Imagine if Every Company had a Chief Customer Officer

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Now, I propose they make a little more room for the latest addition to the leadership: The Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Today, we differentiate ourselves in new ways , the most important being how the Customer feels about their experience with you.

Book Review – Chief Customer Officer 2.0 – How to Build Your Customer Driven Growth Engine


Even if your company does not yet have a ‘Chief Customer Officer’ or ‘CCO’ it is unlikely to be long before they do! This is partly due to the fact that Customer Experience is still in its relative infancy as a profession.

Should We Have a Chief Customer Officer?

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The Evolving Chief Customer Officer: Identifying Value, Authority, Scope, Responsibilities, and Strategic Direction Within the Enterprise

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In the past decade, we’ve seen the number of companies with an individual in the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) – nicely defined by Wikipedia as “the executive responsible for the total relationship with an organization’s customers” – grow from under 100 to thousands today. They are; Customer Experience and Value Optimization. Customer Insight, Data and Action Generation. Customer Relationship-Building. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

An Ambitious First 90 Days for a #CXO

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One of the questions that Scott asked me during our session is what I'd call the customer experience officer's (CXO's) "first 90 days." Phase 1: Information Gathering Having a CXO is critical to success for any customer experience transformation.

Rise of the Customer Experience Executive

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A customer experience leader, that is. There's an alphabet soup of letters thrown together to title the customer experience leader role, whether it's CCO, CXO, CCXO, etc. Quite simply, it's time to create memorable customer experiences!

Customer Experience + Marketing: Pro’s & Con’s


Customer Experience + Marketing: Pro’s & Con’s. What happens when the Chief Marketing Officer doubles as Chief Customer Experience Officer? How Executives Think of Customer Experience. How Marketers Think of Customer Experience.

Why Does Your Company Need a Customer Experience Executive?

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Image courtesy of GMC Who needs a customer experience executive? What advice is there for future customer experience executives? One of my favorite questions was about my "Shark Tank sales pitch" about the CXO role: Why does a company need a customer experience executive? You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. chief customer officer customer experience customer-centric culture

Earning authority as a Customer Experience Professional – the importance of professional development


When I started out on my Customer Experience career many years ago, I had no idea that Customer Experience would ever be recognised as a profession. As I started to influence the organisation I was working for, I also did not realise that to be the best Customer Experience Professional I could be, I was […].

Amazing Business Radio: Donna Peeples


and Improve Customer Service. Shep Hyken speaks with Donna Peeples, a customer experience expert and Chief Customer Officer of Pypestream, a technology company offering secure mobile messaging, about how embracing change can enhance customer service and improve customer loyalty.

"Follow the Leader" Featuring Shep Hyken

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What is the most important role of the Chief Customer Officer? In my mind, there three important areas for the Chief Customer Officer to focus on: culture, systems and customer advocacy. The third responsibility is customer advocacy.

Quickly Fix Agent Performance on the Cheap

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Chief Customer Office, SalesLoft. Director of Customer Experience, UL EHS Sustainability. Blog: Customer Centric Support. Director of Customer Experience, FCR. Blog: Customer Service Life. Social Media and Customer Experience Manager, NumberBarn.

Break Down #CX Barriers with Storytelling

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Have you used storytelling in your customer experience management journey? The art of storytelling is an important one in the customer experience world. there was a company that was losing employees, customers and, ultimately, money.

It's Not About the Metric

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In November 2014, I participated in the Hooked On Customers Summit , a webinar series hosted by Bob Thompson of CustomerThink. I joined Bob, along with Jeanne Bliss, in the first webinar to discuss Creating Actionable Insight from a Customer Listening Engine.

To Get Loyal Customers, Start with Loyal Employees

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These new perks revolutionize how all Hilton Honors members can use their Points, senior vice president and global head of customer engagement, loyalty and partnerships Mark Weinstein said in a press release. So how does Hilton or any other company create true customer loyalty?

Break Down Barriers to a Great Customer Experience

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Unless your company was intentionally built from the ground up to not function in silos - and you're lucky, and unique, if it was - then silos are an issue for you and for your customers. We all know how detrimental silos can be not only to the customer experience but also to an organization.

Speaking The Language Of CX Value

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How to foster a customer-centric mindset in a dollars-driven reality. For six years, I’d held a Customer Service job with essentially one objective: make everyone around me happy, and make customers happy as a consequence. Read “Chief Customer Officer 2.0”

How Can Your Company and Customers Profit Most from Higher Employee Commitment?

