How To Manage Expectations

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Airlines are Managing Customer Expectations. Managing customer expectations is critical for success in business. The post How To Manage Expectations appeared first on. Have you been on a flight recently and found that you arrived at your destination a little early?

3 Critical Change Management Steps

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The post 3 Critical Change Management Steps appeared first on Beyond Philosophy | CX Consultants | Customer Experience. Changing your culture is never an easy task. Your culture is the way it is because of the way the organization is.

Quality Management in 2019

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A renewed focus on quality management” should be on a lot of resolution lists this year. A quality management program offers a way to take a closer look at what a contact center is doing right, and where improvement is needed. Check out a demo of Monet Quality Management in action.

4 Vital Concepts of Behavioral Economics Every CX Manager Should Know

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Figure out what the Reference Points may be that the customer is bringing into the experience so you can manage your experience appropriately. #2: One way you can manage replacement in your customers’ decision-making is to build a strong brand reputation.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

depending on the channel used (39 per- cent) as the second biggest challenge, while having too many calls to manage. meets their complex needs, agents must manage. their managers 18 SECTION 5 HOW TO IMPACT. channels are managed in silos so agents.

Top 5 Workforce Management Posts in 2018

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Workforce management is a blend of art and science—and without a doubt, an effective WFM strategy is vital to the successful operation of any contact center. Workforce Management call center contact center WFM workforce management

Identifying the Right Workforce Manager Candidate

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The more career-centered workforce managers I meet, the more alike I notice that we all are. That is because, regardless of the industry, the size of the call center or the office locale, workforce managers share the same typical experience set.

What is Quality Management Analytics?


You’ve heard of quality management (QM), and your contact center probably has a quality program in place today. Thus, Quality Management Analytics harnesses the power of analytics and leverages those insights to make your quality program more precise and efficient. To learn more about NICE inContact Quality Management Analytics Pro, start by watching this fun, relatable overview video! The post What is Quality Management Analytics?

Which of Your Agents Are ‘Manager Material’?

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One way to attract better contact center agents is to offer a path out of that job into a management level position. Managers have to create forecasts and schedules. in a business-related subject should be expected of a contact center manager. Blog Performance Management

Why Management Ignores Customers – and 7 Ways to Fix It

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Executives spend their days dealing with big-picture strategic issues, personnel management and company finances. 3. Put Management Employees to Work. Disney still sends management employees to its theme parks, only now they’re asked to work there one week each year.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

engagement and contact center management process. and knowledge management, consistently rated #1, eGain has. managers can measure and fine-tune AI and knowledge. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red hot.

Regional Sales Manager


As a Regional Sales Manager with Stratifyd, Inc. The Regional Sales Manager will have demonstrated experience in analyzing account profitability, selling using a consultative approach, and driving performance from their sales team. Manage the opportunity pipeline for growth and success.

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21 Call Center Leaders Reveal the Biggest Concerns Keeping Call Center Managers Up at Night


Call center managers are tasked with myriad responsibilities, and they maintain responsibility for ensuring that their call center operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Workforce Management in the Omnichannel Age

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Workforce Management call center contact center omnichannel WFM workforce managementThank you for calling, your call is important to us, please wait for the next available agent… ♪ The contact center credo is simple: When somebody calls, somebody should answer.

Five Ways to Boost Performance Management

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Performance management” is something of a catch-all term that incorporates a wide range of management aspects, from planning to developing agent skills, to evaluating performance based on metrics and making adjustments accordingly. Here are five ideas for boosting your performance management efforts. Solicit the same kind of feedback on a regular basis within your business from managers, trainers, coaches and other personnel. Blog Performance Management

3 Important Things A Chatbot Can’t Do (But an IVA Can)

Virtual assistants, on the other hand, use advanced NLP, natural language understanding and dialog management. Chatbot Context Chatbots often lack an advanced dialog management. Chatbot 3 Important. Things a Chatbot. Can’t Do. But an IVA Can) Does not. compute.

How are Omnichannel and Artificial Intelligence Changing Quality Management?


The current decade has brought many changes to quality management, including the increase of treating customer interactions using omnichannel – the ability to handle queries flexibly across self-service and agent-assisted media channels with full context.

Absent-Minded: FMLA Management


The Right Tools Make FMLA Management and Absence Tracking Easier While Discouraging Potential Time Off Abuses. Time off works wonders for the mind and spirit, but in all things business, even time off must be managed with the needs of others balancing with the demands of the company.

How Call Centers Can Manage a Brand Crisis


Whether a crisis is caused by a technical glitch, a disgruntled customer gone viral, or a data breach, there are several ways your call center can effectively manage these events. Think a crisis will never happen to your brand? Think again.

Quality Management is Everyone’s Concern

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What is the difference between Quality Management (QM) and Total Quality Management? The answer is simple – Total Quality Management is an effort that involves everyone at your contact center, as well as everyone at the company at large. Blog Quality Management

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

depending on the channel used (39 per- cent) as the second biggest challenge, while having too many calls to manage. meets their complex needs, agents must manage. their managers 18 SECTION 5 HOW TO IMPACT. channels are managed in silos so agents.

