Trends in Healthcare… Some May Surprise You

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In June, I attended the Healthcare Call Center Times Conference in Pittsburgh. As evidenced by the conference, healthcare is among the fastest-growing contact center verticals in the market. Many of today’s healthcare […].

Best Practices When Choosing Healthcare Call Center Companies


Outsourcing partners provide a host of services for the healthcare industry, ranging from … Best Practices When Choosing Healthcare Call Center Companies Read More ». The post Best Practices When Choosing Healthcare Call Center Companies appeared first on Ansafone Contact Centers.

The future of healthcare customer service

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Discover the three healthcare industry trends that are making customer service more important than ever. Healthcare

Clear Path to Healthcare Access… Four Pillars of Readiness

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Access initiatives are taking place in a very high percentage of emerging healthcare “systems.” Strategic planning call center centralized practice management change management contact center healthcare call centers healthcare systems

Why Healthcare Providers Should Work with TeleDirect


Healthcare providers are required to serve an ever-increasing number of patients while being expected to deliver exceptional service on a daily basis. Today, the definition of healthcare providers includes: Family practitioners. Why should healthcare providers work with TeleDirect?

Why IoT Security is Crucial for Healthcare’s Future

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It’s clear that healthcare communication technology is leading to a more highly interconnected world. As the world becomes saturated with connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), the price of convenience creates some serious impacts to healthcare security.

Discuss Healthcare Call Center Trends with Revation at HCCT 2018

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Curious about recent trends in digital transformation and how they can impact and ultimately improve the patient experience, while lowering costs in healthcare call centers? The post Discuss Healthcare Call Center Trends with Revation at HCCT 2018 appeared first on Revation Systems.

3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries


3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries. Austin Ridgeway, Director, HGS Healthcare. Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of industry buzz about what retail can teach healthcare about engagement strategies. Healthcare.

How to Create a Better Healthcare Patient Experience


But does that hold true for healthcare, too? In recent years, patients often elect to receive healthcare through mobile apps, outpatient treatment and clinics instead of hospitals, according to Modern Healthcare.

Lessons Learned from the Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches in History

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Digital healthcare has been growing to satisfy the demands of an industry eager for healthcare technology that provides better physician collaboration and improved patient care. million of its patients , becoming the single largest healthcare data breach of 2016.

Healthcare Contact Centers: The Open Enrollment Crunch

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But for healthcare contact centers, the last three months of the year can be summed up in two words: Open Enrollment. Of course, public sector and government healthcare agencies are often further challenged with resource constraints. Thus a flexible cloud model becomes more desirable, as it allows healthcare organizations to effectively manage costs as workforce demand fluctuates. October, November and December will be here sooner than you think.

How Healthcare Providers Can Help Patients Manage Their Health at No Cost 


In the healthcare industry, communicating effectively with patients, getting them to understand treatment details, maintaining follow-up schedules and remembering appointment times is challenging enough under normal circumstances.

Industry Expertise Boosts Effectiveness of the Service Experience in Healthcare


The digital disruption in healthcare is here. Pair that with the ever-growing trend toward digital communication platforms and the shrinking population of medical professionals staying in the field, and it’s clear that a specialized, efficient and digitally diverse service system is needed to thrive in the healthcare industry. Some major systems such as Medicare have begun using assessment tools like star ratings to measure the value and effectiveness of their healthcare plans.

Digital Transformation, Healthcare and the Contact Center


Yesterday Altivon sponsored the first in a series of healthcare related webinars focused on patient experience and the contact center. Leaden has both wide and deep experience, working with mid-size to large enterprise customers in several industries, not least of which is healthcare.

3 Requirements You Should Have for Your Healthcare Contact Center

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A recent article by John Nash discusses how retail companies keep up with trends in customer engagement, but healthcare organizations often lag behind. In other words, the healthcare industry is due for a disruption similar to how Amazon has done it in the retail space.

Impacts of Healthcare Consumerism: Part 2 The Brave New World of Choice: What You Need to Know


Posted by Krithika Srivats As we noted in our May 13 post, Part 1 of our series on this topic, healthcare consumerism is stepping up [.]. The post Impacts of Healthcare Consumerism: Part 2 The Brave New World of Choice: What You Need to Know appeared first on Team HGS Blog.

Empowering Service Providers, Medical Staff, Patients, Doctors, and Pharmaceuticals on Any Channel

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The healthcare industry faces many challenges in communicating with patients and increasing the customer experience. With increasing expectations of customers and compliance restraints, healthcare providers often wonder how they can improve satisfaction ratings without breaking the bank.

North Memorial Health: The True Advantage of UC Technology within the Healthcare Space

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Q: What benefits are your employees experiencing since deploying LinkLive Healthcare/Knowledge Base? The post North Memorial Health: The True Advantage of UC Technology within the Healthcare Space appeared first on Revation Systems.

Impacts of Healthcare Consumerism: Part 2 The Brave New World of Choice: What You Need to Know


Impacts of Healthcare Consumerism: Part 2 The Brave New World of Choice: What You Need to Know. Today’s Healthcare Consumer. More and more, today’s healthcare consumer is educated, working from the informed decision-making vantage point. Healthcare.

Virtual Care, Future of Care and the Mobile Workforce — A Discussion with Revation CEO Perry Price

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This is why I was so excited to get the time to sit down with Perry and pick his brain about healthcare’s hot topics — virtual care, the future of healthcare and the mobile workforce. What is the future of Virtual Care in healthcare?

