My Manifesto: Experience Matters

Customer Experience Matters

In September 2007 I published my initial manifesto: Great Customer Experience Is Free. It seems appropriate for my new manifesto to take on the name of this blog, which I started in June 2007. I still fully believe in the elements of that post.

My Manifesto: Experience Matters

Customer Experience Matters

In September 2007 I published my initial manifesto: Great Customer Experience Is Free. It seems appropriate for my new manifesto to take on the name of this blog, which I started in June 2007. I still fully believe in the elements of that post.

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Leadership Lessons from a Last Lecture

Contact Center Pipeline

In September 2007, Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Professor Randy Pausch was diagnosed with liver cancer. For those of you who have never seen “The Last Lecture,” I encourage you to watch it on YouTube. Plan to spend a little more than an hour watching. Professor Pausch delivered an inspiring lecture focused on three parts—his […]. Leadership call center contact center leadership

Who Tweeted It First: Customer Success Edition


— Jan Poston Day (@jpostonday) November 2, 2007. — eBusiness Services (@ebusiness) April 17, 2007. — ZDNet (@ZDNet) November 28, 2007. — Chris Abraham (@chrisabraham) March 3, 2007. — muckdog (@muckdog) May 29, 2007.

SaaS 70

Guest Post: How One Bold Move Helped this Firm Survive (and Thrive!) in The Great Recession


Technically starting in December of 2007, the housing market collapsed, sending many homes into foreclosure, and many real estate agents and mortgage originators looking for new employment.

Why Mobile Marketing Is More Important Now Than Ever


Ever since the iPhone entered the world in 2007, smart devices have become an indispensable part of our lives. Mobile marketing isn’t the future – it’s now. For most of us, our smartphone is the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing at night. We can’t leave the house, or even the room, without it

Avaya Endgame?


In 2007, they were taken off the public market via a private equity deal. So now it looks like we’ll see a repeat of the maneuver from 2007 with a private equity firm taking the company off the public market.

Ask Abby Nicely #3: How Do You Calculate Your NPS Score?


If you read my last blog post , you’ll know that 2007 was a big year for me — from the infamous solar hot dog cooker to having to parallel park for the first time (more on that later). Then one night in 2007, it happened.

We’re Getting Better at Providing Great Customer Experiences

Brad Cleveland

According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, in 2014, 11% of brands were rated at “excellent” compared to 0% in 2007. Conversely, the number of brands rated at “poor” or “very poor” dropped from 35% in 2007 to 11% in 2014.

Napping at Work, Is It the Next Office Perk?

CSM Magazine

In 2007, she ended up collapsing from fatigue. In Spain, it’s practically mandatory to enjoy a siesta each day. You see, they were smart. They realized early on that after eating lunch, your body becomes lethargic and won’t be of much use anyway.


How Can Contact Center Leaders Avoid the 'Mechanical' Approach to Metrics, and Become More Customer Experience Focused?

Call Center Weekly

I have been in my current position since 2007 as a second and third-level Systems Support Engineer providing technical support for Intel's world-wide Process Control Systems infrastructure. By Dan MacDougall Contact center metrics are developed to measure operational performance (e.g.

Guest Blog: Key KPIs You Must Monitor for an Optimal Customer Experience


Entrepreneur specialized in web marketing, Julien Rio has been developing online platforms and strategies for numerous companies across Europe and Asia for the since 2007.

20 Call Center Pros Share the Most Undervalued Call Center Metrics and How To Better Leverage Them


Smitha obtained her license as CPA in 2007 from the California Board of Accountancy.

How to Achieve Personalized Customer Service with AI Tools


I see you are a Loyalty member since 2007, and have stayed at our property in London every year around this time. Hello. Thanks for calling our Hotel. How may I help you? Vs. Good morning, Laura.

Emotions Drive Spending, But Do You Know Which Ones Drive the Most?

Beyond Philosophy

These results were also published in my third book, The DNA of Customer Experience: How Emotions Drive Value (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007). In 2004, I presented to an insurance company in Germany about how they should be evoking the proper emotions in their customers. It was a tough audience.

Getting Company Culture and Operations Right, and Keeping Them Right: What It Really Means to Be Stakeholder-Centric This Labor Day

Beyond Philosophy

In my recent employee ambassadorship webinar , three seminal books which offer strategies and stories were identified: Firms of Endearment (2007), Conscious Capitalism (2013), and Everybody Matters (2017). Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

Declare Your Independence From Spreadsheets

Monet Software

This is the month we celebrate Independence Day, and across the country, companies are crafting special offers with some sort of historic or patriotic theme. So why should we be any different? We think it’s time your contact center declared its independence from spreadsheets.

Listen to the Voice in your Customer’s Head

Beyond Philosophy

Back in 2007, I wrote a book called, “The DNA of Customer Experience: How emotions drive value” addressing the answer to this question in detail. Why do we do what we do? The simple answer is because of our emotions.

Case Study: Increase Your Sales by 47% by Doing This…

Beyond Philosophy

Malcolm Gladwell’s famous book from 2007, Blink , introduced this concept in detail. How can you increase your sales by 47%? It’s all in the packaging. Gressingham Foods, a pre-packaged food company in the UK, wanted to change their brand image at the store. They were declining as a brand and wanted their image to project “premium but accessible.”. They hired Elmwood , a design firm that took a good look at their packaging and came up with a strategy to help them stand out.

Sales 302

Uncover The Specific Emotions You’re Evoking

Beyond Philosophy

Our research culminated in my book The DNA of Customer Experience: How Emotions Drive Value (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007). I’m happy to report that more and more companies realize that emotions are significant to the Customer Experience. It’s an excellent first step. But it isn’t enough.

