Customer Care Versus Gossip – Tip #8

Steve DiGioia

The other day I heard some people complaining about poor customer service. One person complained that the store’s workers spent too much time talking to each other and seemed to not care that she was waiting in line. Talk about “customer care”, huh?

Top Challenges for Customer Care in 2020


From an impromptu shift to working remotely to an uptick in inbound volumes, customer care teams were on the frontlines of work disruption this year. But in many ways, the challenges that customer care centers faced […]. Customer Care

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Social Customer Care Cannot Be Ignored


So, what does a social media marketing conference have to do with customer service? It’s been said that customer service is the new marketing. If that is true – and it is – then social media customer service is the updated version of that. And, if you’ve been following my work, you’ve heard me talk or write about how social media is a viable way to deliver amazing customer service. Customer service done right is one of your best marketing strategies.

Customer Care vs. Customer Satisfaction


We deal with a lot of buzzwords and phrases that saturate the customer service industry, some of which have become a little bit tired. One in particular that we really detest here at Fonolo is “Delight your customer”. These words hold true sustenance and can dramatically impact the success of your contact center team: customer care and customer satisfaction. How you attend to your customers’ happiness levels and overall satisfaction requires critical thinking.

To Text or To Talk? Understanding Customer Care Preferences for Voice and Digital Channels

As customer care channels continue to evolve and expand, there’s been a lot of debate about which channels customers actually prefer to interact with brands. Based on a recent Harris Poll, learn why consumers choose one channel over another, and how common frustrations with specific channels drive consumers to pick alternatives.

Applying Lessons Learned During this Pandemic to Next Level Customer Care 


During a recent member town hall Pam Plyler of The Northridge Group led a discussion around the changes and successes contact center leaders have shared with her as they decide how to return to customer support operations.

CCNG 195

Why you should care about customer care


Proper customer care will produce referrals, increase traffic and cause money to flow. The post Why you should care about customer care appeared first on CustomerCount. Customer Engagement & Satisfaction Customer Feedback Management CustomerCount News customer care customer satisfactionIt minimizes complaints and creates efficiencies. So why the resistance amongst business managers today?

Beware… Five Signals of Customer Care Burnout!

Contact Center Pipeline

Are quality and productivity declining while error rates and customer complaints escalate? Are your contact center agents increasingly late for work or calling in sick? Do bad moods and negativity dominate the contact center? If this is happening, your culprit may be BURNOUT. Burnout is defined as “a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion […]. Work environment agent burnout agent health call center contact center leadership stress management workplace environment

Customer Care Outsourcing Amidst Uncertainty: A Pandemic Resource [eBook]


For companies who outsource (or are thinking about outsourcing) their customer care, there is simultaneously a large degree of uncertainty and urgency. Change at an already tumultuous time is risky, but the need to serve your customers well is critical.

Social Customer Care Training Tip

Contact Center Pipeline

The open nature of social media conversations means that contact center leaders will need to think through their social customer service strategy separately from their engagement strategies for other channels, says Elaine Carr, manager of Training & Development at ICMI (International Customer Management Institute). Social Customer Care call center contact center social customer service training

CSR Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

Speaker: Andrew Decker, Customer Care Manager, VSP

Watch this re-released conversation between Andrew Decker, Customer Care Manager for VSP, and David Hadobas, President and CEO of CCNG, as Andrew shares VSP's success story for improving the recruiting, hiring, and retention process of their front line CSRs.

The Customer Care, Success, and Experience Continuum

Andrew Mcfarland

When asked to explain the difference between customer care, success, and experience I explain my perspective in terms of a continuum. Customer care (or service) relates to a company’s ability to respond appropriately to customer inquiries. When a customer raises. Customer Experience What Is Customer Service? Continuum Customer Care Customer Success

Are Your Customer Care Metrics Customer-Centric?


Are Your Customer Care Metrics Customer-Centric? Customer care metrics are a barometer of performance across a variety of customer interactions such as chat, text messages, email, social media and communities. CRM put another dimension on customer care metrics with profit-center orientation , intended to up-sell and cross-sell, increasing share of customers’ budget. Customer wait time during chat.

