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The True Cost of Manual Testing


Are Invisible Defects Limiting Your Revenue Potential? Self-service is key to IVR success. When your IVR system empowers customers to get basic questions answered, submit information, and perform simple tasks without ever speaking to an agent, it’s a boon for your bottom line.

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Customize invoice QuickBooks Online: How to personalize your invoices


When you send a generic invoice with nothing on it but the total amount due, you miss out on your full revenue potential. So there’s nothing more frustrating than doing everything right in the invoicing process but still having to wait forever for payments. But here’s what many businesses don’t realize.


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Brand Integrity and Your Ideal Customer


Then, evaluate these natural groups’ revenue potential and cost to serve. These are apparent in Customer Service chat and audio logs: what is your customer trying to get done and why, and what is their consequence for gaps? I’ve found there are 2-4 overall natural patterns. Use these to create expectations personas.

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Cloud technology the key to delivering future-ready CX and EX


Predictive engagement enables proactive interventions and allocates human resources more effectively to focus on high-value individuals to improve resolution speed and revenue potential. And with AI guiding the conversation, agents receive the insights and direction that make conversations effortless.

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How SevenRooms Improves Customer Experience by Motivating Support Agents [Podcast]


SevenRooms is a guest experience platform that helps hospitality operators unlock the full revenue potential of their data. In Conversation with Matt Gilston, Director of Customer Support at SevenRooms.

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How Better Customer Relationship Management Can Increase ROI


Every customer should feel like number one: Even if you are managing a dozen accounts as a CSM, every single one should feel like the most important customer in your book – regardless of revenue potential.

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When ‘Push’ Marketing Goes Too Far

Beyond Philosophy

In the haste to bring in customers, companies can often forget to court the right customers, those who represent the best long-term revenue potential, or who won’t overtax the company’s customer service and support structure. If offline instances of the Casanova Complex are a disease, then it is an epidemic among Internet companies.

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