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We invite CCNG members to share their experiences, stories, and expertise in Contact Center Operations, Customer Engagement, and Customer Service. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone you meet knows something you don’t.

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Leadership for the New Workforce


From the desk of Dr. WFO: On August 3-4, I had the opportunity to participate with a number of great organizations at the CCNG Executive Summit in Fort Worth, TX. Several organizations were represented at the event including: Neat, Kohl’s, HSN, Essilor, Hilton, CareerBuilder, Chase, Texas Workforce Commission, Wells Fargo, Kroger, OpenSpan, InContact, Five9, T … Continue reading Leadership for the New Workforce → CCNG Member Network Leadership featured

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Hearing the Voice of Our Customers and Partners: The Value of Exchanging


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Can a Contact Center be a “Deep Learner”?


Customer Service Contact Center artificial intelligence deep learning tech series AI chat bot CCNG Customer Contact CentralOnce upon a time there was a 1400-year-old game called “Chess” and the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, loosing against an IBM supercomputer called “ Deep Blue ”. This was in 1997. Since then the artificial intelligence (AI) love with chess has never vanished, with the machines becoming more skillful and playing tournaments between themselves.

CSR Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

Speaker: Andrew Decker, Customer Care Manager, VSP

Watch this re-released conversation between Andrew Decker, Customer Care Manager for VSP, and David Hadobas, President and CEO of CCNG, as Andrew shares VSP's success story for improving the recruiting, hiring, and retention process of their front line CSRs.

Ethics for the machines


AI Ethics machines technological evolution CCNG Customer Contact CentralWill the machines save us or kill us all? that is the question. While many are thrilled with the latest AI breakthroughs and dream of a shinning AI-powered world, others, like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and the late and legendary Stephen Hawking, expressed concerns about the evolution of the machines and warned about an apocalyptic future.


Why Digital Transformation Means That Contact Center Solutions Are for Everyone Now


social media Contact Center Customer Experience Chat start-ups Digital Transformation SME’s ecommerce voice CCNG Customer Contact CentralEvery day, start-ups and other innovative businesses are coming up with new business models that highlight how digital transformation is changing sales, marketing and customer service in all industries.

This is where you break down barriers to enhance contact centers

Call Center Coach

I witnessed first-hand the power of community when I attended a CCNG networking event at Coca-Cola Consolidated’s contact center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jim Rembach : Hey this is Jim with Fast Leader Show and Call Center Coach and I’m here with David Hadabos of CCNG.

“I sent you a message!” “Really? Where? Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Gmail or Snapchat?”


Contact Center Trends Contact Center Performance Customer Service Social Customer Service Interconnectivity contact centers omnichannel services CCNG Customer Contact CentralCalls over Skype and Whatsapp. Messages over Google Hangouts and Facebook. Posts and Tweets.


What we brought to our customers in 2017 (and a sneak peek of what’s to come!)


Contact Center Customer Management industry CCNG Customer Contact CentralHey, it seems that it was just yesterday that we were ladling out “Happy New Year” and today Q1 is already over! Time flies, huh? So, we thought: great time to look back at 2017 and further ahead into 2018 and share with you some of the great achievements that we brought to our customers, partners, and the industry last year.


Reducing Agent Effort and Lowering AHT for a Better CX

Speaker: Roger Lee, Director - Customer Success, Gridspace

How do you ensure your customer service team is communicating accurate, complete information, and how do you know they are providing appropriate products/solutions to better serve customers? Join CCNG for an exploration into how AI will improve both the employee and customer experience.

Forgotten Yet Key Source for Contact Center Best Practices

Call Center Coach

Because I know how valuable it can be to you, I was thrilled to meet up with Daniel Weiss of 8×8 at a CCNG networking event Coca-Cola Consolidated’s contact center in Charlotte, North Carolina and ask him some questions about his participation and what he learned.

The on-demand Society needs a new Contact Center model


Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Journey omnichannel on demand society Customer Management industry CCNG Customer Contact CentralThe only way through which a Company can come close to our demands in this new society on demand is by trying to anticipate to the customer’s behavior, shaping it and getting the most appropriate tools in order to enhance those sequences of interactions or “golden moments”. This is what we call Customer Journey.

5 Teams Coca-Cola Created That Blows the Top Off Employee Engagement

Call Center Coach

I was introduced to the system when Joachim “Joe” Rogers , the senior director of customer care for Coca-Cola Consolidated, shared it at a CCNG regional meeting. Who just hosted a fantastic event with CCNG.

