5 Powerful Capabilities of Gamification

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Gamification is one of the most effective methods for contact centres to develop an engaging learning experience for employees to learn new skills and connect their actions to business outcomes. Gamification can be used to help develop staff skills and enable them to strive towards new goals.

Guest Blog: How to Use Gamification to Improve Agent Motivation


This week we feature an article by Tom Paton who writes about how customer service teams are using gamification as a way to improve performance and retention. More and more customer service teams are using gamification as a means of improving their team performance and staff retention.


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The Manager’s Guide to Call Center Gamification


One strategy employed by many companies is “gamification.” Gamification builds on the desire most people have for feedback, recognition, and achievement in a peer group. What is Call Center Gamification? Surprising Statistics About Gamification. Unnecessary gamification.

VIDEO: Old School Retro Gaming Turned Into Gamification


The post VIDEO: Old School Retro Gaming Turned Into Gamification appeared first on NobelBiz®. What started with a hobby for retro games and the biggest pinball machines in the country, became a big part of CCC’s culture and the benefits for the employees are undeniable.

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.

Why Gamification Is Critical To Customer Service

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Gamification represents one of the fastest growing methods of building engagement with 60% of agents reporting that they felt more engaged after gamification had been introduced into their training and work. Gamification impacts the quality-of-service delivery in two direct ways: 1.

5 Reasons Why You Need Gamification in Your Contact Centre Training

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If you’re a manager within a sizable workforce, you’ve likely heard of gamification. While gamification has only been around for a short time and used by large scale organisations, a growing wave of smaller workplaces appear to be adopting this technology in recent years.

How to Use Gamification to Engage Remote Teams

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As the pandemic shows no end in sight, operations managers need to employ solutions such as gamification to boost productivity. So how does gamification help? Here are ways contact centres can harness the power of gamification to boost performance and engagement in remote teams.

Motivate and Engage Agents with Gamification


According to recent data from Talent LMS, 88% of those surveyed say gamification in the software they use at work makes them happier employees. In fact, a study by CITO Research found that implementing gamification can result in significant improvements.

Brett Brosseau shares insight into Call Center Gamification

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Gamification in customer experience has been used for several years. However the use of gamification tools in employee experience and performance has really just begun to emerge. But can game mechanics and adding gamification to the contact center deliver your win? Watch Brett Brosseau share insight into winning with call center gamification. Gamification has experienced success as a result of tapping into both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Game On! Using Gamification to Increase Performance and Employee Retention

Speaker: Casey Kostecka, Convergent

Have you considered implementing gamification in your center but need additional insight and information on how to make it successful? Join us as we discuss Convergent's gamification experience, actual metric improvement results, and ROI data.

5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Gamification

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Boosting employee motivation, training effectiveness, and quality of output can all be done by an ingenious method called gamification. With any system, not just gamification, it’s crucial to outline and understand the long-term benefits.

Financial Services and Gamification: Train, Motivate & Retain

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To address these challenges, many financial services firms are turning to Gamification. From onboarding and product launches to regulatory compliance and ongoing training and coaching, gamification makes learning new information fun and engaging.

Gamification: How It Can Help Your Customers and Employees


For many business executives trying to figure out how they can improve their team’s productivity, gamification may offer a viable solution. The term “gamification” may be familiar to many of you, yet you still may be unclear on what it exactly is and how you can incorporate it into your business’s activities. So, let’s start … Gamification: How It Can Help Your Customers and Employees Read More ». Contact Center customer experience gamification

How Contact Centre Gamification Can Leverage Gamificaton

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This is where gamification can help. Gamification is typically split into smaller “levels” that agents can complete in their own time. Gamification can also work as a sort of training device for implementing new processes as well as developing the skills of new contact centre agents.

Gamification Alone Can’t Modernize Customer Communities


The post Gamification Alone Can’t Modernize Customer Communities appeared first on Influitive. Customers are hungry for meaningful interactions – both with your brand and with other customers – and community managers need to make the experience simple and painless.

Why Using Gamification for Financial Services Makes Sense

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One of these technologies is Gamification. Using gamification for financial services can benefit firms in a variety of ways. Gamification can help insurance companies keep pace with consumers. Gamification is about having fun with a purpose.

Gamification: 4 Best Practices to Motivate Agents

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A growing number of companies are using gamification in the contact center to motivate agents to improve their performance and skills. “We’re Agent Motivation agent engagement agent motivation call center contact center gamificationWe’re finding that these types of performance measurement tools allow agents to take control of their achievements,” says Christina Cowell, product marketing manager, Workforce Optimization at inContact.

How To Use Gamification To Improve CX In Your Contact Centre

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Gamification changes the game in the agent training space. While gamification is designed primarily to improve the engagement of agents, its effects upon customer service quality have already been illustrated. Replace Smaller Assessments With Gamification.

Can gamification be used for work-at-home (WAH) agents?

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Question: Can gamification be used for work-at-home (WAH) agents? Gamification solutions are designed to improve “connectedness” for agents working at home, and to enhance engagement for employees performing their job in a physical contact center setting.

How to Drive Engagement with Gamification in Your Contact Center


One proven way to motivate your team is to drive engagement with gamification. Today, companies worldwide are using gamification to great effect to enhance employee engagement and productivity. The Psychology Behind Gamification. Why Does Gamification Work?

Outbound Call Centers: From Robocalls to Gamification

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It’s simple: empower agents with the right tools such as intelligent, compliant outbound dialing, measure their success through gamification, and they will be more efficient and productive. In this interview, Chris and Gary go into further detail on the value and benefit of outbound dialing technology as well as why implementing a gamification solution like Noble Gamification within a call center is a must-have for increasing agent productivity and reducing attrition.