8 CX Trends Shaping Customer Care in 2021


Customer experience strategy is the first step to business survival in 2021, especially for large organizations and iconic brands.”. In her recent article, Petrova explores the top eight customer needs and brand practices most likely to drive CX success.

3 Reasons to Take Millennials Customer Care Seriously

Russel Lolacher

Jokes about call centres, humour about customer interactions… and one making a joke about how millennials would be easier to serve if they would just stop starring at their screens. 1) If They aren’t Your Customers Now, They will Be. Microsoft , in their 2018 Global State of Customer Service Report, found 77% of Millennials and 60% of GenX have a more favourable view of organizations that respond to customer service questions and complaints on social media.

Transforming Customer Care with AI

Speaker: Laura Bassett, Senior Director Product Marketing, NICE inContact

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Care: What, Why, and How

Noble Systems

Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics among CIOs of companies that have mandated improving the customer experience as their top priority. Businesses that recognize delivering extraordinary customer experiences is a key differentiator have started to completely rethink their approach. Customer care today remains mostly reactive. Businesses wait for a customer to call into the contact center. Then we’ll cover why you should care.

5 Ways Old School Etiquette Applies to Modern Customer Care


However, etiquette extends far beyond the dinner table into everyday social and business settings, formal occasions like ceremonies, and yes, even to customer experience. A good customer experience should be built on this same premise–a combination of good manners as well as actions that come from consideration, respect, and honesty. If these basic principles are at the core of your customer interactions, it sets the tone for a good experience. Customer Experience

3 Most Important Ingredients of Social Customer Care

Provide Support

Most important ingredients of social customer care. Today probably every business is sufficiently aware of the importance of social media for customer service. Report by Parature shows us that 33% of consumers confirm they have used social media to ask a customer service question at least once and 18% use social media as a customer service channel on regular basis.

Why Personalized Customer Care Is Essential in the COVID-19 Era

Working Solutions

Whatever happens in the long run, there can be no doubt the pandemic has shifted the business-customer relationship in big ways. And in the process, some essential truths are emphasized, such as the importance of personalized customer care. […]. Customer Experience customer careThe COVID-19 coronavirus is being described as a defining moment for the world, and probably deservedly so.

Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Experience

Join Fonolo at SOCAP’s Re-Imagine Customer Care Conference


Fonolo has many events on the horizon, but is especially excited to be a first-time exhibitor at SOCAP’s Re-Imagine Customer Care Conference , October 21-24, 2018, at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference will host more than 500 attendees, feature over 35 speakers, and offer multiple breakout sessions on a range of relevant subjects including customer care design, gamification, automation, and culture-building.

Best Practices in Chat Customer Care

Bright Pattern is leading the way, and their stellar work earned them the recognition of the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards for Best Customer Care in 2017. chat customer careSo, what’s the secret to delivering exceptional live chat support?

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Care

NICE inContact

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), conversational chatbots , self-service and digital channels all contribute to an improved customer experience – but what kind of risks come with adopting AI? The post Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Care appeared first on NICE inContact Blog. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) completely transform the consumer experience and bring contact center software out of the dark ages?

The 5 R’s of COVID-era Customer Care


To ensure that your business, your employees, and your customers are set up to thrive in the post-crisis world, you’re going to need (at least) two more robust R’s. At the heart of all five, unsurprisingly, there is a total focus on customer-centricity.

3 Important Things A Chatbot Can’t Do (But an IVA Can)

Provide Social Customer Care Agents with Situation Guidelines

Contact Center Pipeline

Social Customer Care call center contact center social customer service trainingWhile a good social service training program provides agents with a basic understanding of how social media works and the differences for engagement among the various social networks, it’s also important to provide them with guidelines on how to handle the various types of situations they are likely to encounter. You’ll have to do some homework […].

A Pop Culture Guide to Customer Care Training

The Center for Client Retention

Looking for a guide to build your customer care training session off of? Not everyone learns the same way, and today we are sharing with you some examples that excellent customer service training can adopt for those who may be more visual or auditory learners. Described below are three examples from various media representations of customer service that highlight what not to do when interacting with a customer.

