Customer Advocacy: Is This Thing Even Real?


Won’t it be a relief if instead of burdening your team members with all the responsibility of your new business, you could share some of the hard work with your customers? And it’s got a name as well; Customer Advocacy. Why do you need to turn customers into advocates?

Great EX (Employee Ambassadorship) and CX (Customer Advocacy) Story: The Southwest Airlines Rep and the Passenger With Cancer

Beyond Philosophy

This past July 23rd, Southwest Airlines passenger Stacy Hurt called the airline’s customer service desk at the Pittsburgh International Airport. She immediately called Southwest’s customer service line at the airport. Blogs Customer ExperienceMichael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

Customer Advocacy: An Essential Ingredient

Brad Cleveland

Customer advocacy is one of those terms that can be confusing. Does the customer advocate for us, the business? Or is it the other way around? One of the past issues of The Edge of Service™ Newsletter suggests the answers to these questions is both!

Business-to-Business Customer Advocacy: Is It A Real Possibility Or A Real Oxymoron?

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This often minimizes customer selection of vendors. So, aren’t BtoB customers more often “trapped” into supplier relationships compared to their BtoC customer counterparts? Twenty years ago, in their 1994 white paper entitled “Customer Loyalty:Toward an Integrated Conceptual Framework,” academics Alan S. In its current iteration, the company employing this model classifies customers, on a matrix basis, as Truly Loyal, Accessible, Trapped, and High Risk.

The Importance of Customer Advocacy

Brad Cleveland

Customer advocacy refers to both how a company advocates for customers (doing what’s best for customers) and how customers advocate for companies (spreading the word about its products, services and brand).

Traits of Successful Customer Advocacy Initiatives

Brad Cleveland

When implementing your own customer advocacy initiatives, it can be helpful to learn what was worked well for others. This video explores ways organizations have structured their advocacy programs and five traits of successful initiatives.

Rhonda Basler: From Adequate to Outstanding: 5 Ways to Inspire Customer Advocacy Through Customer Care

Bill Quiseng

This week’s guest post is from Rhonda Basler , director of Customer Engagement at Hallmark Business Connections. I have been a longtime fan of her blog so I’m honored that she is sharing her customer experience insight here. Put Yourself in the Customers’ Shoes.

Customer Advocacy: Creating the Means to Act

Brad Cleveland

The foundation of customer advocacy is knowing your customers. I explore what that requires in the video below, part of the course Customer Advocacy. Creating the means to act from Customer Advocacy by Brad Cleveland.

Inside View: TCL North America

Contact Center Pipeline

Agent empowerment agent empowerment AHT average handle time call center contact center customer advocacy customer experience employee feedback QA processIf you are unfamiliar with TCL (The Creative Life), you probably won’t be for long.

Amazing Business Radio: Christopher Elliott


Christopher Elliott Talks about How to Get a Better Customer Experience. Shep Hyken speaks with consumer advocate, author, and journalist Christopher Elliott about how to get what you deserve as a customer. Elliott has earned the reputation of “every customer’s best friend.”.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of November 7, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. What’s stopping your customers from being loyal? Graham Jones) Most business leaders appreciate that 80% of their profits come from 20% of their customers. We’re trying to win the customer!

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of February 6, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. 11 Reasons Why Customer Advocacy is the Bedrock of Your Business by Robbie Richards. My Comment: Customer advocacy is powerful.

Amazing Business Radio: Chip Bell


Chip Bell on How to Create Customer Evangelists. What is the best way to get your customers to truly become your advocates? Shep Hyken speaks with keynote speaker and author Chip Bell about the best way to inspire customer loyalty.

Are You Leveraging Your Greatest Asset for Advocacy?


When it comes to customer engagement, there’s no better resource than your brand advocates. Naturally, your products or services have to meet standards of excellence – including your contact center operations – but with so many buying options, advocacy carries more weight than ever.

