The Straight Scoop on Contact Center Analytics

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Most contact centers know they need a more analytical approach to understanding the customer experience. In our 2017 Workforce Optimization Survey, a high percentage of centers indicated that analytics falls within the “Have but do not use effectively” category.

Small Call Centers Go Big with Speech Analytics

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Small Call Centers Go Big with Speech Analytics. Well ‘small’ is not a barrier for speech analytics in contact centers anymore. Small Call Centers Go Big with Speech Analytics Click to Tweet. For many small to midsized contact centers, speech analytics has been out of reach.

Choose the Right Speech Analytics Technology


In my last blog , we talked about the huge gulf between the value of speech analytics and the actual use of speech analytics in contact centers. Source: CallMiner, Choosing the Right Technology for Your Speech Analytics Project , Marie Meeter.

Demystifying Speech Analytics


Everybody likes a good mystery but not when it comes to operating a contact center – and speech analytics software continues to be a mystery to many contact center decision-makers despite the fact that it has proven to be an extremely valuable workforce optimization tool.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

speech analytics as the tool that will have the biggest. Using speech analytics, contact centers can translate. SECTION 5: How to Impact Agent Experience Today: The Path to Zero Attrition 21 Calabrio is a customer engagement software company that provides analytic.

22 Call Center Technology Leaders Reveal the #1 Mistake Companies Make When It Comes to Purchasing Speech Analytics Software


Purchasing speech analytics software is a major investment for both enterprises and SMBs alike. Like all major technology investments, purchasing speech analytics software comes with a bit of pre-planning and analysis. Call Center Best Practices Speech Analytics

Time to Talk Seriously about Speech Analytics in the Contact Center


Get ready for the next big thing in contact center workforce optimization: Speech Analytics. Even though speech analytics was introduced to the contact center industry back in 2003, Aberdeen Group reports that only about 15% of contact centers currently use speech analytics.

Reality Check: Will Customer Journey Analytics Be the Next CRM?


Reality Check: Will Customer Journey Analytics Be the Next CRM? The up-and-comer is customer journey analytics, or CJA, and it’s in the ring with the incumbent, CRM. CJA is succeeding in driving investments in journey mapping and analytics to help companies understand what their customers and prospects are doing at every touch point. Thank you for your interest in DMG Consulting’s publications. Please complete the registration form below.

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5 Reasons Why Your Contact Center Needs Speech Analytics


Today more and more companies are utilizing speech analytics technology to gain customer insight and enhance the quality management (QM) processes. Speech analytics gives you the ability to understand more about your customers’ needs without having to rely on finicky survey results.

Selecting the Right Recorder to Power your Speech Analytics


Speech analytics can help your contact center and business garner invaluable customer intelligence which you can use to dramatically enhance service, increase sales conversion percentages, understand buying behaviors, rescue defecting customers and so much more.

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I feel the need, the need for speech (analytics)


Expensive, unwieldy, on-premises call recording and speech analytics software has in the past offered some solutions for specific needs which still benefit organisations today, such as word spotting, evaluation of customer sentiment and compliance.

How to take action with Call Center Analytics

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Those measuring the customer experience and those delivering the customer experience must work in concert to define the specific business need to take action with call center analytics. “Understanding call center analytics is becoming necessity for high-performing leaders.”

Adventures in Speech Analytics- Part III

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Where we last left off, I discussed how queries are a major aspect of Speech Analytics. Well, the good news is that you are not out of luck and that leads us to part three of “Adventures in Speech Analytics”- Ad Hoc searches. By Diana Aviles Here we are… Part III is finally here!

What Is Voice Analytics? Definition, Tips, Best Practices, and Challenges of Voice Analytics


Definition of Voice Analytics Voice analytics are the use of a voice recognition tool to analyze and record a spoken conversation. Not only does voice analytics software translate speech to text, it can also identify speaker emotion and intent by analyzing audio patterns.

4 Reasons You Need Customer Interaction Analytics Yesterday

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Customer interaction analytics provide a wealth of information about a contact center’s customers, workforce, and the effectiveness of its current system.

Set Your Speech Analytics Program Straight

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But, there is a way to right the ship and course correct your speech analytics program. They will discuss the initial launch, how to overcome internal challenges and ongoing utilization of speech analytics to drive sustainable success in the modern contact center.

Welcome to 2018! A Groundswell Is Rising. Are You Ready?

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Technology call center cloud solutions contact center desktop analytics PCI compliance speech analytics workforce managementIn June 2017, at Call Center Week in Vegas, OpenText Qfiniti received the Workforce Optimization Provider of the Year Award.

ROI from your investment in speech analytics? Absolutely!


While recent data show there is a growing and pronounced trend in the deployment of speech analytics to improve overall contact center performance and compliance, recent market penetration data shows that over 60% of US based contact centers have still not implemented a speech analytics solution.

Guest Blog: Left Brain, Right Brain: Aligning Internal Culture and Customer Analytics


But customer analytics have more to tell you than scores alone. Customer analytics, used appropriately, can be the healing salve for a broken internal culture. The post Guest Blog: Left Brain, Right Brain: Aligning Internal Culture and Customer Analytics appeared first on Shep Hyken.

