Finances Online Adds PanTerra CloudUC


Additionally, PanTerra has received Finances Online’s 2017 Awards for Rising Star and Great User Experience and was listed among the. Whether you’re looking for Team Collaboration, Advanced Cloud PBX or Unified Service, Finance Online gives PanTerra their seal of approval. PanTerra on Finance Online, visit our review page on their platform PanTerra Networks, the leading provider of unified cloud services for mid-market enterprises, today announced it has been added to.

The Score: Good Customer Service 1 Technology 0


Customer Care Customer Experience Customer Service Uncategorized customer service finance customer service financial customer service interactive voice response IVRDon’t you hate it when you have an urgent customer service matter that requires live assistance?

Cost Cutting in the Call Center Kills Customer Experience

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Business Call Center Customer Service Management Finances If careful consideration is not made in cost cutting, companies will end up spending less and getting less, or spending less, but costing more in other areas that have to compensate.

Three Ways to Promote Transparency and Trust in the Contact Center (Part 3)


Companies looking to foster a culture of transparency and trust, however, cannot overlook the most important area of business they must be honest about: finances

Car Sales Through Vending Machines!

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This is a step in the right direction, but it’s still the same old car dealership with opaque pricing and negotiating tactics, confusing financing options and a host of add-on fees. The customers have spoken, and they’ve had enough of car dealerships.

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Rage on: These are the kinds of companies that make you the most angry

Connecting the Dots

Yahoo Finance. CCMC ~. By Kathryn Kyte. The relationship between consumer and company doesn’t always run as smoothly as we’d hope.

Rage on: These are the kinds of companies that make you the most angry

Connecting the Dots

Yahoo Finance. CCMC ~. By Kathryn Kyte. The relationship between consumer and company doesn’t always run as smoothly as we’d hope.

Cloud Computing is Evolving – Are Your Contact Centers?


It enables real-time agility in Operations, empowers IT to drive innovation and ensure Finance teams better economics. Better economics for Finance. Learn more about how leaders from operations, IT and finance realized huge financial benefits moving from premise to cloud. Cloud computing is now an archaic term. Every business is moving to the cloud and it is just a matter of time before a big swap out from premise. If you think you are not going to embrace cloud, think twice.

Unbelievable! Does Car Buying HAVE To Be SO Bad?

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Salespeople and finance directors and that mysterious manager in the back office must be empowered to do what it takes to make the experience terrific. So a couple of months ago, Lorraine and I headed out to our local Jeep dealership.

BPO Outsourcing Benefits for the Insurance Sector


Insurance basically offers a protection from uncertain financial loss. This sector, to be honest, is not having its golden days recently. The shifting governmental policies and the cut-throat competition are considered to be the main reason behind it.

Why Management Ignores Customers – and 7 Ways to Fix It

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Executives spend their days dealing with big-picture strategic issues, personnel management and company finances. In our customer experience consultancy, we find there’s one thing that consistently prevents companies from adopting a more customer-centric approach.

Win the Customer Experience (CX) Game in Your Contact Center


It drives real time agility for operations teams, innovation for IT and better economics for your Finance teams. We are moving from a service economy to an experience economy. Today’s customers are not just looking to get the right service at the right time at the right channel.

Exposed: How To Measure Your Customer’s Loyalty and CX

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That means you should include your finance department, your legal department, and any other “back office” departments in your measurement. Many organizations measure their Customer Experience (CX) in the wrong way. Chances are, you are too. So, what is it?

Top Five Obstacles to Customer Centricity #3 Numbers Focus

Peter Lavers

Too many customer profitability projects don’t engage the finance teams and accountants enough, so their outputs are viewed with suspicion and they end up back in Obstacle number 1 – only being used by one silo!

4 Contact Center Reports to Start Off Your Year


In industries such as finance/banking, healthcare, and utilities, consumers are turning to the phone more often than the overall average—74% used the phone for finance, 73% for healthcare, and 69% for utilities…”.

Lassoing the Wild West Contact Center Technology

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This concept is important to personal finance and solution purchases. Rope can be used to create a lasso to help you. Or it can be used as a noose for hangings. And Lori Bocklund has seen both happen in the current Wild West of contact center technology that exists today.

Don’t Blow Up Your Customers

The Center for Client Retention

The customer discontent smoldered for a while, then eventually exploded, as customers began to lose confidence and look more closely into Nortel’s internal finances. Today we are excited to share with you a guest post from Jana Sedivy. When I was 14 years old, I blew up our kitchen.

Your Customer Service DNA


The president of a major bank looks back and says, “That’s when I knew I was good at numbers and wanted to work in finance.” Some people are just naturally good at providing great customer service. They are people pleasers. They pay attention to details.

Leadership in Action

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She is well versed in all aspects of operations management, from scheduling and finance, to production and marketing. By Linda Sydow When building high performing teams, it is important to include the members of the team in the building process.