Reaching New Levels with Gamification


Gamification helps organizations achieve their goals and reach new levels of success. For years now, app developers have been turning to gamification to incentivize their users to stay active and teachers have been giving gold stars to their students for good behavior. Especially in the past few years, employers have been using gamification in the workplace as well. There are multitudes of statistics out there that show gamification has a positive effect in the workplace.

Gamification: A Holistic Approach for the Agent Lifecycle

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Agent Development agent development call center contact center employee lifecyle gamificationClimbing a traditional career ladder is not for everyone. Some agents may be perfectly content to spend their entire careers in the contact center while steadily gaining skills and expertise. It is critical to offer opportunities for seasoned agents to continue to grow and to give them a sense of accomplishment for applying their skills. […].

5 ways to drive sustainable, well-rounded agent performance through gamification

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Check out the “Contact Center Leader’s Guide to Gamification” eBook for more tips and tricks.

Beginner’s Guide to Gamification Techniques for SaaS Customer Success


SaaS gamification is one such technique that has helped businesses up to a vast extent in this context. Gamification has turned out to be quite effective towards that end. The gamification market has grown so big that it was predicted to reach $2.8bn by 2016.

Accelerate Sales Effectiveness with Gamification

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By adding Gamification to your sales technology stack , you can accelerate effectiveness at each stage to help your agents achieve top revenue performance and sustain it over time. Gamification uses game mechanics to encourage desired behaviors. The reason that gamification works is that it motivates measurable improvements that drive sustainable revenue results. All of these examples can be tracked and rewarded through gamification.

3 Performance-Boosting Benefits of Contact Center Gamification


Is gamification the right choice for your contact center? Gamification is no longer a buzzword. The Psychology Behind Gamification. Gamification drives employee behavior to achieve organizational objectives and reach the level of self-actualization.

New Integration Unveiled: Noble Gamification + CustomerCount Enterprise Feedback

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Gamification: the application of game mechanics across the generational spectrum to motivate employees intrinsically and extrinsically for the purpose of aligning agent activity and company goals. Adding the power of a gamification solution to a VOC platform can put the insight gained from customer feedback at the center of a company-wide reward and recognition program.

Game on! Motivating agents with Gamification


Learn how we are able to achieve this with our Gamification module. Motivating agents with Gamification appeared first on Contact Center Software - Integra CCS. Keeping agents happy and motivating is today’s challenge and main objective. link]. The post Game on! Integra's Blog

How should we use gamification in workforce management (WFM)?

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Question: Our new workforce management (WFM) solution includes gamification capabilities. Answer: Gamification can enable employees to earn rewards, recognition, and/or social rank for achieving key performance indicator (KPI)-based goals, helping peers improve performance, successfully completing eLearning activities, adhering to schedules, and much more. Successful gamification programs are based on the fundamental principle that people are motivated by different things.

Gamification Nation with Americus Reed II, Identity Theorist

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Gamification Nation with Americus Reed II, Identity Theorist. Communications & Messaging

The Benefits of Gamification for Call Center Managers


Think ‘gamification’. Gamification is the introduction of interactive, game-like principles and elements into different contexts. Call Center Customer Experience Customer Service agent-engagement call-center contact-center-agent gamificationAttention all call center managers: It’s time to talk about you. Picture it: You are the fearless leader of a call center team in 2018.

Accelerate Sales Effectiveness with Gamification

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By adding Gamification to your sales technology stack , you can accelerate effectiveness at each stage to help your agents achieve top revenue performance and sustain it over time. Gamification uses game mechanics to encourage desired behaviors. The reason that gamification works is that it motivates measurable improvements that drive sustainable revenue results. All of these examples can be tracked and rewarded through gamification.

What is Call Center Gamification?

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If your company manages its customer service strategy in house, you’ll probably know just how difficult it is to keep staff motivated and engaged while at the same time ensuring you hit important metrics and efficiencies. Customer Service Trends

Four Reasons Why Training Today Is Failing Employees

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Training & Development gamification training turnoverToday’s model for training, educating, and preparing our workforce is broken. The rapid acceleration of technology and changing workforce calls for something new. Workers today are disengaged and unprepared for work.

Gamification Can Improve Customer and Employee Outcomes

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Gamification is not only a new type of technology, but it’s also a new type of thinking about the relationships and transactions between customers, companies, employees, and corporate management systems. In place of decrees and pronouncements, gamification nudges employees and customers toward outcomes that, optimally, favor everyone in the transaction. More from the podcast: how a gamification plan can be prepared.

Move Over Millennials, Generation Z is Here

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Gamification, the use of game mechanics to improve employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement, provides an excellent platform for addressing all of these traits. A gamification platform that can be accessed from a mobile device keeps Gen Zers connected to the company at all times.

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Sales Motivation Factors & How to Ignite Them with Gamification


Sales Gamification—Your Secret Weapon. Autonomy, mastery, empowerment, and social influence are each powerful currencies, and gamification activates all of these. They also say that gamification makes them feel happier at work. Boost Sales Motivation with Sales Gamification.

Advance Collections and Debt Recovery with Gamification

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To make the process less stressful on collectors and ultimately a more pleasant experience for consumers, many institutions are using gamification in their contact centers. Gamification , which uses game mechanics to drive desired behaviors, leverages science-based motivational techniques to train, provide ongoing feedback to and reward collectors for improved business outcomes. All of this required language can be tracked and rewarded through gamification. Let’s face it.