The Secret to Customer Retention

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Want to know the secret to customer retention? Probably not so different from what keeps your customers coming back, too. I don''t think I''m going out on a limb here to say: "Customer retention is paramount to acquisition!" focusing on customer retention.

The Critical Role of Customer Support in Customer Retention and Customer Relationships

Win the Customer

Competing to win customers today means not only keeping up with major brands in your industry but also staying ahead of new emerging service providers. Customer Experience Customer Service

3 Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention Rate With Service

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Gartner research shows that by 2018, 70 percent of business-to-business ecommerce sites will offer customers personalized features, and sites effectively using personalization will outsell competitors by 30 percent. Improve Your Customer Experience. Track Customer Satisfaction.

4 Companies Using Social Media Customer Service Effectively for Customer Retention and Loyalty

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Social media may never become a traditional contact channel, but it''s still an effective tool for social engagement in customer service. Communication Customer Experience Customer Service Social Technology

How to Calculate Customer Retention Rate

Customers That Stick

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Customer Effort: How to Make Things Difficult for Customers, by Premier Inn


This is the not the first article I have written about the subject of Customer Effort. On that occasion, Vauxhall provided the case study to bring Customer Experience ‘theory’ to life. It must be the customer’s fault.

What makes the the worlds #1 Customer Experience brands?


As I quite literally travel the world talking, listening and working with individuals and organisations who have an interest in Customer Experience, I am regularly asked who the world’s ‘best’ Customer Experience brands are. Customer retention and loyalty CX Professionals CX Strategy # 1 Customer Experience Brands air new zealand Amazon apple bmw boden corporate attitude customer experience Disney First Direct John Lewis mercedes Starbucks

5 Tips for Improving Customer Retention


Emotions play a significant role in customer experience, as many statistics clearly show. According to research by the Peppers & Rogers Group, 60% of customers stop engaging with a company when salespeople treat them indifferently, while 70% of customers leave a brand due to poor service. While retention involves rectifying negative customer experiences, it’s equally important to keep customers happy in a proactive manner.

Top Ten Contact Center and Servicing Goals for 2017


The top ten contact center and enterprise servicing goals for 2017, in order of priority, are: Deliver an outstanding customer experience (60.8 Deliver a personalized customer experience (39.2 Reduce customer effort (35.2 Enhance customer engagement (33.6 Improve customer retention, (33.6 Delivering a personalized customer experience showed up on the list of contact center and servicing goals for the first time in 2017.

RCDA drives KPI achievement through call flow enhancement and agent and leadership development

Robert Davis

RCDA’s focus is client-dependent and ranges from improving acquisition rates, improving customer retention and improving VOC and NPS to upselling and cross-selling products and services. Customer upgrades resulted in increases from 9.5% By Brad Baumunk , President and COO.

With customer experience design, functional is good. But don’t stop there – by Beth Richardson


“Focus on the whole journey, not just the transaction” In the world of Customer Experience (CX) you will hear this phrase frequently. The difference between a user story like the one above, and meeting a customer’s overall goal. Customers are human.

Amazing Business Radio: Adam Dorrell


How do you use the Net Promoter Score® to retain your customers? How can you sell the C-Suite on the benefits of investing in Customer Retention? Top Takeaways: A repeat customer will do more business with you than a new customer. Repeat customers spend more.

Amazing Business Radio: Amy Downs


Amy Downs on How Customer Obsession Can Drive Your Bottom Line. Are you obsessing about taking care of your customers? First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on April being customer loyalty month. People with customer service DNA and customer service hearts.

The Customer Experience ‘7 Year Itch’! A frank and honest assessment of the CX profession


As a prolific writer on the subject of Customer Experience, I feel as though every article I publish is a reflection of sorts. I first became aware of job roles containing the words, ‘Customer Experience’ in the early noughties.

Customer Service; Customer Experience; Customer Centricity – what is the difference between them?


It is difficult to deny that these three terms are becoming increasingly visible in the language of business: Customer Service. Customer Experience. Customer Centricity. Customer Services is NOT Customer Experience. So what is Customer Experience?

How NOT to ask for customer feedback: a shocking example from Sky TV


Having been involved in the world of Customer Experience for many years, nothing should really surprise me – I have very much witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly of business behaviour. Two days ago, my wife was asked to participate in a Sky customer feedback survey.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of January 16, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. 5 Stages to Building Customer Loyalty by Melissa Gonzalez. My Comment: Customer loyalty doesn’t happen immediately. 4 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty Now and for the Long Haul by Heike Young.

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CUSTOMER CULTURE: How does it drive future business performance?


I have written many times about the subject of Customer Experience and the different opinions that people hold on whether it really does make a difference. They, like me, believe that the foundation of sustainable future business performance is based on a strong Customer Centric Culture.

Customer Experience: it goes both ways… or does it?!


In all honesty, my writing is very much inspired by my own experiences – either as a customer in my own right, or by interacting with the many people I have the good fortunate to interact with in practising my vocation! What do I want from my customers?