???? Status Update: Facebook Freefall

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When Facebook's CFO started to talk about their finances, the stock started to tumble. percent in May, the smallest year-over-year gain since early 2017, and have gained the least over three months since 2012, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Here is a look at the top headlines we've curated this week about the world of retail, technology and work: ????Status Status Update: Facebook Loses Billions in Minutes. ??Middle-Class

New Training Video: Serving Internal Customers

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Finally, there's a training course geared specifically towards internal customer service. Nearly 50 percent of my client requests throughout my career have been for internal customer service. This is a special type of customer service that involves serving internal stakeholders.

4 Catastrophic Mistakes That Could Torpedo Your Young Business

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Starting a business includes a number of daunting challenges, such as managing people, materials, finances, marketing, and looking for advantages over the competition. Sustaining business often relies on building a support network of staff, finance, and vendors that will drive future growth.

From Cloudy to Clear: Cloud Native Contact Center Apps Drive Enhanced Customer Experience


Stay tuned for part 4 of the blog series to see how the models benefit Finance stakeholders in your organization. This is part three of a four part series about Cloud Native vs Cloud Hosted.

How AI Drives Targeted Customer Engagement


From retail to finance to entertainment, the technology can be used to target key customers with great accuracy—suggesting the right products and services to exactly the right people at optimal times. Artificial intelligence is transforming business practices across many industries. Indeed, many brands are turning to chatbots that are capable of deep learning, becoming smarter as they interact with customers and offering personalized solutions adapted to individual needs.

Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

Customer Relationship Metrics

The best contact center agents also are the best marketing people, sales people, finance people, and trainers. You’ve tried numerous tactics to improve your agent performance and to put your attrition problem to rest.

Digital Transformation in Retail Banks: Potential Impact on Brand Equity, Customers, and Employees

Beyond Philosophy

Digital innovation in banking can be seen in the transformative way people transact and organize their finances. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

Build the Business Case to Invest More in Customer Experience


This gets even more critical in enterprise market, where the buying process is long, complex and involves multiple stakeholders from Operations, IT and Finance who all need to be convinced and committed on the huge investment.

Talking Omnichannel But Organised Multi Channel?

Peter Lavers

The automotive sector, for example, is in an unprecedented period of market and legislation-driven disruption in its brands, products, markets, fuels, financing, taxation / charging – and channels & media. Remember when we used to talk about “channels and media”? Life was simple.

How to Create Your Punch List for Quick CX Wins


Have you ever lived through a major renovation project or lived through construction of a house or condo? I say “lived through” because it can be harrowing, on a #firstworldproblems level for sure, but harrowing nonetheless.

Do You Harness the Power of Habit in Your Marketing Yet?

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“ Most of the time, what we do, is what we do most of the time”. This is former F1 champion Lewis Hamilton stopping in the wrong team’s garage to change tires.

The Age of Truly Unified Cloud Communications


This means no more communications silos between sales, marketing, support, finance, IT/help desk, and other departments, enabling companies to connect everyone throughout the organization so employees and customers can seamlessly communicate, problem solve and make decisions faster and better than ever before.

Fireside Chat: Natero Shares Tips for Customer Success

Satrix Solutions

Customer data can reside in a lot of systems such as CRM, finance, support ticketing, email, survey tools, analytics, and more. Natero helps Customer Success Managers reduce churn, increase expansion, and manage more accounts.

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Carvana: CX And Car Buying Finally Meet!

CX Accelerator

We had a bit of a snafu with our financing which AJ bent over backwards to make it right as quickly as possible. How Carvana is leveraging customer experience principles to revolutionize the process of buying a car.

How to Make Customer Experience a Cross-Organizational Initiative

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While Sales need numbers, Finance are looking at the bottom line and Legal are over protective about regulations, customer experience is often not at the top of the agenda beyond the Marketing department.

4 Best Technologies for Small Businesses

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Managing small businesses finance is the most taxing part of being a small business owner. Running and maintaining a small business is a challenge.

Are Your Contact Center Agents Empowered to Provide Great Customer Service?


However, the Delegation of Authority (DOA) as defined by finance provided our agents ZERO authority to process these transactions. After evaluation, we were able to work with the finance team to change the DOA and allow agents a specific dollar threshold for which they could execute credits without supervisor approval. We all want our agents to provide “great” service.

5 Ways AI Can Drive Proactive Customer Service


Banks also offer virtual assistants to help customers keep track of their finances and even make investing decisions. While artificial intelligence helps brands deliver personalized customer experiences, the technology also offers another major benefit: proactive customer service. Artificial intelligence can analyze customer data, empowering companies to solve problems before they arise while giving customers richer experiences.

5 Major Criteria To Be An Effective Leader

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Mitchell Consulting Inc is both a health care finance consultant and an authority on leadership and diversity issues. By Mitch Mitchell Depending what you consider as a good leader, you'll either believe there are lots of good leaders or very few good leaders.

Build your business case to invest more in Customer Experience (CX) – Drive larger financial impact


Predictability – Finance leaders definitely look for predictability, it is as important as returns. In part one of the blog series, we looked at a framework for building a business case to invest in customer experience technologies.

Guest Blog: Voice of the Customer Begins with Voice of the Employee


Alex Edmans, a professor of finance at London Business School, conducted a study that showed companies with higher satisfaction see their stock returns outperform competitors by 2.3%