The Importance of Customer Success for SaaS Companies

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One of the unique ways a SaaS company operates is that they exist in a constantly changing environment. The job to communicate both the good and the bad about your SaaS product to your existing customer base often falls on the customer success team.

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What is SaaS Callback?


Software as a Service (SaaS) callback is a system that enables customers to request a call back from a service provider at a later time. With SaaS callback —unlike traditional callback systems—the software is deployed in the cloud and is hosted by a third party.

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Why Customer Loyalty is Essential to SaaS Companies

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It’s no secret that the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry is on fire right now. After all, so many businesses are evaluating SaaS options that even if they churn, there will be five more waiting and ready to sign up, right? SaaS Customer loyalty customer retention

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Acing Omnichannel Support in SaaS


Looking at customer experience (CX) and churn in the SaaS environment from a high level, there’s one theme that stands out from the mix: The fact that we live in what’s called a “switching economy.”. As modern consumers continue to shop anywhere and anytime, seamless omnichannel CX across various devices and touchpoints is a must for SaaS. Customer advocacy is the name of the game when it comes to improved CX and reduced churn in the SaaS environment.

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5 not-so-obvious tips to improve customer communications for your SaaS business


Want to improve customer communications at your SaaS company? The post 5 not-so-obvious tips to improve customer communications for your SaaS business appeared first on HelpCrunch blog. Read these five tips based on science and our own experience.

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SaaS, BYOD, and Hosted VoIP: Communications Technology in 2018


At the top of the list are SaaS, BYOD and Hosted VoIP—all of which are setting the benchmark for business communications in 2018. SaaS—Why it matters. SaaS-based services can be availed following a subscription model. Technology in 2018 is teeming with a wealth of acronyms.

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Nectar UC Diagnostics Works with Plantronics Manager Pro SaaS Offering to Improve UC Experience


Contact Center Smarter Working Unified Communications Bluetooth Nectar plantronics Plantronics Manager Pro SaaS skype

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Nectar UC Diagnostics Works with Plantronics Manager Pro SaaS Offering to Improve UC Experience


Contact Center Smarter Working Unified Communications Bluetooth Nectar plantronics Plantronics Manager Pro SaaS skype

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Relay Wins Two Help Desk Awards Following Review from Top SaaS Review Site

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The post Relay Wins Two Help Desk Awards Following Review from Top SaaS Review Site appeared first on Relay. FinancesOnline Relay Review FinancesOnline, a popular and respected B2B software review platform that thousands of.

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What Support Metrics Should SaaS Companies be Using?


But this is your life as a manager developing a SaaS customer support model that scales. 5 Metrics that shape your SaaS customer support model. A lot of the structure of your SaaS support model can be built around the insights from your conversation volume.

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What Are the Best SaaS Products for a Startup Company?

Win the Customer

These are some of the SaaS solutions that you can utilize to establish and grow your knowledge base. This is another SaaS product that is aimed at customers who are in desperate need of creating and managing a knowledge base.

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SaaS or Managed Contact Center? Soon There Could Be a Better Option


But there are a few more choices to make, including which solution is right for you: SaaS or managed services. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a do-it-yourself option. The Blog SaaS or Managed Contact Center? So you’ve decided to move your contact center to the cloud.

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Amazing Business Radio: Tien Tzuo


Amazing Business Radio Show Customer Experience Customer Service Strategies Business Model SAAS Subscription economy subscription serviceThe Subscription Economy. Why the Subscription Model is the Future and What to Do About It. Shep Hyken sat down with Tien Tzuo to talk about the subscription model and how companies like Salesforce, Uber, and Caterpiller are helping to make it the future of business.

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Collaboration is Key in Canada: 3 Takeaways from SAAS North 2017


Collaboration is key in bringing products to market: when customer needs are the focus, teams have common goals, and the workplace is diverse, everybody wins. Here are 3 takeaways for those unable to attend

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Cloud Service Connectivity – The Importance of Network Security: Part Two

Revation Systems

Thus, the best practice for simple SaaS applications is to use a router capable of identifying specific cloud services and route them directly over the internet.

