Customer Surveys Are as Important as Ever!

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Some pundits would have you believe that surveys are dead, that they are no longer important for customer listening and understanding. The good news is that companies are listening through surveys. And give an honest assessment of how long the survey will take to complete.

Avoiding Pitfalls of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Where’s the fun in Customer Satisfaction Surveys? In the ebook, Avoiding Pitfalls of Customer Satisfaction Surveys: 19 Questions You Must Ask & 10 myths debunked you’ll learn about things you might have asked before. All surveys will produce results.

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Surveys Don't Sell!

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Image courtesy of henryfaber Is there anyone in your company who wants to use VoC/CX surveys as marketing tools rather than as customer listening tools? The control group wasn''t surveyed at all. Was this, in fact, marketing research and not a customer satisfaction survey, per se?

Guest Blog: How to Make your Survey Better than Nordstrom, Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart


This week we feature an article by Martha Brooke who writes about how to execute a customer satisfaction survey that gives you the data you need. Surveys can give you a lot of data that you can use to improve virtually any part of your organization. – Shep Hyken.

What is a Good Survey Response Rate?

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It's the most common question I get about surveys. So my clients want to know, "What is a good response rate for our customer service survey?" My advice to clients is to use a different set of criteria for judging their survey responses.

How To Increase Survey Response Rates: The Complete Guide


Dia Customer surveys not completed are like bird songs never heard or paintings never seen: so much effort but if no-one responds it’s all for nothing. Improving the number of survey responses is critical because: You have better coverage of what your customers think You have less non-response bias. The post How To Increase Survey Response Rates: The Complete Guide appeared first on Genroe. by M.

Post Call IVR Surveys: Even More Popular But Not That Useful


After spending 15 minutes on the phone to my bank the nice lady asks me if I would hold on after she hangs up to take a short survey. Sure what’s one more survey to someone who lives them 24/7! The post Post Call IVR Surveys: Even More Popular But Not That Useful appeared first on Genroe. After a couple of prompted button pushes to enter scores I get the chance to provide […].

How to Create Successful Customer Feedback Surveys


Anyone can design a customer feedback survey. Simply collect the questions from everyone who wants to know about your customers, build the survey, and wait for the results. Initial Impressions: You want to make the entire survey process easy for your customer.

Providing a Poor Customer Experience Is Costly

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Only 10% spend more with … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Relationships Customer Service Customer Surveys Research/Statistics Brad Cleveland customer experience customer loyalty customer relationships Customer service statistics customer surveys SDL

Club Med’s Customer Survey Fail and How You Can Do Better


Best Practices Customer Feedback Customer Feedback SurveysRecently my wife and I spent some very nice time in a Club Med beach resort. These have become one our favourite vacation destinations over the years because the all-inclusive approach and range of activities make them fun and easy. On returning to Australia I received the now common customer feedback form. As we enjoyed […].

Study: Surveys On Store Receipts Are "Total Garbage"

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We've all gotten a survey invitation on a store receipt. retailers included a survey invitation on the standard receipt. The surveys were evaluated to see how useful and engaging they were. How the Study Worked The study assessed surveys based on four criteria.

A Fool Proof Recipe for When To Survey Your Customers


Assuming you have decided that running a customer feedback survey is a good idea, the next question is: when should you send the survey to your customers? There are no hard and fast rules. Different types of businesses and industries have different approaches that work best. However there are some good rules of thumb you can […]. B2B - Business to Business B2C - Business to Consumer Best Practices

Consumer vs. Corporate Perception – A Clear Disconnect

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Clearly, there’s still work to be done in how organizations assess their ability to meet customer expectations. Consumer Perception (2014 Consumer): Do you feel that the customer service departments of today’s companies generally meet your needs and expectations?

The Complete Guide to Acceptable Survey Response Rates


So, what IS an acceptable survey response rate for a customer feedback survey: 1%, 15% 50%? Survey responses: 17. The post The Complete Guide to Acceptable Survey Response Rates appeared first on Genroe. It’s a question I am often asked. Here’s one I received recently: …if I have two NPS of two different cinemas in January. Cinema 1: Spectators: 18509. Responses percent: 0,1%. NPS: 76. Cinema 2: Spectators: 44190. […].

The Seven Customer Experience Survey Habits of Companies that Give A Damn

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Are you spending too much for too little return on your customer experience surveys? Done right, customer experience surveys can be a trustworthy barometer of corporate well-being. Click here to download a PDF of Seven Customer Experience Survey Habits Of Companies That Give A Damn.

How to Analyze Survey Data in Excel [+Video]


While there are many advanced statistical packages out there you don’t need them to perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your survey data. You can use the same techniques and approaches in Excel and in this post, I’ll take you through how to analyze survey data in Excel. Excel is a very good tool […]. Case Studies and Statistics Statistics

The Age of Agent Engagement


Today, we released part 2 of our Agent Experience Survey focusing on an essential part of any successful contact center: agent engagement. You can view the full report here: Agent Engagement Survey.

Can You Afford to Ignore Social Media?

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Many … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Service Customer Surveys Research/Statistics Social Media American Express Brad Cleveland CFI Group customer experience Customer service statistics Dimension Data Facebook Pew Research

We’re Getting Better at Providing Great Customer Experiences

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Here’s a toast to doing a better job … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Service Customer Surveys Research/Statistics Brad Cleveland customer experience Customer service statistics Forrester Research

How Do You Know When It's Time to Redesign Your VoC Program?

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Last month, I wrote about 20 tips to design better customer surveys. That post ought to be helpful whether you're designing a new survey or redesigning existing surveys. Are the people who originally designed the surveys still with the company?

