Breaking the Ice Episode #11: Boosting Morale with Nate Brown

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Customer Service Question: What’s the best way to boost morale in the contact center? The post Breaking the Ice Episode #11: Boosting Morale with Nate Brown appeared first on Customer Service Life.

The Keys to Succeed: Eight Tips to Improve Contact Center Morale

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Being on the phone all day and constantly dealing with customers can get tiring after a while and certainly wears on the average person which is why it is more important than ever to invest in improving contact center morale.

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Morale: Your Best Weapon Against Contact Center Stress


Learn to reduce agent stress and why improving morale is essential to delivering excellent customer service. [.]. The post Morale: Your Best Weapon Against Contact Center Stress appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software. Read More. Customer Experience

Surprising Ways to Motivate Your Agents

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Agent Motivation call center contact center employee engagement morale motivationI love movies. So, I was thrilled to win movie tickets as part of a contact center sales campaign back when I was an agent.

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Common Causes of Employee Turnover

Brad Cleveland

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Do You Recognize the ‘unmet need’ to Engage Employees and Yourself

Beyond Morale

A valuable outcome of the Systematic Leadership process inherent in the Beyond Morale program is the ability to better understand what your needs are and the needs of others. What happens when your needs aren’t met? Can you recognize this in yourself? What about in others?

Cultivating Effective Communication, Part 1

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When good communication is lacking, the symptoms are predictable: conflicting objectives, unclear values, misunderstandings, lack of coordination, confusion, low morale and people doing the bare minimum required. Communication creates meaning and direction for people.

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Top Leadership Competencies

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Here’s a great article from Harvard Business Review: “The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World.” Sunnie Giles surveyed 195 global leaders asking them to identify the top 15 leadership competencies.

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"Be Positive" is Not a Strategy

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culture employee experience leadership morale Image courtesy of Will S. Have you ever felt like the picture to the left describes your workplace? Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

Trust is Important in the Contact Center

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Building trust with your agents will make a world of difference in morale, team performance and attendance. Most always, agents will say leadership is lacking in three key areas: Support Transparency Honesty Not paying attention to the cares of the team, deflates morale and kills productivity.

Common Causes of Turnover

Brad Cleveland

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Cultivating Effective Communication, Part 1

Brad Cleveland

When good communication is lacking, the symptoms are predictable: conflicting objectives, unclear values, misunderstandings, lack of coordination, confusion, low morale and people doing the bare minimum required. Communication creates meaning and direction for people.

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Improve Your Contact Center Through Agent Training and Development

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Improved morale Why is training and development important? They impact customer churn, reduce morale, and cost more money and time over the life of employment.

The High Cost of Poor Workplace Culture

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I work in a fairly large call center that has poor morale and very abysmal culture. I’m not just saying that to be dramatic – we actually received a letter from the president when we started that their job is not to build morale but to provide service for our customers.

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Common Causes of Turnover

Brad Cleveland

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"Follow the Leader", Featuring Errol Allen

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Improved Morale – Imagine the long-term effects to employee morale in the example given above regarding the vendor manager’s decision to spend time working on the front lines. Why is it important for customer service leaders to spend time on the front line?

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The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #4 – They Build Plans and Services around Evolving Customer Expectations

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Those who fall behind will pay a brutal price: dissatisfied customers, insufficient support from the organization and low morale in the contact center.

4 Causes of Contact Center Stress Managers can Absolutely Fix


Beleaguered agents cause your team’s efficiency, morale, and customer satisfaction to plummet. Contact center stress is the bane of B2C companies across the globe. Left unmanaged, turnover skyrockets. A study from Gallup shows an average of 68 percent of U.S. workers are not engaged, or worse yet, are actively disengaged in their jobs. The more [.]. Read More. The post 4 Causes of Contact Center Stress Managers can Absolutely Fix appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software.

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Happy MLK Day in The Year of Humanity!

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And now through our moral and ethical commitment we must Read More. Happy MLK Day! Every year on this day I like to celebrate lessons that we can learn from Martin Luther King, Jr. This year, I’ll focus on this quote: “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools“ This line is from King’s commencement address at Oberlin College in 1965 titled, Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution.

Breaking the Ice Episode #54: International Meals & Contact Center Scheduling

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Customer Service Question: What tips do you have for scheduling customer service teams without ruining morale? In episode 54 we first share our favorite international dining experiences.

