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We are interested in defining contact center technology that is worth following today. Technology call center caller authentication contact center contact center technology natural language speech recognition video chat voice biometricsOK, let’s set the ground rules.

2018 Contact Center Technology Survey Reveals Critical Needs

Contact Center Pipeline

Our 2018 contact center technology survey shows that some things never change, even in an era of massive change! It had been six years since we reached out to contact center professionals to take stock of their technology views. New technologies […].

New Technology Dramatically Helps CX

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Be Warned! Technology Isn’t Everything

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But many others look to technology. But technology alone is never the answer. Digital technology can enhance the customer experience. Technology can help, but it’s no substitute for truly caring about your customers. Case Study: Enhance Your CX with This Technology.

3 Important Things A Chatbot Can’t Do (But an IVA Can)

recognize this fact and deploy technologies that put time. It’s for this reason that technologies such as. as smart as the technology behind them. behind this technology has the capacity for learning, reasoning, and understanding—three key elements to focus. technology.

Chart a Clear Course for Technology Selection

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Technology selections without strategy, requirements and criteria are like rudderless ships that roam the sea of options without docking at the right ports. Technology call center contact center technology project scope technology selection vendor evaluation

Lassoing the Wild West Contact Center Technology

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And Lori Bocklund has seen both happen in the current Wild West of contact center technology that exists today. Unstable Contact Center Technology. As Lori states, when it comes to contact center technology, all of this is happening.

Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs

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Technology call center contact center headsets Sponsored PostsContact Center managers and business owners who have invested in sophisticated unified communications networks typically understand the urgency of maintaining a skilled, consistent and well-seasoned staff to use these networks.

Technology: The Catalyst for Service Excellence

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Technology call center call routing contact center contact center technology CRM Knowledge Management WFO workforce optimizationI’m pretty sure, regardless of the size of your center or company, you seek to deliver a great customer experience. And I’m willing to bet your customers have a choice of channels. Unfortunately, I’m almost nearly as confident that your customers sometimes feel pain from their inability to easily cross channels and achieve the coveted […].

Cloud Ushers in “New Rules” for Technology Selection

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Buyers want the benefits of advanced technology without the bottlenecks that hampered premise-based selection, implementation and upgrades. Procurement processes are undergoing change in concert with the revolution ushered in by cloud solutions.

Case Study: Enhance Your CX With This Technology

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That’s the goal of Carnival Corporation’s new Ocean Medallion technology , a wearable device that will debut on the Regal Princess cruise ship later this year. Like all data, though, wearable technology has its limitations.

The Essentials to Scaling Your Customer Success Program

This is where the right people, processes and technology come into play. Most tech companies start with a barebone customer success ‘program’ that is reactive.

Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology call center contact center employees with disabilities headsets hearing aids hearing impaired employees

How Millennials Use Office Technology


If your company uses outdated technology, 90% of millennials said this will negatively affect their opinion of you. If you’re anxious to hire and work with talented millennials, start by evaluating your company’s technology. Technology that enables mobility.

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Technology Helps with Understaffing

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While technology is not a “white knight” riding in to solve the staffing problems, it can be used. Read More » Technology

How Professional Development Can Make Technology Friendly

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Technology has become a mainstay in our daily lives. Technological advances enable educators to disrupt learning in ways that were almost … Continued. Education is no different. Professional Development

Turning Your Contact Center into a Profit Center by Leveraging Chat

Speaker: Tony Medrano, CEO of

Technology has allowed for more instant communications, creating a new opportunity for businesses to connect with customers. Live chat as a communication channel has significantly grown in recent years as the leading digital contact method, according to J.D Power.

Limitations in KBA technologies


As more organizations disclose major data breaches, the market is realizing the limitations in knowledge-based technologies to authentication callers. A curious trend is taking place in caller authentication.

3 Contact Center Challenges You Can Win With Technology


Thankfully, most can be addressed through cloud technology. Fortunately, technology offers multiple ways for you to provide a better and more personalized customer experience that can help boost low customer satisfaction.

Contact Center Industry Stats – Technology

Taylor Reach Group

Below, we will be discussing Contact Statistics related to the various technologies within the Call Center. Contact Center Technology Statistics: 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience. 60% of agents agree that their company doesn’t always provide the technology that staff needs to address the challenges they face when helping customers. WFM Technology: WFM/technology – Since 2015, the reported figure has risen by over a sixth, from 24.5%

Contact Center Technology Glossary


We put together a Contact Center Technology Glossary to get you started on some of the terms and software you might see in a modern contact center's technology arsenal. Contact centers are pretty good with keeping up with new technology. technologySo whether you run your own call center or utilize contact center outsourcing, these call center terms should keep everything straight between all of the acronyms.

