Our contact center agents in customer service and technical support are being asked to up-sell and cross-sell. How do we help them become comfortable with this change and be effective?


Question: Our contact center agents in customer service and technical support are being asked to up-sell and cross-sell. Although a business may consist of separate contact center roles and departments for sales, customer service, technical support, etc., How do we help them become comfortable with this change and be effective? Answer: Agents in traditionally “non-sales” contact center roles are frequently asked to sell, due to evolving customer experience standards.

Transition to the Cloud to Reduce Operational Expenses While Improving Customer Experience

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As a well established and award-winning technical support company, 80024Support had the goal of aligning their infrastructure and technology investments with its company’s vision to provide unrivaled customer experience solutions. In order to accomplish this, they needed to find a vendor (and partner) to help them safely transition to the cloud and digitally transform their contact center operations. Transition Cloud

What Is Accent Neutralization?

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If you have ever called up customer care or technical support and have had trouble understanding the words being spoken, or the accent in which the agent is speaking, you may be speaking with an agent either new to North American or from an international call center.

How Can Contact Center Leaders Avoid the 'Mechanical' Approach to Metrics, and Become More Customer Experience Focused?

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For nearly 30 years I have enjoyed supporting and developing next generation technologies, and the people that make them happen. I eventually moved back into full-time customer support in 2000 when I joined Automation Support as a Call Center Agent.

Forget Happiness, This Is the Top Emotion for Customer Support

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I placed a frantic call to technical support. The technical support rep must have been super empowered. She skipped all of the usual items on the support checklist ("Yes, I've tried rebooting my computer.") So how can support teams bring more relief?

Understanding Different Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services


Types of Inbound Call Center Services: a) Customer Support is what the name itself says, servicing the customers before, after and during the purchase to satisfy their needs through interaction.

End Finger Pointing in the Contact Center Communication Cloud

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So, one of her technical team members (Ben) called support for the company that she was contracted with. He was quickly informed that the chat module of the solution was developed by a different company and that he needed to contact their technical support team.

How We Built Ivy


These were questions like “how to get access to our technical support team or training department”, and “how to find out about industry events Aspect would be hosting or participating in”.

Give Your Contact Center a Pink Slip


Have you ever called technical support just to get stuck in an endless loop, never getting through to a live person? Momentum Voice Management System provides best in class quality and support insight. Award-winning, dedicated support.

Study: Executives Are Delusional About Customer-Centricity

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This includes searching for product information online, using a company's app, or searching for technical support information on a website.

The shift from cost center to OPPORTUNITY center


Customers will not tolerate being passed to third parties for problem resolution but will value those companies who accept responsibility for the products or services they sell and are willing to provide appropriate support.

Improve Customer Engagement with a Modern Contact Center


While individual and team functions, such as sales calls, billing collections and IT support requests, are viewed differently, all of these actions make up a company’s internal and external customer engagement. Conversely, a poor customer experience, a mishandled call, or not providing a high level of internal support can dramatically affect business success. Communication is the lifeblood of any organization, regardless of its size or industry.

Guest Blog: Answer the Questions Customers Don’t Know to Ask


If you work in technical support, perhaps customers need help connecting the product to the Internet. In many cases, answering the questions the customer didn’t know to ask prevents the aggravation of having to contact support again.

7 More Technologies To Jumpstart Your Customer Service

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Now imagine working in technical support and you need to get a customer’s make and model for the device you’re supporting. This article was originally published on the FCR blog on May 3, 2017. Click here to read the original.

Revealed: 7 Essential Elements For Your Omnichannel Strategy

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You are integrating your desired Customer Experience, which should be the delivery of your brand promise, throughout the different channels whether that means shopping, ordering or technical support. Omnichannel means at its foundation, integration.

4 Steps to Meet 24/7 Customer Service Expectations on Social Media

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Create Your Support Infrastructure. The next step toward putting your strategy into practice is creating an infrastructure for your support team. This begins with setting up your social media support accounts, which can use dedicated customer service usernames or brand usernames.

Contact Center Resolution Number 1 – Shift Your Focus from Product to Customer Experience


Over the last couple years, there’s been a shift in the content of television and radio commercials from product features to customer experience.

Guest Blog: 3 Simple Ways (Backed by Research) to Improve Customer Service Quality


For example, you can create a separate email address for customer service, invoices and technical support so that when a customer contacts each department, a specialist can reply in a timely manner.

Are Your Contact Center Agents Empowered to Provide Great Customer Service?


