Discover a Key to Successful Advertising

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Like any tone of voice, it works best if it carries through to all aspects of a business’s marketing efforts, from advertisements to product packaging, to in-store displays and social media accounts. Do you use humor to get over your message? Some brands are particularly good at it.

Customer Experience Is More Important Than Advertising [Infographic]

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Only 4% of customers trust advertising the most for service information, so can your good customer experience to help seal the deal with customers? Customer Experience Customer Service Infographic Advertising infographic

Marketing on the Net: 5 Web Advertising Tricks for the Modern Business

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Below you’ll find just five of many strategies you can implement to make your web-based efforts sophisticated and successful: Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Start using these web-based advertising tricks now so your organization can start to thrive in the ecommerce sector!

Guest Blog: Stop Wasting Money!


If you cannot take care of the customer, it doesn’t pay to advertise! One of the key places they waste money is on their advertising. . Each week businesses spend thousands on direct mail, local paper advertising, posters and even local sport sponsorship.

Putting Mobile Backend as a service into practice

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Advertising Branding Content Writing MarketingWelcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

How to Win Over Skeptical Customers in a Skeptical Age of Informed Online Customers

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Aggressive advertisements created a digital era where users were skeptical to the point that they rejected anything that felt like an advertisement.

Inbound voice call campaign tracking with Nexmo virtual numbers and Mixpanel


Campaign tracking is a “must have” for any marketing or advertising campaign.

Technology and Digital Media Driving Consumer Experience- ‘What was’ Versus ‘What is’ of Customer Service

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When the buying choice was dependent on advertisements and word of mouth, we did not have comparatives or access to customer reviews. By Rinku Basu Over the past few years, customer services have been taken to astonishingly new heights.

Smartphone Statistics

Brad Cleveland

Source: Google) 59% of consumers have received an advertising message on their smartphone from a brand or retailer related to their current location. Retailers reported that sales via smartphones grew an average of 87% in 2014.

Why You Still Need the Telephone in Customer Service for an Experience Advantage

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I recently attended the Association of National Advertisers’ 2014 Masters of Marketing Conference, alongside some 2,800 other marketers and vendors.

Brands that Generate Buzz: YouGov Rankings

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According to YouGov, “brands were rated using rated using YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score which asks respondents, ‘If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?’” [link]. So this is kindof interesting… here are YouGov’s U.S. Top Buzz Rankings.

Bots and AI: How Personal Will Personal Assistants Be?


WIll they then become a channel for advertisers? Will AI-powered personal assistants know users well enough to make relevant, personalized recommendations? Microsoft Technical Evangelist Martin Beeby and I discuss.

How to Nurture Your Sales Funnel Using Only Social Media Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In the modern age of sales and marketing, turning a profit isn’t always as easy as posting an advertisement. Social media has changed the way that businesses interact with their customers and few customers today really trust ads.

Number of Ways Telemarketing can help Grow Your Business


Conclusion: This is just a small list that I presented above, but you can also use telemarketing to promote events, trade shows, winning back your non-active customers, selling advertisement space by designing a campaign, informing your customers of new developments and much, much more.

Treat Your Current Customers Better than Your New Customers


It drives me a little crazy when I receive an advertisement in the mail from my cable TV or phone company offering me an incentive to sign up with them. So, when advertising and promoting to new customers, consider the message you are sending to existing customers.

How to BRAND Your Company through the Hiring Process


Look at the job description as an advertisement. Make the advertisement lead to A ction – the potential candidate applying for the job. And don’t forget to have your company logo somewhere in the advertisement.

Working in Tandem: Customer Service and Marketing

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Marketing shouldn't be about tricking the customer with vague or misleading advertisements, but rather about inviting the customer in with inspiration and accurate value messaging. By Wendy Weinert There are many important departments that make up a well-oiled business machine.

Should We Come Clean or Look the Other Way?

Rudy Vidal Consulting

My partner Emily likes a particular soap and cleaning product that is advertised as non-irritating, plant-based, and without synthetic ingredients. If you discover problems in execution that affect your customers, do you keep them to yourself? Or do you come clean to your customers?

Lessons From The Overlook: Why We Aren't On Airbnb

Toister Performance Solutions

People often ask us how we advertise The Overlook. You won't find The Overlook advertised in any of those places. Drawback #1: Owner Fees The major third-party websites charge a guest booking fee in exchange for advertising your property.

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Improve Retail Customer Experiences

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Advertising and pricing tailored to customers based on their past purchases and inquiries. A recent article by Javier Jimenez gives advice on how to make loyal customers out of your website visitors through a quality digital experience.

Half the Money You Spend on #CX is Wasted

CX Journey

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half. I've seen a few interpretations, but I think the most common one revolves around not being able to qualify or quantify the effects of advertising.

