Encouraging Customers to Use Self-Service

Brad Cleveland

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Mobile Self-service Modernizes Your WFM

Call Center Coach

Mobile Self-service Modernizes your WFM Click to Tweet. I was able to rapidly see the benefit of using the rapid response of mobile self-service in WFM exception processing (and more) when I met Taylor Pack from Branch Messenger at Call Center Week.

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Encouraging Customers to Use Self-Service Channels

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Access Strategy Customer Service Multi-channel Support Self-service Videos Brad Cleveland customer access customer access strategy multichannel self-service

The Contact Center’s Role in Building Self-Service Channels

Brad Cleveland

Many organizations are learning firsthand that contact centers can play a central role in encouraging and supporting low-cost access channels.

CXP 17: Leveraging Natural Language Understanding for Self-Service Chatbots


Last week’s CXP series post covered using CX Designer for self-service application creation and today we are going to continue the series by covering the additional capabilities that take our chatbot creation platform to a new level.

Is Self-Service Good for Your Business?

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Unsplash Does self-service reduce or increase effort? I wrote about technology and the customer experience a couple times last year; after all, that''s what self-service is all about: technology. How does self-service help the business?

For People on the Verge of Tripping on the self-service Line

Customer Relationship Metrics

Is it possible for self-service to trip up your customer experience? As I thought about knowing when to send as much call volume to self-service, I began to think how that fit into the veterans’ view of the industry. Stop people, send them to self-service.

Self-Service is the Answer to Scale Customer Service Experiences

Win the Customer

With growing online customer numbers and demands, self-service is an untapped option, because hiring additional customer support agents isn’t scalable or financially viable to providing customer success. Summer has barely started and retailers are already beginning to anticipate the back to school season – but are customer support teams ready to scale? Late last week, […]. Communication Customer Experience Technology

The Problem with Self Service

Beyond Philosophy

People like the convenience of self-service. More and more of your Customers believe access to self-service options is essential to their relationship with your business. Knowing this, it is critical that you plan your self-service options well. Parature is a research and advisory firm specializing in communicating service-centric best practices. As many as 2/3 of Customer service interactions will occur without human-to-human contact.

Helping Customers Serve Themselves

Brad Cleveland

Are we doing enough to enable customer self-service? Source: Zendesk, 2013) Only 26% of companies offer self-service tools for consumers via their mobile application.

How self-service technology is changing the contact center job landscape

Ian Jacobs

She describes the podcast as providing "surprising and counter-intuitive insights on customer experience, social customer service and content." They use knowledgebases, FAQs, mobile customer self-service, chatbots, and peer-to-peer communities in increasing numbers.

Building Brand Engagement with Multichannel Services

Brad Cleveland

5 Ways to Optimize Self-Service Practices


At one time, self-service meant forcing customers to perform tasks on their own without the information and support they needed. Today, savvy companies offer self-service as a means of empowering customers to help themselves with confidence and minimal effort. Here are five ways to optimize self-service practices and empower your customers in the process. Integrate self-service with your omnichannel strategy.

Celebrate International Coffee Day with Us and Perk Up Your CX


English/US IVR Self-Service coffee break customer experience CX self-service text2IVR web seriesDid you know that today is International Coffee Day? Add some pep to your step (and your IVR) with our new Coffee Break web series, Modern IVR: Perk Up Your CX.

Multichannel Contact Centers, by the Numbers

Brad Cleveland

Recent research (Understanding the Customer Journey, a study conducted by ICMI and LiveOps, 2015) explored channel usage in service settings. How many organizations are using various contact channels?

What Do Consumers Expect from Your Chatbot?


Looks matter: It might seem superficial but apparently looks matter when it comes to picking a customer service representative. English/US ITR/Chatbots Self-Service Artificial Intelligence chatbots contact center customers

Burgers + Bots = Engaged Employees


In an environment where customers want a fast, familiar meal, the introduction of self-service kiosks promises to expedite the ordering and payment process. He has said the self-order kiosks are not a labor replacement.

Reduce Customer Frustration with Context Cookies


When a customer moves between channels or from self-service to agent-assisted, including the context behind what they’re trying to be accomplished allows the customer to continue seamlessly without the need to repeat themselves.

Chatbots—Just What the Doctor Ordered


English/US Healthcare Self-Service automation chatbot chatbots healthcare self-serviceEarlier this year, Florence was nothing more than a hobbyist’s development project, and the chatbot was used as a simple symptom checker.

Apple Business Chat – A Contact Center Perspective


A week ago , I wrote about how iOS is slowly turning into an operating system for your life, not your devices, by adding customer service and eCommerce functions into its core OS. That is certainly a huge catalyst for not only customer service use cases, but also eCommerce.

