Social Customer Care Cannot Be Ignored


So, what does a social media marketing conference have to do with customer service? It’s been said that customer service is the new marketing. If that is true – and it is – then social media customer service is the updated version of that.

Social Customer Care: Listen, Learn, and Dialogue

Brad Cleveland

I recall an executive who works with an automobile manufacturer standing behind a computer with several others on her team as … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Relationships Customer Service Multi-channel Support Social Media

A Pop Culture Guide to Customer Care Training

The Center for Client Retention

Looking for a guide to build your customer care training session off of? Not everyone learns the same way, and today we are sharing with you some examples that excellent customer service training can adopt for those who may be more visual or auditory learners.

2018: New Ways Cloud Will Enhance Customer Care


Cloud contact center deployments that began in customer care may have been extended to other business areas. Two topics come to mind: participating fully in corporate digital transformation initiatives and investigating uses of artificial intelligence in customer care.

Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference?


Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference? Customer CareCustomer Relationship Management … Customer Experience — what’s the difference? The purpose of any organization is to serve a customer need.

10 Simple Tips to Improve Customer Care In Just 1 Day

Win the Customer

Customer care is one of the most important aspects of growing a successful business. Here are 10 tips and tools you should utilise to improve customer care. Call Center Culture Customer Service

Takeaways from Cisco's Customer Care Analyst Event

Jon Arnold

Last week, I was in Montreal for this event, and wearing my UC Expert hat , I wrote up my thoughts for UCStrategies. The post is running now on the portal , and I hope you find it a good read. As always, sharing and comments are welcome. Contact Center Collaboration Cloud Communications

My Next Webinar - Digital Assistants for Collaboration and Customer Care

Jon Arnold

This is another way of saying chatbots, and what I'm really talking about is the emergence of conversational interfaces as a way to leverage AI to make both collaboration and customer care more effective. I've been doing webinars with Ziff Davis on a steady basis lately, and the next one is about digital assistants.

6 Ways to Offer Better Customer Care in Your Legal Practice

Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists

If you are not providing great initial customer care that attorneys or lawyers are expected to, your client may move down the list of names and end up retaining one of your competitors. Customer Service Small Business & EntrepreneursMost attorneys would agree that the first time your client calls you up or speaks to you personally, they are likely going to be very anxious or let's just say, over-whelmed.

Moving from Customer Service to Customer Care in the Age of Customer Experience

Win the Customer

When you show customer care, you’re proactive, you listen and understand customers, then deliver on needs before they even ask for it. Communication Customer Experience Customer Service

Peter Lavers features on Vcare’s Top 50 Customer Care Influencers List

Peter Lavers

We’re delighted to announce that WCL’s Cross Sector Relationship Marketing and Customer Experience Director, Peter Lavers, has again been recognised as a leading influencer in the field of Customer care and Customer Experience!

Social Customer Service: Lingering Issues to Overcome

Contact Center Pipeline

Last week’s post offered a brief look back at a couple of social customer care pioneers—two companies that led the industry in 2009 by demonstrating how customer service could be delivered through social channels.

Social Customer Service: Advice from the Experts on How to Move Forward

Contact Center Pipeline

But it’s safe to say that social media will continue to expand and evolve—and that customers will increasingly turn to social channels to get the attention of the companies […]. Social Customer Care call center contact center social customer care

Rhonda Basler: From Adequate to Outstanding: 5 Ways to Inspire Customer Advocacy Through Customer Care

Bill Quiseng

This week’s guest post is from Rhonda Basler , director of Customer Engagement at Hallmark Business Connections. I have been a longtime fan of her blog so I’m honored that she is sharing her customer experience insight here. Put Yourself in the Customers’ Shoes.

Customer Care for the Digital Generation - Guest Post for Upstream Works

Jon Arnold

As I normally do with direct clients, my analysis isn't about their offerings; rather, my focus is on industry trends that impact their served market, which in this is case is cloud-based customer care. I've been exploring thought leadership themes with Toronto-based Upstream Works Software recently, and my first guest post has been published now on their blog portal.

Social Customer Service… Then and Now

Contact Center Pipeline

Social customer service has come a long way since I first wrote about it in Pipeline eight years ago (“The Impact of Word of Mouth in the Web 2.0 Social Customer Care call center contact center social customer service user experience

How to turn telephone identity interrogations into better customer care


If your contact center still relies solely on a host of challenge questions to identify customers over the telephone channel, my guess is your security confidence level falls a few notches below where it should be. How valuable of a security tool would this be in protecting your customers and confidential bank information? How much would that save on your annual operating costs, not to mention positively impacting the profitable bank/customer relationship?

