Reliability and Resiliency: What to Look For When Choosing a Cloud-based Contact Center Solution

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With so much of technology services moving to the cloud, how do contact center managers plan for reliability and resiliency in their CC operations Today’s customers require 24/7 access to answers, whether through voice, email, chat, IM, or self-service.

Digital Colleagues: Friend or Foe?

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Technology agent experience automated contact center solutions call center contact center customer support chatbots digital agentsIt might be time for some of us in the customer service industry to start dusting off our resumes.

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The Customer is Always Right. Right?


Now more than ever, it is critical for contact centers to provide customers with the highest degree of care possible. The emphasis on customer experience, versus basic customer service, has driven businesses to massively expand the role of the contact center.

5 Reasons Why Your Contact Center Needs Speech Analytics


Contact center software companies are now providing innovative solutions that are both easy on the wallet and powerful enough to provide deep insight. Most contact centers sample 1% or less of their total call volume.

Give Your Contact Center a Pink Slip


A common theme for companies known for exceptional customer service is a robust, well equipped call or contact center. Simply put, these centers provide a human touch and a strong differentiator for the marketplace when deployed correctly.

How to Prevent Call Center Agents Fatigue by using Workforce Management Solutions


In fulfilling their typical daily responsibilities, it can be all too easy for call center agents to become fatigued. If contact center leaders fail to provide a working environment that eases agent fatigue, a number of serious problems may arise.

This Week in Enterprise Tech with inContact


Hear what Rajeev had to say about inContact’s cloud contact center solutions , our strategy for leading the market in cloud technology, and how customers can properly deploy our solutions to meet their business needs. “If If you think about the whole contact center market, there is a big market out there for contact center seats. Rajeev Shrivastava, Chief Strategy Officer at inContact, recently sat down with Fr.

 Is Virtual the Next Reality for Contact Centers?


The modern contact center must be highly attuned to the emerging technologies that drive customer satisfaction today. The leading contact centers today already leverage chatbots, SMS and intuitive IVR systems, simply making these tools the new status quo.

Top 3 Trends in Contact Centers Today

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I met up with Justin Robbins at the opening Demo Hall Bash at the CCDemo in Las Vegas to find out about the top trends in contact centers today. What are the top 3 trends in contact center today?” AI is making the contact center agent a more valued organizational asset.”

What Do Consumers Expect from Your Chatbot?


As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance, contact center leaders are able to deploy chatbots with increasingly human-like behavior to give customers more personalized support.

Mobile Self-service Modernizes Your WFM

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Effective Workforce Management (WFM) in contact centers seems to be fairly straight forward. I was able to rapidly see the benefit of using the rapid response of mobile self-service in WFM exception processing (and more) when I met Taylor Pack from Branch Messenger at Call Center Week.

Cloud Contact Center: Customer Centricity with Great Agility & Less Cost


Aberdeen’s new report Cloud Contact Center: Customer Centricity with Great Agility & Less Cost shows that not every company that invests in a cloud contact center is getting the highest returns on their investments.

Small Call Centers Go Big with Speech Analytics

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Small Call Centers Go Big with Speech Analytics. This is often the reply leaders of smaller call centers use when they look at many of the contact center solutions in the marketplace. They just think they can’t have what the larger centers can because of their size.

Importance of the Contact Center on Full Display for Hurricane Relief


The role of the contact center has never been more critical to the overall success of your business strategy than it is today. We’d like to take a moment to highlight a few contact center operations that have shown a commitment to helping out those impacted by these recent calamities.

New Survey Reveals Shifting Cloud Contact Center Preferences


The world of contact center solutions is just a microcosm of the myriad of software applications used by enterprises moving inexorably to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in the public cloud.

How to Utilize Your Agents in the Age of Automation


But with the introduction of these new technologies, a debate has cropped up about how this emerging trend will impact contact center agents. But if you ask contact center agents themselves, you’ll hear an entirely different story.

Are contact centers making the right chatbot decisions?

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When you’re thinking about making the decision to implement chatbots in your contact center, how should you start? Are contact centers making the right chatbot decisions? at Call Center Week in Las Vegas. AI chatbots can support your contact center agents too.

Proactive Prep: Five Tips to Fine Tune Your Proactive Outreach Campaign


Many of the latest contact center management tools on the market today are designed to bridge the gap between consumer preference and businesses objectives. To learn more about the most innovative contact center solutions, and how to use them, click here.

Guest Blog: Assistive AI for Real Work


Kate aims to augment the capabilities of call center agents and customer service/helpdesk personnel. The technical implementation combines a collection of technologies — chatbots, micro-applications, knowledge center, widgets, a dialog engine, engagement engine, APIs, etc.

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Power Countless Customer Experiences with inContact


Uncovering the best way to deliver outstanding customer experiences is something that every contact center strives to do. But finding a solution that will support your unique position, and determining the best approach to delivery, can be a daunting task.

6 Keys to Successful Contact Center Technology Change Management


Some of us have a hard time adjusting to a change in laundry detergent (you want me to switch from Tide to Gain?!) , so it is only natural that we and our agents sometimes have difficulty accepting and adapting to changes in our contact centers. You’re implementing a new technology solution – great! Contact center solutions , like those offered by inContact, directly contribute to increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and much more.

