The Benefits of Creating an Entertaining Customer Experience with Gamification


Many companies have figured out that having fun—sometimes called gamification—with the sales process can lead to greater loyalty and a better overall experience. If you're in the customer service and experience department, then you've probably heard all about gamification in the call center agents, as it boosts agent performance and engagement.

97 Super-Effective Sales Tips From Top Sales Gurus


Especially when you’re working in sales. To help you stay on the front of the race we’ve compiled a list of 97 super-effective sales tips that will help you take your sales skill to the next level. These are sales tips used by top sales gurus who know all the tricks. Sales Tips from Top Sales Gurus. To help you easier crunch through the sales tips list we’ve divided it into 10 different sections. Sales Tips #1-10.

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The Essential Sales (Summer) Reading List


Vacations — and other OOO moments — provide sales professionals with a unique opportunity to gets some needed relaxation but also to enhance their job-related knowledge base. The purpose of this list is to entertain and motivate as much as it is to educate. Sales is a study in motivational psychology. Good sales professionals have an idea of how to turn opportunities created into deals won. Great sales professionals understand the why as well. Sales

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How to enhance sales with visual engagement tools?


Yet, all this progress has created a new set of sales challenges. Understanding and addressing these e-commerce obstacles is the key towards improving sales processes, driving a better customer journey, delivering more consumer conversions, and ultimately garnering a greater level of success for your business. Providing customers with accurate information at just the right time, is often the push required to convert the sale. Co-browsing and screen sharing as a sales tool.

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Customer Centric Sales & Service Policies


Customer Centric Sales & Service Policies Lynn Hunsaker. For example, think of Zappos and LL Bean: for their customer-centric sales and service policies, they’ve earned widespread admiration among customers, as well as among executives across a variety of industries who’ve sought to learn from them. Do our sales and service policies show it? Customers prefer straightforward, intuitive policies and easy access to live help in sales and service.

5 Predictions for CX, Marketing and Sales in 2021


Some categories, including food and household items have seen an average 30% increase in online sales. Entertainment spending is struggling to recover. The post 5 Predictions for CX, Marketing and Sales in 2021 appeared first on babelforce – The No-Code Contact Center Platform.

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15 TED Talks Every (Sales)person Should Watch


Especially Sales TED Talks. It’s entertaining, not tiring and very useful. To avoid these situations, I picked up 15 best sales TED Talks that will not only develop your sales skills and let you understand your customers better, but also make you see the world, people and in particular yourself in a different way. Best Sales TED Talks to train your sales skills. I tried to collect the best sales ted talks. Best Sales TED Talks on how people work.

5 Keys to Writing a Successful B2B Telemarketing Script

Quality Contact Solutions

In many cases, I would refer to this as “asking for the sale”; however, depending on the script’s objective, perhaps that isn’t the same call to action. By Nathan Teahon, Strategic Account Manager.

Top sales trends to improve your business in 2019


Time to learn what’s going to be the next significant sales trend? Let’s start and talk about sales trends in 2019! In this article, I will focus on the most promising sales trends that can make or break your business next year. Sales trend no.1 – Authenticity not advertising. Retail and e-commerce sales share the same sins. Sales need to change. How to stay on top of this sales trend? It’s particularly essential in the sales business.

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7 Essential Podcasts for Sales Reps


Podcasts are an excellent resource for people working in sales roles. Much like sales books , podcasts allow sales professionals to learn directly from industry experts, without breaking the bank on conference fees. For those wanting to improve their sales performance, finding a great sales podcast shouldn’t be a challenge. With such a wide range of sales podcasts available for free, narrowing down the options can be tricky.

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How to use augmented reality in sales for the retail industry

ViiBE Blog

Secondly, augmented reality technology can be widely used in after-sales and customer services. Ranging from convenience and confidence to entertainment and education, augmented reality solutions create many customer benefits.

The No-Fail Social Media Strategy to Convert Extra Leads to Sales

CSM Magazine

With staggering numbers like these, it’s not surprising that many businesses invest in the development of social media strategies to convert more leads into sales. We’ve gathered the best five strategies worth implementing to convert extra leads to sales.

Technology for 21st-Century, Experience-Driven Sports Fan Engagement


This consumerism shift towards mobile devices makes it easier for teams to influence impulse sales through personalized messages, geo-targeted marketing, instant offers, and loyalty rewards. Customer Engagement Avaya Avaya Sports and Entertainment fan engagementSensors in their jerseys, shoes, and helmets. Sensors in the turf, the goal box, race car, and golf club.

