5 Simple Changes You Can Make TODAY to Improve B2B Customer Retention

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While it’s fun to talk about customer support strategy and the future of the industry, sometimes all you need is that “extra little bit” to push your team over the edge and into greatness. Sending a nice “Thank You” gesture to a B2B customer can leave a long-standing impression.

Customer Retention Metrics Part 1: How to Create a Pre-Purchase Experience that Sells

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about customer retention? The post Customer Retention Metrics Part 1: How to Create a Pre-Purchase Experience that Sells appeared first on Relay.

Kindness, Customer Retention, and the Contact Center Agent

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By Sean Hawkins By definition, customer retention is the activity an organization undertakes in order to reduce customer from leaving the business relationship. Most often though, it is the contact center that interacts with those customers who wish to leave. While the functional role of retention is housed within a specific team, everyone in customer service impacts the company’s ability to preserve customers. CCW Customer Retention

How to Calculate Customer Retention Rate

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The Secret to Customer Retention

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Want to know the secret to customer retention? Probably not so different from what keeps your customers coming back, too. I don''t think I''m going out on a limb here to say: "Customer retention is paramount to acquisition!" focusing on customer retention.

The Critical Role of Customer Support in Customer Retention and Customer Relationships

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Competing to win customers today means not only keeping up with major brands in your industry but also staying ahead of new emerging service providers. Customer Experience Customer Service

4 Companies Using Social Media Customer Service Effectively for Customer Retention and Loyalty

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Social media may never become a traditional contact channel, but it''s still an effective tool for social engagement in customer service. Communication Customer Experience Customer Service Social Technology

How to Improve Your Center’s Loyalty and Retention Rates

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There is no such thing as, “just an address change” or a “simple customer question.” Every interaction is a loyalty situation: How that interaction is handled can either generate customer commitment or drive that customer away.

Improving CX (and Other Desired Results): The Quality Conversation Imperative

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In today’s world, your customer experience (or CX) matters more than ever. By Brad Baumunk , President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates. What differentiates you from your competition? In your contact center, the CX starts as soon as callers dial your number and get in to your system.

Customer Health Solutions: Accurately Monitoring Your Customer Relationships

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A new term, customer health, is all about monitoring the customer relationship to ensure it remains in a vibrant state. A large number here usually correlates to a higher chance of retention , but remember nothing is a guarantee in business.

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Contact center insights: Realize the value of teaching your people how to fish

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By Brad Baumunk , President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates. We have all heard the quote, “Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.”

Inside View: DAT Solutions

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In the B2B world, where businesses tend to compete on price, DAT Solutions stands out as a shining example of a service-oriented company that prides itself on delivering value to customers. Customers for Life” has been a core value at DAT more than 20 years.

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Customer V Owner – Who wins? You decide! (in other words, is the customer always right?!)


I must confirm that the focus of my blog is not switching from Customer Experience to travel! Firstly, the customer gave the restaurant a rating of three – higher than I would have expected in relation to the content of the review. The post Customer V Owner – Who wins?

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5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

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For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price. Keeping Customers results in a high increase in value.

7 Signs of Decline for the CX Movement in 2015

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Customer Experience continued to be a dominant business issue throughout the world in 2014. They are all working to improve their Customer Experience. I can say with confidence the Customer Experience concept is now a worldwide phenomenon. I work in Customer Experience.”.

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Webinar: How to Monetize a Net Promoter Program


Customer feedback is often seen, at worst, as a compliance task and, at best, as a long-term way to increase sales and customer retention. Yes, the customer feedback process does drive long-term customer loyalty and lifts revenue but you can also use the data in a much […]. Customer Feedback Customer Retention Net Promoter Score Tools customer gauge monetize

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6 Steps to a Great Apology

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You charged for the wrong plan on a Customer’s mobile bill or sent an ‘Extra Small’ instead of a Medium on the Jacket a Customer ordered online. So how do you recover from a mistake with your customers? Acknowledging your emotions is key to communicating with your customer.

The Role of CX in a Sales Culture

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Quality sales cultures are the ones where the Customer comes before the close, like Mackay’s quote indicates here. I wrote about Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and their role in the Customer Experience. They balance the needs of the Customers and the needs of their organization.

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Are you Irrational: 7 Questions to See If You Are Irrational?

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I love watching what people, and Customers do. Your Customers would raise their hands during this TED talk also. What baffles me, then is why some organizations choose to ignore feelings and how they affect the behavior of their Customers.

Do You Harness the Power of Habit in Your Marketing Yet?

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When they saw these purchases in the customer’s history, they decided that they would begin the targeted campaign to these women. “ Most of the time, what we do, is what we do most of the time”. This is former F1 champion Lewis Hamilton stopping in the wrong team’s garage to change tires.

Are You Deliberate with Your Customer Strategy or Just Taking a Chance?

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Customer centricity requires strategy to cultivate a culture that puts the Customer at the center of everything you do. As the third in our series of nine posts looking at the different parts of the organization contributing to Customer centricity, let’s look at: Customer Strategy.

Why Gut Decisions Are Sometimes Wrong

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This fact is why dealing with Customers is so difficult. Most organizations make the mistake thinking Customers are rational beings and only make decisions logically. There is a certain romantic notion that we sometimes just know things in our gut. We equate this to wisdom or expertise.

4 Ways to Gain Customers’ Trust in Data Security

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In other words, Customers will share data even though they don’t believe it is protected enough to get a better value from an organization. Trust and the Customer Experience. Emotions are an important part of any customer experience. Listen to your customers and engage with them.

