Put an end to churn by focusing on customer effort


What if everything you thought you knew about measuring customer service and the customer experience was wrong? . Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are ubiquitous customer service metrics. Enter the Tethr Effort Index. Customer Effort

What Is a Good Customer Effort Score and How Can You Earn One? The Complete Guide


How can a company achieve a good Customer Effort Score? They call Company A and wait on hold for seven minutes before speaking with a customer service representative. Their IVR-directed call is answered by a customer service representative in under three minutes.

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Customer Effort Score (CES): The Complete Guide


Learn how to use the Customer Effort Score metric, boost loyalty, and prove the ROI of your efforts. Guides

Build an Effective Customer Effort Score Program


If you want to make a real impact on customer loyalty, it starts with measuring Customer Effort Score (CES). Let’s talk about how to do just that. Articles

Forget CX: Measure "Ease of Doing Business" Instead

Speaker: Curtis Bingham, CEO, Chief Customer Officer Council

Our research shows that becoming easier to do business is perhaps the single most important thing that organizations need to work on to create value not only for their customers but also for their own business. Reducing customer effort can reduce costs by 37% and induce customers to spend 88% more. Tune in to this webinar and learn about how you can measure the "Ease of Doing Business" and customer effort.

How to Take Action on Customer Effort Score Feedback


The four major activities that must be undertaken after CES feedback is received by the company. Articles

The CES Guide: What Is a Good Customer Effort Score

ProProfs Blog

Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront – Chris Pemberton. A vast majority of marketing and customer-relation experts believe that customer experience is about to take over aspects like product price and quality and we could not agree more.

Blinded Forever or Is Customer Effort Saved by AI Visibility

Call Center Coach

From a customer effort standpoint, you’re blind. If you were to put your neck on the line and invest mass effort to mobilize your organization you would want significantly more confidence in your decision. Your biggest source of insight data is not visible.

The CES Guide: What Is a Good Customer Effort Score

ProProfs Blog

Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront – Chris Pemberton. A vast majority of marketing and customer-relation experts believe that customer experience is about to take over aspects like product price and quality and we could not agree more.

Measuring Customer Effort: The Tethr Effort Index


and a principal contributor to The Effortless Experience ) discuss some of our latest research at Tethr – the world’s first study of customer effort using true conversational data. The post Measuring Customer Effort: The Tethr Effort Index appeared first on Tethr

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

Focus on the Customer Effort Score


What is your contact center’s customer effort score? Just check out this handy guide to the customer effort score and why it matters for your center. You’ll soon be a master of making customer service effortless for those you serve!

Why you should measure your Customer Effort Score


In a time when customer loyalty is so important the Customer Effort Score determines how much effort do customers have to put in to do business with you.

Using Customer Effort Insights to Build Experiences People Love


Customer effort score isn’t just about the ranking as much as it is about proactively thinking about ways to address it. One of these measurements, Customer Effort Score, is a metric that gauges how much effort a customer had to exert to get to their answer or accomplish their goal.

Measuring Customer Effort Just Got Easier


Discover how you can use GetFeedback to quickly measure Customer Effort Score and understand the holistic service experience. Articles

Why You Should Care About the Customer Effort Score (CES)


Customer Effort Score (CES) approaches the customer service experience from a unique angle, and it's proven to predict customer loyalty. Articles

Net Promoter Score® Vs Customer Satisfaction Vs Customer Effort Score?


In the search for the perfect customer feedback metric there is an ongoing arms race. It started with the venerable Customer Satisfaction. More recently we have seen the Customer Effort Score. The post Net Promoter Score® Vs Customer Satisfaction Vs Customer Effort Score?

CX Beat: Reducing Customer Effort to Improve Brand Loyalty

The Center for Client Retention

This month, our CX Beat post is focusing on articles that deal with the topic of customer effort. In the world of customer service, much talk centered on reducing customer effort in order to make experiences simpler, easier, and more enjoyable for the customer.

Customer Effort Score vs. Customer Satisfaction


In the world of customer experience, there’s more than one way to shine a penny. Net promoter score (NPS) , customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort score (CES)—each of these KPIs provides useful insights into the customer’s journey. They help us answer questions like: How do customers find our help content? What kind of customer support experience do customers prefer? How hard are we making it on our customers to self-serve?

How To Use NPS Feedback To Reduce Customer Effort


Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to identify high-effort processes and take action to implement improvements. Certainly, no one ever wants to learn that customers find it difficult to do business with them. Leverage NPS Feedback For Customer Effort Insights.

5 Customer Effort Villains and their Kryptonite


The less effort a customer goes through to do business with you, the better.” — Shep Hyken. A growing concern for customer retention, expansion, and cross-sell opportunities is customer effort. This “effort villain” is out to get your customers at every chance.

