Employee Relations in the Contact Center

Bryant Richardson

I recently had the opportunity to talk about employee relations (ER) issues in the customer contact center with the Human Resources executive responsible for talent acquisition and organizational development for a Fortune 500 retailer. Contact Center Customer Experiences Leadership Call Center Customer Service Employee relations Human resources

The Customer Experience That Shouldn’t Have Been

Bryant Richardson

It was actually a good customer experience with AT&T that followed a poor experience. I know, you don’t see “good customer experience” in the same sentence with “AT&T” too often, but it was. Customer Experiences #ATT #ATTCustomerCare #CustExp #CustServ Customer Experience Customer Service TwitterIt was the best of experiences. It was the worst of experiences. Okay, that’s a little dramatic.

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Dollar Shave Club Teaches a Valuable Customer Service Lesson


The Dollar Shave Club continues to impress me with their amazing customer service. I have used them as an example of how to create a membership experience , but now I want to focus on their ability to deliver amazing customer service. Great value with great service.

NG9-1-1 and Quality Assurance

Customer Interactions

You’ve heard it many times at the beginning of a customer service call: “this call may be monitored for quality assurance.” No where is quality service is more important than 9-1-1. That’s because the very essence of 9-1-1 service is evolving. ” But what about 9-1-1? There is much at stake when a call goes wrong: your agency’s reputation, potential liability and expensive litigation; and most importantly, peoples’ lives.

How to Turn Social Media Customer Service into a Marketing Strategy


Over the last few years, customer service has shifted from traditional phone support toward social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Dan Gingiss started the Social Customer Care Track and interest has grown exponentially.

Customer Service is not a Destination, it’s a Journey: Lessons from Ryanair


Although the blue and saffron airline has recently hit a spot of turbulence largely thanks to Brexit – announcing 900 job cuts and a 21% drop in quarterly profits – the airline offers a fascinating case study in customer service maturation. Optimize Your Self-Service Channels.

The New Era of Customer Relationships: Are You Ready?

Brad Cleveland

We are seeing the emergence of the greatest customer movement in history. Studies reveal that the vast majority of consumers now use search engines, social communities and feedback sites to better understand a company’s commitment to service before making brand or product decisions. Is your organization ready? Are you ready?

Perspective on First Call Resolution

Brad Cleveland

First-call resolution (FCR) is an increasingly popular performance measure in customer contact environments. And that’s a good thing: Unresolved contacts are a common source of customer dissatisfaction, and the organization tends to incur many additional expenses (e.g., Several important lessons have … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Service Leadership Brad Cleveland first call resolution ICMI

Shaping Your Customer Access Strategy for Social Media

Brad Cleveland

To put effective services … Call Center Contact Center Customer Access Strategy Social Media Brad Cleveland customer access strategy Customer Service ICMI(Note, a full version of this post recently appeared in ICMI’s Global Report on Call Center Practices. To subscribe, see link at bottom.)

Leading organizations are restructuring for better service

Brad Cleveland

Many organizations are restructuring so that all channels of contact with customers are under the same management umbrella. To Whom Does the … Call Center Contact Center Leadership Organization and Culture Research/Statistics Brad Cleveland Customer Service ICMI support centerThis is causing enormous internal structural change that involves IT, HR, marketing, operational areas – and virtually every other department.

History’s Most Powerful Consumer Movement?

Brad Cleveland

Studies suggest that the vast majority of consumers now use search engines and sites such as the [link] to review the comments of other customers before making brand or product decisions. And bad customer experiences – even if they are one in many thousands … Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Relationships Customer Service Brad Cleveland ICMI zappos.com

The Tough Economy is Forcing Critical Thinking

Brad Cleveland

Here are some suggestions on high-level priorities: Develop a global view of your organization’s … Call Center Contact Center Leadership Brad Cleveland Customer Service economy support centerMaking the right decisions requires both intuition and discipline. Although you can’t boil leadership – that’s of course what we’re really talking about – down to a simple checklist, there is something powerful about focusing on the things that matter most. So… what to do now?

The Power of Good Questions

Brad Cleveland

Questions establish context, and the best … Call Center Contact Center Leadership Brad Cleveland Customer Service ICMIAre we headed in the right direction? Do our priorities make sense? What would you do if you were in our shoes? At ICMI, we are often asked these and related questions (they usually come up in the context of working on specific projects or issues with clients). They are good. They are important.

Consistent Performance

Brad Cleveland

And the reasons – the economy, changes in customer behavior, etc. – That … Call Center Workforce Management Brad Cleveland Contact Center Customer Service ICMIIf your organization is seeing call center workload patterns that are somewhat different than in similar historical months and years, you’re not alone. are certainly no mystery. Unfortunately, many managers rely on metrics that are summarized over overly-large blocks of time and lose visibility of problem areas.

Is Your Strategy Working?

Brad Cleveland

Given the current economic challenges, it’s an important time to revisit your customer access strategy, and ensure that it is finely tuned to support your organization’s brand and your customers’ needs. All nine components should be up for discussion: Customers: How your customers are segmented and served according to their unique needs.

And Now for Some… ahem… Breaking News…

Brad Cleveland

A few month back, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece that concludes that “companies are trying harder to please customers amid the recession – and it appears to be working.”

The state of UK customer service 2020 - struggling to improve


Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Author: Pauline Ashenden - Marketing Manager The state of UK customer service 2020 - struggling to improve. Author: Pauline Ashenden - Marketing Manager Digital channels are now a vital part of the customer relationship, across every sector.

