Help Desk Vs Technical Support: What’s The Difference?

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Often, we use the term “help desk” to refer to all kinds of customer assistance services, including technical issues as well. In fact, in everyday life, people throw around the words “help desk” and “technical support” almost interchangeably. Importance of Technical Support.

9 Tips for the Development of the Technical Support Department


Technical support is the heart of the brand. However, if your technical support is at least slightly behind, you will lose a lot. You inspiredly decided to clarify this information with technical support, but you have not been answered for 3 weeks. Weak technical support is a weak brand. In it, you will find useful tips on developing a technical support department. In technical support, employees often neglect this.

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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Technical Support Team

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For every business, it is essential to have a technical support team. They believe that employing technical support would be costly and they might not need it. It is vital to provide your customers with the world-class tech support for gaining their trust and for maintaining high client retention rate. If you cannot afford to hire technical staff, you can simply outsource the tech support from some reputable company.

Best Technical Support – Top 3 Qualities of a Great Support Team

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Are you ready to start building a world class technical support team ? After all, your technical support team provides vital help and assistance for all computer software and equipment used in the business. A large part of any technical support role is to fix issues and to make sure that all the technology being used is working efficiently and properly. There are some bigger companies that provide 24/7/365 support services.

Troubleshooting support with manual and mechanical expertise


Troubleshooting support with manual and mechanical expertise. Customer Experience technical support Troubleshooting

Business Process Outsourcing: An Important Development Lever

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Support. Information Technology (IT) is a major support function for any business. There are few ways to ensure the good positioning of a company without viable IT technical support, which is one reason why any business leader should consider outsourcing IT services.

Upset Customers: 4 Tips to Calm and Keep Calm

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In the customer service industry, we will have to deal with an angry customer sooner or later. The stress and unpredictability of these situations are the cause of many disastrous fails. Not knowing how to deal with angry customers can culminate into giant losses for the companies involved.

How to Say No to A Customer: Difficult but Indispensable

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Everyone who works in customer service has been found in the cumbersome task of having to say no to a customer occasionally. There are situations where we can’t avoid this difficult task.

How to Increase Sales During the Holidays

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We just left Halloween behind and Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. It is no secret to anyone that this is the busiest season of the year for most businesses.

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The Individualization of the Customer Experience

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One size rarely fits all. It seems obvious, right?

9 Of the Most Effective Techniques to Handle Difficult Customers

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An unsatisfied customer can quickly become problematic. As a business, it’s not uncommon to have to deal with complicated situations, it’s part of the game. But having people who are unhappy is not the end of the world.

Empathy: A Vital Quality for Customer Service Agents

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Virtual Assistants: What Are the Advantages for Companies?

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Answering Customer Service Emails /Tickets / Chat Support. For example, it can provide technical support to users through a hotline. A virtual assistant is the collaborator of a company that provides its services remotely.

The 5 Phrases Customers Hate and Love to Hear

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It has happened to us all… You bought that product or service that you wanted so much, but you get a terrible disappointment because it was not what you expected or did not work correctly.

Building Customer Loyalty: The Most Important Thing for Your Business

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You have already built a brand or established a service. You have managed to create your client portfolio and you have even managed to generate a great interest in social networks.

How to Provide A Superior Customer Serving During the Holidays?

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Accordingly, this season for any support professional is one of the most stressful times of the year. If you’re in customer support, it’s probably the busiest time of the year for you, because customers are going shopping like crazy. Dedicate a larger budget for customer support only for this season. The first step in ensuring your customer support team is set up for success during the holidays, is optimizing your scheduling and aiming to maximize agent capacity.

The 6 Top Qualities of a Successful Sales Representative

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Create a great selling environment, providing reps with the tools they need, and offering the support to encourage a passionate mindset. If you’ve ever been involved with sales, then you know that it’s not easy. Whether it’s selling shoes at a store or selling a new cloud system by phone, making that sale depends on many attributes, as knowledge and enthusiasm of the salesperson. To be honest, not everybody has those characteristics! Don’t you think?

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The Best 5 Strategies To Really Understand Your Customers

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The success of any business depends on its capacity to understand the desires and necessities of its customers. Today, with big data and artificial intelligence, one might think that technology is the key to reaching the customers.

The Importance of Tech Support Services for Businesses

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One of the major contributing factors to your company’s success is the efficiency of your professional support team. You might be surprised to know that the technical support team lays the foundation for building a credible relationship between the customers and the company. If you cannot manage to hire new staff for handling the customer care affairs, you can outsource to a known tech support company. Your support service can make or break your image.

Our Journey to Native Cloud - The Monitoring Suite

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Operations Support & Services IT Product Management Technical Support Software Engineering Native CloudNative Cloud solutions enable improvements to resiliency, scalability, portability and agility, however fully containerized solutions with microservice architectures equate to more overall services and individual components to monitor.