Reduce Customer Effort, Increase Loyalty: A Recipe for Growth


How easy is it for your customers to get help? Learn straightforward tactics to reduce customer effort and increase loyalty at every touchpoint. Articles

Searching for Reduced Customer Effort


Reducing customer effort has become a high-priority objective for most companies. Central to improving customer effort scores is useful and timely content. Yet, in spite of all of the great content that companies produce—from onboarding and customer education to product documentation and knowledge base articles—there is one immense, frustrating hurdle still facing the customer: Google Search. Don’t make customers work to find you online!

Customer Effort Score: The New Experience Metric

Answer Dash

Brands are battling to provide superior experiences across channels to win over customers, but are too many focusing on the wrong metrics? That is the Customer Effort Score (CES). What is the Customer Effort Score? How do you measure Customer Effort Score?

Measuring Up: Why We Moved to Customer Effort


When we realized our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) was inflated, we tried a new tactic: focusing on customer effort. How do you measure support quality? Articles

Stop Trying to Eliminate Customer Effort

Sampson Lee

Deploying Customer Effort Score could be destructive under two conditions: using CES as a key metric for your critical touch-point experiences, and, your brand value is not about effortless. Reduce customers’ pleasure.

Customer Effort – it’s real meaning through real stories (Vauxhall might want to read this!)


This is not the first time I have written about the concept of customer effort. The important point of the story is that the organisation that was the subject of it, Hertz, are no longer a company that I consider myself to be a customer of.

5 Self-Service Pitfalls That Increase Customer Effort


And hidden sticking points could be leaving customers dissatisfied, frustrated, and hampering your aspirations for blockbusting, show-stopping ticket deflection. Regardless, if you’re making one of these mistakes, you’re likely increasing customer effort and quietly diminishing your customer effort score. If that’s where your customers start their self-service experience, your branded help content better show up there.

Beyond customer effort score – The four flavors of customer loyalty


Reducing customer effort through advocacy language


Reducing customer effort has become a major focus for customer experience professionals in recent years after “ The Effortless Experience ” (co-authored by our own Chief Product & Research Officer, Matt Dixon ) was published in 2013. The ideas and research shared in the book assert that the most effective way to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction is by creating an experience for customers that requires minimal effort.

What You Need to Know to Reduce Customer Effort in 2019


We’re all making predictions and tracking trends in customer experience. One thing we predict will not change for a long time is the need to reduce customer effort. CCW’s latest report, 2019 Trends , highlighted many great trends, but one of them really caught my eye: “Reducing customer effort is the #1 CX Priority in 2018, and organizations believe customer feedback, agent training and digital engagement are the keys to achieving that objective.

Lower Customer Effort, Supercharge Customer Experience


Customer experience is no different. Most customers prefer one support call to two— self-service over having to wait on someone else for answers. In a word: most of us expect customer effort to be as low as possible. Hello, Customer Experience? The problem for companies that track and analyze customer experience data is that the number of ways customers interact with us is proliferating. Sure, you can hire friendly customer service employees.

How to Track Customer Effort for Every Transaction


Viktor Magic will walk you through how to run a customer effort questionnaire and why it’s important to track CES after every transaction. Customers don’t want high effort experiences because difficult experiences make the customer feel exhausted.

The Significance of Customer Effort Scores


One of the main questions customers always ask when getting involved with a new company is: "How easy can they handle my issues?" of customers expect to hear this response: "Effortlessly." Customer satisfaction is essential.

Beyond customer effort score – Understanding and avoiding “chronic suck”


They said that they knew that delighting customers and going above and beyond was the right thing to do…so they rejected our argument out of hand. It seems everywhere you turn, practitioners and thought leaders alike have embraced the idea of reducing customer effort. [It’s

What's the Difference Between Customer Satisfaction & Customer Effort Score?


When we work with future clients, we often get a lot of questions about customer experience metrics. We don't have a universal measurement that every company can use to improve customer experience. The best customer experience metric for a business depends on that business.

Webinar: Drive Growth by Reducing Customer Effort


Now more than ever, customers are demanding top-notch service. Customer service is a key component of the customer experience, having a disproportionate impact on a customer's loyalty. A company that offers differentiated service will retain loyal customers.

Reducing Customer Effort – Make it Easy to be Your Customer

NICE inContact

Are you measuring Customer Effort Score? First introduced in 2010, Customer Effort Score (CES) is a fairly new contact center metric. Making your customers exert effort when interacting with you is – no surprises here – obviously a bad thing.

Reduce Customer Effort, Increase Loyalty: A Recipe for Growth


Customers churn for a lot of different reasons. In today’s world of subscription-based business models and limited trial periods, many brands risk losing a large swath of customers after a certain time frame has passed. No brand is immune from customer churn, either. This means that companies need to pay attention more than ever to the customer experience. By understanding why customers churn, you can identify which areas of your business need the most improvement.

Want to Reduce Customer Effort? Start With Hierarchical Content Structure


There are a number of approaches to structuring content that can help stakeholders refine their self-service content strategy to reduce customer effort. As you can see, by using meaningful naming conventions such as /Documentation/Knowledge Management, customers can visually discern the hierarchical relationship between different pieces of content. Hierarchically structured content, when exposed in the URL, also helps reduce customer effort.