Focus on Well-Being: The Benefits of Wireless Audio

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Technology call center contact center headsets wireless audio wireless headsets workplace wellnessCompanies that utilize contact centers understand the value of maintaining skilled employees, since customer service tends to be an industry with a high amount of worker “churn.” The health and well-being of contact center personnel is therefore a high priority. This becomes especially notable as media reports reveal the health disadvantages of sedentary work styles. […].

VOC Leaders: For Verizon Wireless, CX data is instrumental to ‘getting it right’ (video)


are subscribers of Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless carrier. The post VOC Leaders: For Verizon Wireless, CX data is instrumental to ‘getting it right’ (video) appeared first on ForeSee. Client Insights Stacy Sherman telecom Verizon Wireless VOC VOC LeadersOver 140 million people in the U.S. With those sorts of numbers, listening to its customers is a necessity for.

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Temkin Experience Ratings Industry Snapshot: Wireless

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Congratulations to MetroPCS for earning the top customer experience score in the wireless industry. Of the nine wireless carriers included in this year’s Ratings, MetroPCS earned the highest score with a rating of 73%, putting it in 95th place overall out of 318 companies across 20 industries. The post Temkin Experience Ratings Industry Snapshot: Wireless appeared first on Customer Experience Matters®.

How to Get the Best Headsets for Amazon Connect

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Technology Amazon Connect headsets call center headsets contact center noise cancellation USB headsets wired headsets wireless headsetsIf you’re looking for the best headsets for your call center agents working on Amazon Connect, here are our top picks.

In Wireless Provider Customer Satisfaction, T-Mobile Leads The Pack


Contrary to the assumption that everyone is unhappy with their wireless provider, a new report shows that overall customer satisfaction is fairly high — with ForeSee client T-Mobile leading. The post In Wireless Provider Customer Satisfaction, T-Mobile Leads The Pack appeared first on ForeSee.

Social Media Emerges as Wireless Customer Service Channel of Choice

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Power, overall satisfaction is highest when customers ask questions or make requests of their wireless carriers via social media. Following are key findings of the 2018 studies: Social channels become front line for customer service: Among customers who ask a question or make a request of their wireless carrier, overall satisfaction is highest in the social media channel (838 on a 1,000-point scale) and the app channel (835).

Making Sense of Wireless Technologies from 5G to LTE-M and Beyond


They are known as organizational partners and they provide guidance moving global cellular wireless standards forward, using its Technical Specification Groups (TSGs) in Radio Access Networks (RAN), Services and Systems Aspects (SA) and Core Network and Terminals (CT).

Customer Stories: Unymira at Cable & Wireless in Trinidad


Unymira is proud to kick off a new series of customer stories chronicling our work together and the feedback and insights our customers and their agents provide. Contact Center

My Q&A with Mavenir - Wireless Challenges for Security and Fraud

Jon Arnold

My latest piece was a Q&A I did with Mavenir , with a focus on security and fraud for wireless operators. I contribute occasionally to UK-based Enterprise Management 360 , and am on their roster of analysts. This is problematic on many fronts, and having seen them talk about this at their recent analyst event, it turns out Mavenir is quite strong in this area.

Republic Wireless Sustains Rapid Membership Growth Without Brick-and-Mortar Call Center

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To consumers accustomed to paying $50 to $100 on cell phone plans, Republic Wireless’s starting price point of $20 for a plan with data is a breath of fresh air. Republic Wireless took on traditional carriers with a “Wi-Fi first” model, where calls and data default to Wi-Fi and use cellular networks only when necessary. Republic Wireless has been able to deliver on its promise of affordable communication in part because of a lean customer service infrastructure.

Solutions for Social Distancing and Contact Tracing in the Workplace


Enterprise Networking Wireless Contact TracingAs businesses re-open their offices and employees are not restricted to work-from-home limitations, many are looking for ways to increase employee safety and actively respond to incidents of COVID-19 infections.

Wi-Fi 6: Is Your Network Ready?


Every four to six years, a new type of wireless LAN technology comes out with much fanfare. Since every generation of wireless makes a similar claim, it can be difficult to know what truly is a significant upgrade and what is "just a little bit faster.". Enterprise Networking WirelessCase in point: when Wi-Fi 6 came out, it was hailed as the greatest thing ever.

Creating the Connected City


The city had invested a great deal of money into revitalizing the area, and improving the wireless infrastructure was part of the mayor’s vision for creating a 21st century, connected city that would attract tech-savvy young professionals and leading conferences to the area.