As supervisors and managers, it is our jobs to coach and support agents through customer interactions. Since providing technical support most consumes agents’ time , they must have real-time access to the data and tools needed to quickly and efficiently handle the interaction. We all want our agents to provide “great” service.

Expert Opinion: Top 3 Customer Support Trends to look for in 2018

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With Customer Experience being a crucial factor in business operations, comes the importance of optimizing Customer Support and forecasting trends. Recently I was asked to contribute to an expert round-up on the top customer support trends to look for in 2018. 1) Omnichannel I think that 2018 will be the year the Omnichannel becomes a reality for many customer support centers. Original post via ProProfs, expert opinion summary by Colin Taylor.

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Why Customer Experience is Like Sex in High School

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Whatever conclusions were made would be driven and supported by the customers’ survey responses. The objective was to either support or refute the impacts of agent accountabilities on FCR performance. Everybody’s talking about it. Many boast about their escapades and their appeal.

The New Rules of Employee Empowerment

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Here's an example: In a technical support contact center, each call was a roll of the dice. Ever since a major software update was released, the support team was flooded with calls. Note: This post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

Guest Blog: Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jason Grills, writes about the importance of good customer support and the impact it can have on your business. What can also highly influence customer experience is the way customer support agents actually communicate with them.

How is Your Knowledge Centered? 8 Tips for Effective Knowledge Management

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Most, if not all Contact Centers, technical support or customer service operations will access a knowledge-base. KCS stands for Knowledge Centered Support and sets out standards for KB management which are applicable to any organization using a KB. The spelling, grammar, and technical content must be correct. By: Peter Elliot. Many modern organizations are knowledge centered.

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Four Top Trends for Contact Centers

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So, AI is already here, has been here for a while and will continue to support ever increasingly complex customer interactions. Video will be another channel supported by Contact Centers where its value and use makes sense to the customers and the organization. . By: Colin Taylor. .

How To Get Coworkers to Step-up Their Service

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For example, a Tier 2 technical support team handled issues that were beyond the scope of expertise for the Tier 1 team. A question I often receive from customer service professionals is "How do I get my coworkers to improve their service?

Solving System Silos for Customer Experience Excellence


Technical Support time to resolve issues. Others are supportive of core capabilities, and may be categorized as management technologies, support technologies, research technologies, etc. Solving System Silos for Customer Experience Excellence Lynn Hunsaker.

The CX Position – Where should CX sit in your organisation? by John Morris


With the level of access, support and sponsorship they have received from the board tending to be a key success lever more than any specific host organisation. Proven examples and stories that support competitive advantage of Customer Experience.

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No! No! No!

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I recently called a large cable company for technical support. I make calls to call centers nearly every working day. On purpose. And I enjoy it! Yes, you read that correctly. I actually go out of my way to call at least one call center each working day.

How Ontario Minimum Wage Increases Will Impact Contact Centres

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When you look in Ontario, the majority of Contact Centres are in-house and support inbound customer service. Small technology businesses, where technical support is a Cost Centre, will work towards deploying alternative channels of support.

Operational Indicators – Sevice Levels, ASA & Occupancy Rate

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Similarly, technical support centers often have target service level wait times of 3 to 5 minutes for free support. By: Turaj Seyrafiaan. In the last Indicators post, we discussed one of the most important operational indicators: Average Handle Time or AHT. In this issue, we continue with other operational indicators dealing with the efficiency of the center, i.e. “Service Level”, “Average Speed of Answer (ASA)” and “Occupancy Rate”.

NEC and Frank Viola - "Raising a Family" - My Q&A on Frank's Retirement

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This group provided our sales group both sales and technical support through high level presentations, complex configurations, responding to RFP’s, etc. On one of his deployment forms, he indicated supporting the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Drive to 15 – How Minimum Wage Increases Will Impact Businessess & Contact Centers

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When you look in Ontario, the majority of Contact Centers are in-house and support inbound customer service. Small technology businesses, where technical support is a Cost Center, will work towards deploying alternative channels of support.

Reputation Management or Customer Experience Management?

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Background image courtesy of Unsplash Which should you focus on: reputation management or customer experience management? Or both? With sites like Yelp, TravelAdvisor, Angie''s List, and more (not to mention Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.),

How to Share the Customer Service Tip of the Week

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Technical Support Manager, Everbridge. "I I am in charge of a technical support team (no face to face support). Each Monday, I send out an email with a weekly customer service tip.