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Whenever this is surfaced, it’s useful to ask some relevant questions with regard to ultimate enterprise value, particularly the employee experience vis-à-vis the customer experience. What takes precedence, employees or customers? We’re not saying choose your people over your customers.

Is 2015 the Year of #CX?

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We’re one month into 2015, and it’s already apparent that Customer Experience is on everyone’s agenda - or at least on those of the 95% of retailers surveyed by Boston Retail Partners ,who identified customer experience as a top-three priority in the new year. customer experience

Is Your Customer Experience the New Normal?

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Image courtesy of micahb37 Is the customer and his experience ingrained in your organization's DNA? A while back, I wrote a post titled, What the Hell is Customer Experience? In other words, what the hell is customer experience? what would the customer say?

Aligning the Organization Around the Customer with Customer Rooms

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Image courtesy of potiondesign Is your entire company - executives and employees alike - aligned with and around the customer? Do they know who your customers are? Do they understand the customer experience? How are you getting employees immersed in the customer experience?

What is a Socially Enabled Call Center?


Well, to put it simply, a socially enabled call center is one that utilizes social media to effectively interact with and handle all customer service. The world of customer service is changing all the time and social media is proving to be one of the driving forces behind this change.

6 Things You Can Do to Advance Your Career in the CX Profession

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Image courtesy of Pixabay What can I do to advance my career in - or to get started in - the customer experience profession? The more people we can have on the customer's team, the better. Build the business case for customer experience.

What is Customer Experience Ecosystem?


What is Customer Experience Ecosystem? And Wells Fargo employees creating phony accounts for customers in order to meet an internal goal of 8 accounts per customer. Penney’s case, its core customers appreciated getting good deals through discount sales.

10 Silos Impact Customer Experience


10 Silos Impact Customer Experience Lynn Hunsaker. This might be the highest-ROI effort of your customer experience council, chief customer officer, chief operating officer — or better yet, every employee. Customer Experience Data Silos Demystified.

The Social Enabled Call Center: How to Create a Social Media Call Center (Part 2)


In my last blog post, we defined what a Social Enabled Call Center is, a call center using social media platforms to effectively interact with their customers. We also looked at a couple of ways to enhance the customer experience within the Social Media call center.

Book Review – On Purpose – Delivering a branded customer experience people love


That is why I also advise people that I am a Customer Experience ‘Specialist’ – not an ‘expert’ – as I believe that anyone who champions a profession should be continually developing their specialism.

Embedding Customer Centricity: The Customer Experience Jigsaw Puzzle


As I continue to develop my Customer Experience Specialism around the globe, a number of questions are continually raised by the people I meet. How many customer segments should we have? Should we have a Chief Customer Officer.

State of Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management


State of Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management. How relevant are the trendiest customer experience management (CXM) practices in business-to-business (B2B) companies? High-Touch in B2B Customer Experience. Trendy Customer Experience Management.

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CX / VoC: DIY or Hire a Guide?

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What This Means for VoC / CX In-house customer experience teams face a similar dilemma when deciding whether or not to hire a vendor or consultant and to what degree. How engaged with your customer experience initiatives are your colleagues across functions?

Creating World-Class Customer Experience Teams


Creating World-Class Customer Experience Teams. In a recent #CXO tweet chat these same success factors were discussed as they apply to customer experience teams. The Formation of Customer Experience (CX) Teams. CX Team Dysfunction Affects the Customer Experience.

T?he 2016 Customer Election

Teresa Allen

The fight for customers in this year's consumer election is also now totally in the hands of the disgruntled or delighted individual. So why has the landscape changed in such a profound way, and what is the message for those involved in the fight for customers? I am your customer.

Customer Centricity Masterclass with Doug Leather

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Customer Centricity is the eco-system and operating model that enables an organisation to design and deliver a unique and distinctive customer experience”. In this tide of change and upheaval, customers are stepping into their power and making ever-increasing demands of business.


8 Ways to Tell Whether Your CEO Supports You

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Over the 13 years I worked on Customer Experience, I learned the tell-tale signs of authentic commitment. How to Check the Commitment of Your CEO: Count the number of times the CEO mentions Customers in any communication. If you don’t hear your CEO talking, emailing, or meeting about Customers, he or she isn’t focused on them. Keep track of how much time is devoted to Customer issues in meetings. If you don’t see Customers there, they didn’t make the cut.