7 Reasons Why SSIDs SHOULD Be Broadcast


When working with various customers on their wireless networks, I am often asked about the broadcasting of Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) – or the name of the Wi-Fi network – as a security risk. Enterprise Networking WirelessAt one time, broadcasting of SSIDs was seen as a security issue, and therefore almost everyone disabled broadcasting.

VoWiFi 911 and Application of Proximity Check


Wireless location has historically been derived from the cell tower and VoIP location from the subscriber’s pre-provisioned address. Carrier Services E9-1-1 Services Safety Services Wireless E911 VoWiFi wireless locationBy: Marcus Andronici, Principal Sales Engineer. In recent blogs, we talked about the key components of a VoWiFi 911 solution , as well as VoWiFi user set-up and provisioning. Now I’m going to explore a specific VoWiFi 911 call feature: proximity check.

voip 48

The Heist: Telecommunications Companies Taking the Power Back


Commission staff is concerned that this practice may be inconsistent with the Wireless Code of Conduct,” the national regulators wrote. Let us tell you a story. Back in May, a Canadian company — Fido Solutions, which is owned by Rogers Communications Inc. took steps to charge a small fee for its customer support services at its call centers. Yes: A service that used to be provided for free when customers paid their monthly bill just became billable.

Business Continuity and How to Achieve It


Layer 2: Wireless Connectivity. The second layer of business continuity is wireless. In the event that your physical lines are damaged, a wireless back up connection is necessary to keep your office running.

Five ways 5G will impact the customer experience

TELUS International

The new generation of wireless technology promises increased reliability, performance and efficiency. Learn more about 5G's potential to make waves in the customer experience. CX Best Practices

How Wi-Fi Location-Based Services Can Step Up Your Public Safety Game


As part of normal operations, a mobile device will probe the network looking for Wireless Access Points (WAPs). Therefore, a Wi-Fi location-based solution can identify the location of every wireless device in range of the WLAN. Networking automated elasticity Avaya End to end segmentation EverywherePerimeter hacking hyper-segmentation native stealth security Target Wi-Fi Location-Based Services Wireless Access Points (WAPs) WLBS

Business Continuity and How to Achieve It


Layer 2: Wireless Connectivity. The second layer of business continuity is wireless. In the event that your physical lines are damaged, a wireless back up connection is necessary to keep your office running. Blogs Business Continuity cloud applications cloud back up cloud failover connectivity continuity disaster recovery failover geographic diversity intelligent failover managed failover outage secondary connectivity wireless backup

What does a Smart City look like? We’re defining it with a new partner


Networking communications systems networking security Smart City wireless solutionsThe city of the future is a Smart City, emboldened by technology that folds in government, industry, and consumers. For this to happen, it needs a strong foundation—an infrastructure that can withstand heavy traffic, particularly during times of crisis. At Avaya, we’re partnering with 22 Capital Partners to prototype the Smart City platform in the Gramercy District in the Washington, D.C.

RCDA drives KPI achievement through call flow enhancement and agent and leadership development

Robert Davis

By Brad Baumunk , President and COO. RCDA has invested many years in research to drive KPI achievement through call flow enhancement and agent and leadership development. We have validated our approach through dozens of engagements with our clients. Our success has provided a solid foundation, giving our company the reputation for being one of the best full-service training, coaching and facilitation consultancies in the marketplace.

Teleopti launches a unique solution to follow up on private telephony usage


More and more premium services for wireless telephony are becoming available and many of them are for private usage

What Users Request Most in a Headset

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Sennheiser has been in the business of creating high-performance audio for more than 70 years, and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones, audioconferencing solutions, and wireless transmission systems. The company has created a line of premium headsets and audioconferencing systems that utilize technologies originally researched and developed for devices such as […].

TCPA Compliancy: Predators and Fines on the Rise (What You Need to Know to Not Fall Victim)

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of American households are now wireless only […]. When the original Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) law was passed in 1991, 80% of Americans had landlines and only 3% had mobile phones. This law was passed by Congress to regulate the use of auto-dialers and prerecorded messages.

Webinar recording: Telecom increases revenue and NPS® with data-driven CX programs

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A customer experience transformation is underway at Cable & Wireless, a $3.6 During this recorded webinar, Alvin Stokes, senior vice president of customer experience at Cable & Wireless Communications, shares how this transformation led to a dramatic increase in revenue and NPS® for Cable & Wireless. billion telecommunications company.

