Managing Wait Times to Reduce Customer Frustration

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There are two types of people in the world: those who hate waiting, and those who really hate waiting. And that’s important when you run a contact center, as one of your most important objectives has to be the reduction of wait times.

KLM Provides Wait Time Estimates on Twitter Page

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They even provide wait time estimates, updated every five minutes. KLM harnesses Twitter for customer service, handling a diverse range of issues and steering customers to other channels when that makes sense.

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The Psychology Behind Why Customers Hate Waiting


As humans, we’ve all had to endure the seemingly torturous act of waiting. Whether as a child, eagerly waiting for our slice of the birthday cake to be passed down, or as an adult, having to sit in drab waiting room at the doctor’s office. Time seems to drag when you’re bored.

Improve Your IVR, Improve the Customer Experience


This time of year is especially popular for companies in the Midwest who are in the midst of a never-ending winter. In fact, The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority recommends arriving three hours before scheduled departure times. The IVR told her she could expect a 42-minute wait.

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

leads to long handle times. forgive occasional long handle times during an. inaccurate and handle times are frequently long. avoid suffering through excessive wait times. overstaffing, minimizes customer wait times. Handle Time Measures the average.

7 Best Practices for Implementing IVR in Your Contact Center

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The goal of IVR is to automate frequent call center tasks to free up an agent’s time and reduce or even eliminate customer wait time.

Understanding the “Power of One”

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While we know the impact each agent has on individual customers and the subsequent publicity (good or bad) that can come from those experiences, the power of one refers more specifically to queues and wait times. Last week’s Contact Center Insider, ICMI’s weekly e-newsletter, includes an article I wrote “Understanding the ‘Power of One’ – As Important as Ever.”

3 of the Most Common Customer Service Complaints

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Case in point: You call a company to place an order and the customer service rep on the other end of the line is acting like they cannot wait to finish the call or is downright rude. Just as your time is valuable, so is that of your customers. Long Wait Times.

Proactive Customer Service Leads to Improved Experience

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Providing exceptional customer service goes beyond reducing call center wait times or diffusing conflicts with angry customers. Anticipating needs, learning about the customer and listening to your employees are all keys to customer service success.

CX-Ray Vision: The Experiences You Need In Your Business


8x8 also delivers industry-leading intuitive graphical interaction flows revealing the complete customer journey and granular search terms so you can find specific interactions in no time. 8x8 Contact Center lets supervisors “whisper” suggestions in real time without customer awareness.

Contact Center Resolution Number 2 – Improve AHT and Agent Engagement with Screen Pops


Average Handle Time. An effective agent screen pop can have a dramatic positive impact on average handle time (AHT). And while average handle time is important within the contact center, it also indirectly impacts your customer experience as well. Wait Time.

Is Chat Ready to Grow Up?

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I waited for two minutes to get connected with an agent. I later learned she was handling three chat sessions at the same time. If your company offers live chat, it's time to do better. A chatbot could have handled the same issue with no wait time and no lag.

14 Critical Call Center Metrics You Should be Tracking


Tracking first call resolution ensures that you are satisfying customers in the shortest amount of time, without the need for any follow-up. Average Wait Time : Average wait time tracks how long it takes for customers to connect with an agent who can address their needs.

The Link Between Customer’s Senses and Increased Sales

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You’ll make customers feel more comfortable and appreciated during wait times by offering free beverages and snacks. Today we are excited to share a guest blog from Jasmine Williams. One of the ways that major brands enhance marketing is by appealing to all five senses.

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Innovations to Eliminate Annoying Hold Music

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Faced with the prospect of long wait times and annoying hold music, many customers (including me) avoid the phone at all costs and only call support as a last resort. In this case, the caller is presented with an option while they’re waiting in queue to receive a call back.

Charging More for a Better Customer Service Experience


The offer to get better support usually has promises like less wait time, extended hours and, as mentioned earlier, a support rep that is based in the U.S. (or So, rather than charge for each time a customer calls, build it into the price of your product.

The case for Live Chat on your website

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Online shopping comes with a lot of positives, but also some negatives, the most important of which is that customers are disconnected from a staff member who can help them with questions in real time.

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3 Benefits of SMS as a Customer Support Channel

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Case in point: Choosing to not operate a call center from the cloud won’t allow businesses to keep up with customers’ demands in real time. Some of the most common complaints consumers have with customer service departments are dealing with long wait times and multiple transfers.

Can virtual queuing be used as a method to manage call volume with a smaller complement of staff?


During peak periods of high volume and extended wait times, the application advises callers of the approximate wait time and provides options to wait in queue for the next available agent, or drop off and receive an immediate or scheduled callback. The fundamental purpose of a virtual queuing solution is to give callers control of their time while reducing operating costs for the enterprise during unanticipated spikes in demand.

