Discover a Key to Successful Advertising

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Like any tone of voice, it works best if it carries through to all aspects of a business’s marketing efforts, from advertisements to product packaging, to in-store displays and social media accounts. Do you use humor to get over your message? Some brands are particularly good at it.

Customer Experience Is More Important Than Advertising [Infographic]

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Only 4% of customers trust advertising the most for service information, so can your good customer experience to help seal the deal with customers? Customer Experience Customer Service Infographic Advertising infographic

Marketing on the Net: 5 Web Advertising Tricks for the Modern Business

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Below you’ll find just five of many strategies you can implement to make your web-based efforts sophisticated and successful: Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Start using these web-based advertising tricks now so your organization can start to thrive in the ecommerce sector!

Guest Blog: Stop Wasting Money!


If you cannot take care of the customer, it doesn’t pay to advertise! One of the key places they waste money is on their advertising. . Each week businesses spend thousands on direct mail, local paper advertising, posters and even local sport sponsorship.

Putting Mobile Backend as a service into practice

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Advertising Branding Content Writing MarketingWelcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

How Small Things Have Big Influences on Customer Behavior

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Subliminal Advertising is a Non-Conscious Non-Starter. Have you ever heard the story about how in 1957 researcher, James Vicary, added subliminal advertising into a movie about eating and drinking concessions and it causes snack sales to soar?

How to Win Over Skeptical Customers in a Skeptical Age of Informed Online Customers

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Aggressive advertisements created a digital era where users were skeptical to the point that they rejected anything that felt like an advertisement.

With Call Tracking, Your Auto Dealership Will Achieve Better ROI

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There are a myriad of places to advertise out there – and if you aren’t correctly attributing your leads back to the various ad sources, you cannot improve your marketing spend. Know which advertisements are driving the most phone calls.

Alberta Independent Media


Octopus Tech Solutions provided them with Telemarketing Services that helped them generate advertisers for their site, which in turn led to revenue enhancement for their business.

Alberta Independent Media


Octopus Tech Solutions provided them with Telemarketing Services that helped them generate advertisers for their site, which in turn led to revenue enhancement for their business.

Who Wins – Brand Or Customer Experience?

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In the case of Red Bull, the brand has built a consistent global personality not only through its unique advertising, but also by its involvement in some of the more extreme and unusual sports, like street luge, full-contact ice-skating and the ever-popular Red Bull Flight Day.

Inbound voice call campaign tracking with Nexmo virtual numbers and Mixpanel


Campaign tracking is a “must have” for any marketing or advertising campaign.

Be Honest: Are You Communicating Effectively?

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The simple truth is, yes, you can use that data to come up with more targeted advertising, more seemingly personalized marketing, and so on, but where you will stand out is when you use that data to create a positive customer experience instead.

Why You Still Need the Telephone in Customer Service for an Experience Advantage

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I recently attended the Association of National Advertisers’ 2014 Masters of Marketing Conference, alongside some 2,800 other marketers and vendors.

Can You Imagine the Outcry if a Retail Business Did This?

Steve DiGioia

A paywall is a “method of restricting access to online content via a paid subscription as a way to increase revenue after years of decline in paid print readership and advertising revenue”, as cited by Wikipedia. …talk about a poor customer experience!

Not To Be Missed: The Best Of 2017

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Ad agencies know the power of emotions in advertising. However, that same emotional engagement isn’t as prevalent when you arrive at the experience you saw advertised. I always say that Customer Experience is a journey, not a destination.

How to Create Good Customer Service Goals

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Bots and AI: How Personal Will Personal Assistants Be?


WIll they then become a channel for advertisers? Will AI-powered personal assistants know users well enough to make relevant, personalized recommendations? Microsoft Technical Evangelist Martin Beeby and I discuss.

How to Nurture Your Sales Funnel Using Only Social Media Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In the modern age of sales and marketing, turning a profit isn’t always as easy as posting an advertisement. Social media has changed the way that businesses interact with their customers and few customers today really trust ads.

Is Trust Dead? If So, Revive It!

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Building trust into your customer experience could mean starting from the bottom and working your way up, especially if your organization has been around for a long time and has relied on traditional marketing and advertising in the past.

When ‘Push’ Marketing Goes Too Far

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A couple of years ago, our local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ran a disturbing story about how a mortgage loan company in Phoenix had sent spam advertising messages which appeared on the screens of thousands of wireless phone customers. This means that an advertiser can simply choose any three digit prefix in an area code and send a message to 10,000 people by changing the last four digits after the prefix. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

Leading Your Customer to the Right Choice

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Whether you are a restaurant or a spa or an advertising agency or a paper distributor, you present options to your customers at some point in the experience.

