Why IoT Security is Crucial for Healthcare’s Future

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It’s clear that healthcare communication technology is leading to a more highly interconnected world. As the world becomes saturated with connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), the price of convenience creates some serious impacts to healthcare security.

How to Create a Better Healthcare Patient Experience


But does that hold true for healthcare, too? In recent years, patients often elect to receive healthcare through mobile apps, outpatient treatment and clinics instead of hospitals, according to Modern Healthcare.

Guest Blog: How to Create Customer Loyalty in the Healthcare Space


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Brie Tascione, writes about the importance of improving the customer experience in the healthcare industry to improve loyalty and reduce frustration.

Lessons Learned from the Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches in History

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Digital healthcare has been growing to satisfy the demands of an industry eager for healthcare technology that provides better physician collaboration and improved patient care. million of its patients , becoming the single largest healthcare data breach of 2016.

How Healthcare Providers Can Help Patients Manage Their Health at No Cost 


In the healthcare industry, communicating effectively with patients, getting them to understand treatment details, maintaining follow-up schedules and remembering appointment times is challenging enough under normal circumstances.

Revisiting Top HIPAA Violations and Safeguarding Tech Against Them

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Yet as HIPAA and HITRUST certifications become increasingly important for health IT vendors, we felt the topic of HIPAA violations and safeguarding patient technology was worth revisiting — especially as healthcare cyberattacks continue to rise.

Mobile and SMS – A New Hope in Patient Engagement


We can all agree that mobile technology and consumer channels have made a strong footprint in healthcare. If we compare this technology to other consumer sectors including financial, travel and retail; healthcare has a way to go—but they are on the right path.

NGPX & CIO Summit Takeaways


Healthcare IT and Administrative decision-makers nationwide are all grappling with repercussions of patient consumerization. A common statistic cited at both conferences was that healthcare is 10 to 15 years behind all other industries in the ability to support omni-channel communication. .

Adapting Value-Based Principles to the Patient Contact Center


Today's healthcare organizations are competing to gain and retain patients. BPO Contact Center Health Care HealthcareA modernized contact center is critical to differentiate your organization.

Chatbots—Just What the Doctor Ordered


This example is just one of many in which chatbots are coming to the rescue in the healthcare industry, and the timing couldn’t be better. That said, healthcare organizations may not necessarily be able to move forward with a chatbot policy on their own.

Helping the Everyday Heroes


Caregivers are the people who are often the critical linchpin between an individual care recipient, healthcare teams and social services systems. . Healthcare and social service providers have to communicate with people where they are.

How Contact Centers Impact Patient Experience


agents Contact Center Health Care HealthcareA modernized patient contact center is critical both for differentiating your organization from the competition and for preventing revenue leakage. The post How Contact Centers Impact Patient Experience appeared first on Team HGS Blog.

Improving Patient Engagement with Reporting and Business Intelligence


Healthcare organizations are no different but in addition to reducing costs, they also look to better clinical outcomes and enrich patient experiences. Here are a few ways healthcare organizations can do this: Scorecards and Dashboards.

#HIMSS18: Better Patient Engagement on a Better Channel


There are already a slew of different apps and solutions that enable healthcare providers to send patients appointment reminders and prescription refill reminders. which is essential to improving Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores and overall well-being.

4 Factors Increasing Call Volume at Your Business (and How Proactive Communication Can Help)


Healthcare Interactive Services Proactive Notifications & Mobility airline automotive business call case study center communication contact email emergency increasing insurance notification pharmacy proactive seasonality SMS strategy success text travel voice volume

10 Proven Champion-Challenger Optimizations To Improve CX


It can be a challenge keeping up with ever-changing customer demands. Consumer trends shift from one year to the next, and so must your communication plan. But how can you afford to constantly try out new practices without breaking the bank? Well, a major U.S.

Revation at HIMSS18: What’s Next with Patient Engagement?

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The current state of digital transformation has created ripples of change throughout the healthcare industry. We’ll be there too – join us to learn more about the changing digital landscape in healthcare.

A Better Way to Measure Success in Contact Centers


First, let me say, I do realize that healthcare providers just […]. I’m sitting here on hold with my health insurance provider (again). Same issue, fourth time on this same call. The post A Better Way to Measure Success in Contact Centers appeared first on Blueworx.

Mobilizing the Health Call Center Workforce (& Why It’s Needed)

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As an increasing number of consumers turn to their smartphones instead of their laptops, industries such as healthcare must also consider how their employees use technology on-the-go , including mobilizing the health call center workforce in a way that best fits their unique needs.

Digital Transformation Revolution

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Perhaps the place where digital transformation has made its most notable impact has been in vertical industries such as healthcare and banking.

5 Ways Speech Analytics Helps Improve the Patient Experience


If there’s any industry that’s in the midst of a transformation, it’s healthcare.

