Whose job is it anyway? The importance of accountability in the world of Customer Experience


It certainly brings to life scenarios and phenomena that many people experience on a regular basis: Lack of accountability. The importance of accountability in the world of Customer Experience appeared first on I J Golding.

Hold those employees accountable, not me

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Why is it that many people in power positions with oversight of many employees are very willing to HOLD people accountable and construct policies, consequences, and punishments but do not want these constraints placed on themselves? The post Hold those employees accountable, not me appeared first on Improving Employee Engagement & Leadership. Why is it employees want consequences placed on others that they wouldn’t place on themselves?

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6 Levers For Executive Commitment to CX (Infographic)

Customer Experience Matters

CCXP3 Organizational Adoption and Accountability Chief customer officer Customer experience Executive leadership Infographic Purposeful LeadershipIn the report Activating Executive Commitment to CX, Temkin Group introduces a blueprint that CX leaders can use to gain and strengthen senior executive commitment.

CX Competency: Employee Engagement (Video)

Customer Experience Matters

CCXP1 Customer-Centric Culture CCXP3 Organizational Adoption and Accountability Customer experience Employee EngagementTemkin Group has found that the only path to sustainable customer experience differentiation is to build a customer-centric culture.

Taking Ownership – key to the success of your approach to Customer Experience


Accountability is something assigned or given. As we head into the middle of September, as many people are reaching towards the back of their wardrobes to find their winter jumpers as are looking for their shorts and t-shirts.

Strategic Customer Experience Action on Voice of Customer


They stewed over our survey results for quite a while, and, facilitated by our VP-CX, they eventually agreed on a company-wide approach to interpreting, acting on, and being accountable for progress, resolution, and prevention of issue recurrence.

Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

Customer Relationship Metrics

Ownership over Accountability. When your focus is on how to hold people accountable, it takes your focus off an important question: “Why do we need to hold people accountable in the first place?”.

5 Questions to Think About When Planning System Integration

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an account and a contact, and the account was successfully created but the contact failed the validation), it must be ensured that the account record is removed again. The account should only be created for a successful order submission, but not if the order submission fails.

A Learner Centered Approach: Retaining Your Tenured Employees Through Client Transition

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Without it, the perception of accountability will undermine all other efforts to ignite a passion for learning.

Strategy Drives Structure

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Many contact centers have been through consolidations or restructurings that are really just cleanup efforts for lack of having or using an effective customer access strategy. For example, I recall helping an insurance company with agent group “consolidation.”

6 Extremes That Are Killing the Productivity of your Telecommuting Employees

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You can show your employees you trust them, and still hold them accountable for their production. Setting goals, assigning projects, and checking progress keeps your employees accountable.

Staffing for Weekends

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That’s when many are checking accounts, kicking around options for the renovation, paying utility bills, and booking that trip to see Aunt Mae. Here’s an idea: If you’re a consumer-facing service operation and want to stand out from the crowd, be there for your customers on weekends.

Why your contact center is a massive fraud risk

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This was a great idea 20 years ago, after all 20 years ago no one would know the name of your elementary school or best friend, but I surely don’t need to convince you that a low level criminal with a dial up connection and a Facebook account can figure that out.”.

The Impact of Good Email Management on Great Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Although it may seem as though social has made email obsolete, the number of email accounts is expected to increase from over 3.9 billion in 2013 to over 4.9 billion by the end of 2017.

Avoid Angry Customers with The No Fault Technique

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Lisa Dezoete, an Accounting Administrator at Truckstop.com, often has to contact customers to collect payments for unpaid accounts. Dezoete then tries to work with her customers to find a solution, such as giving an extension when needed or canceling an unwanted account.

Become a Consumer Customer Service Expert !

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In an era of 24/7 cable national cable news coverage and millions of smart phones, Twitter accounts, and Instagram followers, even an incident far more insignificant than this can have long lasting repercussions for an organization.

State of Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management


After all, B2B account teams are usually quite involved with clients throughout a long sales cycle, interacting with various influencers of the buying decision and almost "living" the customer journey alongside their clients.

B2C 40

Instant Satisfaction: How to Meet Rising Customer Expectations

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In order to optimize payment processing efficiency, businesses should also adopt cloud accounting software capable of integrating with mobile payment processing.

Why Only 15% of Voice of Customer Programs are “Very Successful”


Customer experience maturity models place organizational adoption and accountability for driving business change per VoC at the tail-end of the customer experience management effort. The C-team focused on these action plan metrics in each business unit’s and account team’s bonus formula.