Treat Your Current Customers Better than Your New Customers


It drives me a little crazy when I receive an advertisement in the mail from my cable TV or phone company offering me an incentive to sign up with them. So, when advertising and promoting to new customers, consider the message you are sending to existing customers.

4 Ways Contact Centers Make Successful Direct Response Campaigns

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Paid advertisements on social media that evoke positive emotions in people and lead them to contact the company. Direct response marketing has been very popular for many years. There’s a good reason for this popularity: these kinds of marketing campaigns generate a ton of leads and sales.

How to BRAND Your Company through the Hiring Process


Look at the job description as an advertisement. Make the advertisement lead to A ction – the potential candidate applying for the job. And don’t forget to have your company logo somewhere in the advertisement.

3 Ways Contact Centers Assist with Market Research

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Advertising is going extinct. Okay, that’s hyperbole, but an article by Keith Pearce discusses the possibility that traditional advertising of telling people how great your brand is may be losing its impact.

Amazing! Customer Relationships are Like Marriage

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Most do a great job of making themselves attractive with packaging, advertising and product placement. Organizations love to talk about building relationships with customers. The trouble is, most of the time it feels like they’re just paying lip service to the idea.

The More You Give the More You Get


For example, Spotify and Pandora have created streaming music empires by giving away free versions of their product, which is financially supported by advertisers. However, both offer an upgrade to a paid version without advertising.

Now Revealed and Proven: (The True Marketing Value of) Return on Word of Mouth

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How does paid advertising compare to WOM in driving results? Another key finding was, rather astoninshingly, that an offline WOM impression drives at least five times more sales than a paid advertising impression. I’m grateful to my colleague, Richard Vanderveer, for making readers of his blog aware of an insightful report – Return on Word of Mouth, or WOM/ROI – recently issued by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).

7 Reasons Brand and CX are Disconnected

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The most Customer-centric companies share their campaigns with their team, particularly the customer-facing members before they go live, accompanied by training on how to deliver the principles advertised. Advertising is focused on product and price, not the brand experience. What a company values is what they focus on in their advertisements. If advertising tells you what is important to an organization, so too does the focus of the Market research.

Ad-Blocking Sends Clear CX Message: Get Obnoxious Ads out of my UX

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As Ad Blocking pushes online advertising to the brink of irrelevancy, it’s important to appreciate how the User Experience (UX) provides an integral link to Customer Experience (CX). Digital advertisers don’t want to pour large percentages of their budgets into a medium that won’t reach eyeballs. The conundrum Ad Blocking on mobile devices creates for the future of online advertising is complex and uncertain right now, to be sure.

Outrageous! Hotels keep on charging!

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I expected to pay the advertised rate, and now I’m being charged more than that. Have you ever spent a night at a hotel, on business, and been charged a “resort fee” even though you never had time to take advantage of the pool, the spa or any of the other “amenities?”.

Smartphone Statistics

Brad Cleveland

Source: Google) 59% of consumers have received an advertising message on their smartphone from a brand or retailer related to their current location. Retailers reported that sales via smartphones grew an average of 87% in 2014.

Seven ideal characteristics of a B2B influencer

Peter Lavers

The ethics of the thought leader being paid for their participation/contribution have been questioned, but it seems to me that this is not an issue as long as it’s their time that’s being contracted i.e. not dictating the message, which is just advertising!

B2B 130

Are you Competition Obsessed?

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Once the stepsister of Advertising, PR has now become the more valuable tool for marketing. If you haven’t read Jeff Bezos’ latest letter to his shareholders, put it on your to-do list pronto.

Technology and Digital Media Driving Consumer Experience- ‘What was’ Versus ‘What is’ of Customer Service

Call Center Weekly

When the buying choice was dependent on advertisements and word of mouth, we did not have comparatives or access to customer reviews. By Rinku Basu Over the past few years, customer services have been taken to astonishingly new heights.

Dear Food Delivery Company, You Should Assume Customers Ordering From a Hotel Will Need a Fork.

Myra Golden Media

Why wouldn’t a restaurant catering to (and advertising to) hotel customers assume that people would need napkins and utensils? One of the best things about travel for me is going to local restaurants and cafes and enjoying the food.

Half the Money You Spend on #CX is Wasted

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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half. I've seen a few interpretations, but I think the most common one revolves around not being able to qualify or quantify the effects of advertising.

Should We Come Clean or Look the Other Way?

Rudy Vidal Consulting

My partner Emily likes a particular soap and cleaning product that is advertised as non-irritating, plant-based, and without synthetic ingredients. If you discover problems in execution that affect your customers, do you keep them to yourself? Or do you come clean to your customers?

The Non-Conscious Influence that Affects How You Will Read This Post

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Many people associate subliminal messages with advertising. We like to think that influences on our behavior are things of which we are aware. It makes us feel like we are in control. However, forces affect our behavior whether we are aware of them or not.