It’s Time to Be Honest About the People in Your Experience


My favorite metric was how they determined the incredible results of reducing wait time. So Comcast made dramatic efforts to improve the wait times and engaged their employees in the field to help. It’s all about your people.

What customers want


There are no long wait times and customers are off the phone with their problem resolved in minutes. Social engineers have proven this time and time again.

“That’s Not My Department” and 10 Other Phrases Customers Hate


You wait on hold for what seems much longer than the ten minutes they said you would be holding. Why don’t we wait and see? “We’re Customers hate to wait. The wait time is 45 minutes.” You have a problem. You call the phone number listed on the company’s website.

How to Successfully Handle Call Volume During Peak Times [Webinar]


The reality is that voice remains the most preferred channel for customers, but its popularity comes at a price: long hold times. Unfortunately, the effect of this on the customer experience is significant: 60% of customers will abandon a call after just one minute of waiting on hold.

What customers want


There are no long wait times and customers are off the phone with their problem resolved in minutes. Social engineers have proven this time and time again.

Handling Dead-Air Space On a Customer Service Call

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And we had the best college football conversation, while he was waiting for something to pull up. Once, when I was on hold with Fitbit about a problem with my fitness tracker, the agent said to me, “While we’re waiting, Myra, I’d like to give you some tips on how to care for your Flex band.”

Worried? Is Your Contact Center Failing You?

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The first is unacceptable wait times. Set standardized response times – in other words, what is the maximum allowable time for keeping someone on hold, replying to their written query, and so on – and stick to those.

20 Powerful Ways to Simplify the Agent Experience


Improvements will result in decreased wait times for the customer, more accurate reporting and happier employees. The needs of today's customers are complicated. For a business to thrive, meeting these needs, and doing it at a level satisfactory to the customer, is critical.

The evolution of self-service technologies and the customer experience 


Customers now want to communicate with organisations with the channel of their choice at a time best suited to their schedule, meaning businesses need to adapt to this trend. The evolution of customer self-service.

Will AI Mean Less People and More Profit in the Contact Center?

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Self-service by customers has already led to a reduction in agent numbers, but customer expectations have increased and immediate access to information is expected without wait times. . Virtual Agents provide zero wait times and will lead to fewer agents answering calls.

Steps to Track your Call Center’s Performance using KPIs


4) Do you expect different queue time depending on the channel? b) Average Handle Time or AHT is the average duration of one transaction taken during the initiation of a customer’s call to the end moment till the issue is resolved. It includes any hold time, talk time and related tasks that follow the transaction. It enables you to forecast calls correctly in order to ensure you are not under or overstaffed at any given time.

How to take action with Call Center Analytics

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Was wait time a driver of outcome? Perhaps the number of times they were transferred or placed on hold during the call? A large part of the success of any contact center operation is dependent upon people; not technology as you might assume.

8 Things About the Voice Channel We’re Tired of Hearing


If your call center still makes customers cringe when they dial into support, it’s time to take action. So, what are call centers waiting for? If a customer has to repeat their issue over and over to different agents, you’re showing complete disrespect for their time and patience.

5 Principles for Great Restaurant Customer Service

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Manage wait times thoroughly. All too often, eating out is about waiting out. In fast food, no amount of time is too short. In fine dining, time of service is usually not a challenge, but wait time can be.

Why Customers Loathe Your Contact Center


All you need is a quick answer by an informed, competent customer service agent and instead, you get lengthy, unhelpful self-service menus, long wait times and apathetic agents without answers. If you took the time to dig into legacy contact center technology (yeah right, who does this?), Long wait times: We are all extremely impatient consumers. We’ve all experienced the pain first hand.

5 Key Outbound and Inbound Contact Center Solutions

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The result of utilizing a blended contact center include shorter wait times for customers, greater efficiency and productivity due to ACD and other technology, and higher agent engagement due to a decrease in mundane tasks.

How to measure a call center’s quality


For call center managers, metrics monitoring is all in a day’s work, from first call resolution to average handle time, agent absenteeism and much more. After all, with finite time and resources, you can’t measure everything. To understand how your business measures up in this area it’s important to track first call resolution (FCR), average wait time and self-service usage. Are You Measuring these Top Contact Center KPI’s?

6 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Calling Your Contact Center


A poorly designed phone menu can drive customers to be extremely hostile by the time they reach an agent, frustrated enough to repeatedly press ’0′, or irritated to the point of hanging up, then flocking to social media to publicly complain. Long Hold Times. Decrease Handle Time.

The Canadian Football League and InGenius


That means with the time they now save, they can focus on what makes any sport great - the fans. Using InGenius core features like screen pop, click-to-call, and call logging - the RedBlacks contact center can now easily deal with more cases in less time.

When Adding Call-Backs to Your Call Center, Beware The “Free” Option


Tolerance for long wait times has been getting lower and lower. If the wait is longer than a few minutes, callers will complain to your agents (leading to longer handle times) and they will vent on social media (see