Artificial Intelligence in Cloud-Based Solutions

Speaker: Rick Nucci, Co-Founder & CEO of Guru

With the advent of chatbots, artificial intelligence, interactive voice response, and machine learning, novel technologies continue to disrupt the contact center industry.

IVR Technology: Why Keeping It Simple Is Best


In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies need to leverage technology solutions in order to keep up with competitors and the overall market. Interactive voice response—more commonly known as IVR technology—is one such solution.

Waterfield Technologies Announces the Acquisition of PDT Communications

Waterfield Technologies

Together Delivering Innovative Contact Center Solutions Tulsa, Oklahoma – October 4, 2018 –Waterfield Technologies (WTI), a leading enterprise software and professional services organization providing voice and mobile solutions that drive […].

Best Practices for Managing Cloud Technology Solutions


Best Practices for Managing Cloud Technology Solutions. 7/2/2018. By Donna Fluss. DMG helps companies select all types of contact center and back-office systems. During the past few years, many of our clients have expressed an interest in acquiring cloud-based systems.

Turn Technology Frustration Into Opportunity

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Contact center leaders often express frustration with their current technology. Read More » TechnologyYet in our experience, they have substantial opportunities to optimize efficiency and improve the customer experience by getting more out their current investments.

New Technology: Leadership Is Essential

Brad Cleveland

New technologies are not passive — to get good results, they must be implemented with foresight and good planning. The purpose of any new technology should be to support the governing principles and mission of your organization.

How Technology Contributes to Customer Experience

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Technology can enhance many aspects of customer experience, but most companies […]. Technology By being proactive, a company can dazzle its customers with great service. The biggest payoffs often come from providing information and setting expectations.

The Best Communications Technology For Remote Work


Of course, an effective policy and management style helps, but without the proper technology and tech support, remote work doesn’t stand a chance. One essential role for IT is investing in the right communications technology.

Results are IN for the 2018 Contact Center Technology Survey

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Our 2018 contact center technology survey shows that some things never change, even in an era of massive change! It had been six years since we reached out to contact center professionals to take stock of their technology views. New technologies. Read More » Technology

How Callback Technology Can Efficient For Your Business?

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Call back technology aims to improve the customer services experience with eliminating the need for customers. How Callback Technology Works. Else, callback technology automatically lets’s know about the anticipated wait time. Different Benefits of Call Back Technology.

Contact Center Technology Trends for 2019


While technology is advancing throughout nearly every industry, it is evolving at an amazingly fast pace in the realm of contact centers. In fact, technological innovations are changing how customer service is being delivered in ways that are dramatically impacting the customer experience.

4 Top Technology-Driven Nonprofit Trends


Technology leads the latest nonprofit trends. In the past, technology didn’t have much of an impact on nonprofit trends. This led to these organization falling behind technology-wise and missing out on many beneficial updates. Trends in nonprofit technology to watch for.

Women in Technology: Nominate Your Unsung Heroes!


This summer I have spent some time thinking through the definition of “women in technology”. According to a 2016 report released by the National Center for Women & Information Technology, “ Diversity in computing is lacking.

SaaS, BYOD, and Hosted VoIP: Communications Technology in 2018


Technology in 2018 is teeming with a wealth of acronyms. Technology is constantly evolving. The post SaaS, BYOD, and Hosted VoIP: Communications Technology in 2018 appeared first on Jive Resource Center.

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Make Sure Technology Sourcing Fits Your Environment

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Cloud-based technology appeals to contact centers that lack sufficient resources to manage their specialized technology. Read More » Cloud Solutions Technology

How Does Technology Impact the Customer Experience?

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To innovate and get ahead of competitors and market trends, it’s critical for customer experience leaders to continually evaluate their vision of customer experience and perceive potential technologies that could accelerate the ability to deliver exceptional service experiences.

22 Call Center Technology Leaders Reveal the #1 Mistake Companies Make When It Comes to Purchasing Speech Analytics Software


Like all major technology investments, purchasing speech analytics software comes with a bit of pre-planning and analysis. You need to determine how your company can best leverage this technology to ensure compliance, enhance customer service, support agents and reps, and get […].

Choose the Right Speech Analytics Technology


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The Score: Good Customer Service 1 Technology 0


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How Customer-Focused Technology Drives Manufacturing Growth


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Technology for Marketing 2018: The lessons you might have missed.


Leaving in its wake an assortment of goody bags and tired feet, Technology for Marketing has flown by in the short space of two days. Events such as Technology for Marketing are an invaluable source of these insights and lessons that can give you an edge in the industry today.