Announcing Early Media Support in the Nexmo Voice API


Nexmo is pleased to announce immediate support of early media in our programmable Voice API. This has been one of our most requested features, and it is now fully supported for all use cases that use our Voice API. Product Voice early media ringing tone Voice API

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Anatomy of a Voice API: What Is It? How Does It Work? What Can You Do with It?


The post Anatomy of a Voice API: What Is It? Voice Voice APIAs the technology that supports human communication continues to evolve, we’ve come nearly full circle when it comes to speech. Communication via Voice has been under some pretty stiff competition from SMS and other text-based, real-time communications channels in the past few years. But as the original mode of human communication, Voice still has a […]. How Does It Work? What Can You Do with It?

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Nexmo Voice API with ASP.NET: Before you start


This is part of a series on using The Nexmo Voice API with ASP.NET projects. It continues the “Getting Started with Nexmo and ASP.NET” series, which follows our Getting Started series on SMS APIs. The post Nexmo Voice API with ASP.NET: Before you start appeared first on Nexmo.

Inbound voice call campaign tracking with Nexmo virtual numbers and Mixpanel


Developers Tutorial Voice call tracking devrel python Voice APICampaign tracking is a “must have” for any marketing or advertising campaign.

Super Fast Voice Broadcast with Asynchronous Python and Sanic


Developers Tutorial Voice devrel python sms notifications text to speech Voice APISMS has become the de facto method for sending notifications when push isn’t available. So much so that I rarely receive an SMS from an actual “person” anymore.

How to Receive Voice Call Events for a Call In Progress with Ruby on Rails


This is the second article in a series of “Getting Started with Nexmo Voice APIs and Ruby on Rails” tutorials. In our previous tutorial I showed you how to make a text-to-speech call using the Nexmo API and the Nexmo Ruby gem […].

How to Play Audio to a Caller in ASP.NET Core


Welcome to the second tutorial in our how to use Voice APIs with ASP.NET series. Cloud Communications Developers Voice ASP.NET tutorial Voice APITo check out other tutorials, please go to the Learn more section at the end of this post.

How to Handle Inbound Phone Calls with Ruby on Rails


This is the third article in a series of “Getting Started with Nexmo Voice APIs and Ruby on Rails” tutorials. Developers Tutorial Voice devrel ruby ruby on rails text to speech tutorial Voice API x-with-y

Make an Outbound Text-to-Speech Phone Call with Ruby on Rails


This is the first article in a series of “Getting Started with Nexmo Voice APIs and Ruby on Rails” tutorials. With the help of the Nexmo Voice API you can make worldwide outbound and inbound calls in 23 languages with varieties of […].

Avaya Shakes Off Debt, Heading to Public Market


Banking giant ING recently switched from an Avaya call center to a system built internally using Twilio APIs. 10 months ago, Avaya filed for chapter 11 protection kicking off the largest bankruptcy event in the history of the call center industry.

Your Agents are Not Superheroes! Increase Efficiency by Connecting Data Silos

Aria Solutions

A pre-built, flexible API-based integration saves a lot of time and money, compared to custom development. I am sure you’ve come across several resources that talked about digital channels now dominating over traditional ones. Even though your contact center might still be in the process of deploying or optimizing these channels , customers don’t care.

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Robotic Process Automation – The Tip of the Iceberg


Unattended RPA can be implemented on a virtual desktop, or directly through APIs to applications running on a server. In a world of Alexa, iRobot and self-driving vehicles, we should be surprised if robots did not make their way into the contact center.

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Guest Blog: Assistive AI for Real Work


The technical implementation combines a collection of technologies — chatbots, micro-applications, knowledge center, widgets, a dialog engine, engagement engine, APIs, etc.

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Salesforce Data Loads: Using Feature Switches to Manage Apex Triggers

Aria Solutions

Now, let’s add a record to turn off triggers, by clicking the “Manage Records” button or link and select “New” I named the record “All Triggers”, used the default API name, and left the “Turned Off” checkbox unselected.

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Why Tech Start-Ups Should Start Their Customer Journeys Early

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Besides being a very feature-rich CRM, what is often overlooked is the development platform Salesforce is built on, including its large set of APIs and tools to integrate with (Standard SOAP/REST APIs, custom SOAP/REST APIs using Apex, Javascript toolkits, Heroku, etc.).