Upgrade Your Customer Support Rep to a Customer Support Professional


The other day I was talking with a gentleman who was as passionate about customer service and experience as I am. He had worked with support centers and we were discussing how important the team in a customer support center is to an organization.

Want Your Customers to Love You? Start by Actively Listening!

Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Nation is where passionate fans of the customer experience come to learn, share, connect and collaborate. We bring dynamic groups of Contact Center, Customer Service and Customer Experience Professionals together in person and virtually.

Amazing Business Radio: Doug Sandler


Doug shares his expertise about how to provide excellent customer care, and how you can achieve more with customers by being nice. If you want to finish first in customer care, tune into this episode of Amazing Business Radio!

Amazing Business Radio: Matt Wilbanks


Better Social Media Customer Care. Shep speaks with Matt Wilbanks, CEO and co-founder of HelpSocial, about providing a better social customer care experience. Social care isn’t a fad. What is social care and why is it important?

Charging More for a Better Customer Service Experience


It’s almost a given that every company has some form of a customer service department. Even the smallest companies – with just one solo entrepreneur – will act as if they have a customer service department. Why do people reach out to the customer service department?

The Score: Good Customer Service 1 Technology 0


Don’t you hate it when you have an urgent customer service matter that requires live assistance? As customers, we should never refuse VIP treatment, right? The post The Score: Good Customer Service 1 Technology 0 appeared first on Aspect Blogs.

 Is Virtual the Next Reality for Contact Centers?


The modern contact center must be highly attuned to the emerging technologies that drive customer satisfaction today. But just about every contact center is looking for a way to give their customers a greater degree of connection and a personal touch.

Maybe the Best Customer Service Line Ever


I recently had the good fortune to meet Frankie Saucier , the former director of social media customer service (also known as social care) for a major cable company. When the cable goes out, upset customers call, email, tweet, post on Facebook, etc.

“That’s Not My Department” and 10 Other Phrases Customers Hate


You finally get to a customer service rep. You tell your story and the customer service rep responds, “I’m sorry, that’s not my department.” That said, there are still plenty of other phrases and words we, as customers, hate to hear. Customers hate to be told they’re wrong. “I

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of November 14, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. ROI’s on the Prize: Twitter Links Social Customer Care and Willingness to Pay by Lia Winograd. My Comment: Here is some interesting info on customer support.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of September 11, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service and experience articles from various online resources. A Pop Culture Guide to Customer Care Training by Matt Searfoss. TCFCR) Looking for a guide to build your customer care training session off of?

Customer Service Tip: The Power of Observation


Rico was our waiter and was taking great care of us. Sometimes it’s what a customer doesn’t do or doesn’t say that gives you the opportunity to create an amazing customer service experience. The post Customer Service Tip: The Power of Observation appeared first on Shep Hyken.

Importance of the Contact Center on Full Display for Hurricane Relief


When it comes to the role of the contact center, we know that it’s all about creating a stellar customer experience. Only one of the organizations mentioned above is an Aspect customer.

4 Contact Center Reports to Start Off Your Year


It’s going to be a big year in the world of contact center and in customer service technology. Will this be the year that messaging platforms from Facebook, Apple and others reach critical mass as a channel for customer service? Our favorite chart: The Current State of Customer Care.

What Doesn’t Get Done Gets Noticed


Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, once said, “The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. In other words, the best customer service is invisible. The customer doesn’t have to ask for it. And, you don’t really care.

Guest Blog: You Serve Customers? Is your light on?


This week we feature an article by Marlene Caroseli who shares some great activities and questions to help customer service representatives improve their service and make the customers experience better. – Shep Hyken. Apply these to your work of serving internal customers.

Guest Blog: 3 Key Principles for Customer Satisfaction


This week we feature an article by Nathalie Herrman who writes about three key principles that are at the root of all great customer service. She also reminds us that the customer experience begins with the employee experience. – Shep Hyken. They make us feel cared about.

Operating on Your Personal Assumptions Can Be Dangerous


He didn’t even seem to care. And, just because I don’t care about you calling me back the same day, doesn’t mean my customer won’t. What makes me happy or upset may not be in sync with how my customers feel.

That’s Right—Kylie Jenner Has Something to Teach Contact Center Leaders About Social Media


As a customer service leader, this should have your curiosity piqued. Your customer’s followers are your customers too: It’s not enough to think about your customer alone when handling service inquiries.

Amazing Business Radio: Tim David


What if you knew the “Magic Words” to use with your customers? Shep Hyken sits down with Tim David to discuss the impact that words have on human connection and customer service. . . How do I create better repour with customers? How do I best communicate with customers?