Workforce Management in the Omnichannel Age

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Workforce Management call center contact center omnichannel WFM workforce managementThank you for calling, your call is important to us, please wait for the next available agent… ♪ The contact center credo is simple: When somebody calls, somebody should answer.

Customer Strategy and Management Podcasts

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If you haven’t listened before, you might want to check out my podcast series “Customer Strategy and Management.”

Measure to manage customer experience


In many areas of management it is clear what to measure and what action to take when things go wrong. Organizations need to measure customer service in order to see the effect of management actions. This is the foundation of good customer experience management.

Why People Leave Managers

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Image courtesy of pedrosimoes7 Do people leave managers or do they leave companies? My last few posts have focused a bit more on culture and leadership (or lack thereof); in today's post, I'll continue the trend with a focus on management sins.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

depending on the channel used (39 per- cent) as the second biggest challenge, while having too many calls to manage. meets their complex needs, agents must manage. their managers 18 SECTION 5 HOW TO IMPACT. channels are managed in silos so agents.

The Essential Role of Today’s Front Line Managers

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Rewind the clock about ten years, and you’d find top level managers in many organizations, along with most industry pundits, predicting that front line managers (a.k.a.

The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #5 – They Have an Established, Collaborative Planning Process

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It also improves communication and culture in the following ways: Creating a body of … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Organization and Culture Workforce Management Brad Cleveland Call Center Management On Fast Forward leadership workforce management

The Customer Experience Management Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Call Center Customer Experience Customer Service Infographic Management Customer experience doesn’t happen by chance. It takes the right combination of insights and actions that result in the positive bottom-line impact that supports revenue positive growth in an organization.

The Best Managed Contact Centers: #12 – They See the Possibilities

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They have learned the nuances of forecasting, staffing and the … Call Center Contact Center Customer Access Strategy Customer Service Leadership Multi-channel Support Brad Cleveland Call Center Management On Fast Forward customer access customer access strategy

3 Critical Change Management Steps

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The post 3 Critical Change Management Steps appeared first on Beyond Philosophy | CX Consultants | Customer Experience. Changing your culture is never an easy task. Your culture is the way it is because of the way the organization is.

The Best Managed Contact Centers: #8 — They Leverage Technology to Support and Further Their Mission

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New technologies are not passive — they are changing customer expectations, causing reallocations of resources, creating power shifts in organizations, and changing the responsibilities of agents and managers.

The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #6 – They Leverage the Key Statistics

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They know that trying to focus on too many things is … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Research/Statistics Brad Cleveland Call Center Management On Fast ForwardContact center measurements are plentiful and it’s easy to get buried in information.

4 Reasons Your Quality Management Stinks

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Tips for creating a customer-centric quality management program. When implemented well, a Quality Management program has the potential to revolutionize both the agent and the customer experience. Clearly, not all Quality Management programs are created equal. The post 4 Reasons Your Quality Management Stinks appeared first on Customer Centric Support. Customer Service Featured QA QM Quality Management

The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #4 – They Build Plans and Services around Evolving Customer Expectations

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One of the most critical — and difficult — aspects of managing a contact center in coming months and years will be to provide services that satisfy changing consumer demands.

How Should You Manage Your People?

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Doing it effectively will test any organization’s ability to manage its most valuable resources, the very people who serve customers. Call Center Communication Customer Service ManagementThe customer service industry is complicated.

The Value of Executive Management in Customer Service

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As an executive in any organization that provides customer service, the worst possible message that you can receive is that “suddenly” a customer is leaving due to poor customer service, or that they’re dissatisfied to the point that they’re going to explore their options with your competitors.

Workforce Management Tools Enable Successful Telecommuting


Jim Reidy spoke about telecommuting at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2016 Employment Law & Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Interaction with co-workers and management. Blog Homepage at-home workers telecommuting WFM Workforce Management

The Best Managed Contact Centers: #10 – They Build an Effective Organization

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They gauge whether agent-to-supervisor and supervisor-to- manager ratios are working … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Organization and Culture Brad Cleveland Call Center Management On Fast Forward cultureSuccessful contact center leaders design an organizational structure that facilitates collaboration among and across job roles and business units. They tap into the principles of good organizational design and revisit their structure often.

Garbage In, Garbage Out… Makes Contact Center Managers Want to Shout!

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Remember Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street”? For some reason, he was our son Brendan’s favorite character. He even had an Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume! During that period, I would sometimes borrow the mask to alert the family to an emerging “grouchy” condition.

5 Qualities of Great Customer Service Managers

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UC Device Management Creates Greater ROI

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Unified Communications (UC) has brought a slew of new capabilities to the modern contact center, increasing the flexibility, mobility and functionality of workers through devices such as advanced UC headsets and audio conferencing solutions.