Customer V Owner – Who wins? You decide! (in other words, is the customer always right?!)


I must confirm that the focus of my blog is not switching from Customer Experience to travel! Firstly, the customer gave the restaurant a rating of three – higher than I would have expected in relation to the content of the review. The post Customer V Owner – Who wins?

Why Amazon Will Swallow Almost Everyone

Customers That Stick

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Customer or Hostage? The unfortunate story of the UK passenger rail industry


I have so far avoided using the word customer – which brings me to the theme of this post. The dictionary definition of the word customer is as follows: a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business. The customer! The post Customer or Hostage?

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of October 3, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Customer Service Week: Appreciating Clients and Employees Gives You an Edge by Sandra Idossou. My Comment: This week is International Customer Service Week.

The Link Between Emotional Engagement and Customer Loyalty

The Center for Client Retention

The quality of your product is essential for acquiring customers and keeping them, right? Still, something else is the key to winning your customers over and making them come back for more, and that something is emotional engagement. ramount importance for customer retention. *.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of June 12, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. How Twitter’s Recent Changes Affect Customer Service by Dan Gingiss. My Comment: Twitter has become an important customer service channel.

The customer is not always right….BUT be careful how you respond when you think they are not!


Although you may not have heard of it, it is possible that the eatery will become infamous as an example of how NOT to respond to customer feedback. Communication Channels Customer retention and loyalty CX Strategy Recovery Social Media 47 King Street West 47 king street west tripadvisor customer experience customer feedback Easyjet Mike Hymanson TripAdvisor

Voice of the Customer: It’s Time for a Global Customer Experience Wakeup Call


I am privileged because a multitude of organisations welcome me in to their inner sanctum to help them in their quest to become more customer centric. Conclusion – get it wrong and it will stick in a customers mind for a long time… 2. Winning back a customer IS NOT EASY!

The epic failings of Emirates: are brands really trying hard enough when it comes to Customer Experience?


As someone who spends his life eating, talking, breathing, writing and generally living everything to do with Customer Experience, it is inevitable that on occasion I may get tagged as a serial ‘moaner’ It is true to say that I often highlight the less than palatable experiences I encounter. Customer Journeys Customer retention and loyalty Recovery Travel customer experience customer experience failure customer experience recovery Emirates Etihad

How to Embed a Customer Experience Framework 


In my exclusive column for CustomerThink in October 2016, I shared my ‘top tips’ for creating the right culture to enable an organisation to become genuinely customer centric. In my last column of 2016, I explored tip number 2 – how to embed a Customer Experience Framework.

Customer Experience Commitment – 2016 Customer Centricity Research Findings


When it comes to the subject of Customer Experience, there are many questions I would like to know the answer to. So this year, I wanted to explore another aspect of Customer Experience that I find extremely interesting. ENABLE people to have a customer focused mindset.

Opinion or Reality? Does Customer Experience really make a difference?


I am unlikely to be the first person to write an article focusing on whether or not the Customer Experience really makes a difference. On a weekly basis, Customer Experience Professionals all over the world are being challenged to demonstrate the ‘tangible’ value focusing on the Customer […]. I am also unlikely to be the last.

‘Customer excellence is here: it’s just not very evenly distributed yet’. The Nunwood 2014 UK Customer Experience Excellence Report


Customer Excellence is here: it’s just not evenly distributed yet’ A fantastic quote that I wish I could claim was mine! In 2014, it is very difficult to find an organisation who does not believe that the customer experience or being customer centric is NOT of value.

Making life difficult for customers makes no sense at all! Case studies from Marriot Hotels and Debenhams


Customer Journeys Customer retention and loyalty CX Strategy Retail Travel changing consumer expectation customer expectation customer experience Debenhams emotional Emotional engagement making life difficult for customers Marriot wi-fi marriott Marriott Hotels We are living in a world where consumer expectation is changing as rapidly as ever before.

How to spectacularly fail your customers and damage your brand – by British Airways


I actually think that boring is not always a bad thing when flying – as long as it ‘does what it says on the tin’, then most customers are happy. There is no doubt that organisations sometimes take their customers for granted – airlines are pretty good at that – and this is an exemplary case.

3 Things Great Companies Do for Customers

Beyond Philosophy

According to, the feelings a Customer has when they are getting excellent Customer service are the same as the feelings they have when they feel love. Most excellent Customer Experiences leave Customers feeling valued and important, or, in other words, feeling the love. There are three things that great companies that have excellent Customer Experiences do in common to make Customers feel the love.

‘Happy Birthday Mr Glodnig’!! How NOT to create a good impression with customers!


When it comes to the world of Customer Experience, there are also a number of certainties that can be counted on. Some businesses are very good at linking key events in a customer’s life to their strategic marketing campaigns. In life there are a number of certainties.

Find, Win, Keep: A simple customer centric business strategy


Gary’s probing went as follows: ‘What is our strategy to sustainably FIND new customers?’ Back in 1999, the concept of the ‘customer journey’ did not really exist. I would have to pay significantly more to upgrade than if I were a new customer.

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