planning. Learn about three steps to developing an effective real-time management approach in this video from my course Managing a Customer Contact Center.

Why Intra-Day Management is Essential

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accuracy, made possible by a workforce management solution, it will have a positive impact on the day-to-day operations of a contact center. management. management reduces the impact of surprises, by reallocating resources to deal with situations as they occur. The Need for Speed For intraday management to be effective, it has to be conducted in a way. that allows managers and agents to react quickly to changing conditions.

Contact Centers: Ahead of the Curve on Quality Management

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And that’s how contact center managers might feel after reading a new market research report on quality management. The report, “Quality Management Software Impact,” predicts exponential growth in companies embracing QM, with the software market more than doubling from 2017 to 2023.

Guest Blog: How to Manage Customer Emotions


Stewart and Patricia O’Connell, write about how to manage customer emotions and ensure that employees know how to be empathetic. You can’t improve your ability to manage customer emotions just by telling employees to be sensitive.

How Management and Agent Roles Are Changing

Brad Cleveland

Recently, I was reminded of an article that I wrote for ICMI “How Management and Agent Roles Are Changing.” ” The article discusses the relationship between specialization and generalization.

Metrics for Customer Experience Management


Metrics for Customer Experience Management. That probably brings to mind something like touch-point mapping or customer journey mapping, but those aren't the process flows to zero-in on when designing customer experience management metrics.