Can a Cloud Contact Center Be Built from APIs?

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Twilio, the global cloud communications platform, is the applications game changer whose API building blocks successfully showed developers that customizing and deploying global telephony, chat, routing, and task distribution tools can and should be easy. contact center API

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Announcing Early Media Support in the Nexmo Voice API


Nexmo is pleased to announce immediate support of early media in our programmable Voice API. This has been one of our most requested features, and it is now fully supported for all use cases that use our Voice API. Product Voice early media ringing tone Voice API

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Nexmo Voice API with ASP.NET: Before you start


This is part of a series on using The Nexmo Voice API with ASP.NET projects. It continues the “Getting Started with Nexmo and ASP.NET” series, which follows our Getting Started series on SMS APIs. The post Nexmo Voice API with ASP.NET: Before you start appeared first on Nexmo.

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Anatomy of a Voice API: What Is It? How Does It Work? What Can You Do with It?


The post Anatomy of a Voice API: What Is It? Voice Voice APIAs the technology that supports human communication continues to evolve, we’ve come nearly full circle when it comes to speech. Communication via Voice has been under some pretty stiff competition from SMS and other text-based, real-time communications channels in the past few years. But as the original mode of human communication, Voice still has a […]. How Does It Work? What Can You Do with It?

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Blueworx Introduces a Centralized Outbound Calling API, Fax Machine Detection and Bridge Transfer to Linux


The post Blueworx Introduces a Centralized Outbound Calling API, Fax Machine Detection and Bridge Transfer to Linux appeared first on Blueworx. Release 7.7 of Blueworx Voice Response for Linux Contact centers today are actively looking for opportunities to leverage enhanced self-service as well as proactive outbound interactions that drive customer loyalty […].

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How a Private Voice Connection Protects Privacy and Revenue


Business Customer Support Voice API private voice connection Voice proxy solutionsAs businesses and customers have come to rely on virtually unlimited digital communication to procure services and exchange information, privacy cannot be overlooked.

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How to Play Audio to a Caller in ASP.NET Core


Welcome to the second tutorial in our how to use Voice APIs with ASP.NET series. Cloud Communications Developers Voice ASP.NET tutorial Voice APITo check out other tutorials, please go to the Learn more section at the end of this post.

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Enhancing the Contact Center with Nexmo Voice


Business Contact Centers Voice call centers customer experience Voice APIThe contact center can be a challenging place.

How to Receive Voice Call Events for a Call In Progress with Ruby on Rails


This is the second article in a series of “Getting Started with Nexmo Voice APIs and Ruby on Rails” tutorials. In our previous tutorial I showed you how to make a text-to-speech call using the Nexmo API and the Nexmo Ruby gem […].

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Make an Outbound Text-to-Speech Phone Call with Ruby on Rails


This is the first article in a series of “Getting Started with Nexmo Voice APIs and Ruby on Rails” tutorials. With the help of the Nexmo Voice API you can make worldwide outbound and inbound calls in 23 languages with varieties of […].

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How to Handle Inbound Phone Calls with Ruby on Rails


This is the third article in a series of “Getting Started with Nexmo Voice APIs and Ruby on Rails” tutorials. Developers Tutorial Voice devrel ruby ruby on rails text to speech tutorial Voice API x-with-y

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Making a text-to-speech phone call with Django


Developers Tutorial Uncategorised Voice devrel TTS Voice API x-with-yAmongst the incessant notifications people receive every day; a ringing phone is still much harder to ignore or overlook.

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Inbound voice call campaign tracking with Nexmo virtual numbers and Mixpanel


Developers Tutorial Voice call tracking devrel python Voice APICampaign tracking is a “must have” for any marketing or advertising campaign.

Super Fast Voice Broadcast with Asynchronous Python and Sanic


Developers Tutorial Voice devrel python sms notifications text to speech Voice APISMS has become the de facto method for sending notifications when push isn’t available. So much so that I rarely receive an SMS from an actual “person” anymore.

What is Call Whisper and What Can It Do for Your Business?


A feature of a voice API called “call whisper” can help. In call center operations, agents field incoming calls from a wide variety of locations and about any number of topics. But what is call whisper?

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Receive a Phone Call with Java


Introduction In this tutorial you will create an application that can receive phone calls using Java and the Nexmo Voice API. Prerequisites To work through this tutorial, you will need a Nexmo account. Sign up now if you don’t already have an account.

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Handle Keypad Input (DTMF) with Java


In this tutorial, you will create an application that can receive a phone call and respond to user input using the Nexmo Voice API. Introduction In a previous tutorial, we showed you how to create an application that can Receive a Phone Call with Java.

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Receive a Call with Java


Introduction In this tutorial you will create an application that can receive phone calls using Java and the Nexmo Voice API. Prerequisites To work through this tutorial, you will need a Nexmo account. Sign up now if you don’t already have an account.

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Dual Channel Transcription with Split Recording


As part of our Voice API offering, Nexmo allows you to record parts (or all) of a call and fetch the audio once the call has completed. Today, we’re happy to announce a new enhancement to this functionality: split recording.

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Meet Voice Playground, Your Testing Sandbox for Nexmo Voice Apps


We developed Nexmo Call Control Objects (NCCOs) to provide developers with a flexible mechanism for controlling the flow of a Nexmo Voice API call.

