Customer Engagement Center Capabilities: Agent Empowerment and Engagement


According to Aspect’s Agent Engagement Survey, 78% of customer service reps who feel engaged are satisfied at their job, a full 16 points higher than the average and a whopping 54 points higher than those agents who don’t feel engaged. Engaged employees are happy employees.

Contact Resolution and Agent Empowerment will Increase Customer Loyalty


When I called, the customer service agent was profusely apologetic. Agent empowerment is part of the process. In my previous example, the agent didn’t have to put me on hold multiple times or call their supervisor.

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Blending AI with Human Support

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology agent empowerment AI artificial intelligence call center contact center customer service machine intelligenceThe future of work and the impact that artificial intelligence will have on the workforce has been a hot topic lately.

Engaged Employees = Happy Customers

Contact Center Pipeline

Workforce Management agent empowerment call center Collaboration contact center employee engagement multichannel WFM workforce managementEmployee engagement is more than just a buzzword. Successful customer service organizations create a culture that encourages it.

Optimize Agent Performance with Live Actionable Intelligence


The two key drivers of this call center metric are agent effectiveness and agent empowerment. These make sense because the competency of service agents directly impacts Research by CFI Group in 2017 shows that the contact center satisfaction index (CCSI) remains at a low point of 68 (as measured on a 0-100 scale) in the private and government sectors.

How to Show your Customer Service Agents You’re Thankful for Them


The holiday season is all about giving and on this Thanksgiving Eve there’s no better time to show your customer service and contact center agents how grateful you are for them. Earlier this year , we surveyed a large group of agents to learn about the true agent experience.

Are Your Contact Center Agents Empowered to Provide Great Customer Service?


We all want our agents to provide “great” service. When I think about “great” service, I envision a customer interaction that required little customer effort, that was resolved on the first contact, by the first agent, and in which the agent served as a positive ambassador for the brand. But, does hiring great contact center agents equate to great service? Agents Want to Solve Customer Issues – But Can They? Internal Processes Limit Agent Autonomy.

3 Keys to Building Customer Engagement – Connect, Automate, Iterate


Capabilities such as automation, analytics, workflow and verification have the ability to transform agent, customer and enterprise operations.

Stay in Sync with Effective Calibration


This process validates the effectiveness of individuals evaluating agent performance and improving customer service. For the executives, listening to calls and understanding the opportunities and obstacles of the agent provides better insight into performance and the customer experience.