Webinar: How to Monetize a Net Promoter Program


Customer feedback is often seen, at worst, as a compliance task and, at best, as a long-term way to increase sales and customer retention. Yes, the customer feedback process does drive long-term customer loyalty and lifts revenue but you can also use the data in a much […]. Customer Feedback Customer Retention Net Promoter Score Tools

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3 Things Great Companies Do for Customers

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According to trendwatching.com, the feelings a Customer has when they are getting excellent Customer service are the same as the feelings they have when they feel love. Most excellent Customer Experiences leave Customers feeling valued and important, or, in other words, feeling the love. There are three things that great companies that have excellent Customer Experiences do in common to make Customers feel the love.

Losing Customers Trust is the Worst Penalty VW Will Face

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I find it beyond belief how large organizations can cheat and lie to their Customers. Because they lied to their Customers. VW is a HUGE brand, and they have just lied to customers. It is essential to building Customer loyalty. When will companies learn to stop lying to their Customers? So sure, VW might lose their stock value, and be fined billions of dollars, but I think their real loss is the trust of their Customers.

Big Data’s Big Problem

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And they also believe it will revolutionize their operations (85% said), and the biggest way it would revolutionize them (37% said) is in Customer Relationships. Don’t get me wrong; I think big data is helpful to Customer Relationships. Big data will tell you that at some point, your Customer visited your website and then left x.x These moments tell us what an actual Customer is likely to feel. 4 Ways to Gain Customer’s Trust in Data Security.

3 Ways to Improve Your Training to the Next Level

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One essential element often neglected, but essential is the training of your Customer-facing teams. In my view, there is a great lack of training on soft skills with Customers and when there is training available it is too basic and not frequent enough. We know that over 50% of a Customer experience is emotional so this is important. You have to understand how these things work together to create an impression for the Customer on how they “feel” about your experience. #2:

Why Most Customer Experience Programs Fail

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We work with Customer Experience (CX) professionals around the world and train them on how to go about implementing CX programs. The main reason that an organization fails to improve their CX is because of their lack of Customer Centricity.

Amazing Business Radio: Joey Coleman


Stop Losing Customers, Start Creating Loyalty. Shep Hyken sits down with Joey Coleman to discuss how to “Never Lose a Customer,” which happens to be the title of his amazing book. Joey Coleman’s eight phases of the customer journey: 1. What is customer retention strategies?

The Evolving Chief Customer Officer: Identifying Value, Authority, Scope, Responsibilities, and Strategic Direction Within the Enterprise

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In the past decade, we’ve seen the number of companies with an individual in the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) – nicely defined by Wikipedia as “the executive responsible for the total relationship with an organization’s customers” – grow from under 100 to thousands today. They are; Customer Experience and Value Optimization. Customer Insight, Data and Action Generation. Customer-related decision making is now knowledge-based, replacing intuition and guesswork.

Key Learning from 15 Years of Net Promoter Stats

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This poor Customer Experience is one reason I now use Netflix more than my cable company. For those of you that don’t know, Net Promoter Score (NPS) represents the likelihood a Customer would recommend your product or service to other people (i.e., It has become a standard metric used to determine if your Customer Service and Experience improvements are effective. So the question is, what can we learn about what works for Customer Experience by looking at trends in NPS?

3 Ways to Tell if Your Customer Relationship is All About You

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There are some signs that your Customer relationship is all about you, or one-sided, and they are easier to spot than you think. Many of the things that make personal relationships fail make your relationship with Customers one-sided. To that end, here are three ways you can identify how you are making your relationship with Customers one-sided: #1: You don’t take no for an answer. Of course, Customers can’t always feel like they lose either.

What Does The Scottish Independence Vote Have to Do with Customer Experience?

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Before I explain what I mean by that and how it has to do with Customer Experience, however, let me first tell you where I was born. 2] The study found price increases had twice the effect on customer switching, compared to price decreases.”. Well, there you have it!

‘Top 50 Marketing Thought Leader’ Reveals Latest Trend

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could truly predict Customer’s behavior. For those of you that do not know about this, behavioral economics embraces the fact that often Customers make irrational decisions and as a consequence this affects what they buy. In short, you need to embrace the fact that Customers are irrational. Let us start with three simple questions: What emotions are you trying to evoke in your Customers? in order to identify how the Customer is feeling.

The Problem with Self Service

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More and more of your Customers believe access to self-service options is essential to their relationship with your business. Their Customer Service Success Blog reported some interesting stats to consider about Customer’s self-service options, including: By 2017, Only 1/3 of Customer service interactions will require human assistance. As many as 2/3 of Customer service interactions will occur without human-to-human contact. Customers value trust.

How to Get People to Do What You Want

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As a leader or a marketer if you want an employee or a customer to change behavior, research says the best thing to do is give them positive reinforcement when they do what you want. Your Customers have behaviors that cost your organization money.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of October 3, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Customer Service Week: Appreciating Clients and Employees Gives You an Edge by Sandra Idossou. My Comment: This week is International Customer Service Week.

How to Make or Break Your Customer Experience

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All the little parts along the way in your experience are what make a Customer experience Customer-Centric. Putting the Customer first in everything you do applies to every part of your organization, from the way you greet them to the way you bill them.

The key to an effective marketing spend is alignment with the contact center, and the proper focus on the floor: The Quality Conversation

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We recently worked with a company that increased the monthly spend to drive potential customers to the contact center from $100K to $400K per month. This led to longer calls and a poor customer experience. By Brad Baumunk , President and COO.