Penny Reynolds Leads Seminar on Supervisor Performance with Call Center Coach

Call Center Coach

Join her as she leads a seminar with Call Center Coach titled: How Do Your Call Center Supervisors Measure Up ? What Penny will cover in this free training seminar…. Seminar Leaders.

Breakfast seminar: transforming your contact centre


We recently held the first in a series of breakfast seminars outlining the current challenges being faced by customer contact teams. Breakfast seminar programme. If you’d like further information on the content of this seminar or details on further breakfast seminars contact us here.

Quality and Clarity: Passing and Receiving the Communication Baton

Contact Center Pipeline

Years ago, I devised a leadership seminar and much of the program’s focus was on communication. Passing the baton” refers to handing over a particular duty or responsibility to someone, as in a relay race.

A Morning Shot of Customer Centricity with Hello Customer

Peter Lavers

WCL Customer Management is delighted to support Hello Customer for a breakfast seminar on September 10th with guest speaker, Daragh Kelly, Customer Intelligence Director at SKY IQ.

Teleopti was present at the Customer Contact Planning 2012 in Blackpool, UK


The conference was a mix of presentations, case studies, round table discussions and seminars Teleopti was present at the recent Professional Planning Forum Annual Conference held in Blackpool, UK 23 – 24 April. Teleopti was a specialist sponsor in the areas of enterprise planning.

Trip Report: ICMI CC Demo Features Cloud, Gamification, and More!

Strategic Contact

I relish interacting with contact center professionals during the half-day and one-hour seminars that I teach. I just returned from Dallas where I mingled with new and old friends at ICMI’s Contact Center Demo & Conference.

Teleopti is launching its workforce management solution Teleopti WFM as the first WFM solution in the Indonesian language


On March 28, Teleopti together with ICCA (Indonesia Contact Centre Association), VoiceCyber and our Indonesian partner Jaya Teknik arranged a launch seminar for the WFM solution Teleopti WFM at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

How to Get the Greatest Agent Training ROI

Call Center Coach

The question came to me after I heard the answer from Penny Reynolds, a long-time and award-winning contact center trainer, during her web training seminar titled: How Do Your Call Center Supervisors Measure Up?

How Long Will It Take You to Talk to Us About Soft Skills Training?

Myra Golden Media

I have been through other customer service related seminars and Myra’s by far was the best I have ever completed! • Yesterday I delivered a full-day of soft skills training to a new client in Denver. We had such a fun day.

Number of Ways Telemarketing can help Grow Your Business


Seminar Reminder. In case you are holding a seminar, having a telemarketing team at your side will greatly assist you by calling the attendees the day before in order to reconfirm the starting time and the venue.


Myra Golden Media

I have been through other customer service related seminars and Myra’s by far was the best I have ever completed! • I’d given that keynote everything. I took the time to speak with 3 audience members weeks before my talk to get a feel for what would be value-adding for attendees.

How Hiring a Call Center Supports Your Business Goals in 2019


Marketing firms, seminars, open enrollment, and more – there are plenty of ways that advance appointments and reservations can help your business close the deal. Did you meet all of your business goals in 2018?

Equipping Your Front-Line to Deliver a Can-Do Customer Experience 3.0

Connecting the Dots

If you’d like to receive notice of John’s next webinar, or contact John to request he speak at a workshop or seminar, reach out here. CCMC ~. Last month, John Goodman presented on Authentic Empowerment: Equipping Your Front-Line to Deliver a Can-Do Customer Experience 3.0

Ten Dumb Things Smart Contact Center Executives Do

Taylor Reach Group

it also reduces time to speak with industry peers, to attend conferences or seminars. There are a lot of smart — very smart — individuals managing and directing Call and Contact Centers today.

ALERT: Leadership Training for Supervisors Is Being Disrupted

Call Center Coach

If leadership training is provided, it’s typically provided via traditional classroom workshops or seminars that are known to deliver very low return on investment for leadership development, impact and learner interest.

Morale 263

Amazing Service Begins With Engaged Leaders

Call Center Weekly

Leadership must be committed to improving and should regularly attend training, seminars and conferences. By Sean Hawkins Providing excellent service to customers is not as hard as we make it seem. However, it takes commitment, diligence and lots of effort to do it well.

Why Your Sales Team Needs to Be Trained in Customer Service

The Center for Client Retention

He has been featured in numerous publications and has held several seminars on the subject of integrating sales with customer service. Today we are excited to share with you a guest post from Jason Karaman.

Sales 104

Learn How Coca-Cola Adds Life to Contact Center Employee Engagement

Call Center Coach

What Joe will cover in this free training seminar…. Seminar Leaders. For many, managing morale and employee engagement in a contact center is a complete mystery.

How CallTools Will Help You Achieve Tony Robbins Success


He works as a life coach, has written multiple books, and his live seminars are insanely popular. Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Tony Robbins and chances are, they have. Tony Robbins is success personified.

