Real Estate Dialer : Scale Up Real Estate Sales Outreach by 200%


Good real estate sales reps dial every contact and make their pitch. Smart real estate salespeople use the auto dialer. An automated real estate dialer can increase your prospecting outreach by over 200%. Real estate sales are tough to crack as it is.

17 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas: New & Super-Effective [2019]


But if we ask an average realtor their best real estate lead generation strategy, we mostly get 2 answers: Cold Calling. After interviewing leading real estate agents and coaches. We have summed a list of 17 real estate lead generation tactics that include highly reliable and crazy new but working ideas. Here are the 17 tried and tested real estate lead generation ideas that actually result in revenue.


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Service Spotlight: Real Results for Real Estate


Success in real estate depends on a host of factors. You’ll note that many of the top real estate firms consistently earn high marks for customer service, revenue ranks, market share, and more. One underrated aspect – yet nonetheless critical – of high achievement in the real estate industry has to do with business process outsourcing (BPO). Keeping your real estate call center competent and confidential is of paramount importance.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate


A virtual assistant can be a great asset to any busy real estate agent. A … Benefits of a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate Read More ». The post Benefits of a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate appeared first on Ansafone Contact Centers.

Give your real estate business an edge with SMS Bot


In real estate, simply generating leads is just not enough. However, the issue arises that these leads can come to you in real estate at any time of the day. What is a real estate SMS bot? How is it relevant to the real estate industry? Previously, listing properties or looking for properties on real estate websites was a tedious process. A majority of real estate leads are generated online.

Top 10 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Realtors


Not just nervous real estate agents, new real estate agents can benefit from these cold calling scripts too. This is exactly why I have prepared 10 cold calling scripts that can be used in various domains in the real estate world. This is exactly what real estate agents can make use of. Many times, leads visit your real estate company’s website, fill out their needs and requirements there, and wait for you to get in touch with them.

5 Vital Tools Real Estate Agents Need for Success

CSM Magazine

The world of real estate is not for the faint of heart. Real estate agents have one of the most dynamic and demanding jobs on the market. Not to mention that, under US law, real estate agents are considered independent contractors.

Top 10 best Blogs and Podcasts for every real estate agent


With the consumer market now being highly aware of their needs and new things in town, as a real estate agent, one needs to be up-to-date with new trends too. That is why I have compiled this comprehensive list of 5 blogs and 5 podcasts for every real estate agent to check out. Top 5 real estate blogs to read. #1 The BiggerPockets Blog is quite possibly the most up-to-date resource for real estate agents currently.

Real Estate Purchasing is Affordable. A Myth or the Reality?

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Here are a few myths that make it seem like real estate purchasing is a far off dream and just exactly why they’re myths. You Need 20% Down To Purchase Real Estate. A home may be one of the most important and most expensive purchases a person may make in their lives.

How Real Estate Cold Calling Works Better With A Preview Dialer


Real estate cold calling can launch a successful real estate career, but it requires persistence and diligence. Real estate agents who implement cold calling need to make hundreds of cold calls each day. Common real estate scripts include: Expired Listings.

Ringless Voicemail for real estate business and marketing

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Ringless Voicemail is an innovative method of marketing that cumulatively facilitates the real estate business. It allows you to approach your customer regarding real estate business through their voicemail inbox. Ringless Voicemail Marketing For Real Estate Business.

Essential CRM Software Every Real Estate Agent Should Use

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Using technology to spice up your real agent business is nowadays a necessity. Real estate depends heavily on documentation as the source of information. The experts at advises you on a professional approach to customer relationships.

What Really Matters in Real Estate Customer Service

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Real estate may be most famous for being all about location, but the reality is that you can’t overlook the importance of customer service. Real estate investors tend to focus on the bottom line but ignoring customer service will literally cost them.

How a contact center can be the perfect partner: real estate agents and property managers.

Call Experts

Real estate agents and property managers, if your business takes too long to react to requests and return messages, your renters, buyers, and owners can get disappointed. We specialize in offering your real estate or property management company services.

How to Profit in This Year with Dialers for Real Estate


And this is very true in the real estate business. More than ever before, your business looks for a bigger service area with the realty, mortgage, and rent. David Ogilvy, one of the greatest advertisers of all times, once said, “The more you tell, the more you sell”. The exception is that today you talk mostly via phone and not door-to-door

4 Exceptional Customer Service Strategies Zillow Uses to Lead the Real-Estate Market


From helping first-time home buyers understand market rates to reaching the pinnacle of popularity – getting their own SNL skit – Zillow has emerged as a major disrupter in the real estate market. Zillow crushes more than just the housing market.

The Key to Succeeding in Real Estate? Improved Customer Service

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Customer service is the key to any successful business and real estate is no exception. Whether you are a solo real estate agent or run a bigger real estate firm, you need to learn how to effectively maintain a good relationship with your clients, in order to be perceived as a professional in the industry. When they are meeting with you, there is a big chance that clients are not up to date with the latest changes in the real estate industry.

How Home Bay Helps Buyers & Sellers Fast-Forward Real Estate Transactions


We believe this realignment of the real estate industry is long overdue.”. The post How Home Bay Helps Buyers & Sellers Fast-Forward Real Estate Transactions appeared first on Customer Experience & Cloud Call Center | Aircall Blog. Months of stress, pounds of paper, and waves of regret over whether you could’ve gotten a better deal. Historically, these have been the inevitable side effects of buying or selling a home.