Guest Blog: Kaleidoscope Service


Innovative service has the same emotional influence and poignant hold on customers. Kaleidoscopes have the attributes of the kind of experiences we all desire—as customers, employees, and colleagues. Customer Service customer advocacy innovative service kaleidoscope service

The Power of Brand Advocacy

Brad Cleveland

Customer advocacy creates what some refer to as your most powerful sales force. Do you know who your company’s brand advocates are? Do you recognize and engage with them? If you answered no to these questions, you may be missing a huge opportunity.

Sales 26

CUSTOMER CULTURE: How does it drive future business performance?


I have written many times about the subject of Customer Experience and the different opinions that people hold on whether it really does make a difference. They, like me, believe that the foundation of sustainable future business performance is based on a strong Customer Centric Culture.

Putting Yourself in Your Customers’ Shoes

Brad Cleveland

Many of the best decisions you make as a customer service leader will come by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, really seeing things as they do. In a recent LinkedIn Learning Course that I recorded, Customer Service Leadership, I include some suggestions for doing that and some sources of insight to consider.

Empowering Employees to Be Customer Advocates

Brad Cleveland

One of the most recent courses is on Customer Advocacy – what it is, how it’s done and how to maximize its benefits. If you are interested in how to empower employees to be customer advocates and how to encourage customers … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Relationships Customer Service Leadership Organization and Culture Quality Management Brad Cleveland customer advocacy customer experience customer relationships

How Can Your Company and Customers Profit Most from Higher Employee Commitment?

Beyond Philosophy

Whenever this is surfaced, it’s useful to ask some relevant questions with regard to ultimate enterprise value, particularly the employee experience vis-à-vis the customer experience. What takes precedence, employees or customers? We’re not saying choose your people over your customers.

"Follow the Leader" Featuring Shep Hyken

Call Center Weekly

What is the most important role of the Chief Customer Officer? In my mind, there three important areas for the Chief Customer Officer to focus on: culture, systems and customer advocacy. Customer service and experience must be woven into the fabric of the entire company.

Building a Successful Customer Experience Strategy


Companies frequently designate customer experience (CX) as the most exciting opportunity for their business, according to the Digital Marketing Trends Report. Successful customer experience strategies will lead to greater customer satisfaction, higher revenue, and diminished customer churn.

How Palo Alto Software Used Metrics to Improve Service

Toister Performance Solutions

A question posted on the Inside Customer Service LinkedIn group recently caught my attention. Celeste Peterson, a Customer Advocacy Supervisor at Palo Alto Software, asked: What do you think are the most important metrics to track for a small customer service team?

The Power of Service Clairvoyance

Chip Bell

It signals we are on the case waiting for a service hiccup that we can quickly fix or a customer need we can rapidly fill. But, customer advocacy does not come from a great response; it comes for a great anticipation. Think beyond your customers’ expectations and they will respond by bringing the funds and their friends! Innovative Service anticipating needs customer service service clairvoyance

CX Initiatives: What if Employees Are Not On Board?

Beyond Philosophy

The film is full of bad management-staff relationship and motivation examples, and management’s myopic need for process execution for its own sake, not the enrichment or benefit of employees, and irrespective of the impact that they will, or won’t, have on customers. Blogs Customer Experienc

Now Revealed and Proven: (The True Marketing Value of) Return on Word of Mouth

Beyond Philosophy

Word of mouth long been proven to be a significant component of, and contributor to, downstream customer advocacy and brand bonding, which we at Beyond Philosophy believe is a direct outcome of customer experience. I’m grateful to my colleague, Richard Vanderveer, for making readers of his blog aware of an insightful report – Return on Word of Mouth, or WOM/ROI – recently issued by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).

Making Optimal Customer Experience A Focus of Your Company’s (And Your) Thinking and Doing: The Case for Foundation and Advanced CEM Training

Beyond Philosophy

Many b2b and b2c companies offer antiseptic, commoditized, vanilla experiences for customers. These are almost guaranteed not to be memorable, not to be talked about (unless neutrally or negatively), and not creating outside-in advocacy and value creation.