Gone Virtual: Recap of the CETX Conference


After months of organizing, and re-organizing, we’re proud to say that our first virtual Customer Engagement Transformation Exchange (CETX) was a success! With over a thousand registrants, our inaugural CETX and very first digital conference also marked one of our largest events to date.

Can Outsourced B2B Telemarketing Help?

Quality Contact Solutions

Can Outsourced B2B Telemarketing help your organization hit its inside sales goal? Many large and small organizations utilize outsourced telemarketing as part of their overall program to achieve their inside sales goals.

Poor Customer Experience Costs UK Brands £234 Billion a Year in Lost Sales

CSM Magazine

The survey of 1,000 consumers compared buying experiences across multiple market sectors, including utilities, phone, TV and broadband, clothing, travel, home improvement, entertainment and groceries. Poor customer experience is costing UK brands at least £234 billion a year, as customers abandon online purchases in frustration and take their business elsewhere, according to new research from cloud-based contact centre solution provider Magnetic North.

The Show Starts When the Phone Rings


Many of my friends are professional entertainers. Everything that happens leading up to the sale is part of the customer experience. Most people think service happens after the sale. You may or may not know that I’m a magician. Some of you may know that I’m also a musician.

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Guest Post: 5 Inevitable Tips That Can Ensure a Superb Customer Experience


It’s not just about interaction with sales or customer service. Content can be designed to raise revenue, sell products, educate, or entertain the consumers. The same study highlighted that 73% of customers worldwide love to watch videos on social media that are entertaining. #3.

How AI Drives Targeted Customer Engagement


From retail to finance to entertainment, the technology can be used to target key customers with great accuracy—suggesting the right products and services to exactly the right people at optimal times. Here are five ways in which AI can be used to drive targeted customer engagement and sales for your business. This information then informs sales and marketing teams, enabling them to create targeted ads for such a customer.

The Power of Classroom Learning

Horizon CX

I attribute that permanent learning of mine to the tall instructor with the bowtie who led that class and introduced these writing concepts in a fun and entertaining way and for providing an environment that allowed us to even question those ideas and grammatical usage to our ultimate satisfaction. Communication Customer Experience Empathy Training Workplace customer experience employees Learning Net Promoter NPS sales surveys voice of the customer

LIVE COMMERCE: How BPO / Outsourcing Companies Can Support Commerce as an EVENT

Anexa BPO

The world of commerce has seen a dramatic new format – one that blends entertainment with interactive and instant purchasing. billion in sales) and quickly solidified the platform as a reliable digital tool for boosting customer engagement and sales.

Ecommerce and The Holidays – Business Process Outsourcing Companies Support the New Age of Retail

Anexa BPO

Even last year, in the depths of the pandemic, holiday retail sales grew by 5.8% – up from 4.1% And 2021 promises to increase retail sales from 7% to 9%, with shoppers interested in traveling, dining out, entertaining, and going to the stores to look for deals. MasterCard SpendingPulse forecasts that online sales will reach a record high across the holiday season, growing a staggering 59.3%

Why Customers Make Strange Decisions

Beyond Philosophy

In both situations, you are going to spend more money than you thought you were going to for entertainment. So, when you lose the ticket, you have drained what you allotted mentally for your entertainment budget that evening, so you are unwilling to spend another $20 (it isn’t in the budget, after all!). You still have the $20 for entertainment in the mental budget. I was running a workshop in the states for a mobile company when the sales manager came in late.

Meeting Customers Unmet Needs, The New Imperative for 2020

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Treating your customers well and giving them what they want is at the heart of every sales manager’s action and marketing department’s message. . New Sales Growth: This area includes increases in sales, market share, or new customer acquisition.

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 5-3-2021


Their CEO and Founder Chuck Surack places the experience over the sale. Total Retail) Successful e-commerce customer experience will be personally connected, inspiring and entertaining, video-based, and feel much more “human.”. An entertaining experience drives higher engagement.

Guest Post: How Good Customer Service is Defined by 4 Different Generations


They use both tools extensively in their everyday lives for a wide variety of tasks—including self-learning, entertainment, and making connections with the people and communities they value in life. This week we feature an article by Pem Brooke, Marketing Manager of SuperStaff.

How Technology & Customer Experience Have Changed the Employee Learning Landscape

Call Center Weekly

We want entertaining videos that make a point quickly; and we want systems that let us find and consume content with the click of a button." Microlearning has become a prominent purveyor of digital learning - sporting short pieces of content (from a few to 5 minutes), often designed as entertaining videos with audio and animation, in some cases targeted to a specific bit of knowledge or single skill, and capable of being powered by platforms that curate users' history.

