Are You Protected? Why Every Contact Center Needs Social Engineering Training

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Data security agent training call center compliance contact center customer privacy cyberfraud cybersecurity protocols data security social engineeringImagine there is an angry customer calling your contact center. They threaten to cancel their service.

Over-engineering the Customer Experience – ‘Digital’ is not the answer to everything!


When they explained why it was just ‘ok’ it brought to life yet another example of trying to ‘over-engineer’ the Customer Experience. The post Over-engineering the Customer Experience – ‘Digital’ is not the answer to everything!

Today’s Contact Center – The Internal Engine that Engages Social Communities

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Book Review – Chief Customer Officer 2.0 – How to Build Your Customer Driven Growth Engine


The post Book Review – Chief Customer Officer 2.0 – How to Build Your Customer Driven Growth Engine appeared first on IJ Golding.

New Structural Content in Revit 2018.2

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Concrete Detailing Detailing Engineering and Design Concrete Reinforcement Revit Structural PrecastNew Precast Content. New Precast families for beams, columns, slabs, and foundations are now available.

Detecting the various forms of account takeover


Once they have the personal or financial data they need, social engineers can use the information to commit a number of different activities across multiple customer channels. By deceiving call center agents by answering standard challenge questions, social engineers can change passwords and the phone number identified with the account. Known spoofed calls can be instantly removed from the telephone system, stopping the social engineers from even talking to a call center agent.

Build Your Strategy for Authentication and Fraud Prevention

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Much of that information has been compromised and can be obtained through the dark web and social engineering. Optimizing authentication and preventing fraud are hot topics in the industry.

How pre-answered caller authentication helps prevent telephone bank fraud


What I mean by this is when banking customers place a call into a contact center, the very act of answering the telephone sets the stage for criminals to start their elaborate social engineering schemes. Non-predictive authentication: Because personally identifiable information (PII) is used to socially engineer banks, it is not predictive for positively identifying customers calling into a contact center. Prevention vs. clean up.

Real-time telephone authentication needed to identify risky in-bound calls


The way criminals scam bank phone representatives typically comes in the form of social engineering. ANI Spoofing Call Center Caller ID Spoofing ANI bank channels bank customer service bank fraud call center fraud customer authentication customer identity KBA knowledge-based authentication Physical Caller Authentication social engineering telephone channel TRUSTID

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jeremy Watkin

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The next time you need to approach engineering to fix a bug, or work with marketing to improve their messaging, or get approval from finance to purchase a new piece of customer engagement technology, you’ll be glad you did the relational work up front.

Inside View: Valvoline

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It has often been said that motor oil is the lifeblood of an automobile engine.

New in Live Assist™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Chatbots, Mobile Support and More!


This week was exciting for CaféX, as we announced Cosmos, the latest release of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365, the only omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365 co-engineered with and endorsed by Microsoft.

Bank Innovation 2018: Chatbots, Fintech & Customers — Oh My

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Visit with the Revation team at Booth #3 to learn more about our new chatbot engine “Reva,” which uses lite artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the banking customer experience.

Protect Your Contact Center Team from a Space Shuttle Columbia Like Disaster


NASA is a paragon of science and engineering. Following this disaster, it was discovered that managers systemically ignored warnings from engineers and pushed forward with the mission, resulting in an unthinkable tragedy that will not soon be forgotten.

Five Great Stories About Purpose From AARP

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Here are the five winners, I urge you to read the links to each of their stories: Cynthia Barnett, founder and CEO, Amazing Girls Science Retired high school administrator Barnett was disappointed to see girls losing interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), so she created Amazing Read More. As you hopefully already know, Temkin Group has labeled 2017, The Year of Purpose. We want to raise awareness to the relatively untapped power of purpose.

The New Era of Customer Relationships: Are You Ready?

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Studies reveal that the vast majority of consumers now use search engines, social communities and feedback sites to better understand a company’s commitment to service before making brand or product decisions. We are seeing the emergence of the greatest customer movement in history. Is your organization ready? Are you ready?

History’s Most Powerful Consumer Movement?

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Studies suggest that the vast majority of consumers now use search engines and sites such as the [link] to review the comments of other customers before making brand or product decisions. Some believe we are seeing the emergence of the greatest consumer movement in history. I agree. And bad customer experiences – even if they are one in many thousands … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Relationships Customer Service Brad Cleveland ICMI

Best Practice Number Three: Avoid Silo Channels


Especially when talking about AI, the theory is that a silo approach requires training and retraining multiple, separate AI engines, which can take lots of time and even more money.