Essential Do’s & Don’ts for Customer Experience on Twitter

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According to a 2014 study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 83 percent of Fortune 500 companies maintain active Twitter accounts. Twitter is an absolute essential for connecting with customers and clients in today’s competitive business environment. The most successful of these businesses carefully craft tweets capable of building an engaged community. The result […]. Communication Culture Customer Experience Customer Service Technology

RCDA drives KPI achievement through call flow enhancement and agent and leadership development

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Sales per 100, customer care queue – Utilized a process that focused on reviewing the customer’s account and discovery questions. Bundles – Trained agents on the importance of utilizing an account review and transition to strategic discovery questions to build the offer.

Netflix Customer Service


I was unable to login to my account from a new device and wanted to continue my latest binge. I recently had to contact Netflix® regarding my subscription. In this post I will relay my customer service experience and, as good as it was, how it could have been improved

Shocking! Yahoo’s data breach

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If you aren’t sure this is true, then ask yourself: would I open a Yahoo email account today? It’s because 500 million of Yahoo’s account users’ names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, scrambled passwords, and security questions are in the wind.

The Best Way to Ask Employees About Training Needs

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Customer advocates would generally apologize, and offer to refund the charge and convert the customer's account into a monthly one. You may be tempted to survey employees to ask about their training needs. Don't.

“Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” – How To Apologize

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Seeing that Wells Fargo violated the trust of their customers by their employees opening and moving customers money into their account, they had to accept responsibility. By accepting responsibility, the CEO had to show remorse for the way it didn’t handle their customer accounts responsibly.

Lose the Customer’s Confidence and You Lose the Customer


They take care of our checking accounts and credit cards for our entire family, and we were having a problem transferring money from one account to another. He was able to take a look at several of our accounts and discovered why we were having our problem, and he fixed it.

How Palo Alto Software Used Metrics to Improve Service

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Celeste: "Sean added live chat triggers to the page in the app where people are setting up their business plan the first time they log into their new account. In the past our customer advocates apologized for the confusion and offered to convert the account to a monthly one.

Why Must I Repeat Myself Again and Again?


Why did she ask for my account or customer number? Louis, MO and she had my account up on her screen. Some programs use voice print technology to match the customer’s voice to their account. Customer Support.

10 Silos Impact Customer Experience


The good side: variety, ownership, accountability, specialization, and efficiency — yes, we need these. It means hassles: having to re-explain the situation, or worse, having to recite yet again account numbers and security answers. 10 Silos Impact Customer Experience Lynn Hunsaker.

How to Help Customers Recover From Nasty Surprises

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You can get a 30-day trial if you don't already have a Lynda account. A Customer Service Tip of the Week subscriber recently wrote to ask for some advice. She explained that production problems at her company were delaying deliveries.

When Salesforce® Lightning Strikes! The Top Three CX Improvements


The Activity Timeline is displayed for each and every customer and is a collection of key details that helps your agent understand any and all activity that occurred with an account in chronological order. The entire account history is at the agents’ fingertips!

What is the best scale for customer satisfaction surveys?

Customer Relationship Metrics

What is the best approach for analyzing survey results to insure value, accuracy, and accountability? When teams or agents are held accountable for customer evaluations, it’s natural for the focus to be on what’s “fair”.

SMS – Better Outreach on Customer Terms


The ultimate goal is for the customer to take action whether that be going to a website, taking a survey, completing an order, viewing a special offer or making adjustments to their account.

Employee motivation: Helping your people achieve positive change in their lives is tantamount to improving organizational performance

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Many managed only one account that represented millions of dollars in revenue for the company. By Larry Hunt , Vice President and Practice Leader.

Why Dreaming Big Isn’t Enough

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When employees couldn’t reach the company’s aggressive sales targets, they started opening accounts without the account holders’ permission!

Five Ways to Humanize Customer Service

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They must follow a script that requires them to ask for an account number or some other information. Humanity in customer service is getting rare. We shop online without ever interacting with a person.

Use of Live Chat or Social Media for Customer Service: One More Way to Make or Break Your Brand!

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I was not in the situation to be able to call them to resolve my account. The only reason I did not pull my account is that I put so much time into making it look the way I wanted. This week, Apple launched its first Twitter account for customer service.

4 Best Technologies for Small Businesses

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Accounting Software. For this reason, accounting software is a must have for small businesses. There are some free accounting programs that are available online, as well as well-known paid programs that make billing, inventory, and payroll easy.

How to Create Your Punch List for Quick CX Wins


Create template for “problem order” emails from account reps. Have you ever lived through a major renovation project or lived through construction of a house or condo?

Staffing for Weekends

Brad Cleveland

That’s when many are checking accounts, kicking around options for the renovation, paying utility bills, and booking that trip to see Aunt Mae. Here’s an idea: If you’re a consumer-facing service operation and want to stand out from the crowd, be there for your customers on weekends.