Setting Big Data Free


The post Setting Big Data Free appeared first on Blueworx. Blog AI Big Data Customer ExperienceArtificial intelligence, also known as AI, is woven throughout the economy.

Be Warned: You Can’t Rely On Big Data!

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I’ve been reading about Big Data’s foray into “Journey Analytics.” Journey analytics seeks to improve customer experience by collecting data at each point on a customer’s journey and mapping customers’ paths – whether they lead to a purchase or not. But data can’t see this.

Big Data’s Big Problem

Beyond Philosophy

Big data is the gigantic data sets whose analysis could reveal predictions of human behavior. Big data is big news. But Big data is only showing us a part of the big picture. The biggest part, WHY people do what they do is, as of yet, missing from Big Data. I have written before about the big hole in big data , which is the lack of emotional data collected in all these bytes of information.

Transforming the Customer Experience with Big Data

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What is big data? Big data" has been defined in many different ways and seems to most often refer to the sheer volume of data, but for the purpose of this article, I''m going to refer to the data sources. What is the right data? Data must be analyzed.

The CX Circle: Insights from Everybody Lies

The Center for Client Retention

To finish out the CX Circle year, we chose to read Everybody Lies: Big Data. New Data. When we first picked up the book, we thought it would be primarily about personal data and how it can be used to target certain individuals and learn about them.

Data for the Sake of Data? Never!

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Image courtesy of Pixabay "Data is just data until you do something with it," right? Today, on a webinar with Logi Analytics , I am sharing tips on moving beyond data for the sake of data (and dashboards for the sake of dashboards).

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of March 12, 2018


There will be the ones you expe ct along with some big surprises. Five Organizations that Are Using Big Data to Power Digital Transformation by Conner Forrest. ZDnet) Big data can be a great asset in achieving digital transformation.

These 8 Technologies Are Transforming the Contact Center


Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data analytics, and mobility are all driving contact center innovation. This Big Data application is intended to track, evaluate, and measure activities and sentiment at every step of the customer journey. Another great match for Millennials—for whom gamification’s instant recognition and gratification are big pluses—and Baby Boomers are fans as well.

The Customer is Changing: Decipher the Clues


This is a story about finding the hidden gems in your customer interaction data. And the good news is you don’t need “Big Data” to find them. There is so much value in “small” quality management data.

Guest Blog: The Evolving Nature of Digital Customer Experience – Are You Ready for the Future?


Dutta Satadip, Director, Customer Success, Americas, Google says “I believe that Machine Learning will have a big impact on the future of customer experience. As Andrew Watson puts it “ten years ago, companies had to focus primarily on delighting the most lucrative customer segment, whereas today we have the ability to craft a relationship strategy with all types of personalities, communication styles and preferences, and other data points.” Big Data.

The Biggest VoC Problem. and How to Solve It

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The problem is all of the data that listening generates. The biggest problem with all of the data is that it doesn't get used. That's a big problem. analytics big data constituencies data voice of business voice of customer voice of employee voice of market voice of partner

The 3 Contact Center Applications That Pay for Themselves


IVAs are self-learning; their intelligence is continually evolving based on data inputs from each new interaction. DMG defines robotic process automation as the use of software to process transactions, manipulate data, trigger responses, initiate actions, and communicate with other digital systems to automate the completion of high-volume, repetitive, and non-cognitive tasks. Thank you for your interest in DMG Consulting’s publications.

Using Interaction Analytics to Improve the Customer Journey (whitepaper)


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The Breadth of Customer Insight

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In our poll of over 100 customer insight leaders, only half considered data management or database marketing to be part of Customer Insight. As I've written in the past , you may need to be a Data Scientist, Psychologist, Artist, Storyteller, Sales Coach, Economist, and People Leader.

Cloud Contact Center Data Augmentation: Customer Intelligence Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

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We have always used consumer data to drive exceptional customer service, but in the last few years many vendors have been utilizing technology in new ways to create and optimize information like never before. data augmentationThe currency of the contact center is information.

Digital Learners, SXSW EDU, Student Activism & More


” What happens when “Big Data” goes to school and students are turned into numbers ? Busy week? We’re here to help. Here’s our roundup of top educational stories from the past seven days: “The problem is that there are parents, politicians, lawmakers, and even some educators who continue to promote an educational model and prepare students for a world that no longer exists.”

How Technology & Customer Experience Have Changed the Employee Learning Landscape

Call Center Weekly

By Melissa Pollock Cloud-based contact center platforms, big data analytics, omni-channel operations, and artificial intelligence applications have all contributed to a prodigious evolution in how we engage and manage customer journeys.