Don’t Overlook Performance Management

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How important is performance management to your contact center? Certainly customers are important, and taking steps to serve them better is always part of a manager’s daily function. It works, but performance management allows for a more proactive approach.

Workforce Management's Impact on Customer Service

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Workforce Management drives CX A biker friend of mine recommended a book to me called “Freedom” written by Sonny Barger – yes “that” Sonny Barger – a founding member and former Oakland Chapter President of the Hell’s Angels. CCW Customer Satisfaction customer service Workforce Management

Sales Lead Management: Call First, Email Later


sales leads Lead Management Sales Lead Management

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Marketing Manager


As a Marketing Manager with Stratifyd, Inc. The Marketing Manager will work closely with the Marketing Director to define new and interesting ways to engage Stratifyd’s audience. Develop and manage the marketing strategy for all marketing channels.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

Are hiring managers adapting training and recruiting practices to. only does this help managers. for managing requests, which. workforce management (WFM). managers can schedule the. Quality Management Smart forecasting, scheduling and.

5 trends in B2B customer experience management


Find out what are 5 leading trends in B2B customer experience management in 2019. Drive your business-to-business operations to customer success and advocacy. Understand the influence of customer feedback on B2B operations. RSS generated with FetchRss

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What’s New with Workforce Management?


What’s New with Workforce Management? These interfaces are delivering enhanced tools that engage agents and give them the autonomy to become active participants in managing their own work-life balance. Innovation is also about addressing intraday management challenges with NewGen WFM adaptive real-time scheduling and intelligent automation. 2018 is the most exciting year in decades for the WFM market, with developments in innovation, interest and investment.

2018 livepro Knowledge Management Awards are OPEN!


Get in your applications for the 2018 livepro Knowledge Management Awards! Off the back of the success and overwhelming response that we received from the first ever livepro Knowledge Management Awards in 2017 – this year they’re back bigger and better.

The Evolving Role of Workforce Management in Organizations

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Challenges in attracting and retaining talent and the need to effectively balance quality of service with efficiencies have created a need for more sophisticated Workforce Management teams. Workforce Management workforce management workforce management teams workforce managers

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

Calabrio ONE is a unified workforce optimization (WFO) software suite–including call recording, quality management, workforce management, voice-of-the-customer (VoC) analytics and advanced. Call Recording Quality Management Workforce. Management Calabrio Analytics Advanced.

Five Tips for Improving Contact Center Management


Contact center management is hard. You manage employees in an industry that has one of the highest turnover rates out there. Let’s look into some ideas that will help you successfully manage you contact center environment while keeping your cool in the process.

Assessing Your Quality Management

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Recent research reveals that 81% of businesses strive for customer experience to be their competitive differentiator, yet only 22% of businesses themselves report that they are exceeding customers’ expectations. Quality Monitoring

Three Hurdles with Workforce Management – and How to Eliminate Them

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Benefits include accurate forecasts, better schedules, monitoring of adherence in real time, intraday management, and easier exception handling. Workforce management is prepared to deal with exceptions, but managers still must be ready to act upon the real-time information WFM delivers and make adjustments accordingly. Blog Workforce ManagementWhen contact centers add Monet WFM, the result is a more efficient operation.

Knowledge Management in the Era of AI


Knowledge Management in the Era of AI. The knowledge management (KM) market is experiencing a resurgence, driven by the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Management Posts Technology AI artificial intelligence contact center knowledge management Contact Center Technology intelligent virtual agents IVA’s KCS KM knowledge centered support Knowledge management machine learning robotic process automation RPA

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

metrics by which workforce management (WFM). 1 Forecast accuracy is one of the most important. professionals are judged—some go so far as to say. it’s the foundation of contact center scheduling. But it’s not always easy. In fact, forecasting can.

You Can’t Afford NOT to Pursue Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management (KM) may be the single most impactful technology to help centers address key goals: Reduce workload through greater self-service and shorter handle times Improve First-Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, and with it, the customer experience Enable agents to handle increasingly diverse and complex contacts without extensive training and specialization Contact center leadership understands the […].

The Uberization of Workforce Management


The Uberization of Workforce Management. We called this concept the “uberization” of workforce management, as it was conceived with the intent of balancing the “power” between companies and their employees. The cause is and always has been poorly conceived staffing and salary practices, exacerbated by managers who do not listen to their employees.

Trends in Workforce Management and Integrated Analytics

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An effective Workforce Management organization ensures a contact center has the right number of agents, with the right skills, in place to deliver the desired member experience in the most efficient manner.

Insights from the SWPP Workforce Management Professional of the Year Award Nominees

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Workforce Management call center contact center WFM workforce managementThe 2018 SWPP Annual Conference in Nashville kicked off on Sunday, June 3rd. I love the all-WFM-all-the-time format of this conference. Every break, every lunch, and every session is devoted to forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, staffing models, power-of-one, net staff, Erlang… and this goes on for three days. I can’t wait to get out on […].

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers

Speaker: Tony Medrano, CEO of

Join Tony Medrano, CEO of, Nate Brown, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator, and Kaye Chapman, Learning and Development Manager at Comm100, as they present real case studies of how companies are adapting to industry trends to meet the needs of customers and agents.