Improving Customer Experience Through A/B Testing Your Customer Service

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For instance, if you are an apparel retailer, you could create mutiple variations of script each for complaints such as ‘wrong size of product’, ‘damaged apparel’, ‘item does not look like advertised’, and so on.

Perseverance Through Rapid Change: EPIC Connections Celebrates 15 Years of Success as a Mainstay in Contact Center Consulting

EPIC Connections

Although we don’t advertise it much, EPIC stands for Email, Phone, IVR, and Chat. The contact center industry is known for its constant hum of change punctuated by the rapid fire of new technology and a revolving door of providers.

Who Wins – Brand Or Customer Experience?

Beyond Philosophy

In the case of Red Bull, the brand has built a consistent global personality not only through its unique advertising, but also by its involvement in some of the more extreme and unusual sports, like street luge, full-contact ice-skating and the ever-popular Red Bull Flight Day.

Invent Your Vocabulary to Emphasize Who You Are


While waiting to board, I noticed a sign advertising Southwest’s concept they call “ trans fare ncy.”. The other night I was on a Southwest Airlines flight, traveling home from a speaking engagement.

Guest Blog: What’s Most Vital to Success: Product, Price, or Experience?


Advertising and marketing your brand is costly, and it’s never certain whether these efforts will attract enough new customers to justify the cost of expensive advertising.

5 Reasons Your Marketing Needs Human Evaluation


It advertises, but does not build a relationship between companies and their customers.

How to manage your online reputation


As a business owner, you already understand the benefit – and power – of word-of-mouth advertising. How Online Reviews Impact your Business. But what started as over-the-fence information sharing between neighbors, friends or colleagues, has exploded into a million-strong network of consumers eager to talk about their experiences. The voice of the customer has always been powerful, but now the internet has magnified the reach, and it reigns supreme.

Auto Dialer vs Predictive Dialer: Which One is Better for You

Dialer 360

Beneficial For Advertisement Purposes: The 70% of the success of a business depends upon the advertisement of it. To meet the needs of the market every business must have a strong and effective way to advertise their products and strategy. To communicate the customers through an easy way and in fast speed can only be done by dialers.

Are You Keeping Up with Your Customers?


Perhaps you just heard that your competitor is working hard to take away business from you – maybe they’re announcing a new product; maybe they’re advertising a major sale; maybe they’re opening a new location. I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

Be Honest: Are You Communicating Effectively?

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The simple truth is, yes, you can use that data to come up with more targeted advertising, more seemingly personalized marketing, and so on, but where you will stand out is when you use that data to create a positive customer experience instead.

Guest Blog: 3 Essential Stages of Cultivating a Winning Customer Experience


It is the job of marketing and advertising to make sure they find it. Advertising and marketing need to create delightful and relevant customer experiences by aligning the brand’s goals with what its ideal customers seek.

Guest Blog: How Does AI Marketing Help Drive Customer Engagement?


That data gives marketers the knowledge required to build compelling messaging and advertising. This week we feature an article by Lindsay Tjepkema who writes about how artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is becoming more important to our success in engaging with customers.

On Which Does Your Company Focus: Customer Acquisition or Retention

CX Journey

Despite the fact that the cost of bringing in new customers is much higher than the cost to keep existing customers, companies place a disproportionate focus on marketing and advertising in order to attract new customers.

Not To Be Missed: The Best Of 2017

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Ad agencies know the power of emotions in advertising. However, that same emotional engagement isn’t as prevalent when you arrive at the experience you saw advertised. I always say that Customer Experience is a journey, not a destination.

Understanding Different Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services


It is basically a form of research where call center agents make outbound calls to customers regarding their views on issues as to how well or how badly its client company is performing along with analyzing customer’s need for advertising/marketing purposes.

CX Journey™ Musings: Customer Memory

CX Journey

I recently read a couple of articles about how memorable and emotional advertising is what companies should strive to develop - that it's what they'll need to have in order to grow the business. Advertising doesn't create memories; the experience does.

Calculating Agent Attrition in the Contact Center

Taylor Reach Group

If you consider the cost of advertising, hiring and training, including the cost of the staff required to do the hiring, training and supervising, you could easily be talking five to ten thousand dollars. By: Peg Ayers & Turaj Seyrafiaan. Definition: The percentage of staff who leave the Contact Center, voluntarily or involuntarily, over a period of time. Calculation: (Total number lost/Average total staff) X 100.

Security Culture Series – Part 3: Facing Opposition

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Organizations can advertise rewards for providing feedback to further encourage staff to participate. So far in the Security Culture Series, we’ve discussed expanding IT’s responsibility in security and the importance of educating and training employees.

Dustin Yu Shares Getting More Conversions with Live Chat

Call Center Coach

When customers use live chat, they’ll try to ensure that a product will perform as advertised or that a promotion will provide the discount they want. Chat has long been touted as a means to lower costs in contact centers. But in today’s marketplace that is a blind way to view chat.