Why, Oh Why, Is ANYBODY Still Measuring Customer Satisfaction?

Beyond Philosophy

Retention is about behavior, the motivation to remain a customer, whether at lower, equal, or higher purchase levels. For decades, satisfaction has been a cornerstone of what we understand to be total quality in products and services, as perceived by the customer.

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4 Powerful Rules to Create Employee and Customer Word-of-Mouth Programs That Work

Beyond Philosophy

It must also be recognized that people and processes in a business model, representing ‘inside-out’ advocacy creation with customers and ambassadorship with employees, are a priority before effective word-of-mouth initiatives can, or should, be launched. Blogs Customer Experience

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The 20 Stakeholder Experience Emotions: Which Are Most Positive and Value-Enhancing, and Which Are Most Negative and Value-Destroying?

Beyond Philosophy

To offer a better gauge of perceived value and customer experience, and better understand purchase decision drivers, it was necessary to put greater emphasis on the emotional. In this post, we are addressing the perceived value influence of emotions and memory on b2b and b2c customers.

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Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference?


Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference? Customer Care … Customer Relationship Management … Customer Experience — what’s the difference? The purpose of any organization is to serve a customer need.

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Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference?


Customer Care … CRM … Customer Experience — What’s the Difference? Customer Care … Customer Relationship Management … Customer Experience — what’s the difference? The purpose of any organization is to serve a customer need.

CRM 72

Are Popular Customer Experience Metrics Just “Immature”, Or Do They Have Bigger Challenges?

Beyond Philosophy

Based on insights from the Temkin Group report’s State of CX Metrics, 2015, a recent LinkedIn infographic post by CXPA co-founder Bruce Temkin labeled customer experience metrics as “Immature, But Improving”. Customer Effort, Net Promoter, and Thoughts About CX Metrics.

“U.S. Employee Engagement Reaches Three-Year High.” Where Customer Experience and Value Delivery Are Concerned, Shouldn’t We Ask: ‘So What?’

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However, when this organization, and others in the employee engagement research, training and consultation space, makes claims that engagement, in and of itself, contributes to customer value and loyalty behavior, two important questions need to be asked.

Are You Experienced Enough in Customer Experience #INFOGRAPHIC

Win the Customer

Organizations that continually excel in their customer experience and service delivery average increased growth of 4-8% in revenue over competitors in their industry. Are You Experienced Enough in Customer Experience? Higher than average customer loyalty.

The Preoccupation With Pre-Customers

Beyond Philosophy

Many companies devote considerably more energy and resources to capturing customers than they do to keeping them. But, all customers are not created equal; some have more potential value than others. The other prospect challenge is that of customer suitability.

5 Essential Tips for Social Customer Service Communications


As customers continue to seek quick and effortless experiences on the go, social media channels shine as prime platforms for communication. The rise in smartphone use coupled with the explosive popularity of social platforms has transformed customer service expectations, as brands must engage better and faster than ever before. If you’re wondering just how your brand can keep up, consider these five tips for great social customer service communications.

Comparing Perceived Value Drivers For Employees and Customers

Beyond Philosophy

Though played for laughs, this scene is all too representative of the value delivery perceptual gaps which often exist between suppliers and their customers. This significant difference was a telling clue into the degree of misinterpretation and misperception between customers and suppliers.

How to Apply Customer Experience Advocacy in Marketing

ProProfs Blog

In a world where people can easily share their experiences with businesses via social media–an assessment which can make or break a brand— customer advocacy has become one of the top priorities today. What is Customer Experience Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Solving Complex Challenges through B2B Customer Experience


Solving Complex Challenges through B2B Customer Experience Lynn Hunsaker. “Our customer experience team really wants to make systemic and strategic changes that span the company, so we only tackle situations that our normal business-as-usual processes are not normally suited to tackle.

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