Q & A with Customer Experience Futurist Blake Morgan

Bill Quiseng

Do you enjoy doing paperwork for insurance, healthcare etc? I had the great opportunity to interview Blake Morgan , customer experience futurist about her new book, More is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks Off Customer Experiences.

Amazing Business Radio: Donn Sorensen


Shep Hyken discusses how to create and maintain a customer-focused culture with Donn Sorensen, speaker, philanthropist, and Regional President of Mercy, a large healthcare organization based in St. Donn Sorensen Shares Leadership Principles That. Drive a Customer-Focused Culture.

Building a Training Strategy

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The variety of business that she has experienced in the contact center world includes financial services, incentives, transportation, government, healthcare, insurance, retail, and utility services, giving her a wide-ranging view of the industry.

4 Contact Center Reports to Start Off Your Year


In industries such as finance/banking, healthcare, and utilities, consumers are turning to the phone more often than the overall average—74% used the phone for finance, 73% for healthcare, and 69% for utilities…”.

Enterprise E911 Regulations Explained


MLTS, meanwhile, deployed in the majority of offices, hotels and educational and healthcare institutions nationwide, are the only communications service that doesnot have a nationwide regulatory policy for 911. Mary Boyd. VP of Government & Regulatory Affairs.

CX: The Shift from Call Center to Contact Center

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Today the role of cloud and multi-channel features has changed the game entirely, and shifted what was merely used to aggregate inbound and outbound phone calls into a complex communications hub able to transform multiple industries such as healthcare and banking.

Is Omnichannel Language Support in your Contact Center Strategy?

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The company serves hospitality, legal, government, healthcare, life sciences, marketing communications, social media, mobile, insurance, financial services, and technical industries, as well as contact centers and utilities.

On Being a Human Being


I’ll be speaking on CX in healthcare in Chicago on March 17th. I was that kid in grade school. I would pick on my classmates – I would even write songs and mock them till they were in tears or were so enraged they wanted to beat me up. I was fast, so I would take off running.

When Bad Systems Happen to Good People

Customers That Stick

Sadly, when we’re discussing healthcare, I believe that this type of unfeeling service becomes an ethical issue on some level. In healthcare, a little customer service can go a long way.

Shifting Perceptions: A New World of Work

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Healthcare & Pharmacy. Today, the narrative of our professional arcs has been blurred. Career tracts are not the straight line of our parental professional predecessors.

Amazing Business Radio: Dan Gingiss


Shep Hyken discusses social customer care with Dan Gingiss, head of digital marketing for a Fortune 100 healthcare company, expert on social media & social customer care, and co-host of the “Focus on Customer Service” podcast.

Why Branch Put Down Roots in Minneapolis

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While tech on the coasts builds products that help young, urban Millennials, we see opportunity in tackling the big problems of the entrenched industries of this region -- healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and retail.

What It Means to “Take Care” of the People, Who Take Care of People

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By: Cheri Arafiles In my experience, most patient experience initiatives are very specific to improving the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores of an organization.

The Human Factor: Why Call Centers Should be More than Just Phones

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In healthcare this is referred to as patient engagement. Given today’s climate of security concerns and DDoS attacks, which increased by 28 percent in Q2 this year, encryption is also a major factor for 21st century contact center software, especially in sectors such as healthcare and banking.

May Writing Roundup

Jon Arnold

If you follow me, you'll know the whole month has been non-stop, but aside from all the travel to conferences and speaking spots, I managed to keep a pretty full slate of writing going - mostly for clients, but also for my own blogging. Here's a digest of my activity, and that will give you a sense of the trends I'm seeing in the collaboration and customer care spaces right now. Tech Leader Talk - Digital and Customer Experience: Are We There Yet?

Branch Looks Back: Our Top Blog Posts From 2017

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Not only did it open up our fledgling startup to the amazing people in the Upper Midwest, but it also connected us to the ingrained and established players in the thriving Minneapolis enterprise verticals our customers exist in -- healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and more.

Skate Where the Puck is Going to be: Adapt with Changes to Thrive


You might also think of companies like DuPont moving from a gun powder provider to one of the largest manufactures of various crop science, healthcare, electronics, and nutrition products. We all know that businesses have to adapt with changes in order to thrive and survive.

The Future of AI is Here! Are You Making It Meaningful?


It was everywhere, and the discussions ranged from how it’s used in healthcare to the potential use in exploring space. Dear future robot overlords, Please read this first. I’m on your side! I promise. Mostly. With a few exceptions. Thanks for going easy on me, -Jeannie.

200 Amazing Customer-Obsessed Topics and More!


We have discussed diverse industries, including healthcare, blue collar service, luxury brands and how we can all learn from Lady Gaga ! I’ll be honest.