The Surprising Reasons Why Video is Better Than Hiring a Trainer

Toister Performance Solutions

Think about the last customer service seminar or conference you attended. I typically have a lot of conversations with customer service leaders this time of year who want to hire me to conduct training for their team. I almost always try to talk them out of it.

How Technology & Customer Experience Have Changed the Employee Learning Landscape

Call Center Weekly

I heard Zig Ziglar say at a seminar nearly two decades ago, "Your input determines your output".

Making Customer Feedback Actionable - How Can AI Help?


We recently talked about this topic in a breakfast seminar hosted by Sininen Meteoriitti. In many companies, customer experience is measured, but the results are not actionable.

Meeting Customers’ Demands for Tech Support in the Age of IoT


You can start this by conducting seminars on a regular basis to keep your customer support team up to date about the various new devices introduced into the market.

Nurture Your Leads Better using Call Center Services


b) By educating prospects and providing them with the information needed for their purchase via blog articles related to their interests, inviting them to seminars, sharing their success stories etc. A thousand new leads mean nothing to your business if you don’t know the art of conversions.

Do your people ‘make’ your Customer Experience? Monarch & Specsavers believe theirs do!


You can read the full article about the Specsavers Seminar here – it is worth doing so as the author describes a brilliant story of an apprentice, Amelia Kendrick, and how her actions demonstrate what John describes. Do your people ‘make’ your company?

Contact Center, Call Center and Customer Experience Events – September 2017

Taylor Reach Group

Highly focused event that brings together buyers and suppliers, the summit consists of one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities. By: Sarah Hill – Stapley. At Taylor Reach Group, we have compiled a list with hundreds of expos, conferences and summits focused on the Call Center, Contact Center and/or Customer Experience.

The 3 Whys Behind Yes/No Quality Scoring

Customer Service Life

I’ve also sat in seminars about quality assurance and observed one half of the room that thought their quality form was the bomb while the other half seemed to be perpetually searching for a better way to monitor their quality. This article originally appeared on the FCR blog on May 9, 2018.

5 Ways to Improve Communication in the Call Center


Furthermore, offsite professional development activities such as seminars and workshops that employees may choose to attend are also great for helping them attain personal goals. Good communication in the call center is an essential part of customer service success. When employees have a deep understanding of their company’s values and current practices, they are better able to perform their roles with confidence and skill.

Helping the Everyday Heroes


Family or informal caregivers are the friends, family, and neighbors who step in when someone they care about is in need.

15 Top Customer Service Training Courses for Your Agents (Half Are Free)


We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best courses out there, ranging from free online courses to pricier, on-site seminars that bring learning straight to your office.

How to Build and Manage a Successful Sales Team (To Quickly Grow Your Business)


Growth comes from never-ending learning, so make use of classes, seminars, books, and whatever else you can get your hands on to continue to educate your employees. It can be argued that a great sales team is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business, and with having a hard-working sales team comes the big job of sales team management. The members that are chosen when building a sales team are imperative as a business can only be as great as its sales team works for them to be.

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Call Center, Contact Center and Customer Experience Events – April 2018

Taylor Reach Group

A highly focused event that brings together buyers and suppliers, the Summit consists of one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities – in less than two days! At Taylor Reach Group, we have compiled a list with hundreds of expos, conferences and summits focused on the Call Center, Contact Center and/or Customer Experience.

Customer experience does not apply to us – ‘we’re different’! Is it possible to be a genuinely ‘customer centric’ law firm?


At conferences, workshops and seminars that I have the honour of delivering all over the world, I always remind people that at the end of the day, we are all customers in our own right. Let me set a couple of things straight before I even start this blog post.

10 First Steps to Improve Your Customer Experience


Starbucks also carries out several customer experience seminars where employees are trained on etiquette, addressing customer complaints and standard responses to use.

15 Customer Retention Strategies for Long-Term Customer Loyalty


Try creating materials like: Seminars/Webinars. Your customer retention is super important to your bottom line—after all, customer loyalty is well-known for being more valuable than customer acquisition.

Aspect Software brings the human element to AI in the contact centre at Call & Contact Centre Expo 2018


Tomorrow (Wednesday 21 st March) at 11.45am, Dr Michaud will present a seminar, Why contact centres need NLP technologies , in Theatre 11. Visit us at: The VIP Lounge, Stand 2400, 21 st & 22 nd March 2018, ExCeL, London.

How to Write Powerful B2C Sales Letters and Emails, with 7 Real-Life Examples


Here are some of the ways that you too can inspire immediate action from your readers: Give a deadline – “Just shoot us a reply to this email address, and we’ll put you on the list for our next seminar.

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The Art of Exceptional Customer Service [Webinar Transcript]

Branch Mesenger

Walmart actually did something really cool and I think Amazon has done that to a degree as well but Walmart said, hey, we're moving into your town, we're going to have a seminar on how you can stay in business while we move into your town. Last week, we hosted our second webinar.