12 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP (Don't Miss This)


The benefits of VoIP over traditional phone systems are extensive. As such, we’ve compiled some of the most important advantages of VoIP into this clear, concise, and easy-to-consume list. Benefits of VoIP Benefits of VoIP for businessVirtually every business stands to greatly benefit by implementing this sophisticated communications technology.

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Isolating the audio in VoIP networks


As opposed to the old telephony networks that was based on dedicated physical cables per call, usually twisted pair, the cables in VoIP network are virtual. In this post we will discuss SIP networks but the logic is the same for all other VoIP protocols. Background.

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How Unified Communication is Changing the VoIP Industry


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become such a no-brainer for budget, productivity, and usability that it’s nearly ubiquitous in the business world. Of course, much of the loss is to cellular communication, but increasingly, businesses and individuals are making the switch to VoIP. The Challenges of VoIP. It’s estimated that VoIP can save companies. VoIP was due for a serious upgrade. How is Unified Communication Changing the VoIP Industry?

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Is SIP Right for Your Contact Center?

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology call center contact center multimedia communications Session Initiation Protocol SIP SIP trunking VoIPSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) has been around for many years and has become the de facto answer for both network trunking and endpoints, or “phones.”

News Flash: Agility and Innovation, NOT Size, Matters When Moving to the Cloud!


Reliable Cloud Service VoIP Phone Service Avaya Chapter 11 VoIP ProviderCircuit City, Radio Shack, BlockBuster, Borders, Brookstone….

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Why using Skype for business is a recipe for disaster


Business VoIP Real Time Communications Business GrowthMicrosoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011. Small businesses have been using Skype successfully. According to Microsoft, Skype used to make 3 billion minutes of calls every day.

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Feature Spotlight:  Receptionist Switchboard


Business VoIP cloud features receptionist dashboardI have been listening recently to my sales team and my VARs selling the PanTerra Cloud PBX solution.

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Feature Spotlight: Real Life Benefits of a Web-Based Softphone


Business VoIP Cloud PBX softphoneRecently, I was pleasantly reminded why I am happy for a softphone that could be used inside of a web browser. For those of you that are not familiar with the Cloud PBX space, I will go over the industry standard.

What is SIP?

Strategic Contact

SIP fits with “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP), which is the way most voice. SIP is a protocol standard for initiating and managing “sessions” or connections between point A and point B.

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8x8 Awarded Seven New Patents Related to Truly Unified Communications


This patent relates to call summary metrics of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls routed by an Internet Protocol private branch exchange (IPBX) server; United States Patent number 9,705,943 titled, “User configurable data storage,” awarded on July 11. This invention enables VoIP call data generated to be associated with the specific user accounts; United States Patent number 9,762,737 titled, “IPBX control interface for distributed networks,” awarded on September 12.

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ITExpo Preview #3 - The Rise of Messaging in the Enterprise

Jon Arnold

This session will be on the Friday at 11am in Room 210, and joining me will be David Frankel of ZipDX , Brad Blanken of Bandwidth.com , and David Walsh of VoIP Innovations. Here's the final preview post for the sessions I'll be moderating next week at ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale. We're getting our share of snow here in Toronto, so let's just say the change of scene will be nice!

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The State of Call Recording: From Feature to Platform


But, we’ve always seen Call Recording as nothing particularly special, just another great feature users can gain thanks to the power of Business VoIP , and the Cloud. If you have ever called into a contact center, chances are you have heard the phrase before: “This call may be recorded for training quality assurance purposes.” We may not think much of it, and completely forget we’re being recorded once an agent answers the phone.

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Why Build a Contact Center Instead of a Call Center?

Win the Customer

Cloud-Based vs. Office-Based or VoIP-Based. A traditional call center is usually based in an office with a public switched telephone network, or increasingly, a VoIP phone network. Cloud contact center solutions are becoming the new standard for customer service.

Finances Online Adds PanTerra CloudUC


20 VoIP Software. #6 PanTerra Networks, the leading provider of unified cloud services for mid-market enterprises, today announced it has been added to. FinancesOnline.com in several categories: Top 200 Collaboration Software. Top 50 Communications Software. #41 41 Collaboration Tools Software. #20 6 Instant Messaging and Chat Software. Additionally, PanTerra has received Finances Online’s 2017 Awards for Rising Star and Great User Experience and was listed among the.

VoWiFi 911 and Application of Proximity Check


Wireless location has historically been derived from the cell tower and VoIP location from the subscriber’s pre-provisioned address. By: Marcus Andronici, Principal Sales Engineer.

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Enterprise E911 Regulations Explained


I’m passionate about the issues of 911 within MLTS for good reason: wireless, wireline and VoIP communications are all subject to federal regulations. Mary Boyd. VP of Government & Regulatory Affairs.

CX: The Shift from Call Center to Contact Center

Revation Systems

Since 1973, call center solutions have been leveraging the latest advancements to further the customer experience in reaching businesses when they need to — whether through the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) of the ’70s or the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) of the ’90s and 2000’s.

Can Bandwidth Be Your Customer Experience Advantage?

Call Center Coach

At the core of Bandwidth’s business-grade CPaaS offering are communication APIs that allow companies to launch and scale next generation apps and solutions using the nation’s largest VoIP network. Are you a seeker of new things? What about re-discovering the old?

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Amazing Business Radio: Matt Peterson


Shep Hyken interviews Matt Peterson, CMO and co-founder of Jive Communications, a worldwide cloud based communication company that offers VoIP, video conferencing, and contact center support. Matt Peterson Shares Tips on Delivering Amazing Service.

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Enable Orchestrated Routing for Customer Journeys, Mobile and More!

Aria Solutions

VOIP/SIP transition or PBX Replacement: This kind of initiative requires changes to routing anyway, so consider including Genesys Orchestration and Composer Routing too.

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Should you outsource your customer service?


Some of the software tools they invest in are equipped with features such as email, VoIP, social media monitoring, web chat, and sms. WHY YOU SHOULD OUTSOURCE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Customer service is a vital part of any business, but the question is, should it be kept in-house? There are a lot of benefits to be gained when you outsource your call centers.

4 Tips to Avoid the Customer Service Mistakes I Made 10 Years Ago

Customer Service Life

My boss approached me and said, “Hey Jeremy, you might start seeing calls, emails, and chats trickle in about this new VOIP phone service. Photo Credit: Meredith Atwater via CC License. This article was originally published on CustomerThink as my monthly Advisor column on August 11, 2017.

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Guest Blog: The Do’s and Dont’s of Using Chatbots for Customer Service


Reuben Yonatan is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP and GetCRM — trusted VoIP and CRM comparison guides that help companies understand and choose a business communication solution for their specific needs. This week we feature an article by Reuben Yonatan who writes about how using chatbots for customer service properly can be a powerful customer service tool.

Getting Started With Advanced Call Center Management and Metrics

Win the Customer

As a VoIP system for call center organizations of all sizes, setup takes only a few minutes and there’s no need to hire system administrators, developers, or technical wizards to tap into the powerful management tools and metrics available.

The Importance of Audio Quality in Call Centers


The PBXMate is an independent software product that works with any PBX and can be easily integrated in any VoIP network. Background. Telephony is the main (and usually the only) communication channel between Call Centers and their customers. The efficiency and quality of the telephony interactions between a Call Center and its customers is a key factor to the Call Center’s business success. This efficiency and quality can be divided to two major categories: Information & Technology.

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