Coming Soon to a Contact Center Near You!

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Technology AI analytics artificial intelligence augmented reality call center chatbots contact center messagingThe landscape for engaging with customers is changing fast.

Top 3 Reasons Your Call Center Needs Customer Engagement Analytics


The post Top 3 Reasons Your Call Center Needs Customer Engagement Analytics appeared first on CallMiner. Call Center Best Practices Customer Experience

LISTEN 2016 to Highlight the Benefits of Speech & Customer Journey Analytics


The post LISTEN 2016 to Highlight the Benefits of Speech & Customer Journey Analytics appeared first on CallMiner. Agent Performance Call Center Best Practices Customer Experience Customer Journey Speech AnalyticsIn today’s customer landscape, the “customer experience” has evolved from a buzzword to a top priority for any organization regularly interfacing with customers.

What to Expect for Contact Centers in 2018

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Technology agent desktop analytics call center contact center omnichannelOf the most impactful priorities for contact centers in 2017, customer experience was at the top of the list.


Sikorski's Think Abouts

the most exciting evolution in Call/Contact Center technology is speech analytics and here is why: Fine tuned to the point where if a certain word is used the interaction is recorded. Applying speech analytics enables you to focus on key issues that matter most. Speech analytics is a powerful tool and should be used to place customer needs front and center: Improve processes. For me.

Why You Should Add Predictive Analytics to Your CEM Toolbox


The post Why You Should Add Predictive Analytics to Your CEM Toolbox appeared first on CallMiner. Call Center Best Practices Contact Center Efficiency Customer Experience Speech Analytics

Differentiator Series, Part 5: Selling and Promoting the Contact Center

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Executive Support call center contact center customer analytics demonstrating value executive buy-inOur final installment of the differentiator series is perhaps the most important for customer service leadership. Our topic is selling and promoting the contact center.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Customer Interaction Analytics

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Once you get to a phase when you no longer have data silos across business systems, it is important to start looking for a good operational, employee, and customer interaction analytics application. Such customer interaction analytics applications cannot be underestimated.

Measure to manage customer experience


Analytics Contact center analytics contact center management customer effort score customer service eGain VIM NPSAre you measuring customer experience? In many areas of management it is clear what to measure and what action to take when things go wrong.

12 Top Choices to Read and Follow over the Holiday Season

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Big data, analytics, AI and IoT continue to be hot topics, and in this 2-part blog I argue that customer data is the new marketing battleground , and that analytics are the new weapons guidance systems.

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Top Call Center Conferences 2017: 49 Must-Attend Events to Learn the Latest Trends and Technologies for Boosting Call Center Performance


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Automation in the Call Center with Robotics and Desktop Analytics

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Robotics and robotic process automation (RPA) have been around a long time, but are now only just being used significantly in the call center. RPA is about improving workflow by automating common tasks and freeing live agents to do what they do best - care for customers. Companies are using RPA more and more because of its accuracy and it’s time and cost savings. Automation RPA

Enterprise Uses of Speech Analytics (whitepaper)


Enterprise Uses of Speech Analytics (whitepaper). Since you can’t be everywhere watching and evaluating the customer experience, speech and text analytics is the next best thing. 5/1/2017. By Donna Fluss. Introduction. Wouldn’t it be great to share in the journey of each of your customers; to know what they think about your employees, policies, products, services and competitors? To be able to capture insights about what it’s really like to transact business with your company?

SAS Analytics Experience, Amsterdam

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Peter Lavers will be attending the SAS Analytics Experience conference in Amsterdam this October – their showcase in Europe of the latest innovations in data and analytics. The post SAS Analytics Experience, Amsterdam appeared first on Think CX.

Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity


Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity. The speech analytics market continues on its remarkable journey as it matures, enters middle age, and confronts a variety of new challenges. The primary issues are these: Speech analytics is not yet considered a “must-have” application; analytics-enabled quality assurance (AQA) has not caught on; real-time speech analytics has a limited number of use cases; and text analytics continues to struggle to be noticed.

Get your customer service ready for the digital-first generation

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Predictive analytics. Application Development Customer Service Millennials Predictive analytics Social media contact centers digital customer service proactive chat proactive experiences social customer service

Audio Deep Dives: Listening Analysis Made Simple

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By Diana Aviles The core part of Speech Analytics that sometimes gets lost amongst the high powered metadata and reporting functionalities are the audio insights themselves. CCW Metrics Speech Analytics

Reduce Customer Frustration with Context Cookies


Customer Analytics English/US Innovations/Technology Self-Service browser cookies context cookies cusomer customer experience mobile appMy children — who are not little kids and more accurately young adults — don’t remember a time without easy access to the internet.

7 (More) Call Center Best Practices


Call Center Best Practices Contact Center Efficiency Speech AnalyticsThere is no denying that an efficient call center is one where agents address customer concerns in a prompt and thorough manner, creating meaningful relationships with customers at each and every point of interaction.

7 Tips for Providing Exceptional Customer Experiences


Call Center Best Practices Customer Experience Speech AnalyticsIf your company isn’t taking the customer experience seriously, you should be. Research shows, by 2020, the customer will manage 85% of his or her experience with an enterprise without interacting with a human.