Focus on Well-Being: The Benefits of Wireless Audio

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology call center contact center headsets wireless audio wireless headsets workplace wellnessCompanies that utilize contact centers understand the value of maintaining skilled employees, since customer service tends to be an industry with a high amount of worker “churn.” The health and well-being of contact center personnel is therefore a high priority. This becomes especially notable as media reports reveal the health disadvantages of sedentary work styles. […].

Temkin Experience Ratings Industry Snapshot: Wireless

Customer Experience Matters

Congratulations to MetroPCS for earning the top customer experience score in the wireless industry. Of the nine wireless carriers included in this year’s Ratings, MetroPCS earned the highest score with a rating of 73%, putting it in 95th place overall out of 318 companies across 20 industries. The post Temkin Experience Ratings Industry Snapshot: Wireless appeared first on Customer Experience Matters®.

Republic Wireless Sustains Rapid Membership Growth Without Brick-and-Mortar Call Center

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To consumers accustomed to paying $50 to $100 on cell phone plans, Republic Wireless’s starting price point of $20 for a plan with data is a breath of fresh air. Republic Wireless took on traditional carriers with a “Wi-Fi first” model, where calls and data default to Wi-Fi and use cellular networks only when necessary. Republic Wireless has been able to deliver on its promise of affordable communication in part because of a lean customer service infrastructure.

VoWiFi 911 and Application of Proximity Check


Wireless location has historically been derived from the cell tower and VoIP location from the subscriber’s pre-provisioned address. Carrier Services E9-1-1 Services Safety Services Wireless E911 VoWiFi wireless locationBy: Marcus Andronici, Principal Sales Engineer.

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RCDA drives KPI achievement through call flow enhancement and agent and leadership development

Robert Davis

By Brad Baumunk , President and COO. RCDA has invested many years in research to drive KPI achievement through call flow enhancement and agent and leadership development. We have validated our approach through dozens of engagements with our clients.

Cell Phone Inventor Predicts the Next Big Thing

Brad Cleveland

According to Marty Cooper, 87 years old and a pioneerin wireless communication, cell phones have a big flaw: you constantly have to charge them. And that’s true for all connected wearables (e.g., watches, glasses, health devices).

How To Harness Customers Unseen Behavior

Beyond Philosophy

Then after, when I was installing my second monitor (implementation mindset,), I learned that I would also need a wireless keyboard and a separate trackpad. Each of us has a time when we decide and a time when we act. Once we act, we pass the point of no return on our decision.

When ‘Push’ Marketing Goes Too Far

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A couple of years ago, our local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ran a disturbing story about how a mortgage loan company in Phoenix had sent spam advertising messages which appeared on the screens of thousands of wireless phone customers. In the United States, phone numbers are allocated to wireless companies in blocks of 9,999, all beginning with the same three-digit prefix following the area code. Wireless text messaging is widely used in the U.S.;

How Not To Engage Employees: Telecoms Lead The Way Again

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Whilst the strike is mainly on the traditional telecoms service it is not just being contained there as you can imagine, with an overall brand perception at a 3 year low and this is having a negative effect on Verizon Wireless.

Telecoms in Mumbai: What It Teaches Us about India and CX

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A strong majority (74%) would switch providers if they could get the same level of wireless connectivity from an online provider (such as Google). Apple, Facebook or Google) provided comparable wireless connectivity.

The Edge of Service™ Newsletter, Issue 16: Four Levers in Innovation in Customer Experience

Brad Cleveland

The onboard wireless service, provided by Gogo, is enabling me to track flight progress and catch up with some research and email.

Documenting Your Customer Access Strategy

Brad Cleveland

Customer access strategies are like business plans in that some are well documented and others exist only in pieces and in the heads of various managers. Too often, the latter is the case. But there are standout examples of plans that are effective and up to date.

How Will the Internet of Things Affect Customer Service?

Brad Cleveland

IoT refers to the connection of wireless devices to the Internet and to each other. As the world becomes increasingly connected, the Internet of Things, or IoT, is becoming more prevalent.

Shocking! Telecoms Fail Again!

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AT&T, for example, sent this text to its wireless customers in Florida: “…we’d like to help out during this difficult time. After Hurricane Irma’s recent march through Florida, millions of people lost internet, phone and cell phone service.

Q & A with Customer Experience Futurist Blake Morgan

Bill Quiseng

She has worked with Intel, Verizon Wireless, and many more. I had the great opportunity to interview Blake Morgan , customer experience futurist about her new book, More is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks Off Customer Experiences.

Emotion as a Key Driver in Customer Loyalty

Brad Cleveland

Earlier this year, Forrester released its “2014 Customer Experience Index,” which ranked 150-or-so brands across 14 industries.

What Is Ringless Voicemail? A Complete Overview of Ringless Voicemail

Dialer 360

The delivery of technique and this system never disturb the wireless network. You can also find free real-time wireless cell scrubbing and other services as well. With the Ringless Voicemail is quite often use for the customer outreach.

4 Powerful Rules to Create Employee and Customer Word-of-Mouth Programs That Work

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Up until electronic interaction – the Internet and wireless devices for accessing the web on a mobile basis – changed the character of communication and engagement forever, companies frequently deluded themselves that they were in control of the awareness and influence processes.

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Enterprise E911 Regulations Explained


I’m passionate about the issues of 911 within MLTS for good reason: wireless, wireline and VoIP communications are all subject to federal regulations. Mary Boyd. VP of Government & Regulatory Affairs.

