Guest Blog: How to Manage Customer Emotions


Stewart and Patricia O’Connell, write about how to manage customer emotions and ensure that employees know how to be empathetic. Customers are smarter than ever and we must know how to create a positive experience. How much emotion is the customer likely to have?

Customers Emotions are Predictable

Beyond Philosophy

Science has begun to predict the intensity of emotions in others with accuracy. This fact is important because when you can predict emotions, you can also plan for them in your Customer Experience. Why do we need to plan for emotions? Over 50% of any Customer Experience behavior is driven by emotions. It’s emotional and because of that, we assume it’s unpredictable. Here’s where predicting the intensity of negative emotions comes in handy.

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How To Measure Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

Measuring customer emotions for your Customer Experience is a vital activity for your organization. We discussed how to measure customer emotions on our recent podcast. The most common way to measure emotion is the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

How To Measure Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

What emotions should we be measuring? The post How To Measure Customer Emotions appeared first on. How do we measure a feeling? Where and when should we be measuring them? Colin and Ryan discuss what is best practice and what you should be doing.

Customers Are Irrational!

Speaker: Colin Shaw, Founder & CEO, Beyond Philosophy

Customers are Irrational! Therefore, why do we design Customer Experiences assuming Customers are logical beings who make logical decisions? To move your Customer Experience to the next level you need to move your thinking to the next level.

The Secret of Measuring Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

Unless you serve robots exclusively, your customers are humans. Human feelings influence our actions and drive customer behavior. Therefore, you must design a Customer Experience that makes your customers feel a way that drives value for your organization.

Why Do Customer Emotions Matter?

Beyond Philosophy

Ryan Hamilton discuss how emotions drive customer behavior. So, what is an emotion? How can you deliberately evoke a customer’s emotions? How is an emotion different to a mood and what you should do about it? The post Why Do Customer Emotions Matter?

How Do I Evoke Customer Emotions?

Beyond Philosophy

Ryan Hamilton explore the study of customer emotions and how they influence customer experience and tendencies to buy. Explore the latest academic studies and how researchers have evoked specific emotions, what they mean, and how you can use them. Colin Shaw and Prof.

How Can We Measure Customer Emotions in Our Digital World

Beyond Philosophy

How Can We Measure Customer Emotions in Our Digital World. However, the happier medal winner is the bronze medalist, and the reason we know this is the subject of this episode of The Intuitive Customer.

3 Tools to Measure Authentic Customer Emotions in Real-Time

Beyond Philosophy

I am routinely gobsmacked by the number of organizations that don’t measure customer emotions. To measure something like customer emotions in your Customer Experience, you need the proper tools. It can also be more accurate than what customers tell you.

How To Measure Authentic Customer Emotions In Real Time

Beyond Philosophy

There is a big challenge when measuring customer emotions as you are asking customers how they felt in an experience, as this is done retrospectively, a while after they had the experience. Using technology, you can now measure customer’s emotions in real time!

Why The Intensity of Customer Emotions is Crucial to Your Customer Loyalty

Beyond Philosophy

Customer emotions have a strong influence on your Customer Experience outcome. From our research in our global Customer Experience consultancy, we know that over 50 percent of experience is about how a customer feels. .

How to Measure Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

Some businesses look at the bottom line with customers. Companies that are and will be most successful going forward will optimize something besides margins and profits: The Net Emotional Value. The Net Emotional Value (NEV) refers to the single number that represents the emotional value you provide to your customers. The “Net” in NEV refers to the net effect of those emotions for customer loyalty and retention. But what are these emotions?

Predicting customer emotion in the contact center

TELUS International

Next-Gen Technology

How to Measure Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

Some businesses look at the bottom line with customers. Companies that are and will be most successful going forward will optimize something besides margins and profits: The Net Emotional Value. But what are these emotions? The fact is emotions matter in Customer Experience.

Leverage Your Business Growth with Customer Emotions

ProProfs Chat

10 Tips for Connecting with Customers Emotionally

NICE inContact

Customer experience is the name of the game today, with more brands competing based on customer experience (CX) as a key differentiator than price or product innovation. As we’ve said before, customer experience comes down to how your customers feel about your brand.

Understanding the Impact and Importance of Customer Emotions: a Q&A with Maria Pocovi

Call Center Weekly

Lately, there has been great emphasis placed on customer experience, and customer journey mapping. But what insights can we learn by understanding the emotions of customers? I believe in more human machines interacting with us according our emotions helping us.

Playing to customers’ emotions in financial services

TELUS International

Learn how leading fintech firms are building emotional connections with their customers

How Customer Emotions Can Build or Break Your Profitability

Kristina Evey

The emotions of your customers drive your profitability and customer loyalty. Being in tune with your customer while working with them is just as crucial, especially if you plan to stay in business and be successful. Your Profits Depend On Your Customer’s Emotions.

Customer Emotion: How to Understand, Measure, and Deliver an Emotional Engagement Strategy

Rant And Rave

Companies spend a great deal of time, effort and money gathering and evaluating mountains of customer data in their increasing desire to optimise the customer experience and maximise customer value. Customer Emotion

Are Your Customers Emotionally Unavailable?