[WEBINAR RECAP] Top 6 Tips for Improving Customer Experience with Omnichannel

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Yesterday we spoke with industry experts and contact center leaders from Zendesk, Republic Wireless, and TruSource Labs to get their top tips on omnichannel success and talk through real-life cases from their contact centers. omnichannel contact center

How To Create a Better CX With Agent Scripting Software


I have two computers connected through a wireless router and neither can connect. Imagine you’re calling your telecom to get help with a broadband router problem. At the start of your call, you say, “I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet. I've already rebooted the computers and the modem, but still no connection. I’m not sure if it’s due to the thunderstorm in the area.”. Read More. Jacada Blog

5 Ideas for Effective New-Hire Training

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When I managed the call center training department at a major wireless phone company, we invested six weeks in our new-hire training and coaching. That investment in training paid off in improved agent performance. Since leaving that telecom company and starting my own training business 12 years ago, I have seen how dozens of companies […]. Training & Development call center contact center new-hire training

Listening to Your Customers Could Save You Millions

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The Story On December 17, 2014 a major US wireless carrier was sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for allowing unauthorized third-party charges to consumers

Don’t Implement a VRI Solution without Considering Your Infrastructure

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Bandwidth, wireless coverage, and VRI. Wireless coverage. Hospitals rely on sufficient wireless coverage to power the Wi-Fi-enabled technology found in all corners of a campus, video interpreting platforms included.

Understanding the Ramp-Up to 5G


When it comes to wireless technology of the future, it’s all about faster, better, cheaper. 5G Evolution and Wireless Connectivity – The Hype Becomes Reality. AireSpring and Wireless Connectivity.

Understanding the Ramp-Up to 5G


When it comes to wireless technology of the future, it’s all about faster, better, cheaper. 5G Evolution and Wireless Connectivity – The Hype Becomes Reality. AireSpring and Wireless Connectivity.

Too Big To Care? Why Mega-Mergers Threaten Us

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The T-mobile/Sprint Merger reduces the national wireless carriers in the U.S. for keeping the price of wireless provider service flat or in some cases reduced over the recent past. “ Sprint and T-Mobile to Merge, in Bid to Remake Wireless Market.” wireless landscape.” How big does a company need to get before it is too big to care about Customer Experience? If this week’s news is any indication, telecom customers in the U.S.

Net Promoter® News: Apple AirPods, NPS Benchmarking & RentReporters


Among many were their wireless headphones Apple now calls AirPods. Apple’s AirPods hit NPS® of 75 In a spectacular event last september, Apple unveiled their latest groundbreaking product and features. The AirPods put an end to the endless unraveling of wire headphones and offered a more effortless music/communication Apple experience. While Appe’s AirPods may be […]. The post Net Promoter® News: Apple AirPods, NPS Benchmarking & RentReporters appeared first on CustomerGauge.

When ‘Push’ Marketing Goes Too Far

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A couple of years ago, our local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ran a disturbing story about how a mortgage loan company in Phoenix had sent spam advertising messages which appeared on the screens of thousands of wireless phone customers. In the United States, phone numbers are allocated to wireless companies in blocks of 9,999, all beginning with the same three-digit prefix following the area code. Wireless text messaging is widely used in the U.S.;

TOP 12 Call Center Headsets [2019 Ready]


Another issue is that you will have to choose either wired or wireless option. On the other hand, Bluetooth call center headset or any other wireless headset for call center grants agents a dose of flexibility. If you go for a more pricey solution then it’s not really a problem as the best wireless headset for call center can offer a 12-hour talk time. Jump right into mid-range wireless devices. The other issue is whether to choose a wired or wireless solution.

When Improv Meets Business


Let’s say I contact my wireless phone provider. If you were paying attention, you might notice that I didn’t call my wireless provider. Customer Experience. I recently was invited by Pegasystems to attend Pegaworld 2016, their annual users’ conference. The conference was everything about CRM (customer relationship management). While there were some amazing demonstrations and stories that came out during the general and educational sessions, one lesson jumped out at me.

Bright Pattern Talks with CX Leaders: It’s a Matter of Compliance

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POS, online and mobile shopping apps, wireless hotspots, etc.). When it comes to compliance in the card payment space, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the rule by which all card transactions must abide. Founded in 2006 by the major credit card processors, the PCI DSS addresses and helps alleviate vulnerabilities within the payment card ecosystem (i.e.

Learn about better options for mobile phone and data plan business customers with over 25 devices.

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Phones, Laptops, and Wireless Internet Backup Devices We have options for anything and everything that connects to or uses a mobile network. With recent mergers and acquisitions, and recent nationwide outages, some of our customers have asked about alternatives in the marketplace. Thankfully, we do have some options that we can help you evaluate.