Importance of Network Security: Part One

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While secure sockets layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) were commonplace on internet browsers, secure real-time protocol (SRTP) for voice media lagged many years behind.

What is Customer Success?


Buyer Experience Sales Performance Customer Experience/CX Customer Relationship Management/CRM Performance Metrics Sales Management TransportationWhen we consider customer success as an element in the evaluation of our own enterprise, what exactly are we talking … Continue reading "What is Customer Success?". The post What is Customer Success? appeared first on Cincom Blog.

Are You A Complainer Or A Realist?

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it helped people transition to a new mode of transportation. Or that the automobile replaced the horse for transport. A difference exists between what people say they will do and what people do. People say they want salads in theme parks but order hamburgers.

Temkin Experience Ratings Industry Snapshot: Rental Cars

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Congratulations to National Car Rental for delivering the best customer experience in the rental cars and transport industry. Out of the 12 rental car and transport companies included in this year’s Ratings, National Car Rental earned the highest score with a rating of 72%, putting it in 109th place overall out of Read More.

The Real Reason Men Aren’t Eco-Friendly

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And then the Texas Department of Transportation hired an ad agency that looked at the worst offenders – men between the ages of 16-24.

How to Make Your Customer Experience Convenient

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Uber reduces friction in the transportation business by increasing communication; you can see the drivers, it auto-populates your destination, and then it gives you the cost up front. Convenience has a significant influence on the outcome of your Customer Experience.

How To Manage Expectations

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Forbes and her colleagues studied Department of Transportation records for 160 million commercial airline flights between 1990 and 2016. Have you been on a flight recently and found that you arrived at your destination a little early?

More shocking news about Airbnb!

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For transportation, we have Uber and Lyft. Airbnb, the home sharing site that says you can “Belong Anywhere,” is suffering! They have now launched legal action against San Francisco over a new law that would require it to delist hosts who have not registered their living spaces.

Teams Score Big With Fans And Franchises!

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McDonald’s and the Philadelphia Eagles have several programs in play, starting by giving away $5,000 in tokens to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), for fans to use to see the last exhibition game.

2018 Temkin Experience Ratings: 20 Industry Snapshots

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You can see links to all of those industry snapshots below: > Airlines > Auto Dealers > Banks > Computers & Tablets > Credit Card Issuers > Fast Food Chains > Health Plans > Hotels & Rooms > Insurance Carriers > Investment Firms > Parcel Delivery Services > Rental Cars & Transport > Retailers Read More.

5 Contact Center Security Precautions You Should Implement Immediately

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When a city’s systems are compromised, it can disrupt police departments, transportation systems, courts, libraries, tax collection and emergency services. We often say that contact centers are on the front line of customer service. They are also on the front line of protecting each customer’s personal and financial information. That security challenge is becoming more critical as hackers and scammers become more sophisticated.

3 Examples of Change for the Better in Airlines

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What Southwest Airlines is not, at least according the US Department of Transportation, is punctual, which is clearly not a great stat when you are in the transportation game. There have been many great stories in the past couple of months about airlines doing what was right by their Customers. We can all learn a little about Customer centricity when we look at these examples from three major carriers in the US. Frontier Airlines Pilot Feeds His Passengers While Stranded on Runway.

Fiat Chrysler: The Latest Car Brand to Wreck Consumer Trust

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Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, explained that it is the manufacturer’s obligation (by federal law) to report warnings about safety issues. Isn’t it a company’s first priority not to harm their Customers?

Introducing SMS Invitations


Transportation Feedback: When someone concludes a flight or ride, ask about their experience. Collect real-time, quality feedback from on-the-go customers. Today we’re excited to announce the newest addition to our suite of survey distribution channels: SMS.

A River Runs Through Service

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Rivers are still an important source of commerce transportation. Standing on the banks of a magnificent river, your imagination can run wild. A mighty river can take you many miles, connecting you with countless ports and people along the way. It is the source of electric power in many places. Just, consider of all the stories told about the Mississippi river running over 2000 miles from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans.

How to Make Your Customer Experience Convenient

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Uber reduces friction in the transportation business by increasing communication; you can see the drivers, it auto-populates your destination, and then it gives you the cost up front. Convenience has a significant influence on the outcome of your Customer Experience.

Is a ‘human free’ experience the future?

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Ever sat near a weirdo on public transportation or ridden with a cabbie that makes you uncomfortable? What happens when you take the people out of an experience that was traditionally a human-based interaction? Does it make it better or worse?

Segmentation of Precast Walls in Revit

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On the Segmentation Tab we define rules for splitting based on fabrication, transportation or other functional requirements. In this post of the Structural Precast series I would like to touch upon the topic of segmentation of precast walls.

Want to be successful? Solve Your Customers’ Problems


Is all they want transportation? It’s morning and you’ve just had breakfast. What are you going to have for dinner? 49% of people in the U.S. do not know what they are going to have for dinner. That stat comes from David Portalatin’s address at the Art of Beef Summit, sponsored by Cargill.

John Grasso of Windstream on Cloud Contact Center Software

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The company supplies core transport solutions on a local and long-haul fiber-optic network spanning approximately 125,000 miles: About Us Page.