CX Journey

Image courtesy of GawdZilla Are you customers emotional about your brand? or are they emotionally unavailable? Emotion is the big buzzword in customer experience right now; it's all the rage. Here's what some customer experience folks are saying about it.

The Emotion Connection: Tapping into the Science of Human Emotion to Deliver More Valuable Experiences

Contact Center Pipeline

Human emotions are a tricky business. Researchers have been trying to understand and interpret emotions since Charles Darwin first theorized that human facial expressions and body language were simply innate traits and a process of evolution in “The Language of Emotions” (1872).

Are you Irrational: 7 Questions to See If You Are Irrational?

Beyond Philosophy

I love watching what people, and Customers do. Your Customers would raise their hands during this TED talk also. What baffles me, then is why some organizations choose to ignore feelings and how they affect the behavior of their Customers.

Customer Centricity: Bridging the Gap Between Expectations and Experience

Contact Center Pipeline

It has been almost 15 years since Bain & Company delivered its jaw-dropping statistic on the customer experience delivery gap.

When customer emotion is snow joke: how to keep customers happy in bad weather

Rant And Rave

80% of customer decisions are driven by emotion. The trouble is, emotions are notoriously difficult to manage, control and even understand. Customer Experience

How is Your Business Dealing with the Paradox of Choice?

Beyond Philosophy

That post-purchase anxiety about a decision is a common affliction for Customers. Reducing choices isn’t the answer though, as customers are attracted by large assortments; i.e. they like the feeling of having an abundance of choice. are ways to ease the customer decision making. .

Training Employees on Nonverbal Clues

Beyond Philosophy

When you hear a person (read Customer) sigh, what do you think they are communicating? People mostly interpret sighing from others as conveying a negative emotion (in the study, ten times more often than positive emotions), usually sadness. When we train front line people on how to read nonverbal communication, we recognize this is a critical part of emotional intelligence. Happiness Exploded: There’s More to Positive Emotions Than You Think.

Don’t Disappoint your Customers this Holiday Season

Beyond Philosophy

How can marketers avoid creating a disappointed Customer? Reading these comments, I thought, “The Customers are feeling disappointed due to the way that their expectations have been set.”. Disappointment is an emotion caused by the nonfulfillment of your hopes or expectations.

Do You Know Your Customer Journey Map & the Emotions Overlay?


A recent post by John Ollila on Loyalty Lobby about customer journey maps and touchpoints in the leisure industry prompted me to share with you, an experience I had recently with the Hilton Group. Already there, you can see that they have an incomplete customer journey mapping process.

Music: A Marketing Tool

Beyond Philosophy

When it comes to branding there might be no better way than using music to help a Customer remember your brand promise. In addition, music has the ability to take us back in time to emotions we felt, even to the music of our parents or grandparents as is depicted in the Apple ad.

Do You Harness the Power of Habit in Your Marketing Yet?

Beyond Philosophy

When they saw these purchases in the customer’s history, they decided that they would begin the targeted campaign to these women. “ Most of the time, what we do, is what we do most of the time”. This is former F1 champion Lewis Hamilton stopping in the wrong team’s garage to change tires.

Making Optimal Customer Experience A Focus of Your Company’s (And Your) Thinking and Doing: The Case for Foundation and Advanced CEM Training

Beyond Philosophy

Many b2b and b2c companies offer antiseptic, commoditized, vanilla experiences for customers. Most brands and corporations get by on transactional approaches to customer relationships. Beyond simply selling a product or service, these ‘experiential brands’ connect with their customers.

Are You Deliberate with Your Customer Strategy or Just Taking a Chance?

Beyond Philosophy

Customer centricity requires strategy to cultivate a culture that puts the Customer at the center of everything you do. As the third in our series of nine posts looking at the different parts of the organization contributing to Customer centricity, let’s look at: Customer Strategy.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price. Keeping Customers results in a high increase in value.

3 Ways to Use Mobile To Your Advantage

Beyond Philosophy

Chances are, 70% or more of your Customers are reading/Googling/posting on mobile devices about your organization, too. Train customer staff across all channels. Customer-facing staff should know how to use all the channels you have available.

Why Most Customer Experience Programs Fail

Beyond Philosophy

We work with Customer Experience (CX) professionals around the world and train them on how to go about implementing CX programs. The main reason that an organization fails to improve their CX is because of their lack of Customer Centricity.

My First 90 Days: The Secrets You Must Know About Your New Job

Beyond Philosophy

“ Unlocking the Hidden Customer Experience: Short Stories of Remarkable Practices that Ensure Success” is designed to help organizations take their Customer Experience to the next level. Hiring Customer Ready Employees.

4 Things We Can All Learn from a Retail Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

Retailers have been at the forefront for understanding how to use the human brain and emotions to maximize profits from their Customers. Using smells in your Customer Experience is olfactory marketing, and it works. Undertake what we call a Customer Mirror.

Customer Success’s Financial Foundation


Tom Lipscomb imparts his wisdom on the ten step strategy for achieving the ultimate customer LTV. Customer Success Churn Customer Emotion Customer Retention expansion Retention