The Power of Psychology in Customer Service

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If you can better understand how the mind of your customers work, you can offer a higher level of intuitive support and consequently, they will be happier. Psychology is very important when we are talking about customer service.

AI Vs Live Agents- Will AI Replace People in Customer Support?

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Four Reasons to Invest in a TASKE Support Plan

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Following the first year, you have the option of renewing your support plan. We offer different levels of support so that you can choose the right plan for you. Obtain after-hours support. There are several ways that a TASKE support plan can save you money.

6 Ways to Increase Your Support Confidence


Are you confident enough in your support partner that you can focus on advancing your solutions instead of just maintaining them? This is a great example of what a support organization can do to let in-house IT teams spend less time on issue resolution and gain more time to focus on delivering business-impacting advancements. An IT organization can gain time back to help deliver on digital transformation if they are confident that their support provider has their back.

The Making of a Contact Center Superagent

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Next-available agent routing models have long relied on the use of experienced agents who have been cross-trained to handle a wide variety of call types, from technical support to billing to sales. The universal agent is certainly not a new concept for contact centers. Within today’s contact center, however, several trends are converging and creating […].

Leeds City Council’s Laura Batley focuses on optimising customer contact


Continuing profile series of some of the customer engagement sector’s leaders, we interviewed Leeds City Council’s Technical Support and Development Manager, Laura Batley.

Employee Spotlight: Ian Rigby


From designing communications software simple enough for every user to providing award-winning onboarding and technical support 24/7, it’s at the center of everything we do. Here at FluentStream, we live and breathe client success.

Employee Spotlight: Isabelle Pullam


And we're committed to providing award-winning onboarding and technical support. Here at FluentStream, we live and breathe client success. We aim to design software that's simple enough for everyone to use. We believe that treating clients properly should be at. Read More.

Emotions Shape Customer Experiences

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The Temkin Group recently released a report about the different emotional responses customers have (by age group) after receiving technical support for their computer. This report is important because it: (1) addresses the difference between intentional and accidental experiences, (2). Customer Experience Bruce Temkin Emotion Intentional Peter Fader

Women in Leadership: My journey in Customer Experience


Back in my early 20s, I was navigating college for a Communications and Cultural Studies degree and needed extra cash to support myself. In my first attempt as a customer support representative, I was denied any promotion because I was “too valuable” in my current role.

3 Ways Digital Twin Technology is Transforming Customer Support


Applying the digital twin model to the technical support domain will be truly transformative, with its ability to revolutionize the role of the on-site/field technician. Technical Support in the age of Digital Twins.

What Is Accent Neutralization?

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If you have ever called up customer care or technical support and have had trouble understanding the words being spoken, or the accent in which the agent is speaking, you may be speaking with an agent either new to North American or from an international call center.

A Day in the Contact Center with LINDSEY ANSLOW

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As Director of Operations at DependableIT, a third-party provider of commercial and residential technical and premium technical support based in Burlington, Ontario, Lindsey heads an multiple award-winning service and support operation. LINDSEY ANSLOW has dedicated her career to working in customer-centric contact centers.

Transition to the Cloud to Reduce Operational Expenses While Improving Customer Experience

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As a well established and award-winning technical support company, 80024Support had the goal of aligning their infrastructure and technology investments with its company’s vision to provide unrivaled customer experience solutions. In order to accomplish this, they needed to find a vendor (and partner) to help them safely transition to the cloud and digitally transform their contact center operations. Transition Cloud

Tek Corner


Octopus Tech provided Tek Corner with Technical Support Services that helped them troubleshoot their customer’s issues regarding setup of IP based phones, TV etc. Tech Support Services. Customer Support

Tek Corner


Octopus Tech provided Tek Corner with Technical Support Services that helped them troubleshoot their customer’s issues regarding setup of IP based phones, TV etc. Tech Support Services. Customer Support

Guest Blog: 7 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Experience with Live Chat


You could be answering a prospect who has questions about a product, or a customer requiring technical support. In a survey conducted of 400 consumers and 100 businesses, 95% of respondents said they would prefer slower support if it meant the quality of help was higher. When delivering technical support, be sure to have tested the solution you’re recommending.

The New Definition of Employee Empowerment

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Here's a quick story that illustrates the challenge with this definition: A technical support rep, let's call him Scott, was empowered to take as long as necessary to help a customer solve an issue.

What Are The Worst Customer Service Job Responsibilities?

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It’s the difference between working at a clothing store, where maybe 5% or 10% of your interactions with customers are problems, and working a technical support call center for mobile phones, where every single call is a problem and every single caller is stressed out on some level.

Can I Get a Customer Service Job Without a Degree?

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Perhaps if you’re working the technical support line for something like a medical device, a drug, tax software, or certain higher-end technology applications. . Can you get a customer service job without a degree?