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Gamification in the Workplace: More Than Just a Contest


One strategy is incorporating gamification in the workplace. Implemented correctly, gamification can increase motivation and engagement. What is Gamification? Why Gamification? Gamification works well within a contact center environment because it leverages a number of game mechanics to keep agents engaged and focused.

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Top 10 gamification blogs


To learn more about gamification, read our top ten blogs below. Contact centers need well-defined business goals that are easily tracked with captured speech analytics data.


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5 Powerful Capabilities of Gamification

Call Design

Gamification is one of the most effective methods for contact centres to develop an engaging learning experience for employees to learn new skills and connect their actions to business outcomes. Gamification learning connects employees to business goals with progress bars, leader boards, and quick and easy learning that rewards achievements.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Gamification in Your Contact Centre Training

Call Design

If you’re a manager within a sizable workforce, you’ve likely heard of gamification. While gamification has only been around for a short time and used by large scale organisations, a growing wave of smaller workplaces appear to be adopting this technology in recent years. The gamification industry had a US $9.1

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A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Gamification is a proven solution that can strengthen relationships and loyalty between your Customer Success team and customers. Our eBook explains how, with topics like: What is gamification? The 3 pillars of a successful gamification strategy. How to use gamification to improve customers success outcomes.

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Brett Brosseau shares insight into Call Center Gamification

CX Global Media

Gamification in customer experience has been used for several years. However the use of gamification tools in employee experience and performance has really just begun to emerge. But can game mechanics and adding gamification to the contact center deliver your win? Avoid Losing with Gamification. Clic k to Tweet.

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Guest Blog: How to Use Gamification to Improve Agent Motivation


This week we feature an article by Tom Paton who writes about how customer service teams are using gamification as a way to improve performance and retention. More and more customer service teams are using gamification as a means of improving their team performance and staff retention. What is gamification?

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Game On! Using Gamification to Increase Performance and Employee Retention

Speaker: Casey Kostecka, Convergent

Gamification is still a hot topic within the contact center world. Yet most contact centers still haven't implemented gamification due to the limited real world ROI information available. During this webinar, Casey Kostecka will share Convergent's gamification experience, actual metric improvement results, and ROI data.

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Future-Proof Your L&D With New Tech and Gamification

Speaker: Karl Kapp, Ed.D., Professor of Instructional Design and Technology

You'll leave this session with a better understanding of: Emerging technologies and their impacts on learning and development Forward-thinking L&D strategies, including new gamification Maintaining employee engagement, even in turbulent times Don't miss this exclusive session - register today!