Avoiding Bot Biases in Customer Experience

Taylor Reach Group

AI systems have become supercharged at doing just this very thing at high speeds, and with as much data as is available. However, their ability to maximize insights from big data was only marginally successful; unfortunately, there were not enough hamsters to turn the wheel.

In the midst of technological advancement in contact centers, it pays great dividends to remember people still matter

Robert Davis

Artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, omnichannel, cloud, big data and speech analytics (just to name a few) are disrupting 25 years of traditional thought about customer service. By Brad Baumunk , President and COO.

The CX Circle: Insights from Sensemaking

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Big data is great, but it’s not the entire picture – Big data is a buzzword that everyone likes to talk about. “Big data concerns itself with correlation, not causation” (2017, p.

Need Customer Surveys? Call Centers Can Help!

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The following are a few of his reasons: Big data and social analytics are usually lagging indicators. Do customer surveys matter? Are they still useful, or do customers get tired of them and ignore them or answer dishonestly?

12 Top Choices to Read and Follow over the Holiday Season

Peter Lavers

Big data, analytics, AI and IoT continue to be hot topics, and in this 2-part blog I argue that customer data is the new marketing battleground , and that analytics are the new weapons guidance systems.

Guest Blog: How Does AI Marketing Help Drive Customer Engagement?


Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is an innovative way for marketers to bridge the gap between data science and execution. There is a wealth of customer data available to marketers today. But, that data is necessary to guide strategy.

5 Top CX Trends For Survival in the Age of the Customer


Soft Data is Perfectly OK. We’re now taming big data into impressive insights. It’s not always about who has the biggest data, it’s about who has the biggest heart. Blog Customer Experience Featured AI CXDay CXPA data linkedin metrics success

From a Twenty-Something: 3 Honest Reasons the Digital Experience is Important

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Companies that utilize Big Data to analyze their customers by segmentation of their social media interactions, website interactions, and other behaviors will be able to shift their focus towards a customer-centric philosophy.

Guest Blog: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Answering Support Tickets


From big data to the smallest details, you have to know everything. Belle Balace is growth specialist at , a powerful online presentation, infographic, and data visualization tool.

#SXSW: Emerging AI with a Focus on Greater Experiences


Big AI will be just as important as Big Data in the near future. In the past few years, we’ve heard so much around big data. There are entire organizations learning how to manage and manipulate the incredible amount of data now available to us.

Case Study: Enhance Your CX With This Technology

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It can sound a little creepy and Big Brother-ish, but this proactive approach is very important when it comes to building a great customer experience. Like all data, though, wearable technology has its limitations.

What Cupid Has to Say About Your Call Center Relationships


Technology has made it simple to track customer preferences, and big data provides trends and insights. Organizations that use this data properly can give their customers a better and more personalized experience, outshining the competition.

The State of the Bot Going Into 2018


In 2018, we should see much better integration with customer data and analytics, bringing customer history, behavioral patterns, and big data into chatbot interactions. tpgoebel to engage in a conversation around the big question of “HOW”! (Or

Guess Who? They Know everything!

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Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is an economist, data scientist and an author. His book, Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are , explores how big data reveals the biases we have and how we think.

Be Honest: Are You Communicating Effectively?

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Leverage Big Data for all it’s worth. Take all those hundreds of thousands of bits of data, and start getting to know who your customers are, what they want, and how they communicate.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of December 12, 2016


Boomtrain) Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics have been around for a while in the B2B world. Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week.

Amazon’s Latest Experiment – Will It Work?

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Be Warned: You Can’t Rely on Big Data! The new cashierless Amazon Go store is open for business in Seattle , and it could revolutionize the way we shop. At least that’s what some people think. Personally, I’m not so sure.

Turning Customer Interaction Data into a Competitive Advantage

Aria Solutions

Most contact centers use interaction data to justify or support contact center metrics, such as average call handle time, speed of answer, abandonment and even first call resolution. But when you think about it, doesn’t it make more sense to capture data at the event and interaction level? In this blog, we will look at how one well-known company’s use of customer interaction data has become a key part of their success. A Modern-Day Romance: Big Data and Customer Journey.

8x8 Awarded Seven New Patents Related to Truly Unified Communications


At 8x8, we aim to stay nimble, responsive and innovative as the company revolutionizes the business communications industry by unifying cloud telephony, messaging, meetings and contact center solutions along with big data and speech analytics on a single cloud platform.

Who's Your Customer Experience Custodian?

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Big data/analytics are some of the key areas of investments marketers are recommending for businesses to differentiate. Who is the customer experience custodian in your organization? I was recently interviewed by CSS Corp for their CXpert Speak series.