Secure Text Messaging and Email for Medical Practices

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HealthcareMost health care providers send text messages and emails throughout their day. Unfortunately many are choosing unsecured methods of transmission. Bad news for protecting patient data and worse yet, a clear HIPAA violation.

What Happens To CX If CVS Buys Aetna?

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While there may be a lot of value in a combined company’s increase in power in drug distribution, what might this healthcare vertical integration mean for customer experience? Customer experience Healthcare Aetna CVS CVS/Caremark Healthcare reformCVS made an offer to buy Aetna for more than $66 billion.

Time on Capitol Hill


Healthcare Artificial Intelligence clinical documentation improvement health IT healthcare industry Speech Recognition Voice RecognitionI arrived at the Rayburn House Office Building on Independence Avenue ready to seize the day.

Mobile and SMS – A New Hope in Patient Engagement


We can all agree that mobile technology and consumer channels have made a strong footprint in healthcare. If we compare this technology to other consumer sectors including financial, travel and retail; healthcare has a way to go—but they are on the right path.

Adapting Value-Based Principles to the Patient Contact Center


Today's healthcare organizations are competing to gain and retain patients. BPO Contact Center Health Care HealthcareA modernized contact center is critical to differentiate your organization.

NGPX & CIO Summit Takeaways


Healthcare IT and Administrative decision-makers nationwide are all grappling with repercussions of patient consumerization. A common statistic cited at both conferences was that healthcare is 10 to 15 years behind all other industries in the ability to support omni-channel communication. .

Revisiting Top HIPAA Violations and Safeguarding Tech Against Them

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Yet as HIPAA and HITRUST certifications become increasingly important for health IT vendors, we felt the topic of HIPAA violations and safeguarding patient technology was worth revisiting — especially as healthcare cyberattacks continue to rise.

Innovation in action speaks louder than words


Brown University published research that uncovered an alarming trend among healthcare providers: physicians are spending less time with patients and more time on the computer. Healthcare Artificial Intelligence clinical documentation improvement health IT Machine Learning virtual assistants

Why are Hospitals Spooked by Cloud Tech?

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As digital transformation continues to sweep industries across the nation, healthcare has been notably slow to adopt new technologies and trends. million healthcare records were exposed in 110 data breaches.

How Contact Centers Impact Patient Experience


agents Contact Center Health Care HealthcareA modernized patient contact center is critical both for differentiating your organization from the competition and for preventing revenue leakage. The post How Contact Centers Impact Patient Experience appeared first on Team HGS Blog.

Traditional Software License Fees Going the Way of the Dodo!


Fenero healthcare call center software increased call volume usage virtual call center software licensing fees pay-as-you-go superior customer experience pricing model contracts open enrollment retail cloud based contact center platform

Are you using secure speech recognition in your mobile messaging app?


Likewise, healthcare providers also have come to rely on text messaging to communicate with care teams and get quick answers to questions about patient care. Healthcare Dragon speech recognition health IT security

At the end of the day…diversity is powerful


HealthcareI have always believed that an idea shared is an idea improved. There is power in gaining the perspectives of those that are different from us in examining and improving on an idea.

Chatbots—Just What the Doctor Ordered


This example is just one of many in which chatbots are coming to the rescue in the healthcare industry, and the timing couldn’t be better. That said, healthcare organizations may not necessarily be able to move forward with a chatbot policy on their own.

IVR capabilities Through The Years: How Does Your System Stack Up?


Interactive Voice Response Proactive Engagement Healthcare IVR Contact Center Solutions Contact Center Solution Natural Language artificial intelligenceInteractive Voice Response (IVR) systems have existed for several decades. Over time, this technology has evolved.

Helping the Everyday Heroes


Caregivers are the people who are often the critical linchpin between an individual care recipient, healthcare teams and social services systems. . Healthcare and social service providers have to communicate with people where they are.

Improving Patient Engagement with Reporting and Business Intelligence


Healthcare organizations are no different but in addition to reducing costs, they also look to better clinical outcomes and enrich patient experiences. Here are a few ways healthcare organizations can do this: Scorecards and Dashboards.

Engaging surgeons for better documentation


Healthcare Artificial Intelligence clinical documentation improvement computer-assisted physician documentation health IT productivity workflow

At the end of the day…build your brand equity


HealthcareAn industry analyst recently asked me, “What is a brand?” My response: a brand is quite simply the promise you make combined with your personality traits that are displayed in interactions with you.

How TeleDirect Call Centers Can Boost Your CMS Star Rating


From insurance firms to healthcare firms and beyond , TeleDirect’s multi-industry expertise is an indispensable element of everyday business operations. Reducing costs is a big part of an enjoyable healthcare experience.

#HIMSS18: Better Patient Engagement on a Better Channel


There are already a slew of different apps and solutions that enable healthcare providers to send patients appointment reminders and prescription refill reminders. which is essential to improving Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores and overall well-being.

The Many Advantages of Outsourcing your Medical Transcription Services


Outsourcing medical transcription services , in the recent years, has become something of a trend in the healthcare industry, its major beneficiaries being health clinics, hospitals, physicians, healthcare providers and out-patient surgical centers.

The expanding threat of phone fraud


Authentication Banking Fraud Call Center Caller ID Spoofing caller authentication fraud impact healthcare KBA knowledge-based authentication multi-factor authentication personal information phone fraud social engineering telephone channel utility industry