Car Talk: The Marketing Gift of (Automotive) Gab

Beyond Philosophy

brands, covering 16 product categories, were analyzed during the period from 2007 to 2010. According to Nielsen, word-of-mouth is the most trusted source of decision-influencing and decision-making information for consumers around the world. Having often addressed the power of informal communication ( [link] ), it’s always gratifying to have confirmation by respected research and consulting organizations.

How Contactless Payment Has Changed Customer Service

CSM Magazine

First trialled in 2007 with a £10 maximum spend limit, its true introduction to the mainstream was only around five or six years ago, although it feels much longer. Contactless payment seems like one of those technologies that’s been around forever.

Customer Centricity has to be an Intrinsic Principle: an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Rohit M A, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cloudnine

Customer Guru

When we started the journey of Cloudnine in 2007, we did not have any great ambition of growing beyond one unit. From 2007, the way in which “word of mouth” can be propagated has changed with the onset of digital media.

Customer Service Fast Facts

TMP Direct

2007, February) “Understanding Customer Experience,” Harvard Business Review] An unsatisfied customer tells how many people. Customer Service Fast Facts. Loss of customer loyalty: “Contact centers leave 18% of customers with unresolved issues.

5 Top Reasons You Should Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Brand


Since 2007 , we’ve seen a Facebook ad or two populate the side panel of our newsfeeds. Everyone and their mother (literally) have Facebook now, right? Shouldn’t this make advertising to a large audience easier? Yes, this still rings true!

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

In the United Kingdom, the NCSI portfolio earned a return of 59 percent from April 2007 to June 2011, and the FTSE 100 had a negative return of 6 percent.”

How the Contact Centre industry has changed over the past five years


After finishing my higher studies, I started working for Siemens Energy Services based in Nottingham, UK and was with the company until 2007.

Celebrating a History of Personal Service


Since 2007, he has been responsible for leading the company’s strategic marketing initiatives and communications efforts. Cord Himelstein, Head of Marketing for Michael C. Fina Recognition, has helped the company become a leading provider of employee recognition and incentive programs.

How to Create Your Punch List for Quick CX Wins


I remember creating our punch list moving into a new home in 2007. Have you ever lived through a major renovation project or lived through construction of a house or condo?

What is Customer Experience Worth to Your Company?

Brad Cleveland

The study covers a six-year period, from 2007 through 2012. How does providing a great customer experience impact a company’s results? According to a study by Watermark Consulting, customer experience leaders generated a return three times higher on average than the S&P 500 index. Laggards trailed the index significantly. Companies that excel in this regard are rewarded, by consumers and investors … Customer Experience customer experience Customer service statistics

Bots and Babel Fish

CX Accelerator

In 2007, I moved to the United Kingdom. This amazing life adventure opened my eyes to cultures, languages, and opportunities I had never experienced in America. Upon arrival, it was clear my American English was not going to cut it in the UK.

Customers Want Better Customer Service…or Else!

Beyond Philosophy

We know from our work with London Business School (that culminated in my bestselling book, The DNA of the Customer Experience, How emotions drive value , Palgrave Macmillan 2007) the emotions Frustrated and Valued are two that destroy and drive value, respectively.

4 Must-Have Customer Support Channels Your Company Needs


Another revolution came with the launch of Facebook back in 2007 when companies started realising that its possibilities go far beyond than being just a P2P platform. In the last couple of years, there has been a real revolution in the way consumers react with brands.

PPL Electric Utilities Wins National Award for Customer Service Improvements

CSM Magazine

The average customer is experiencing 30 percent fewer outages than in 2007, and the utility is aiming for a further 15 percent improvement in the coming years.

So What?! There are plenty more customers where he came from!


In 2007 (11 years ago by my calculations), Kirk Kazanjian famously wrote a book about Enterprise Rent a Car. Although I was not a customer of Enterprise in 2007, it is highly likely they were a shining beacon of customer centric behaviour back then.

Avoid Seasonal Highs and Lows with These Customer Experience Tips

CSM Magazine

trillion spent in 2007. Every year organizations invest millions to deliver a high-quality customer experience (CX) during their seasonal periods. There’s a reason for that: Retail sales hit a record of $6 trillion in 2018, according to the U.S. Census.

APIs 52

Is ‘Being Human’ With Customers A New Concept? And, Does It Create Emotional, Experiential, Social and Financial Value?

Beyond Philosophy

Kotler picked up a theme that was articulated in the 2007 book, Firms of Endearment. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC, is Thought Leadership Principal for Beyond Philosophy. More than just a buzzword, ‘being human’, especially in brand-building and leveraging customer relationships, has become a buzz-phrase or buzz-concept.

Is this the year of the customer experience?


With so much focus on the customer journey, we might one day look back at this year much like we think of 1991 as the year the World Wide Web went public or 2007 as the year the world was introduced to the iPhone. .

Is Automation Good or Bad for Customer Experience?

Toister Performance Solutions

2007: Continental Airlines debuted mobile boarding passes. The discussion about automation often focuses on jobs. A 2019 study by Indeed showed 60 percent of Americans think automation will put a significant number of jobs at risk. This certainly includes customer service jobs.

How to Measure Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

When I wrote my book, The DNA of Customer Experience: How emotions drive value (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007) , we worked with the London Business School and the Chair of Consumer Psychology in England to determine what emotions drive value for an organization. In this series, professionals describe what numbers govern their happiness. Write your own #MyMetric post here. Some businesses look at the bottom line with customers.