Upselling and Cross-selling techniques for 2019


Are your agents well-versed in upselling and cross-selling techniques? Why would you train your agents to cross-sell and upsell when consumers don’t respond to these techniques anymore? If not, you may offer the excuse that they don’t need to be – it’s 2019, after all!

Upsell Techniques That Work

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Here are three tips on how agents can pull off a successful upsell. Don’t just follow the script Many contact centers have upsell opportunities built into their scripts, which are typically deployed just prior to the end of the call: “Before we go, can I interest you in our new Super Widget 9000?” Upsells are more effective when they arise naturally out of a conversation: “Yes, we’ll take care of that widget issue for you.

Turn Your Order Desk into an Inside Sales Team

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Upselling call center contact center cross-selling inside sales upsellingImagine you are a frontline employee at a company’s order desk. For years, you answered the inbound phone queue and took orders from vendors. Your job success was measured by input accuracy and talk time.

Breaking the Ice Episode #16: Vacation and Upselling with Mike Aoki

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Given the summer season, we share our dream vacations and then talk about our thoughts on upselling and where it makes sense for a customer service team. Customer Service Question: Do you recommend that customer service teams upsell additional products or services to customers?

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

contextual upsell and cross-sell. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red hot. topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. wonder professionals, who had removed AI from their resumes, are. scrambling to add it back in!

Double Your Sales with Awesome Live Chat Upselling Techniques


Before you roll your eyes and point out that you don’t have a magic lamp to rub, consider your upselling game. Do you really know how to upsell? Maybe you’ve just been going about upselling the wrong way, with awkward timing and subpar recommendations. Find Appropriate Upsells.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of June 12, 2016


When Upselling Makes for a Bad Customer Service Experience by Conversational. My Comment: Don’t you just hate when you call for support and the customer service rep tries to upsell you to spending more with them? In the right situation, upselling is great service.

Taking Customers Beyond the Honeymoon Phase

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In a recent Forrester survey, B2C marketing decision makers indicated that 37% of their marketing program budget is spent on new customer acquisition, while in contrast, only 20% of their marketing budget is spent on driving retention of existing customers or upselling to them. Because of this, you’re unable to use valuable insights gained in the acquisition stage to improve the customer experience and maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Why Kindness Matters in Customer Conversations

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Kindness leads to new upselling opportunities – We often mimic the behavior of others whether we know it or not. Being kind while upselling is essential to customer conversations. Sometimes in business, attitude is more important than any service or product.

Improving CX (and Other Desired Results): The Quality Conversation Imperative

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At RCDA, we have experts on our team who can evaluate your call flow to ensure you are set up to achieve your desired CX results and your goals for customer acquisition, customer retention, and sales including cross-selling and upselling. By Brad Baumunk , President and COO, Robert C.

5 Ways Conversational AI Can Help Your Restaurant


It can also answer ordering questions, manage menu complexi ty, and create upsell opportunities. Upsell consistency and order accuracy. Today, people are busier than ever, and eating out is just as common as eating in.

How Hiring a Call Center Supports Your Business Goals in 2019


Telesales & upsells. Part of our complete outbound services, telesales & upsells are a great way to increase revenue with existing clients. Did you meet all of your business goals in 2018?

Amazing Business Radio: Shannon Bell


Create specific promotions based on the personal preferences of your customers, this not only can create an upsell, but customer loyalty. Know Your Customers. Understand Your Customers. Keep Your Customers. .

Handling Dead-Air Space On a Customer Service Call

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Inform the customer, or …upsell. If you’re on a call with a customer, and more than three, or four seconds go by, and you haven’t said a word, that’s called dead air space. You’re working… you know that. But for the customer, dead air space feels awkward.

I See You: Staging Better CX, Using Video


Additionally, research indicates that call reasons offer significant upsell—with Damaged/Broken Parts calls coming in at 21% and Part/Product Purchase playing a 12% role in call reasons. I See You: Staging Better CX, Using Video.

How to engage with customers that love you


Upsell to existing customers =increase customer lifetime value, or CLV 4. Upsell to existing customers (=increase customer lifetime value, or CLV) Selling more products and add-ons to your existing happy customers helps you to increase the customer lifetime value, or CLV.

Three Soft Skills to Seek Out in Contact Center Agents

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At an inbound contact center there are upsell opportunities that alert agents will not miss during a conversation. How does your contact center assess potential agent candidates? It’s an important question, because when you hire wisely you stand a better chance of not just acquiring a valuable asset, but bringing someone into the business that will not leave in six months or a year.

Advantages of Using Call Centre Software in E-commerce Industries


If they do, they can conduct cold calls or just send SMS with offers to existing customers and upsell or cross sell. However, by using the predictive and auto dialing features they can improve on cross selling and upselling opportunities.

These 20+ Statistics Say Customer Support Drives Revenue


10% to 30% of eCommerce revenues come from upsell and cross-sell recommendations. It is 4x more expensive for SaaS companies to gain $1 from acquiring new customers than from upselling existing customers. Corporate finance teams tend to view customer support as a cost saver at best and a cost center at worst. But if they look beyond those bottom-line concerns, they’ll also see a strong link to top-line growth. These customer support statistics tell that revenue-related story.

Boosting Your Customer Support: Human-Operated Live Chat vs Chatbots


Upselling. As a result, you’ll be able to capitalize on more upselling opportunities. Human-operated live chat is more personal, so it’s a better option for high value requests, upselling opportunities, and win backs.