The Cloud in 2016: What’s Driving Adoption Now


They chose inContact over competing cloud providers because we have the most unified solution; we have superior end-to-end reporting and flexibility in the cloud; we have a superior value adding ecosystem built on our APIs with over 200 available for developers; and we do all of this globally.

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Don’t Confuse Speech Recognition with Natural Language Understanding When Talking Bots


Others are LumenVox, Verbio, or Interactions, but speech recognition is now also offered as a cloud service via APIs by the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

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Guest Blog: Don’t Waste My Precious Time


Standardized web services and APIs for federating silos of data and connecting applications ease integration.

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The Hidden Power Structure of Cloud Call Center Vendors


Three of the four “challengers” in the chart are built on top of the Twilio API. The cloud has radically transformed the call center industry. This shift, now chugging along into its second decade, has been well covered and is no longer surprising.

Access AI & the Virtual Roundtable


Enterprises can build a self- service workflow once, that gets brought to life in the form of “conversations,” or “dialogs,” and deploy it on any channel that can be a conduit for a dialog and has an API. Last week, the first ever issue of Access AI ’s AI Magazine was released.

Can Bandwidth Be Your Customer Experience Advantage?

Call Center Coach

At the core of Bandwidth’s business-grade CPaaS offering are communication APIs that allow companies to launch and scale next generation apps and solutions using the nation’s largest VoIP network. Are you a seeker of new things? What about re-discovering the old?

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Advantages of Banking Virtualization

Revation Systems

How Banks Can Win With Rewards Programs By Using APIs. While many customers are still most comfortable banking at their local brick-and-mortar branch location, we’d like to think it’s because they enjoy seeing their favorite teller and not because they’re afraid to try online banking.

Market Analysis - How Mobility and Messaging are Transforming CX

Jon Arnold

Those worlds are coming together, but at present, their messaging APIs are generic, and don’t integrate specifically with their contact center platforms, or anyone else’s for that matter.

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The Next Big Thing in Social Customer Service


However, when Facebook opened its API to chatbots, and separated the messaging application, we knew they had something up their sleeves. The weight social media has on brand affinity and customer satisfaction is constantly growing.

Legacy Call Center Vendors Jockey for Position


Last week I wrote about the cloud-based call center gang. This week, let’s look at the “legacy” gang. Yes, the term “legacy” is used in a negative way these days, but I don’t mean it that way.

Access AI & ein Virtueller Roundtable


Das bedeutet, dass Unternehmen einen Self-Service-Workflow nur einmal erstellen, als “Unterhaltung” oder “Dialog” ins Leben rufen und diesen dann über einen anderen dialogfähigen Kanal, der über eine API-Schnittstelle verfügt, einsetzen können.

Welcome to the Hybrid World of Contact Center Software


This means that it’s essential for cloud-based contact center vendors to come with a variety of easy-to-use and cost-effective methods, application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) to facilitate integrations. Welcome to the Hybrid World of Contact Center Software . The future of contact center technology is in the cloud, although not all systems and applications are going to be moved to the cloud at once.

Restoring the trust and usability of Caller ID


Rather, it automatically transmits the caller’s phone number to our API before a call center agent picks up. Trust, once the very essence of the financial industry, is gone. That’s according to the recent USA Today article, “Remember when trust actually meant something,” which says most of today’s major brands have implicit trust problems. Many are on a spinning treadmill trying to make up for lost customer and public trust. This certainly applies to today’s Caller IDs and ANI.

Softphones – Finding the Last Piece for Your Salesforce Service Cloud Puzzle

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Does the softphone provide an API for additional integration? An API would allow for the most flexible integration. Many companies are using Salesforce Service Cloud with Omni to engage with customers and handle their service requests. With Service Cloud, you can connect with your customers through social media channels, email, and chat. Setting up those features paints a great picture to your service team.

Nexmo Launches SSML Support for More Natural Text to Speech


Thanks to the new Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) feature in the Nexmo Voice API, TTS can sound like a human being, with the typical characteristics of natural spoken […].

Nexmo Wins Top Industry Award for Voice API, Relaunches Voice Product Page


The post Nexmo Wins Top Industry Award for Voice API, Relaunches Voice Product Page appeared first on Nexmo. More often than not, innovation awards go to the new kids on the block.