Customer Story: Clearlink Maximizes Service Levels with inContact


With their contact center playing a critical business role, Clearlink needed a powerful portfolio of cloud-based contact center solutions. Creating an Enterprise Level, World-Class Call Center.

Columbia Sportswear Takes Customer Service to the Cloud


As their customer support inquiries increased, Columbia Sportswear knew they needed a new contact center solution to support seasonal call volumes, e-commerce, and their unique brands. Searching for the Ideal Contact Center System. Offering outstanding customer support is a primary mission for outdoor apparel manufacturer, Columbia Sportswear, but their PBX-based system had long been a bottleneck for their contact center and IT teams.

Disaster Recovery Plans for Your Contact Center – Consider Cloud


This year’s active hurricane season prompts us all to reflect on our own readiness in case of disaster, including in the contact center. A cloud-based contact center solution can be the cornerstone to your disaster recovery plan.

Whither Workforce Optimization?

Bill Durr

DMG Consulting, among other services, issues extraordinary lengthy questionnaires to contact center vendors every year and seeks to identify the features and functions of the software solutions those vendors provide. DMG Consulting also goes to great lengths to shed light on the revenues those vendors generate from their solutions. Fluss finds that when viewing contact center WFO revenues exclusively, she sees a drop of 3.7

Sharpen Technologies launches new programming language to bring complete customization to customer service.


19, 2017) – Sharpen Technologies, a contact center platform with an agent-first focus, today announces the launch of.CX, a new programming language that empowers companies to provide complete customization in customer service. In conjunction with the Sharpen platform,CX enables companies to build custom contact center solutions for voice, text and data [.]. appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software. INDIANAPOLIS (Oct.

Cloud Cushions the Holiday Customer Service Crush


For this reason, Verizon Enterprise Solutions , a recognized leader in contact center solutions and global telecommunications, has teamed with inContact , a leading provider of cloud contact center software and agent optimization tools.

What we learned at Enterprise Connect!


Last week at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, we surveyed more than 200 attendees to uncover their use of team collaboration tools and their thoughts on contact center solutions. Do any functional teams in your organization have a need for basic contact center functionality? What types of capabilities do you believe are important in a contact center solution for teams? You can read about our solution to this problem here.

Interactive Voice Response – What it is, What it does, Where it’s going


Together with its “big brother”, the voice portal, IVRs have been part of contact center solutions for decades, and there is no reason to believe that they will go away any time soon. The advantages of IVRs for call centers are well known. Like many trends that first caught on in personal interactions, the trend is starting to migrate to the contact center. Interactive voice response (IVR) has been a staple of customer service for many years.

Bright Pattern Simplifies Omnichannel Workforce Management with Pipkins Integration


Bright Pattern, leading provider of omnichannel cloud contact software integrates with Pipkins to enable the complete contact center solution, including WFM. Louis, MO Bright Pattern , omnichannel contact center vendor partners with Pipkins , leading supplier of workforce management (WFM) software and services to the contact center industry, providing sophisticated scheduling and forecasting technology.

The New Face of Contact Center Is Intelligent, Easy and Instant


For small businesses and companies with teams of informal and non-traditional contact centers – such as sales, collections, marketing, human resources, recruiting and help desks – using complex contact center solutions for customer engagement can be daunting, especially when they lack internal expertise and resources. 8x8 ContactNow – The Intelligent and Easy-to-Use Contact Center Solution for Teams.

8x8 Awarded Seven New Patents Related to Truly Unified Communications


At 8x8, we aim to stay nimble, responsive and innovative as the company revolutionizes the business communications industry by unifying cloud telephony, messaging, meetings and contact center solutions along with big data and speech analytics on a single cloud platform. Our goal is to deliver companies the most advanced truly unified communications solutions available so they can run their businesses smarter and faster to deliver a game-changing customer experience.

End Finger Pointing in the Contact Center Communication Cloud

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When it comes to trying to figure out the contact center communications cloud landscape, the fog began to lift for me somewhat at Call Center Week. End Finger Pointing in the Contact Center Communication Cloud Click to Tweet. Some contact center tech terms to know.

Heat Up Sales Cold Calls


Cloud-based communications tools found in modern contact center solutions can help sales individuals and sales teams close more sales, improve customer interactions and achieve higher levels of productivity. The right cloud-based contact center solution can deliver a number of benefits that could boost the company’s bottom line. What to look for in a Cloud Contact Center. Contact Center Featured

Improve Customer Engagement with a Modern Contact Center


Although traditional contact centers may seem complex and intimidating for many businesses, modern contact center solutions offer a new approach to solving customer engagement issues even for small businesses and teams in larger organizations. There are many benefits to implementing a modern contact center solution. Modern contact centers allow employees to easily make, receive or transfer calls and communicate with customers.

This One Word Unleashes Contact Center Peak Performance

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In my 20+ years in the contact center industry, the past three years elevated this one word to utmost importance. In our rapid paced contact center environments, we must have “focus”. This ONE WORD unleashes contact center peak performance.”

The Age of Truly Unified Cloud Communications


Yesterday we launched 8x8 Virtual Office® Editions , a new suite of products that revolutionize the business communications industry by unifying cloud communications, collaboration, online meetings, and contact center solutions with a best-in-breed data analytics platform. The X8 edition is the industry’s most unified offering, weaving together communications, collaboration and contact center all into one solution.