Upgrade Your Customer Support Rep to a Customer Support Professional


The other day I was talking with a gentleman who was as passionate about customer service and experience as I am. He had worked with support centers and we were discussing how important the team in a customer support center is to an organization.

Hurry and Disrupt your Customer Support Experience

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You just might need to face the fact that you are unable to move as fast as your customers want. Your roadblock from assisting customers in accelerating down their customer journey just might be because your systems are dumb phone centric while your customer is smartphone centric.

Why Customer Support Outsourcing Should Matter to Your Business


Though farming out your customer service will definitely help cut overheads, you have to understand here that it’s not a one-for-all solution to your problems or in simple words, there is no such thing as magic outsourcing beans (in case, you are thinking otherwise). What is Customer Support?

How Will Customer Support Change in the Future?


Customer support is currently standing at a crossroads: One road leads to exciting automated technologies, and the other to the ‘human touch’. These technological breakthroughs point toward a future with remarkable changes in the customer service landscape.

The 3 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make with Customer Support

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In my multiple interactions with the company, they made three critical mistakes in the customer support experience. These are the same 3 mistakes you can’t afford to make with your customer support experience. How can the company believe this is customer support?

How to Automate Customer Support Using Emails, Calls and Chatbots?


Customer support, for most companies, has been a cost center. Especially, when responsibilities like account management and customer success have moved on to dedicated teams. How happy your existing customers are can determine how much revenue would you get […].

Omnichannel Customer Support Checklist for High-Tech Consumer Device Vendors

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Omnichannel Customer Support

4 Must-Have Customer Support Channels Your Company Needs


Ever since the customers can reach the company via phone, there has been a tremendous decrease in the amount of letters sent to these companies. Live chat work as an excellent customer support channel simply because. blog customer support live chat social media

How to Implement a Proactive Customer Support Strategy


When it comes to offering customer support services , there are basically two ways any call center may approach, they can either respond reactively (responding to situations after they have occurred) or proactively (eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear).

Role of Customer Support Outsourcing in Revenue Generation


Customer satisfaction and loyalty are two key factors you should look for while pursuing organisational success and long-term growth for your company. There are a number of ways customer support outsourcing can enable profitability for your business.

10 Must Have Features In A Customer Support System


The harsh reality for today’s business organizations is that it takes months to find a customer and just few seconds to lose one. Your customers want quick answers to the queries at their convenience. Customer Support Omnichannel Customer Experience

Guest Blog: Exceptional Customer Support Is Fresh, Not Canned


Meet Mor and Yoni, two of the Lightricks support team all-stars. Forced to listen to fake-happy ‘customer care’ puppets reading from scripts? The dissatisfaction you’ll be left with goes both ways: the cost of disappointed customers is high for companies, too.

6 authentic ways to show appreciation for remarkable customer support


As someone who worked as a call center agent for Liveops prior to taking on my current role of managing teams of agents, I can tell you: Most people are quick to share stories about less-than-stellar calls with customer service. What usually goes untold are the times when someone does deliver great customer service. Yet customer service agents are the lifeblood of every organization, including/especially here at Liveops. If you have something nice to say, say it loud.

A Beginner’s Guide to Implement Social Media Customer Support


Gone are the days when the consumers expect support after they had purchased the product. Today, in the age of social networking, customers expect companies to offer their support long before they have made their mind to purchase and way after they have made that purchase.

Guest Blog: Customer Support Chatbots – Striking The Right Balance


This week we feature an article by Ayush Chaudhary who writes about the social media customer support experience. Social customer service allows you to take the interactions with your customers to an even higher level. – Shep Hyken. If you’ve not been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard by now numerous projections about how chatbots are destined to take over customer support. Think of it as a telephonic IVRS analog for customer support.

Mobile Customer Support

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Call Center Contact Center Customer Access Strategy Customer Service Leadership Mobile Videos Brad Cleveland customer access customer access strategy mobile customer service

Why and How To Measure Customer Support ROI


With customer experience research giants predicting CX to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020, Customer Support department can no longer be considered as just a cost center. Customer Service Customer Support customer retention

4 Customer Support Myths to Avoid

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To someone who sees this as generic data, the implication is that a customer would propagate a poor experience to approximately 40% more people than a good experience. These are the facts that led brands to become more conscious about their customer support practices.

How to Elevate Customer Support from Within


Historically, Customer Support has been undervalued. It's harder to understand the impact of a successful support experience. The result: customer support has been, in a way, neglected. Customer Experience Contact CenterIt's been considered a cost to companies rather than a driver of revenue, like Sales or Marketing. After all, it's easy to measure the value of a sale or a lead.

Guest Blog: How to Benchmark Your Customer Support Metrics — A Quick Guide


This week we feature an article by Kaavya Karthikeyan who writes about customer support metrics that you should be tracking. – Shep Hyken. One of the best ways by which you can ensure your organization is consistently performing is by benchmarking customer support metrics.

Top Customer Support Challenges and How to Solve Them


In this era of instant gratification, where everything is just a click away, pleasing customers has become difficult than ever before. Customer Service Customer Support Omnichannel Customer Experience, Helpdesk

Infographic: 2018 Customer Support Strategy (Stats & Trends)


I’m always asking questions at work (occasionally aloud, frequently in my head), but I’d say Aircall’s 2018 Customer Support Strategy Survey has been the most productive outlet for my curiosity yet. What do customer support teams see standing in the way of their success?”.

The Top 5 Emerging B2B Customer Support KPIs

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The concept of a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is common in the business world, yet for some customer support teams it may be new terminology. With more companies realizing that customer support is a profit center and not a cost center , measuring KPIs in the industry has been a hot topic. Let’s refresh the customer support KPI concept and look at what indicators are emerging in the industry….