5 Reasons Your Marketing Needs Human Evaluation


If it seems a little cold, stagnant or ineffective, maybe it’s time to revisit your customer journey maps and determine how you can turn your marketing into a customer relationship building engine.

VoWiFi 911 and Application of Proximity Check


By: Marcus Andronici, Principal Sales Engineer. In recent blogs, we talked about the key components of a VoWiFi 911 solution , as well as VoWiFi user set-up and provisioning. Now I’m going to explore a specific VoWiFi 911 call feature: proximity check.

What’s New for Spring – LinkLive 2018

Revation Systems

This release also debuts our new lite AI, chatbot engine: Reva.

Guest Blog: Assistive AI for Real Work


The technical implementation combines a collection of technologies — chatbots, micro-applications, knowledge center, widgets, a dialog engine, engagement engine, APIs, etc.

Is Omnichannel Language Support in your Contact Center Strategy?

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Engineering and science too. It’s a $40 billion industry and the fourth fastest growing according to Common Sense Advisory. But the language industry is possibly the largest industry sector you have never heard of.

5 Reasons Why Chatbots Fail

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A 1st Generation chatbot is a very simple rule-based engine. There’s five common reasons as to why your chatbots fail to live up to promises. If your chatbots are not living up to promises, don’t give up. It’s time to get smart.

Is your chatbot contact center smart?

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Rulai is a team of proven researchers, engineers and industry professionals with extensive track records in AI development. If you read the media hype about chatbots, you might get worried thinking that Artificial Intelligence will cause widespread contact center extinction.

Using physical ownership to strengthen customer authentication


At a time when social engineering scams make it difficult to validate customers through conventional knowledge-based challenge questions and voice recognition tools, physical ownership helps strengthen both the efficiency and security of the telephone channel. Physical ownership.

Learn the truth behind different chatbot technologies

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Effective Machine Learning engineers with language processing and dialog management background are very rare. There are 3 different generations of chatbot technology found in contact centers, websites, or in an APP experience.

How does your bank fight evolving phone fraud?


Today, financial institutions that continue to use conventional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) tools to spot spoofed calls and bad actors are increasing their risk of fraud that is specifically engineered to defeat knowledge-based solutions.

Women in Technology: Nominate Your Unsung Heroes!


You can find a report from the National Student Clearinghouse reviewing degrees in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) and sees that the share of STEM bachelor’s degrees going to women ticked down over the past decade.

Why Branch Put Down Roots in Minneapolis

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Right now, the talent pool for engineering and development for mobile software is centered in Silicon Valley. It’s Twin Cities Startup Week , a gathering of the creatives, hackers, investors, makers, entrepreneurs, and startups that are powering the economic future of Minneapolis and St.

Shifting Perceptions: A New World of Work

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I’ll be responsible for leading the efforts of Shiftonomics, curating content with collective input from my fellow colleagues including our founder, engineers, sales, customer success team and more, giving us all a chance to share what we’re hearing from the world of hourly workers.

CXP 17: Leveraging Natural Language Understanding for Self-Service Chatbots


A complete Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine is now beneath the hood, empowering the application to see user input not as characters, but as communication – with the attached semantic content (meaning), and a full grasp of the syntactic relationships (grammar).

Restoring trust across banking channels


Once social engineers get their hands on sensitive customer information, they try their hand at every servicing channel until they find a process they can defeat. The truth is, consumers never really know when their personal financial details have fallen into the wrong hands.

Merits of Unlocking your Contact Center


This extends the capabilities of the system by having the recorder serve as an engine for data aggregation and analysis. Utilizing open source technology into your contact center brings added control, cost reduction, speed and flexibility (among other advantages) over proprietary solutions. In essence, open source technology unlocks your contact center and gives you the latitude to control your own destiny, so to speak.

Imagine if Every Company had a Chief Customer Officer

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We were working with a utility company where the cost of processing the call was $3, and the cost of sending out an engineer to fix a problem was $15. The call center would handle a request quickly and dispatch the engineer.

BLOG-SIKORSKI’S THINK ABOUTS: Interior Design of Your Call Center

Sikorski's Think Abouts

Engineers. Throughout my career I have designed the physical interior layout of call centers from 5 to 500 agent seats across the globe. This next blog series will step you through the basic process of designing your center for efficiency and productivity. What Makes a Center Well Designed?

Guess Who? They Know everything!

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However, those fears are assuaged when the search engine is open before us, full of answers. Moreover, lying to the search engine is pointless; we must tell the truth to get the information we need. Find out what Google knows and your Customers won’t tell you: Economists hate surveys.