Guest Post: How Good Customer Service is Defined by 4 Different Generations


They use both tools extensively in their everyday lives for a wide variety of tasks—including self-learning, entertainment, and making connections with the people and communities they value in life. This week we feature an article by Pem Brooke, Marketing Manager of SuperStaff.

Guest Blog: Create Amazing Impacts with 15 Minutes and 15 Dollars or Less


There is a principle I want to share from my keynote program: “Kiss Your Customer: Why Sales & Service Are Just Like Dating & Relationships.” Andy Masters, MA, CSP is author of the award-winning book “Kiss Your Customer: 77 Reasons Why Sales & Service Are Just Like Dating & Relationships,” and presents entertaining programs on leadership, sales/service and personal development topics.

Uniphore Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies in North America on the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™


Every day, billions of conversations take place across industries — customer service, sales, HR, education and more.

Retail’s Worst Nightmare – Virtual Reality!

Beyond Philosophy

With sales lagging, they‘re hoping that in-store virtual reality experiences will be the magic ingredient that lures shoppers back. Toms shoes, for example, hopes to entertain its customers with an in-store virtual reality video that immerses them in a company trip to Peru to distribute shoes to children. Toms is hoping to entertain and inspire – both positive emotions that drive brand loyalty.

Augmented World – How AR Transforms Customer Experience


AR apps enrich the relationship between consumer and brand, and serve as a powerful new mechanism for companies to add value at every stage of the customer journey: pre-sales, sales and post-sales. Pre-Sale: Add Value to the Shopping Experience. Peer pressure is a strong driver for sales. Brands can also incorporate entertaining activities to engage the customer. Point of Purchase: Boost Sales.

The Central Role of Computer Vision in Multiexperience


Imagine shopping for window treatments by showing your living room to a remote sales representative who can then show you samples that suit your décor and light, or shopping for a new entertainment center by showing your den to a rep who can suggest the models that would best fit your space.

Any Press Is Good Press, Right?

Beyond Philosophy

Berger’s research team looked at The New York Times positive and negative reviews of books and how those review affected sales. They found that there wasn’t a clear answer because, surprisingly, bad reviews didn’t necessarily hurt sales in all cases. Now, to be clear, it’s better to get a good review than a bad one, and bad reviews can affect sales. For example, if the author was well-known before the review and got a bad report in The New York Times, it hurt sales.

The Secret About Goal-Setting for Customer Service

CSM Magazine

They often are seeking more insights and want to gather information, be entertained, and be engaged. This may require a deep analysis of how to get the most out of your traffic, driving more clicks, increasing sign-ups, and escalating sales.

An Uplifting Story: The “Luggage Boy” and his Zipper Dance

Up Your Service

Christian ‘Xian’ Tecson, a sales clerk at one SM Store was inspired to do just that! Xian’s entertaining and innovative antics were captured on video and went viral on social media. The SM Store in the Philippines is an exemplary example of the power of building a Common Service Language throughout an organization. A strong Common Service Language has the potential to uplift the spirit of all your employees – and your customers.

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 5-2-2021


Their CEO and Founder Chuck Surack places the experience over the sale. Total Retail) Successful e-commerce customer experience will be personally connected, inspiring and entertaining, video-based, and feel much more “human.”. An entertaining experience drives higher engagement.

What is Customer Science? Is This the Next Wave of Change?

Beyond Philosophy

I have a couple of Echo Dots in the house, shop on the site and the pantry, use their entertainment options, etc. Sure, there are outliers where a business makes a small adjustment to the process and ends up with 300% growth, or, to the contrary, a 50% loss in sales. With a non-scientific approach, it is difficult to know what change affected sales the most. So, what is Customer Science?

Amazing Business Radio: Scott McKain


The purpose of entertainment is to create the desired emotional response from the audience. He is the author of three #1 business bestsellers; all teaching how to expand profits, increase sales, and engage customers. Scott McKain Talks About How to Stand Out in a Hypercompetitive Marketplace. Show business is a multi-billion dollar (and thriving) industry. What can we learn from show business that we can apply to our own business?

Customer Service in the Video Gaming Industry

24-7 InTouch

With a huge influx of people across the globe staying at home more, new gamers have taken up the activity as a source of entertainment to fill their time. . With sales in this market projected to soar again in 2021, the need for quality customer service has also increased. .