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The Importance of Customer Success Segmentation


It’s particularly relevant for SaaS companies, and we’ll dive into why SaaS customer segmentation is just so important. For SaaS customer segmentation , a company’s Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) value can be an important identifier. SaaS companies are well aware that not all their customers are the same.

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Customer Success Technology Buyer Guide


On the tech provider side, new logos are a constant quest, but SaaS models mean renewals are a top priority. Don’t just look at lucrative revenue potential. When executives ask for proof of ROI, there is a risk of losing funding — or losing a lot more than that. Cater communication and features according to these.


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Inside Customer Success: Winning by Design


Winning by Design is a premier provider of strategy consulting and coaching programs for SaaS Sales and Customer Success organizations. They are the leaders in SaaS Sales consulting and training, and have recently added Customer Success to their area of expertise. to regions such as Australia, Europe, Brazil, China and now Canada.

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The 6-Step Guide to Managing M&A as a CSM


If you’re part of a SaaS customer success team, mergers and acquisitions are an all-too-common occurrence in your life. If they are either, this can be an opportunity to identify new opportunities, revenue potential, or other strategic ways your teams can align. Discuss with your customers.

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How to measure and track product/market fit


To assess product/market fit, you first need to understand the market you are addressing with actual metrics tied to revenue potential. Now that you have your number for potential revenue, you need to assess how well you are hitting it and track this over time with the SaaS rule of 40. About Christopher Beck.

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Jan 18 – Customer Success Jobs


Educate users on the latest SaaS platform features. Ensure that timely and accurate data are maintained as appropriate (customer health scores, revenue potential, etc.). Collaborate with the Training and Education team to build out the content for product onboarding and education. Apply here: [link].

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What is Expansion Revenue? How Does One Calculate and Track the NRR Walk?


SaaS organizations are continuously trying to determine how to facilitate rapid and sustainable long-term growth. Therefore, prioritizing expansion revenue as well as calculating and analyzing Net Revenue Retention has become an established standard across the SaaS industry. What Is Net Revenue Retention?

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