What Do Customers Want You to Know?

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According to an eConsultancy/IBM study of … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Customer Surveys Research/Statistics Brad Cleveland Customer service statistics eConsultancy IBMIt is axiomatic that in order to best serve your customers, you have to “know” them.

Webinar: Practical Survey Analysis in Excel


While there are many advanced statistical packages out there you don’t need them to perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your survey data. In this one hour webinar we will share, using Excel: How to design your survey […]. The post Webinar: Practical Survey Analysis in Excel appeared first on Genroe. Excel is a very functional tool and it has the advantage of being on everyone’s desk.

The Powerful Survey Feature That Drives Customer Loyalty

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Improving loyalty is a big reason companies survey customers. Customer service leaders tell me confidentially that analyzing survey data is a struggle. There's one survey feature that can immediately improve your results. Add a contact opt-in to the end of your survey.

Amazing Business Radio: Chad Keck


Chad Keck Discusses How to Design a Customer Survey Your Customers Will Actually Complete. Some companies follow up a transaction by sending you a lengthy survey that may take five or ten minutes or even longer to complete. When should you administer the Net Promoter Score survey?

The Pros and Cons of Surveys That Are Critical to Success


When you want to understand how customers perceive your business, its products and its services, a customer survey is often the tool you reach for first. And they can be very useful but you should be aware of both the pros and cons of surveys when using them in your business so that you can […]. Customer Feedback

5 Tips for Optimal Customer Survey Practices


While your social media pages and website comments may provide plenty of insights, well-designed customer surveys remain a time-tested method for understanding customer sentiments. Here are five tips for optimal customer survey practices that will strengthen your brand. Surveys should always ask relevant questions that your brand cannot answer without customer input. At the end of the survey, the customer may be given the chance to write additional comments and suggestions.

Customer Engagement Center Capabilities: Agent Empowerment and Engagement


According to Aspect’s Agent Engagement Survey, 78% of customer service reps who feel engaged are satisfied at their job, a full 16 points higher than the average and a whopping 54 points higher than those agents who don’t feel engaged. Engaged employees are happy employees.

A Simple Way to Double Your B2C Survey Responses

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Everyone wants a better survey response rate. The Center For Client Retention (TCFCR) recently shared some data about business-to-consumer (B2C) surveys that revealed an easy way to improve results. Here are the results: Follow-up surveys had more than twice the average response rate!

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Burgers + Bots = Engaged Employees


Data in the Aspect Agent Survey indicates that simply is not the case. According to the same survey, 64% of agents said adding chatbots would enable them to provide more personalized service for customers. English/US Self-Service Aspect Agent Survey McDonalds NLU self-service

Customer Surveys Are Going Mobile

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As mobile soars, mobile-based surveys are taking flight, optimized for preferred channels, smartphone (small) screens, and succinct question sets. Mobile is also opening up opportunities for feedback that goes beyond text and … Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Mobile consumers customer surveys mobile customer service“Consumers have already decided for us: If you want to connect with them, mobile is the way.”

How to Utilize Your Agents in the Age of Automation


In our own Agent Experience survey , it was found that agents themselves are actually benefitting from the introduction of automated services. Agent Experience English/US agent coaching agent experience agent experience survey AI automation chatbots machine learning

How to take action with Call Center Analytics

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In an environment where “half of the organizations surveyed do not take advantage of analytics to help them target, service, or interact with customers” according to Accenture’s Customer Analytics survey, predictive models have gained the esteem and notoriety, but only by the half that use them.

NPS, CSAT, or CES: What’s the True Measure of Customer Loyalty?

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CES is a survey question appearing as a Likert scale (scale of 1 to 5), “How easy was it for you to get your problem solved?” NPS surveys can capture an overall trend in customer loyalty, but the results won’t tell you WHY that trend is happening.

Improve Content Consistency Across Channels with AI-Infused Knowledge

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According to a recent survey of 500 contact center agents by the customer engagement solutions provider, agents reported the top two obstacles to providing excellent customer service were finding the right answer […].

The Ultimate List of Net Promoter® Best Practice Tips


Using NPS for performance measurement will ensure that those being measured will manipulate the survey processes. If you are running a transactional survey then implement service recovery to turn around unhappy customers. Survey Consistency is Vital. Keep the Survey Short.

6 Steps to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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It got me thinking, it’s practically a given that every company will issue a customer satisfaction survey as part of their VoC program. But it’s NOT a given that every survey will improve customer satisfaction. Think about your own satisfaction survey for […].

Five Characteristics of a Powerful Customer Survey

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Customer are constantly getting pummeled with survey requests. A 2016 study from Interaction Metrics found that more than 80 percent of America's top retailers offered a customer survey on purchase receipts. The study also found that most surveys were total garbage.

Amazing Business Radio: Jeremy Watkin


But first… Shep Hyken discusses the power of the customer satisfaction survey. Just about everything related to the success of a business is tied to numbers, and the customer satisfaction survey is a big part of that.

Why Customer Experience is Like Sex in High School

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Post-call IVR surveys allow you to capture the raw emotion of the contact center experience. Let’s explain why with a short example: Contact Center A: The post-call IVR survey was linked to a specific contact center agent. They are both immediate post-interaction surveys.

Voice of the Customer: It’s NOT About You! by Martha Brooke


What’s the point of doing a customer satisfaction survey? This requires walking in the customer’s shoes and designing your survey from the customer’s perspective. Leave questions out of the survey that do not reflect the customer’s immediate experience.