4 Reasons Chiropractors Need a Phone Answering Service

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Customer Service Small Business & EntrepreneursPain is unpredictable, and you can’t expect to experience pain only during the standard operating hours of your chiropractor’s practice. Unfortunately, most health professionals are not available in the evening hours, leaving their patients and clients waiting for relief until they are able to book the next appointment based on availability.

Why You Should Integrate Your CRM with Your Phone Answering Service

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Whether you are an e-commerce business, a legal or small business service provider, receiving customer calls is part of your industry. However, when your business starts growing, caller volume increases as well. If you think of the customer’s perspective, nobody likes to be put on hold for a long time. What should you do then? Tips & Tricks Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Abby Connect Tops Clutch’s Matrix for Virtual Receptionists & Answering Services

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Cultivating a strong following from our headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Abby Connect takes pride in creating meaningful and productive relationships with our clients. From small to more established businesses, our receptionists are motivated to go beyond the scope of their work and truly wow our customers

Ruby Receptionists Vs Abby Connect: Pricing, Fees, Hours & Accuracy

Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists

Whether you’re a lawyer , accountant , or small business owner looking for a virtual receptionist service, doing research is always the first step.

Outsourcing With Dedicated Agents is Better. Here are 5 Reasons Why.

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When it comes to outsourcing customer service you may encounter a couple of different staffing models. Certain outsourcers and answering services might work based on a shared model. If one company has a spike in call volume, this can impact service levels for the other companies.

3 Ways to Tell You Need to Add a Contact Center Partner

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Companies need to be able to admit when their customer service has a problem. New tasks and responsibilities keep coming and some of them can be tough to keep up with, especially customer service. Your staff is missing calls while helping other customers, so you need to add more service agents. For companies in this situation, it could be helpful to outsource with a contact center that offers a quality IVR system or even just an answering service.

Guest Blog: Customer Communication: Bots are Nice, But Humans are Better


This week we feature an article by Stephanie Jones about the importance of human interaction in the customer service world. Bots are a great customer service tool, but they aren’t the ultimate solution to your service woes.

Using Communication To Make Your Brand Unforgettable in 2018

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An effective customer service solution has always been a tool that helps businesses stand out. However, customers recently have come to expect more from businesses in terms of service, forming a landscape that’s saturated with options, and thus hyper-competitive.

Guest Blog: How to Ace Customer Service in the Age of Immediacy


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Paul Comarto, writes about how the use of text messaging and live chat are influencing customer service. As companies are making an effort to provide better customer service, they must look at every option for their customers.