4 ways to differentiate with superior email customer service


Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Author: Steve Nattress 4 ways to differentiate with superior email customer service. Author: Steve Nattress In a multichannel world neglecting email for customer service risks both satisfaction and revenues.

Customer Service – The POSITIVE Impact

Kristina Evey

The POSITIVE Impact of Customer Service… I typically let you know how much poor customer service is COSTING your company. A 2% increase in customer retention has as much of an impact on your bottom line as cutting costs by 10%.

Five Essentials of Customer Service Excellence


Recently, I took a very early flight with British Airways (BA) out of Geneva airport and once again, BA staff demonstrated their excellent customer service. What has this got to do with your own customer service excellence? Need help in improving your own customer care?

Customer Service and Chill: Netflix Announces Plans to Raise Prices


This is the company’s largest increase since launching its streaming service 12 years ago. The price increase takes effect immediately for new customers. ” Plus, Netflix has something else going on: great customer service. Customer Service

Shandong Unicom Customer Service expands with Teleopti’s WFM solution


Shandong Unicom has placed their third order for a workforce management (WFM) solution from Huawei and Teleopti since 2011

5 Cringeworthy Customer Service Experiences (and How to Avoid Creating Them)

ProProfs Blog

After making a purchase, you’re dissatisfied with a product or service. After being in touch with a customer service representative, the process becomes even more aggravating when a solution isn’t reached. Take your customer relationships seriously. Customer Support

Hoveround Successfully Navigates Customer Service – Increases Lead Conversion 116%

NICE inContact

But Hoveround’s contact center, which plays a pivotal role in servicing current customers as well as calling prospects, just wasn’t keeping up. In fact, Hoveround, a NICE inContact customer since 2011, was one of the first companies to use CXone Personal Connection, a patented proactive outbound dialer that generates more revenue and fewer hang-ups. Advantages of the Cloud Customer Experience Omnichannel

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Use of Live Chat or Social Media for Customer Service: One More Way to Make or Break Your Brand!

Bill Quiseng

In 2011, An American Express survey found that Americans tell an average of 9 people about good experiences and 16 people about poor experiences. We have all seen the word “viral” tagged to a personal story about bad customer service more often than a good one.

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Building a Positive Relationship for Better Customer Service

Creative Virtual

The relationships you have with your customers directly affect your bottom line. Happy customers are more likely to be loyal, repeat customers and recommend you to their friends, family and social media connections. Every service and support engagement you have with a customer can make or break that relationship. At Creative Virtual one of our passions is helping our customers deliver a positive service experience to their customers.

Weird Research: The Most Dangerous Time for Customer Service

Toister Performance Solutions

Advertising disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I recently read about a 2011 study that examine two parole boards in Israel. This made me wonder if there's a similar effect in customer service. Can time of day influence service quality?

Guest Blog: Five important trends impacting customer service today and into 2019


What are some of the key trends that will mold business and customer service operations in 2019? Pelorus Associates has authored comprehensive market research reports on workforce management software since 2011. One is increasing the lifetime value of a customer.

ROI of Social Customer Service: How to Calculate It and Create a Strong Business Case

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet The phrase “customer service is the new marketing” has gained popularity with brands realizing that poor customer service takes current, and even potential customers, out of the marketing funnel. Customer care extends far beyond the traditional call center.

True Confessions: The Trials, Tribulations, Agony, Ecstasy and Irony of 20 Years as an Independent Analyst

Contact Center Pipeline

Every November since I began writing this column in Contact Center Pipeline in 2011, I’ve written about veterans and veterans’ issues in the customer service profession.

What Motivates Government to Provide Better Customer Service?

CSM Magazine

So why then would government care about providing good customer service? Forrester Research recently released its 2016 Customer Experience Index , and once again government still finished last across the 21 industries, with ratings falling between “very poor” to “ok.”

Inside View: C3 | CustomerContactChannels

Contact Center Pipeline

The senior population has been a fast-growing customer segment since the first wave of baby boomers turned 65 in 2011. Training & Development agent training call center contact center customer service elderly callers sensitivity awareness training

3 Customer Service Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them


Customer service has become the key differentiator between modern businesses. In today’s consumer landscape, companies can’t afford to provide anything less than stellar customer experiences. Customer service representatives serve as the face of your brand.

Social Media is the Fastest Channel for Customer Service According to New Research

CSM Magazine

Despite its importance to consumers, email is falling behind social media when it comes to customer service, with UK brands answering just 38% of emailed questions, according to a new study. Social media cemented its position as the fastest channel for customer service.

UK retail customer service failing to move forward


Date: Friday, March 18, 2016 UK retail customer service failing to move forward. Customers are pushing retailers to innovate and deliver new services , improved experiences at lower prices. 10% fewer companies allowed non-customers to email them compared to 2015.

Why it is time to take a new look at social customer service


Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Why it is time to take a new look at social customer service. Author: Neil Titcomb Using social media for customer service has been around since channels such as Facebook and Twitter first sprang to prominence.

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You Are Known by Your Works

Chip Bell

Many years ago, I worked for the president of a bank famous for aggressive bank acquisitions and rapid growth in the financial services space. It was an Iceland-based airline founded in 2011 that promised a no-frills, super cheap mode of air travel. Expectations are the starting place for all customers evaluations. For Leaders of Innovation bankruptcy Customer Expectation Customer Experience customer service customer service keynote speaker cx Innovative Serivce