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How Technology Innovation is Upending the Finance Industry

Cisco - Contact Center

In some respects, the finance industry may not seem like a prime candidate for technological innovation. After all, banks have been around for thousands of years. And nowadays, they are highly … Read more on Cisco Blogs

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6 Unique Startup Financing Strategies

CSM Magazine

The greatest challenge many new business owners face is financing. Fortunately, entrepreneurs can utilize several unique financing strategies to get their ventures up and running. It’s a fast, convenient, and reliable financing option, as you’re guaranteed funds in days with minimal paperwork. Here’re a few.

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Top 5 Business Phone Systems for Banking and Finance


What to look for in a business phone system for banking and finance? What to look for in a Business Phone System for Banking and Finance? Scalability: A VoIP phone system eases scalability for banking and finance businesses. Security: In the banking and finance industry, security is a top priority.

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TradeFree™ Trade Finance


Enables commercial banks to offer a web-based interface to initiate trade finance transactions online. The post TradeFree™ Trade Finance appeared first on Concentrix.

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How AI Can Support Finance

CSM Magazine

Ways in which AI supports finance are countless, however, we will discuss only some most important ones. Time is of the essence in the world of finance. By streamlining various processes, artificial intelligence is transforming how individuals and companies interact with their finances. Managing risk.

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Getting Finance Behind Your Digital Transformation Project


Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and finance departments in general are critical to the success of almost any digital transformation project. Finance is going to have to be “convinced” that the dollars spent are going to be recouped in the form of a better, faster, less-costly operation. ERP and Digital Transformation.

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4 Benefits of Working with a Call Center for Healthcare and Finance Businesses


At TeleDirect, we know the importance of answering every call that comes into your healthcare or finance services office. Healthcare and finance offices can improve their overall efficiency by working with a call center. We asked industry experts for their best advice on why you should work with a call center.