Customization Can Wake Your Video Conferencing from the Dead


It’s also a great opportunity for companies to loosen up the day-to-day business atmosphere, encourage employees to have fun, and boost morale Halloween is a great time to decorate, wear a costume, and let your personality (or alter ego) out into the light for a day.

"Follow the Leader" Featuring Bridget Horan

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Establishing a borderless community benefits employee morale, creates a culture of entrepreneurship, empowerment, and growth both for the employee and customer base. What are your thoughts on customer experience at the executive level? Today, the customer journey is more intricate than ever, moving across multiple devices and platforms as products are researched, compared, price matched, and purchased.

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Obvious Contact Center Agent Burnout Problem Revealed

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Improving Employee Morale. The biggest thing we see is employee morale goes way up. Contact center agents praise the company and morale goes way up. You know those times when something is right in front of you, yet you fail to realize it?

Customer Service and the Golden Rule

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The golden rule isn’t going to give all the answers, and it’s not a concrete moral guide. By Erica Mancuso Treating others as you would want to be treated is a practice of empathy.

How To Build A Contact Center Gamification Program That Works


Managers try their best to improve productivity and morale, but most of the time the incentives and programs:· Involve more work· Only benefit a small group· Distract from their jobsIn the end, agents are left with incentive programs that either [.]. Being a contact center agent is a tough job; it’s stressful, tiring, and often thankless.

Brett Brosseau shares insight into Call Center Gamification

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For decades contact centers have explored ways to turn the tide of low employee engagement and low morale. We all know that employee burnout and low morale negatively impact agent productivity and costs. Gamification in customer experience has been used for several years.

Mobile Technology and Gaming Create Better Customer Experiences

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In the work environment, gamification may be employed as a training tool or employee morale initiative and in turn, improve customer service experiences. The idea behind gamification is quite simple: by applying game mechanics to tasks or functions that typically have no entertainment value, you provide people with motivation to partake in these tasks. If […]. Customer Experience Technology

Why do we celebrate Customer Servce Week?


Companies around the globe raise awareness of this initative by incorporating activities to build morale for their employees and perks for their customers. National Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during a full week in October.

We love customer service week!


Managers have to be seen as part of the team in order to keep morale high. When done in tandem with other, behind-the-scenes, daily activities, these efforts go a long way in boosting morale and improving engagement. How to Celebrate Customer Service Week All Year.

6 Extremes That Are Killing the Productivity of your Telecommuting Employees

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Constantly checking up, interrogating, or otherwise showing you do not trust them to do their job will decrease their productivity, morale, and performance. Make the decision to trust this process before you begin, or risk sabotaging your team, their morale, and yourself.

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Volunteer Projects Support Call Center Unity

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Encouraging agents and other employees to participate in community projects is not just good for morale – it’s the right thing to do. There are two ways to go about this: one is to give each agent a few days of paid leave every year to pursue projects that will have a positive effect on morale and on the community. If you work with people you like, going to work every day is a little easier.

I spend three hours every week working “on” my business. Do you?

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The results will be manifested in your team’s morale, your customer experience, and in you! I spent this afternoon in my Strategic Block. My Strategic Block, the best idea I took from the book, 12 Week Year by Brian P.

How To Improve Customer Service In 8 Easy Steps?

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Clearly define the subject of training to the agents- it improves their morale and interest level. Improving customer service is of key interest for all types of businesses and call center. Client dependability is basically vital to business achievement.

Why Dreaming Big Isn’t Enough

Beyond Philosophy

Either the employees immediately recognize the “goal” as a meaningless mission statement that they feel no particular desire to follow through on, or they try to “wow” everyone and fail, leading to poor morale and a perception that they’ve failed.

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Beware Of ‘The Complainers’!

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This instills an attitude of “my job sucks” that saps employee morale and motivation. As a result, proponents of change grow frustrated, nothing changes, and morale declines. When we’re in the UK, I complain about the chilly, dreary weather. And when we’re at our home in Florida, my wife Lorraine complains about the dreadful heat. Our complaining is all in good fun – we actually enjoy both locales.

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This One Word Unleashes Contact Center Peak Performance

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People, process, technology, reporting, culture, competition, morale, data, automation, self-service – which word matters most? In my 20+ years in the contact center industry, the past three years elevated this one word to utmost importance.

Wow Customers by Going Above and Beyond

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Diversity that improves and enhances culture and morale is even better. By Sean Hawkins Going beyond what is required is one of the greater acts of service that one can give.