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What the heck is a Chief Customer Officer?

Toister Performance Solutions

More companies are adding a Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Customer experience pioneer and bestselling author, Jeanne Bliss , literally wrote the book on this topic. The book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0 , spells out in great detail the role of the CCO.

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Book Review – Chief Customer Officer 2.0 – How to Build Your Customer Driven Growth Engine


Even if your company does not yet have a ‘Chief Customer Officer’ or ‘CCO’ it is unlikely to be long before they do! This is partly due to the fact that Customer Experience is still in its relative infancy as a profession. Re-branding a Marketing professional, or a Customer Service professional a CCO does not mean they have the competencies required to fulfill the role. Fortunately help is at hand – and has been since 2006.


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The Financial Imperative of Best in Class Service

CSM Magazine

It’s around twenty years since businesses began to think seriously about customer service as a means of growing competitive advantage. The answer, of course, was great customer service. The journey to customer and revenue retention. In recent years, increasing competition and the advent of new technologies have given rise to growing customer expectations, meaning the importance of customer service in business is more important than ever.

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Digital Transformation, Healthcare and the Contact Center


The webinar, titled “ Re-Tool the Contact Center for Better Patient Experience ”, presented an overview of issues facing the industry and its customers, as well as new technologies and best practices that can help address these issues. Leading off the program was Altivon’s own Frank Tersigni, Chief Customer Officer. Leaden has both wide and deep experience, working with mid-size to large enterprise customers in several industries, not least of which is healthcare.

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The Power the Ultimate Question

Horizon CX

His research was then fully published in 2006 in a milestone book titled The Ultimate Question and revised and expanded even further in his follow-up publication in 2011 titled The Ultimate Question 2.0. 63% follow-up with dissatisfied customers. Inferred Customer Behavior.

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