Are you GDPR Ready? 10 Questions You Should Be Asking


Contact Center GDPR Data Protection Data Security Privacy Data Breach CCNG Customer Contact CentralT he European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, and it aims to create a stronger, harmonized data protection legal framework throughout the European Union, with the aim of giving citizens more control over their personal data, while imposing strict rules on companies who host and process this data.

Building Your CX of the Future - Take the First Steps Today

Speaker: Chris Bauserman, VP Segment and Product Marketing, NICE inContact

Building a best-in-class customer service team and customer-centric organization is a marathon, not a sprint. Join CCNG and Chris Bauserman, VP Segment and Product Marketing for NICE inContact, for a discussion and set of tools that you can use to benchmark your operations and identify the next best action your organization can take to build your CX of the future.

It´s The Most Wonderful - And Busiest - Time Of The Year


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GDPR is a reality. What now?


GDPR Data Protection Customer Management industry CCNG Customer Contact Central Data Privacy databases informationSo, it is a reality. May 25 came. G DPR took effect. Most of the organizations databases shrunk immensely (unless these organizations were really thorough and did a great job during years cleaning their email lists and only keeping those with consent).


Keep your Business on top of the WOWness wave


Customer Service Customer Experience Chatbots omnichannel services news experiences technology Customer Management industry CCNG Customer Contact CentralIt’s not a news anymore that people today choose and buy experiences, not products or services, and the advancements in technology increase both customer expectations and space for businesses to wow them. The potential of wowness (what a word, huh? Does it even exist? Well it does now ?? )

How to Create Business Value While Ensuring GDPR Compliance. The Altitude Case Study


contact centers GDPR Data Security Privacy CCNG Customer Contact CentralAltitude is committed to create value for its customers while executing on its own European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance program. Companies can miss that there are benefits from a GDPR program. For Altitude it is an opportunity to build customer trust, improve customer relationships, establish better data controls, and improve internal data handling and availability.


Customer Engagement + Bots: Connect with your customers in a new way

Speaker: Noel Roberts, CTO and VP of Marketing, Aria Solutions

Join CCNG member Noel Roberts of Aria as he discusses how to leverage chatbots to deliver excellent customer service that improves the customer experience and drives ROI. We’ll look at some of the challenges facing organizations, including common pitfalls, and will recommend ways to avoid them.

Have you heard about Pokémon Go? I bet you have!


Pokémon Go Altitude Door to Door Mobility Apps Augmented reality technological evolution services experiences CCNG Customer Contact CentralWhether you are catching Pokémon in your free time or not, I bet you have heard about it.


Who Will Take on the $4 Billion Challenge?


“You must spend money to make money.” – Plautus The 2015 CCNG Executive Summit was a success because attendees shared their experiences, both good and not-so-good. So much so that on my flight home, my head spun with industry buzzwords and emerging trends. But one in particular stood out for me: Agent inefficiencies continue to … Continue reading Who Will Take on the $4 Billion Challenge? → Agent Experience Customer Experience featured

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Leadership that Engages in Contact Centers: Top Experts Reveal Secrets

Call Center Coach

David Hadobas CEO, CCNG. About David Hadobas : David started CCNG in 1991, recognizing limited resources for information among contact center /customer care management.

8 Customer Service Networks You Need to Follow in 2019


CCNG does just that. When I first stepped foot into the Fonolo office nearly a year ago, I was also knowingly dipping my toes into the customer service ecology.

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The Spotlight Is On the Back Office—Finally!


Managers and executives responsible for the back-office, the non-customer facing area of an organization that processes the goods and service requests of its customers, have been overlooked for a long time.


Driving Contact Center Change: Chatbots, OmniChannel, Cloud


For more about Driving Contact Center Change, watch our recent conversation with David Hadobas of CCNG “ Contact Center Journey—from Here to Where? ”. Chatbots, Omnichannel and Cloud are three top trends for contact centers.


Channel Surfing: How Do Consumers Engage with Your Brand?


Dale is an active member and conference speaker at SOCAP, ICSA, and CCNG. This blog is authored by Dale Conwell, Vice President, C3i Solutions.


How to Enable Customer Service Agents in the Omnichannel Era

Aria Solutions

To help your organization better enable customer service agents, I wanted to share two recent webinars I led with Contact Center Network Group (CCNG). Change is the only constant in the contact center. It’s a landscape in constant flux.


Customer-Centric Cultures are Made of This

Beyond Morale

Two of my most active associations are the Customer Experience Professionals Association ( CXPA ) and the Call Center Network group ( CCNG ). Courtesy of www.AnnieLennox.com. You can travel the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for customer-centric cultures.