The Impact of SaaS on Education


The post The Impact of SaaS on Education appeared first on Aspect Blogs. Contact Center Industries Education cloud computing cloud computing in education customer service education SaaS

3 Ways the Best Brands Do Omnichannel Right


Blog Customer Experience Featured ecommerce linkedin loyalty multichannel omnichannel retail SaaSHave you had enough of the term omnichannel? It blasted into our vocabulary a few years ago, shoving out multichannel as the preferred ubiquitous business speak of our time.

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Cheap, Fast or Good: Which is Most Important?


Cloud Contact Center Connected Customer Experience Interactive Services Proactive Notifications & Mobility business center cheap choices communication contact contact center fast good managed proactive products provider SaaS services solutions whitepaperYou can have it cheap, fast or good.

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5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of September 12, 2016


Skyrocket SaaS Growth: 56 Must Read Tips From Top SaaS Companies by Adam Feber. My Comment: Don’t be misled to thinking this article is for just SaaS types of businesses. Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources.

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Learn To Drive Customer Success With Live Chat


However, live chat also provides customer success teams with the chance to engage website visitors and SaaS customers through messages that are relevant to the actions they’ve taken and what they’re trying to achieve. Customer experience Startup life customer success help desk live chat Saas

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Technology And Its Impact On Consumer Behavior


Blog Call Center Customer Service General SaaS Call Center Technology Contact Center TechnologyOften a company leadership faces unending challenges especially when it comes to the rapid technological changes.

Customer Support and UX: Two Sides of the Same Coin?


As a designer building a Customer Support Saas product, one thing that really hit me early on is how similar the basics of Customer Support and UX are.

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Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Renew Your WFO Software License


Since the advent of the cloud, there has been an ongoing battle between software licensing and Software as a Service (SaaS). The former involves a company signing a licensing contract that permits them to operate a physical piece of software onsite at their location.

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Using Email Marketing to Create the Optimal Customer Experience


Think back to the last Saas company that you interacted with and the experience that the company provided for you? When you initially signed-up for their services, what kind of emails did you receive from the company, if any at all? customer experience

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Teleopti Boosts Cloud Business Success with New CFO and Head of Global Marketing


Teleopti continues its ongoing cloud business transformation and commitment to meet customers up in the cloud by welcoming new CFO and Head of Global Marketing, both experts in nurturing SaaS (Software as a Service) business

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How CaféX Ensures Secure Live Chat & Secure Team Workspaces


When vetting SaaS providers & choosing online collaboration tools, regulatory compliance & information security are key requirements; here's what CaféX is doing to ensure our chat and workspace software is secure

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"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jeannie Walters

Call Center Weekly

How does the SaaS customer experience differ from traditional business models? The SaaS customer journey leans heavily on the customer to understand the product before buying, and that's why trial periods are so popular.

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What is CPaaS?


” In today’s growing SaaS industry, it can be hard to keep track of all these acronyms, let alone just trying to figure out which solution your business needs. Have you ever heard the term CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) and asked yourself, “What is CPaaS?” At Nextiva, we’re here to help. We’ve designed this […]. The post <span class='p-name'>What is CPaaS?</span>

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When It Comes to Customer Experience, My Bet's on UJET


After years of delivering SaaS solutions and supporting customers' implementations through their transition from one half-decent tool to another, I knew there had to be a better way. Most of the time, we could get 80 or 90% of the way there—but only after significant compromise. The reality is that a large part of this industry is built from 20-year-old architectures and only updated just enough to infiltrate the cloud technology space… But then there’s UJET.

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Teleopti jatkaa palveluntarjoajien tyytyväisyyskyselyn kärjessä DMG Consultingin vuoden 2017 WFM-raportissa


Teleopti on nyt nimetty kolmatta kertaa peräkkäin parhaaksi WFM-ratkaisujen toimittajaksi, ja se saa jatkuvasti hyviä arvosanoja tyytyväisiltä asiakkailta Maailmanlaajuinen resurssienhallintaratkaisujen (WFM) tarjoaja Teleopti tiedotti tänään saavuttaneensa kärkisijan asiakastyytyväisyydessä DMG Consulting LLC:n tekemässä vuoden 2017 WFM Product and Market Report -raportissa.