Don’t Let Millions of Dollars Sail Away


If companies contact customers on their wireless devices without explicit consent (hint: having a business relationship with them is not enough), they risk not being compliant with TCPA regulations. Despite outbound calling jokes , there is no denying that it’s an important business strategy.

Invite a Human To Sit at the Table

The Center for Client Retention

Recently I heard a presentation from a major wireless company that plans to set up small customer service teams to handle accounts in the same geographic area. If you have wireless service and live in New Jersey, the representative will know about the Jersey Shore.

Aspect Via® Workforce Management™ Supporting Amazon Connected Home Vision


What started as a company with just a wireless video doorbell system has now blossomed into a tour de force with a wide range of security products including motion detectors, video cameras and whole house alarm systems.

When Improv Meets Business


Let’s say I contact my wireless phone provider. If you were paying attention, you might notice that I didn’t call my wireless provider. Customer Experience. I recently was invited by Pegasystems to attend Pegaworld 2016, their annual users’ conference.

How to Strategically Compete Against Your Peers… And Yourself

Beyond Philosophy

We’ve seen this in the past with directly competitive product and service feature-for-feature advertising and marketing; and we are still identifying it in such sectors as automotive, retailing, cable television, banking, and wireless lelecom. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

5 Tangible Benefits only a Call Center can offer the ISP Industry


In the beginning, internet service was being provided through telephone lines which was later transformed to wireless options using wi-fi networks.

Meeting Customers’ Demands for Tech Support in the Age of IoT


The explosion of billions of physical devices, systems and technologies around the globe and into our lives have provided us with an opportunity to connect to the internet while collecting and sharing data.

Ad-Blocking Sends Clear CX Message: Get Obnoxious Ads out of my UX

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Moreover, if you aren’t on a wireless router, they are burning your data (that you had budgeted for streaming important cat videos). Apple’s latest operating system iOS 9 allows people to block ads while mobile browsing, a development that has digital marketers and publishers in a twist. As Ad Blocking pushes online advertising to the brink of irrelevancy, it’s important to appreciate how the User Experience (UX) provides an integral link to Customer Experience (CX).

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of January 22, 2018


The authors started by surveying 400,000 customers who interacted with brands in the airline and wireless industries to find out how much more customers would spend if they received better service.

Why Survival Mode Kills The Customer Experience

CX Accelerator

Karin Hurt is CEO of Let's Grow Leaders and a former Verizon Wireless executive. Do you ever feel like you're in "survival mode," running from one crisis to another, just trying to get through the day? The moment you stomp out one fire, the sparks start flying in five other directions.

Top contact center authentication stories of 2017


New hacks continue to expose weak points in multifactor authentication, particularly for banks and wireless carriers that are reluctant to go beyond SMS-based texts and knowledge-based methods to identify customers.

How to Strategically Compete Against Your Peers… And Yourself

Beyond Philosophy

We’ve seen this in the past with directly competitive product and service feature-for-feature advertising and marketing; and we are still identifying it in such sectors as automotive, retailing, cable television, banking, and wireless lelecom. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

What Target Is Doing to Regain Consumer Trust – – And One of The Most Effective Things They (and GM) Could/Should Do

Beyond Philosophy

Time in the store equates to spending on coffee and other products, so Starbucks began testing wireless recharging mats at various locations. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC, is Thought Leadership Principal for Beyond Philosophy. Target has issued press releases, and been on television, speaking to the fact that they are bringing in new senior IT execs to oversee customer data management.

Slow Death of the Black Friday Tradition?

Beyond Philosophy

A large part of what that means to us is to not open any of our GameStop, SimplyMac, Spring Mobile or Cricket Wireless U.S. Social media feeds across the USA are sporting this meme. With a cry for solidarity from consumers across the U.S. to boycott Black Thursday, retailers have to make a choice whether to embrace or buck the trend of “Black Thursday.” I wonder, has Black Thursday officially replaced Black Friday? Are we witness to the slow death of a holiday tradition?

How Healthcare Providers Can Help Patients Manage Their Health at No Cost 


and the patient has the same access and coverage as their current paid wireless solution.

Guest Blog: An Unlikely Business Makeover


You may be thinking utility companies, budget airlines, wireless carriers or shipping companies. This week we feature an article by Josh Linkner about the DMV, The Department of Motor Vehicles, experience.

10 Ways to Fix Your Agent Turnover Rate

Aria Solutions

You can easily fix this by untethering agents from their desks with wireless headsets that are more comfortable.

How Customer Service Can Save Cable

Customers That Stick

How long before someone figures out a wireless or other technology that makes cable the old tech? In the Temkin Group’s 2015 Experience Ratings Industry Snapshots, Internet Service Providers were ranked last out of 20 different industries.

Guest Blog: Moving Past The Fairy Tale – 5 Examples of Great Service


Sprint Wireless overhauled their customer care program, providing their call-center agents with real-time recommendations to improve retention. This week we feature an article by Matt Nolan who talks about what a great customer service experience really is.

Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say


ABI Research found that by 2020, more than 50 billion additional devices will be wirelessly connect increasing the IoT. Tweet.

Why Marriott Is Not ‘Plugged In’ to the Customer Experience

Chad Schaeffer

Wireless charging stations are relatively inexpensive, why aren’t more places offering this? Hope you all have fun plans lined up for the 4th, I can’t wait to spend a few long weekends in northern Michigan later in July and August.