IP PBX Software Trends To Watch Out For In 2019


The architecture was born of necessity since, in the early days, PSTN ruled and it was necessary to follow a similar model with IP being the transport mechanism. Technologies are evolving so rapidly that making predictions of trends would be a challenging task.

Telling Your Customer Stories through Journey Maps

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The audience was transported and mesmerized! Image courtesy of Pixabay Do you know the power of storytelling? And do you use it in your customer experience transformation efforts?

Serving Like a Wise Owl

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And, they listen “below the surface,” like hotel GM John Longstreet did through conducting focus groups with taxi drivers who frequented his property to transport hotel guests to the airport. Audubon Magazine features annually their photography awards. This is the magazine of the National Audubon Society, the oldest conservation organization in the world for the protection of birds.

Airways Fattist Policy is NOT about Safety

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They claim it is to aid the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in research for flight safety. Ryanair has an airline that’s giving it a run for its money—on being the worst airline ever! Uzbekistan Airways announced they would weigh its passengers pre-flight to determine the average weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage. I say that is complete rubbish and this new weigh in is just an excuse. I am not the only one that calls this out as rubbish.

Is Home Delivery the Right Marketing Strategy?

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Both of these challenges present obstacles to reliable delivery windows, not to mention food storage for transportation, i.e., the ice cream melts by the time it gets to the consumer’s house.

Dataset: UK Net Promoter Score Benchmark, 2017

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Industry averages for NPS range from a high of 20 (supermarkets) to a low of -12 (rental cars & transport).

CX FORUMS: 2018 Key Note Speakers


Steve Mitchinson | General Manager of Driver and Vehicle Services | Department of Transport. of Transports Customer Experience Steering Committee. livepro’s third annual Customer Experience Knowledge Management Forums are back in 2018 bigger and better than ever before.

A brief history of the gig economy


Think of Uber’s disruption of the taxicab industry, based largely on identifying waste and opportunities for innovation in transporting people and now products such as restaurant meals. From 18th-century labor to TaskRabbit, the flexible workforce is evolving. What does a traditional job look like? Many people would describe it as a full-time role with a single company. Yet, the FTE—full-time equivalent—employee/employer relationship is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Comeback Kid: Toys R Us Makes A Return

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When Uber was pitched to investors more than a decade ago, the transportation startup's ability to morph into delivery was something that wasn't mentioned until the last two slides.

Next Generation Networking: 4 Pointers on Expanding Your Professional Network

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One way to help yourself out with this is to secure reliable transportation. Even though many aspects of business and professional life have changed with the advent of new technologies, networking remains one of the most important elements of building and advancing a business.

Guest Blog: Parcel Lockers – A Retailer’s Secret Weapon


Instead of shipping hundreds or thousands of small orders to individual residences, retailers can use their own transportation to ship bulk orders to the brick and mortar store for placement into the parcel lockers.

The Key To Uber’s Longevity Is Driver Loyalty

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Essentially, it is a software company providing a service: an efficient and user-friendly way of transporting passengers from one place to another in an automobile. Uber was founded in 2009.

Awesome Quotes from Call Center Week

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“Be in the emotional transportation business.” I just love quotes. Just like I love to ask guests on the Fast Leader Show to share their favorite quotes, it’s one of the my favorite things to do at events. I enjoy live Tweeting the speakers.

5 Ways to Use AI to Support Your Support Team

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Jessica Barrett Halcom is a writer for , with specializations in human resources, healthcare, and transportation. It’s no secret that the customer experience (CX) has risen to the top priorities of most companies today.

How Branch Pay Is Helping America's Hourly Workers Get Paid

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Given the high cost of transportation, housing, healthcare -- there is often no wriggle room.”. Nearly a month into the recent government shutdown and after missing her second paycheck, times were pretty tough for furloughed employee, Sigrid Layne. She had $1.06 in her bank account. "It's

SD-WAN is GPS for private data networks

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One of the leading companies defines it this way: “a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance… the underlying principle of which is to abstract the network hardware and transport characteristics from the applications that use the network. Networking is the packaging together of data into bundles (packets) and transporting those packets across a network.

Customer or Hostage? The unfortunate story of the UK passenger rail industry


If you happen to live in the UK and regularly have to rely on public transport to commute to and from work, the heralding of a brand spanking new year is unlikely to have filled you with much joy – from the commuting perspective that is.

Budding Business: 5 Tips to Help Your Small Business Get Out of the Red

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If part of your business involves transporting cash between two or more locations, you may even want to consider hiring a security contractor such as Security Services Northwest, Inc.

How to Create Your Punch List for Quick CX Wins


Have you ever lived through a major renovation project or lived through construction of a house or condo? I say “lived through” because it can be harrowing, on a #firstworldproblems level for sure, but harrowing nonetheless.

Executive outlook: Revising geographic strategies for U.S. workforce management


metro areas telecommuting exceeds public transportation as the commute option of choice. Look at the past and present state of workers to map out the future. For more than a century, workers went where the jobs were. Geography has been a major factor when we think of how to make a living.