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The Subtle Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service


This can be understood in the context of SaaS (software as a service) and other tech companies. SaaS companies and support teams. To understand the difference between customer support and customer service, it helps to know a little bit about the history of SaaS.

Analysis of the Top 100 eCommerce Help Centers


So we dug into the data a little more to see who was the worst offender between retail and SaaS/Tech companies. 68% of SaaS/Tech companies have a well-placed search bar. 92% of SaaS/Tech businesses have short knowledge base article titles. SaaS.

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21 Most Active Sales Influencers on Social Media in 2018


Steli hasn’t always been a sales guru and executive of one of the fastest growing SaaS CRM. Coach to SaaS founders, Chief instigator at Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur, a world-famous business coach for SaaS founders and an angel investor since young years.

Sales 106 + Nexmo = Easy Integration of Voice and SMS into Customer Workflows


As the adoption of cloud, SaaS and PaaS applications continues to grow in the enterprise, so does the challenge for companies to integrate their many disparate web-based and on-premise apps. Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) was born from the pain felt by businesses that needed a functional way to connect data residing in and […]. The post + Nexmo = Easy Integration of Voice and SMS into Customer Workflows appeared first on Nexmo.

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What is a Lead and how it’s different to Prospects, MQLs and SQLs


Comments I am working on a saas product and I found the article. Subscribers, Leads, MQLs, SQLs, Prospects, Opportunities, Customers: these terms get thrown around in B2B sales and marketing departments the world over but it’s almost like we’re speaking different languages. Of course, the basic premise is that each term relates to how far through the sales process a non-customer is and what lead nurturing still needs […].

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End Finger Pointing in the Contact Center Communication Cloud

Call Center Coach

SaaS: Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. There are too many times when it seems like the fog has rolled in and it’s hard to see where you need to go.

10 Must Haves for Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Platforms


A SaaS (Software as a Service), open architecture with robust APIs ensures organizations can unite systems and operations across the enterprise that impact the customer experience. I’ve had a few interactions recently with customer service departments. None of them have been noteworthy.

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WFM – Your First Step to a Cloud Contact Center


The benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) available from the cloud are inescapable, whether you are operating a contact center or an accounting firm. With SaaS, upgrades are made continuously in the cloud, at no extra charge, with no changes or interruptions to the customer’s operation.

Amazing Business Radio: Nick Mehta


In his six years as CEO, he’s secured over $156 million in funding, expanded the employee base to over 500 employees, and been recognized as the third best SAAS CEO out of 5,000 nominees. Proactive Customer Service. How to Ensure You Are Delivering Success For Your Customers.

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10 Punkte, auf die Sie bei einer cloudbasierten Customer Engagement Plattform achten sollten


Eine offene SaaS-Architektur mit robusten APIs stellt sicher, dass Unternehmen die Systeme und Betriebsabläufe, die sich auf das Kundenerlebnis auswirken, zusammenführen können. Richtig schlechter Kundenservice schafft es oft in die Schlagzeilen. Keine erstrebenswerte Werbung!

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Planning for 2018? These Blogs and Reports Should Help


The ROI of SaaS – Forrester Research. NICE inContact’s blog keeps you up to date on the hottest contact center trends – but with 3-4 posts a week, it may be hard to get to it all!

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New Survey Reveals Shifting Cloud Contact Center Preferences


The world of contact center solutions is just a microcosm of the myriad of software applications used by enterprises moving inexorably to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in the public cloud. Subscribing to a cloud SaaS solution mimics the historical pattern of an autonomous WFM purchase.

Remove the Distance Between Your Team and Your Customers


All companies should act like my new gym…but it’s particularly important in the world of SaaS. With subscription models ruling the waves in SaaS, our customers are only ever a few clicks away from joining competitors. A 5% monthly churn rate makes SaaS life pretty difficult.

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