How Modern Family Shows the Value of Modern IVR


While we don’t hear the other end of the line, it is obvious that Claire is not getting what she needs and she gets caught in a self-service tail spin that forces her to ask for live agent assistance. Customer Experience Modern Family modern ivr self-service

How Much Can Chatbots Save Your Contact Center?


But the important thing to remember is that improving customer service doesn’t happen simply by expanding your budget. Fortunately, chatbots are capable of resolving a wide variety of service inquiries, reducing volume for your agents. Chatbots aren’t just for customer service.

Get It Right with Mobile Apps

Brad Cleveland

Mobile apps are an important part of the emerging customer service landscape. Don’t dither getting there. But by all means, ensure they are ready for prime time.

Don’t Confuse Speech Recognition with Natural Language Understanding When Talking Bots


One use case for this technology is in B2C communication, specifically in customer service and brand engagement over platforms such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, as well as Facebook Messenger, SMS, or kik. in the domain of customer service.

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How The General Meets the Needs of Their Customers Using Aspect CXP


The General recognized that customers want to manage tasks on their own — without talking to an agent — and saw an opportunity for additional self-service tools beyond the website. English/US Innovations/Technology IVR Self-Service case study CXP interactive voice response The General

Four Keys to Retaining Millennial Customers

Brad Cleveland

The article focuses on the financial services industry, but the principles apply to many other industries. Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Relationships Customer Service Leadership Multi-channel Support Research/Statistics Self-service Social Media BlastMedia Brad Cleveland customer experience customer loyalty Due leadership Telus international

4 MORE Call Center Reports Worth Your Time


The reports on today’s list are focused on more specific topics within the realm of the call center such as agent management, journey mapping and self-service. 78% plan to prioritize web self-service investments over the next two years; 72% say the same for mobile and IVR.

Access AI & the Virtual Roundtable


In this issue, they’ve turned their focus to intelligent assistants and how they can be a gamechanger for customer service. English/US Innovations/Technology ITR/Chatbots Self-Service Access AI AI Artificial Intelligence chatbots roundtable self-service Tobias Goebel virtual roundtabel

Ten Crimes Against the Customer


7. Not Giving Them Opportunity to Solve Issues on Their Own – Self-service options for customer service are becoming the norm. Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling business author.

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SMS – Better Outreach on Customer Terms


Customer Care English/US Mobile SMS customer outreach customer support customers live agents self-service textingSMS has become the most effective tool for businesses to communicate with their customers because of its ease-of-use, convenience and reach.

Encouraging Customers to Use Self-Service Channels

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Access Strategy Customer Experience Multi-channel Support Videos Brad Cleveland customer access strategy Customer Service

Why You Can’t Just Convert FAQs into a Customer Service Chatbot 1:1


As companies are exploring the use of customer service chatbots, one of the first candidates of content that come to mind to “botify” is the existing FAQs often represented on corresponding sections on a website. So WHY does an FAQ not translate 1:1 into a customer service chatbot? Consider the following four FAQs a bot covers that we built for an automaker earlier this year: What is Concierge Service? How can I contact the Concierge Service?

Chatbots Mature Into An Enterprise-class Customer Service Tool—Explore The Leading Vendors In This Market

Ian Jacobs

Over the past year, Forrester clients have been brimming with questions about chatbots and their role in customer service. The delta between those simple-to-build, but anemic in functionality, chatbots and conversational self-service tools designed for real enterprise environments is great.

Summer Travel Underscores Need for Airlines to Overhaul Customer Service


When it comes to customer service departments, few industries underwhelm on an annual basis quite like the airline industry. In fact, despite several recent PR missteps, the airline industry just had its highest rating ever bestowed on it by the American Customer Service Index.

Guest Blog: Don’t Waste My Precious Time


I think a great self-service option is key for everyone. adults surveyed expect to get an answer via self-service. Whether filling out an application for a loan or troubleshooting a technical problem, self-service functionality gives users more control and faster results.

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Three Reasons to Do Your Black Friday Shopping with a Chatbot


English/US Mobile Self-Service Artificial Intelligence black friday chatbot interactive text response ITR Virtual AssistantAcross the country, Americans are eagerly anticipating the coming holiday. Thanksgiving?

Amazing Business Radio: Gadi Shamia


Gadi Shamia Discusses the Latest Trends in Customer Service and How to Create a Better Experience. Shep Hyken interviews Gadi Shamia, COO of Talkdesk, about how you can improve your customer service. Provide self-service options for your customers.