Messaging: The Next (Current?) Preference in Communication

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But even the better ones give themselves away with the phrases they use and pre-programmed upsell messages that may not be welcome to the receiver. Does your contact center offer messaging as an option? If not, it most likely will very soon. Look around anywhere and you’ll see dozens of people messaging rather than calling on their smartphones.

Why Customer Support Can Be a Secret Sales Weapon (and Where to Start)


When attempting to upsell a client, support agents should continue their current best practices: listen, empathize, and aim for 100% satisfaction. When upselling feels forced or unnecessary after analyzing a client’s needs, it’s best to wait. “Sell me this pen.”.

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Bring Your 'A' Game

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As a college student waiting tables I learned how to smile at rude customers, how to appear to be thankful when people thought they were leaving me a great tip ($5 on a $50 tab), and how to upsell desserts, cocktails and appetizers to increase the overall bill amount.

The Competitive Edge Delivered by Speech Analytics

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You’ll hear how agents are better able to recognize upsell and cross-sell opportunities, so sales go up.

3 Reasons Why Marketing is Important to Your Customer Care


With a solution like conversational AI combined with your customer care strategy, not only will customers feel more comfortable using their natural speaking tendencies to communicate, but marketers are also able to leverage upselling and product recommendations in an authentic manner. Although traditionally they may seem unrelated, marketing and your customer care strategy actually have a lot in common– the biggest thing being your customers.

Guest Blog: Using Sales Contests to Lift Customer Experience


Upsells. This week we feature an article by Natasha Postolovski who shares the idea of using sales contests to help motivate a higher level of customer experience at your organization. – Shep Hyken. Customer experience is the most important factor in the success of a retail business.

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Guest Blog: Six Ways Predictive Analytics Enhances Customer Relations


This matter of specialization doesn’t just relate to products but also to product discounts, promotions, upselling, and cross-selling. This week we feature an article by Jarrin Howard who writes about how predictive analytics can enhance customer relations. – Shep Hyken.

Guest Blog: 5 Keys to Building Sustainable Customer Relationships


But when they’re in the market for a new product, next-best action guarantees you don’t miss a great chance to upsell just because the customer is interacting in a traditional service channel, like the call-center.

What is the Importance of Using a Live Chat Software on Business Website

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Is C-3PO going to be able to upsell a customer on another product/service your company makes because of his positive interactions with them? More than 50% of Americans have given up on a planned purchase or transaction because of bad customer service.

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Incentive Programs for Service Agents: A Pre-Implementation Checklist

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At one time wanted our agents to upsell a certain feature to customers on every phone call. We created an incentive program where we tracked successful upsells and the top performers each month earned a reward. I tried but I’m just not that good at upselling.”. “I

The Competitive Edge Delivered by Speech Analytics

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You’ll hear how agents are better able to recognize upsell and cross-sell opportunities, so sales go up. Whatever business you are in, whatever product or service you are selling, however many other companies are competing against you for the same customers, there’s one thing you can do right now to gain a competitive edge in your industry: add speech analytics to your contact center. Because surveys show that just one out of five contact centers have already done so.

How to Use Live Chat Software for Lead Generation

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Opportunities where support operator can upsell a product or service. It’s been more than a year that you started your business. It’s doing well so far, but now you feel that it’s time to go online.

6 Customer Success KPIs You Should Care About


Upsell and cross-sell rate. Put plainly, upsell and cross-sell rate is the number of people that accept an alternative or augmented offer. Upsell refers to an offer that is more beneficial to the company (like selling a more expensive product). The customer relationship has evolved, and so have its key performance indicators (KPIs). Things that used to be considered cost drivers, such as customer service and support, are now viewed as a potential revenue generators.

What is Live Chat & How does it work?

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Live chat can also be used as an upselling tool. Imagine this: You own a clothing store that’s known for selling unique designs. Your customers love these designs and keep coming back for more.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

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Your existing customers are far easier to upsell. And to make the cross sell and upsell case more clear, the majority of customers’ buying decisions are tied to how they feel about the experience.

How AI Drives Targeted Customer Engagement


Create upselling and cross-selling opportunities. The moment of sale is also a prime time to act upon upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Artificial intelligence is transforming business practices across many industries. From retail to finance to entertainment, the technology can be used to target key customers with great accuracy—suggesting the right products and services to exactly the right people at optimal times.

How a Bad First Impression on the Phone Can Hurt Your Business


This is an ideal time to upsell additional services, offer product enhancements, or simply make sure everything is OK. Some of the most overused adages are packed with truth. That’s why they’re so popular.

Want to Improve Customer Retention? Start With Cleaner Data


That way you have the opportunity to offer upsells, to offer upsells, or for customers for who are about to churn, discounts. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Vanessa Rombaut, Content Manager of PieSync ‘s award-winning blog “In The Pipeline” and a featured writer in various tech publications and websites.

7 Ways Phone Calls and Live Chat Improve Customer Retention and Revenue


Calls and live chat increase customer retention and upsell opportunities. If these stats aren’t enough to make your head spin – check out this graph of upsell revenue opportunity compared to new acquisition revenues. My good friend runs a content marketing company.

AI & Digital Transformation: An Interview with Bryan Martin, Chairman & CTO 8x8


8x8’s Speech Analytics powered by Natural Language Processing technology can help agents, inside sales, and customer success teams effectively identify upsell opportunities or escalate at-risk customers to the highest-level of service.