7 Keys to Successful Customer Experience Management

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Today’s strategy for success needs to increasingly focus more on customer experience management initiatives. Customer Experience Customer Service ManagementSuccessful strategy is often about executing plans to develop differentiation between existing competitors. In the digital era, there is a growing consensus that most impactful differentiation depends on customer experience delivered to customers.

KPIs for Managing your Contact Center


KPIs for Managing your Contact Center . In other contact centers the data is stale by the time it is received, making it essentially ineffective for helping the manager control their own destiny and performance. So what information does a contact center leader need to properly manage their operating environment? Most good contact center leaders use a surprisingly small number of KPIs, maybe 10 – 15, to manage their operating environments.

12 Principles of Successful #CEM Change Management

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Your transformation efforts are much more likely to be successful when you incorporate some of the most basic tenets of change management. Here are the fundamental steps - or pillars - to successful customer experience change management. Image courtesy of Pixabay Change.

The Best Managed Contact Centers: #9 – They Get the Budget and Support They Need

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Airlines couldn’t possibly operate a flight without a tangible connection between the results they want to achieve and the … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Brad Cleveland budgeting Call Center Management On Fast Forward leadership

The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #3 – They Know that Their People Are the Key to Success

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… Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Organization and Culture Brad Cleveland Call Center Management On Fast Forward culture leadership Nintendo Virgin Mobile Wells FargoCultures vary dramatically from one organization to the next.

Guest Blog: How to Manage Customer Emotions


Stewart and Patricia O’Connell, write about how to manage customer emotions and ensure that employees know how to be empathetic. You can’t improve your ability to manage customer emotions just by telling employees to be sensitive.

The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #1 – They Produce High Levels of Value

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” While there are a … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Brad Cleveland Call Center Management On Fast Forward strategic value strategyIn some organizations, you can feel the energy as soon as you walk in the door. It takes many forms: pride of workmanship, a feeling of community, good planning, coordination and the willingness to make the “extra effort.” ” Everybody knows what the mission is and everybody is pulling in the same direction.

How to Manage an Employee with a Bad Attitude

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A Customer Service Tip of the Week subscriber recently emailed to ask for my advice on managing an employee with a bad attitude. She explained that the customer service team she managed had an employee with a bad attitude who was starting to affect the rest of her team.

Why Management Ignores Customers – and 7 Ways to Fix It

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Executives spend their days dealing with big-picture strategic issues, personnel management and company finances. 3. Put Management Employees to Work. Disney still sends management employees to its theme parks, only now they’re asked to work there one week each year.

Telecom Expense Management in Call Centers

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Voice call charges constitute a significant share of call center expenses. Usually voice call costs are viewed from a service performance perspective—how agents could finish calls earlier, or how they could prevent additional calls—or from a carrier pricing negotiations point of view.

The Key to Performance Management Success


Many contact center performance management solutions fail simply because the organization tries to make sense of all the data, without properly defining goals and what they are looking for first. The post The Key to Performance Management Success appeared first on inContact Blog.

Reputation Management or Customer Experience Management?

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Background image courtesy of Unsplash Which should you focus on: reputation management or customer experience management? In walks reputation management. Most of reputation management is focused on pushing down negative search results.

8 Steps for Customer Experience Change Management

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Image courtesy of B Gilmour How well are your change management efforts going? The steps come from his 1996 book, Leading Change , which outlines the eight critical success factors for change management. change change management customer experience

Why Incentives Are a Tool of the Lazy Manager

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That's the rallying cry for lazy managers. Whether its lagging customer service survey scores, poor productivity, or dismal attendance, lazy managers think the solution is an an incentive. Why are incentives a tool of lazy managers ? The lazy manager doesn't see this.

Two Questions Every Customer Service Manager Should Be Asking Everyday

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Your success as a customer service manager is directly proportional to your ability to drive simultaneously customer satisfaction and employee engagement. The biggest complaint from employees of their managers and supervisors is a lack of communication.

Breaking Down Silos for Customer Experience Management


Breaking Down Silos for Customer Experience Management. Coordinate Managers of Customer Experience. Coordination among managers of various customer experience efforts is one of six success factors identified by the ClearAction CXM Best Practices Study.

100 Call Center Management Tips: Expert Insights and Advice for Hiring and Training Call Center Agents, Motivating and Engaging Your Team, Workforce Management, Technology, the Metrics That Matter, and More


Managing call centers today involves much more than scheduling agents to staff the phone lines. Working as a call center agent is a stressful endeavor, and it’s up to you as a manager to cultivate a positive working atmosphere, foster a sense of ownership, and motivate your team to succeed.

The Best Managed Contact Centers: #11 – They Are Willing to Experiment

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They would agree with the advice of management consultant Dr. Ichak Adizes, who reminds us, “You don’t know what you don’t … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Brad Cleveland leadership