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Call Recording for BPOs and Call Center Outsourcers


open API) so you can easily integrate the recorder with your clients’ existing applications (CRM, ERP, SFA). Open API so you can pull data from your CRM system into the quality monitoring system.

Hurry and Disrupt your Customer Support Experience

Call Center Coach

You just might need to face the fact that you are unable to move as fast as your customers want. But it might not be your fault.

Can Bandwidth Be Your Customer Experience Advantage?

Call Center Coach

At the core of Bandwidth’s business-grade CPaaS offering are communication APIs that allow companies to launch and scale next generation apps and solutions using the nation’s largest VoIP network. Are you a seeker of new things? What about re-discovering the old?

Why Tech Start-Ups Should Start Their Customer Journeys Early

Aria Solutions

Besides being a very feature-rich CRM, what is often overlooked is the development platform Salesforce is built on, including its large set of APIs and tools to integrate with (Standard SOAP/REST APIs, custom SOAP/REST APIs using Apex, Javascript toolkits, Heroku, etc.).

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Twilio Shakes Up the Cloud Call Center World with Flex


API Focus. They strongly connected the company’s identity with APIs. This formerly geeky term has become much more common, and now even mainstream publications like Forbes talk about the “ API Economy ”.

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The Twilio / Amazon ‘Stack’ Will Dominate the Next Call Center Era


The Twilio Layer: Twilio offers a vast array of communication APIs, including all the functionality you need to build a call center. There’s no reason to partner with someone else to add transcription to your call center if it’s available via API on the platform you’re already on.)

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What to Expect from a Call Recording Solution


REST API (with access to the ENTIRE platform). Selecting a call recording solution for your business's needs typically involves reviewing several recording products that do a lot of the same things. All of these products will all allow you to: Record 100% of calls or just a subset of calls. Record on-demand. Search for calls based on certain criteria. Achieve compliance recording with regulations (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, MiFID II, etc.).

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Selecting the Right Recorder to Power your Speech Analytics


Open API for easy interoperability.

The iPaaS Revolution: Call Centers and Next-Gen Integration Tools

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API coders no longer needed. API coders and long-term integration development plans may be sign of the past.

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Merits of Unlocking your Contact Center


Speed: Without the need to crack proprietary code or develop complicated APIs, the speed with which you can customize, test, deploy, and support the software is dramatically improved. Open API – the software can be controlled by third party applications. Utilizing open source technology into your contact center brings added control, cost reduction, speed and flexibility (among other advantages) over proprietary solutions.

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Questions to Ask Call Recording Vendors


Is there an open API to integrate to/from third party CRM, analytics, etc Call recording software and. quality monitoring software can bring tremendous value to any contact center and/or enterprise, but how do you know which vendor/solution to choose - or better yet - which questions to ask? Right now there are over 100 call recording/quality monitoring vendors in the industry. Not all are created equal.

2018: New Ways Cloud Will Enhance Customer Care


IBM Watson, first brought to attention when it played Jeopardy against human champions, announced the Watson API in 2013 to allow other software developers to use Watson AI. So many companies are enjoying the benefits of having moved their contact centers to the cloud over the past few years.

Hoveround Successfully Navigates Customer Service – Increases Lead Conversion 116%


With a suite of CXone products, which also includes CXone Automatic Contact Distributor, CXone Interactive Voice Response, CXone Reporting and CXone APIs, Hoveround shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. You may be familiar with the Hoveround name, even if you haven’t used it products. That’s because Hoveround is the largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of power wheelchairs in the U.S.,

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Accelerate CX Innovation with an Open Development Platform


These specialized CX services are accessible via development-friendly API’s. If you are a software developer then you’re familiar with the adage “code once, use everywhere”. Code reuse saves time.

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Is your Call Recording Software up to the Task?


Your call recording ought to have the open API functionality necessary to easily and seamlessly integrate third party speech and omni-channel analytics systems. Nearly 50% of businesses today have some form of call recording - some with full featured enterprise recording systems, others with one-off recording functionality as part of larger telephony systems, and those with call recording capability as part of their cloud contact center software.

Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say


That is why contact centers must begin to migrate portions of their technology to the cloud or to solutions that can be integrated with the new generation of cloud based APIs. Tweet.

Boost Your Brand – Double Business Growth with Voice Broadcasting

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Voice broadcast users can contact targets. It doesn’t matter they member, subscriber, constituents, employees or customers; almost immediately. If used by the government authority it would be as an emergency notification system. Such as notification are intended only for use in emergencies).

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Avaya Shakes Off Debt, Heading to Public Market


Banking giant ING recently switched from an Avaya call center to a system built internally using Twilio APIs. 10 months ago, Avaya filed for chapter 11 protection kicking off the largest bankruptcy event in the history of the call center industry.

Call Recording Powers the ‘Intelligent Contact Center’


Integrate and centralize your customer-related data sources (call recording, speech analytics, ACD, IVR, PBX, etc.) – systems with open APIs make this easier. By now you have hopefully heard of the significant new trend that is emerging around the notion of “Intelligent Contact Centers”, or contact centers that fully integrate the power of analytics into the contact center function. See “ Launching an Intelligent Contact Center ” by Omer Minkara of Aberdeen Group.

Guest Blog: Assistive AI for Real Work


The technical implementation combines a collection of technologies — chatbots, micro-applications, knowledge center, widgets, a dialog engine, engagement engine, APIs, etc.

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