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The Top 5 Emerging B2B Customer Support KPIs

B2B Customer Service Blog - TeamSupport

The concept of a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is common in the business world, yet for some customer support teams it may be new terminology. With more companies realizing that customer support is a profit center and not a cost center , measuring KPIs in the industry has been a hot topic. Let’s refresh the customer support KPI concept and look at what indicators are emerging in the industry….

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Ensuring Data Security In Customer Support Programs


As organizations strengthen their customer support with new policies and technologies, they must also ensure they are building security and privacy into their overall support program. And given the large amounts of sensitive personal information involved in customer service interactions, organizations must take measures to ensure this data is properly secured. Customer Support Security

3 Signs Your Business Needs a Dedicated Customer Support Team

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While customer acquisition may be at the top of your list, customer retention should be as well. Your company may produce the best or only product of its type on the market, but without good customer support, your business will have a hard time holding on to customers.

AI and Bots In Customer Support


Particularly, when it comes to AI and customer support, it’s (often) deemed the next big thing. If we look through the current implementations, however, about 91% of customers claim that live agent telephony is still their preferred communication channel. Customer Support Thought LeadershipArtificial Intelligence, otherwise referred to as AI, is grabbing a lot of headlines these days.

Guest Blog: Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jason Grills, writes about the importance of good customer support and the impact it can have on your business. How exactly can good customer service improve your business? Improved Customer Experience.

The Psychology of Customer Support: Why People Love Live Chat 


Customer Experience Multichannel Support

AI Vs Live Agents- Will AI Replace People in Customer Support?

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Many believe that for customer service, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the future and maybe the disruption of the entire call center industry. There are no doubts about the fact that AI is going to make a huge impact in the coming future when it comes to customer engagement.

Proven Customer Support Tools for Startups With Plans to Scale


In the beginning, you and your co-founders bootstrapped solutions and personally attended to each customer like they were newborn kittens. The demand is there, but support needs to keep pace. As the customer list gets longer so too will your help queue. Customer Success

How strong customer support benefits every department


Today’s marketplace doesn’t tolerate poor customer support. Bad news travels fast in the digital age, and your customers likely have more alternatives and fewer switching costs to consider than ever before. For this reason, strong customer support has emerged as a greater differentiator than price for businesses looking to stand out in the eyes of prospects. Marketing, Sales, & Customer Success. the customer should have a voice.

Guest Blog: How Small Software Companies Can Provide Awesome Customer Support Without Going 24/7


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jack Plantin, writes about the importance of customer support and options we can offer for around the clock support. Here are a couple ways to make your customers happy, while being lean on resources.

3 Benefits of SMS as a Customer Support Channel

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Case in point: Choosing to not operate a call center from the cloud won’t allow businesses to keep up with customers’ demands in real time. Indeed, customers don’t want to be put on hold as live agents determine how and where they should be transferred.

Looking into the Customer Support Crystal Ball: 6 Predictions for 2018


A shift is occurring in the customer support industry. After years of looking at support as just a cost center, companies are waking up to the fact that delivering great customer support is directly correlated to the success of the enterprise. Empowered consumers have real-time mediums to share their experiences across large social graphs and those experiences can have an immediate and significant impact on brand sentiment, customer loyalty, and the bottom line.

The Customer Support Equation: Finding the Balance Between Humans and Bots


Artificial intelligence (AI) is deemed by many as the next big thing in customer support. found that nearly 80 percent of business leaders plan to or have already implemented AI into their customer support solution by 2020. Customer Support Thought Leadership Artificial IntelligenceThe concept of intelligent data or pattern-driven automation is exciting and we are seeing organizations welcome it with open arms.

Forget Happiness, This Is the Top Emotion for Customer Support

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I placed a frantic call to technical support. The technical support rep must have been super empowered. She skipped all of the usual items on the support checklist ("Yes, I've tried rebooting my computer.") For support teams, customer relief is much more important than happiness.

How to Recruit Your First Customer Support Employee


We’ve looked at how to successfully scale your customer support team before. This article will explain how to recruit your first customer support employee. Why you need to recruit your first customer support employee. Poor customer reviews.

How to deal with 7 unexpected customer support scenarios


Customer support is sometimes considered a repetitive and straightforward task, but only by people who’ve never worked in the field. Many support managers provide their representatives with call center scripts. The customer screwed up. The customer is (extremely) angry.

Expert Opinion: Top 3 Customer Support Trends to look for in 2018

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With Customer Experience being a crucial factor in business operations, comes the importance of optimizing Customer Support and forecasting trends. Recently I was asked to contribute to an expert round-up on the top customer support trends to look for in 2018. 1) Omnichannel I think that 2018 will be the year the Omnichannel becomes a reality for many customer support centers. Original post via ProProfs, expert opinion summary by Colin Taylor.

How to Scale Customer Support without Growing Pains


When your operation is in its infancy, it’s easy to dispense personal, dedicated, effective customer support. However, as your business grows (and if you offer excellent customer service, chances are, it will), so will your support team. Give your customers options.

5 Ways to Start Modernizing Your Customer Support for a More Personal UX


Until recently, it was assumed that technology would replace people in customer support. Modern customers want the organizations they work with to be their advocates, to be accountable and proactive when it comes to their needs and goals. Customers want their experience with a brand to be personalized and intimate. Customer ExperienceNow it's clear that technology alone isn't enough.

Top Challenges for Customer Support in 2016 #INFOGRAPHIC

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Did you know that that delivering customer happiness is one of the easiest parts of working in support? And that the greatest challenge for customer support professionals is tackling burnout? Almost half (41%) said that making customers happy isn’t a challenge for them.