Redundancy: Preparing Customer Care for Crisis Situations


How do we prepare customer care for crisis situations and ensure our capacity to serve customers? The post Redundancy: Preparing Customer Care for Crisis Situations appeared first on Blue Ocean. Contact Center Outsourcing Contact Center RFP Customer Service OutsourcingRedundancy. Business Continuity. Those are major check boxes in every RFP we’ve ever responded to.

AI for Customer Care Automation

CSM Magazine

Diversity of communication tools drives companies to develop omni-channel flexibility to stay in touch with customers and employees. Therefore, 5 years ago we decided at Dynamic AI to fully automate repetitive work in customer care in real-time. The Dynamic AI system has unique precision reasoning module, steered and controlled by the customer care department. Customer Service ArticlesVolumes of business communication are growing constantly.

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company, but simply resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. Learn the 4 steps that address the major points you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Care

Cisco - Contact Center

Here are three areas where AI will transform the world of customer care. Collaboration ai artificial intellegence chatbot contact center Customer Care customer serviceWorkflow applications are ripe for disruption with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Cold Shoulder of Customer Care

Contact Center Pipeline

Customer Engagement artificial intelligence automation call center contact center customer engagement customer experience empathyCold shoulder” is defined as “deliberate coldness or disregard, a slight or snub” (American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms). The term first appeared in writings by Sir Walter Scott in the early 19th century and remains a common idiom today, for good reason. Today’s consumer has multiple options to consider when purchasing pretty much anything.

The Impact of Speech and AI on Customer Care


JULY 11, 2018 As customer preferences continue to evolve and. Read more » The post The Impact of Speech and AI on Customer Care appeared first on Interactions Resource Center. Artificial Intelligence Customer Care

A Simple Roadmap for Customer Care


Since COVID-19 first hit our shores, most North American businesses have been forced into an uncomfortable balancing act, trying to juggle the immediate needs of customers with long-term planning and budget concerns – all while keeping employees safe and engaged. But it seems certain that the old ways of running customer care call centers are never coming back. The challenge now is how to re-imagine how you’ll deliver the best customer experience possible.

Drive Employee and Customer Satisfaction with SLAs

Speaker: John Goodman, Vice Chairman, CCMC, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting

Let's start making tech serve us rather than be a substitute for us. Let's empower our employees and give them the tools and strategies that will make even the angriest customer a loyal customer. Join John Goodman, Vice Chairman of Customer Care Measurement and Consulting and author of Customer Experience 3.0, and master customer rage for an insightful webinar on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

A Simple Roadmap for Customer Care


Since COVID-19 first hit our shores, most North American businesses have been forced into an uncomfortable balancing act, trying to juggle the immediate needs of customers with long-term planning and budget concerns – all while keeping employees safe and engaged. But it seems certain that the old ways of running customer care call centers are never coming back. The challenge now is how to re-imagine how you’ll deliver the best customer experience possible.

How Customer Care Leads To Customer Loyalty

Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists

Leadership & Management Team Culture Customer Service Small Business & EntrepreneursBuilding a recognized brand grows more competitive each year, making it even more challenging to stand out. That’s why brands are creating positive experiences to help build trust and favorable impressions in the minds of their audience.

5 Reasons You Need to Take Long-Term Social Customer Care Seriously

Russel Lolacher

74% of Millennials (18-34) and 58% of GenX (35-54) have a better opinion of organizations that provide social media customer care – Microsoft . Social customer care (using social media platforms as customer service experience tools) can be amazingly effective way to build relationships with the your customers and bring significant benefits to your organization. The secret weapon in social customer care isn’t that much of a secret, it’s all in the name.

From RFP to Go-Live: A Roadmap for Implementing Your Outsourced Customer Care Program


But you’re ready to implement and transition into your new outsourced customer care program so you’ve got to buckle up and buckle down. Here are the milestones you can expect along the way of implementing your outsourced customer care program.

Best Practices for Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

Speaker: Dave Hoekstra, Calabrio

The benefits of a strong quality assurance program stretch far beyond the walls of the contact center, but in recent times of remote working, you may be struggling to assess agent performance and keep employees engaged. As your brand’s voice on the front line, it’s imperative to find new and unique ways to keep your remote agents motivated to maintain performance and deliver quality customer care.