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Facing Today's Challenges With One Invincible Human Superpower


deaths per 100,000 in 2007 to 11.0 One statistic stands out, particularly for me as a parent of two teenage sons: In 2021, suicide became the second leading cause of death among people aged 10 to 24. This rate increased from 6.8

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Bytes of Delight: Snacking on Snack Minutes Videos

Cisco - Contact Center

Back in 2007, after months of intensive studying, I passed my first Cisco certification exam: the CCNA. I walked out of that testing center with tears streaming down my face, just like Chris Gardner… Read more on Cisco Blogs


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Amazing Business Radio: Dennis Yu


Quotes: “TikTok in 2022 is Facebook in 2007. Repurpose content. We want to repurpose content that has already worked on YouTube, Facebook, blogs, etc., and turn those into TikToks. Now, it has more traffic than Google, a higher average watch time than Facebook or Netflix, and it is now the top downloaded app.”.

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My Manifesto: Experience Matters

Customer Experience Matters

In September 2007 I published my initial manifesto: Great Customer Experience Is Free. It seems appropriate for my new manifesto to take on the name of this blog, which I started in June 2007. It seems appropriate for my new manifesto to take on the name of this blog, which I started in June 2007. I’ve captured Read More.

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Customer Insight – United World Telecoms


With a growing customer portfolio and increased demand, UWT transitioned to being a call forwarding service provider over time and created Global Call Forwarding in 2007 as a distinctive brand dedicated to providing international toll free and local numbers.

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Facebook Fines: Is Their Culture To Blame?

Beyond Philosophy

Facebook has a series of scandals over the years, going all the way back to 2007. It is inconvenient in some ways, but worth it to me because I was uncomfortable with the amount of data Facebook was collecting and using. The social media platform has always had a fast and loose policy with sharing things their users did on the platform.

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Fairways for Families Charity Golf Tournament 2023

Real Blue Sky

His journey with Embrace began when he met its founders at a foster parent training event in 2007. He is an adoptive parent and was a licensed foster parent 2004-2010, fostering infants during that time. Their shared passion led to a deep friendship, and they soon invited Bryant to serve on Embrace’s advisory board.