Grooming Your Customers As Brand Ambassadors

Win the Customer

Want to turn customers into brand ambassadors? There’s a reason why people tend to trust brand ambassadors more than the brand itself: product or service reviews sound more like testimonials rather than direct advertisements. Creating Customer Brand Ambassadors.

The value of happier call center agents


Putting your customers in the hot seat to answer security questions creates anxiety and frustration that directly impacts how they feel about your brand. Finally, happy agents make better brand ambassadors that deliver better customer service.

Five Ways Ecommerce Stores Can Keep Existing Customers Engaged

The Center for Client Retention

As you engage your customers within and beyond your ecommerce site, you also get to develop customer loyalty for your brand. It’s also important that you inject your brand’s personality into it. Get brand ambassadors on board.

Creating Brand Distinction, Optimizing CX with Channel Management


Creating Brand Distinction, Optimizing CX with Channel Management. Today, “brand” is defined many ways—it could be a corporation, product, service, or person. And what’s absolutely essential to good brand management? Brand Uniqueness and Prevalence.

The Secret to Rewarding Customer Loyalty

Beyond Philosophy

Over time, this sort of inequality can send a message that a brand doesn’t care about the customers who are most loyal – the ones who buy more items and bring their friends along. We have found that customer loyalty is often driven by an emotional bond, and that the most loyal customers are also the most likely to buy a company’s additional products and services and serve as “brand ambassadors” who promote the brand to their friends.

Guest Blog: Exceptional Customer Support Is Fresh, Not Canned


After just one bad customer support experience, trust in a brand is gone forever. Consumer empowerment (social media has consumers publicly sharing stories about buying experiences) is diluting customer loyalty to brands and raises expectations about post-purchase support.

Coffee, Tea or Laptop?


The United Airlines customer service debacle hurt all airlines, not just the United brand. Last week was a bad week for the airlines. It’s not uncommon for flights to be overbooked, delayed and cancelled. Passengers get angry. Airline personnel get angry.

Kindness, Customer Retention, and the Contact Center Agent

Call Center Weekly

Rather, they are opportunities to create loyalty, brand ambassadors, and build long lasting relationships. By Sean Hawkins By definition, customer retention is the activity an organization undertakes in order to reduce customer from leaving the business relationship. It is a shared responsibility of every person and department in a company. Most often though, it is the contact center that interacts with those customers who wish to leave.

50 Quick Tips for Improving the Customer Experience


Your customer is your brand. Whether your client-facing business is a long-standing institution or the brand new kid on the block, you ought to keep this one fact in mind. Crown the customer as your brand ambassador.

Customer Retention or Customer Acquisition? It’s Not Even Close.

CSR Inc.

Let’s face it – a customer knows your brand and is already familiar with your products and services, so – while not effortless – keeping them as a customer has to be easier right? You are the expert & brand ambassador.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of February 6, 2017


Elaine Fogel) Whether your business or organization has one or a hundred employees, it’s important to honor them, treat them with respect, and turn them into your best brand ambassadors. Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources.

Guest Blog: Improve Company Culture By Listening to Your Employees


Educate your employees on exactly what your company stands for and how it differentiates from similar brands, products, or institutions. Don’t make the corporate brand and the personal brand compete.

3 Keys to Building Customer Engagement – Connect, Automate, Iterate


Frontline brand ambassadors will increasingly face complex challenges engaging customers with the right data at the right time to provide the right experience.

CX Trends You Need to Watch in 2018 [White paper]


In fact, brands should be focusing less on their logos and products as the crux of their identities; the customer should be the number one brand ambassador instead. Remember: How agile and adaptable you are will determine whether your brand wins or loses.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of May 30, 2016


Instead of a customer simply being someone who buys a product from you, they can become much more than that; i.e. a brand ambassador who talks about your brand positively within their social and professional networks.

7 Tips for Training Call Center Agents Effectively


Call center agents are at the core of every brand’s customer experience. Customer feedback helps your brand decide which improvements need to be made and how agents may be trained to handle situations. Call scripts may therefore be used to teach agents soft skills and help them understand the voice and image of the brand. Lastly, agents cannot be expected to succeed without knowing their brand’s objectives.