How Real Estate Agents Can Boost Sales Using LiveChat


Real estate is a people-driven business. But increasingly, the initial communication between a real estate agent and a potential homebuyer happens online. Luckily, live chat can help real estate agents avoid the pitfalls of digital customer service while simultaneously boosting sales. In the past, the bulk of a real estate agent’s interaction with a customer happened in person. Chat boxes and real estate: a case study.

Real estate laws on the move


Real estate laws on the move. The post Real estate laws on the move appeared first on ClearAction Customer Experience Consulting. L orem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

How Call Centers are Shaping the Real Estate Industry of Today


While most of the real estate professionals happily look forward to visiting properties with their trusted clients, there are only a handful of realtors who consent to the task of cold calling, an equally important task which helps them gain new clients. Though real estate cold calling is a simple task that helps them build a business, nonetheless it requires skilled agents on your part to increase the customer base.

New JAA Podcast - Convergence of Technology and Real Estate

Jon Arnold

Subscribers to my newsletter had access to my latest webinar when it went out earlier in the month. That’s a key benefit of being a subscriber, but after a couple of weeks, I share the podcast with a broader audience, and if you’ve checked any of them out, I hope you find them of interest. Our podcast series is called Watch This Space , and I do them in tandem with long-time colleague Chris Fine.

How to Create an Opt-In Strategy [+Free Workflow] | Arbeit

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TCPA Compliance Guide Collection Agencies call center Real Estate Sales General ContractingOur panel of compliance & communication experts discusses best practices for creating an opt-in strategy that captures & gains consumer/customer consent.

4 Simple Tips to Improve Customer Service in Your Real Estate Agency in the Social Age

Win the Customer

What benefit do your customers have to use your services? Find ways to help your customers make sound buying decisions to make your job easier while improving their own well-being. Business

How Millennials Prefer to Communicate, According to Arbeit

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Collection Agencies Business Productivity call center Remote Work Real Estate Sales General Contracting Logistics & ManufacturingWe wanted to share some updated data & insight on how millennials prefer to communicate inside & outside of the workplace.

What Does Fairness Mean at Work? [6 Examples] | Arbeit

Arbeit Software

Collection Agencies Business Productivity call center Remote Work Real Estate SalesAt Arbeit, fairness is one of our core brand values. It's something that is often brought up by brands, but its true meaning is discussed less frequently.

How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings [7 Strategies] | Arbeit

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Virtual meeting fatigue is real. Collection Agencies Business Productivity call center Remote Work Real Estate Sales General Contracting Logistics & Manufacturing

Enriching the Customer Experience Works in Any Industry

Steve DiGioia

A great example of this is Little Real Estate, Australia’s largest independently owned real estate agency with over 23,000 properties under management and 23 offices nationally. Ben Motteram : Hi Brock, one of the things that has really impressed me about LITTLE Real Estate is their commitment to customer service. Guest Post Ben Motteram Brock Fisher Enriching the Customer Experience Little Real Estate

How to Prevent Your Calls From Being Blocked or Labeled as Spam

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Collection Agencies call center call transparency Real Estate Sales General Contracting Logistics & ManufacturingWithout a call blocking & labeling solution, it’s difficult to know what’s actually happening to your calls after you dial.

Easy Ways You Can Reduce Answering Service Costs

Ambs Call Center

Customer Service Human Resources/HR Solutions How Answering Services Work Healthcare Real Estate & Property Management Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses Attorneys Trade Services Virtual Receptionists 101 IT

Cybersecurity Basics for Any Small Business


Collection Agencies call center Real Estate Sales General Contracting Logistics & ManufacturingIn honor of cybersecurity month, here a few very basic tips to keep in mind.

Why a Property Management Answering Service is Essential for Your Building

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Real Estate & Property ManagementAs a property manager, you provide a vital service to the building owner, whether it’s for a commercial property or a residential landlord. In doing so, you function as an interface between the owner and the tenants. You serve as leasing agent, building maintenance coordinator, and complaint department. And you and your team must do this 24/7.

Can Social Media Help You Recruit?


call center Real Estate Sales General Contracting Logistics & ManufacturingA full 94 percent of professional recruiters network on social media, and use it to post jobs to an extensive community. Is this a useful strategy?

Pronounce names right with the NameShouts Chrome Extension


So they’re probably working in real estate, human resources, or sales. Diversity Inclusion chrome extension Customer Relationship Management product launch real estate sales-hacks toolkitThe world is growing more and more diverse, and uncommon names are becoming prominent. If mispronunciation is the largest threat to a budding relationship with a client, professionals need some tricks up their sleeve to adjust.

How a Hosted VoIP Solution Can Benefit Different Industries


Hosted VoIP for Real Estate . Real estate agents rely on their ability to communicate quickly with prospects and leads. Therefore, it makes sense to find a communications tool that empowers real estate agents to stay connected and productive while on the go. Business Hosted VoIP Small Business hosted VoIP hosted voip for construction hosted voip for customer care hosted voip for hotels hosted voip for real estate hosted voip for restaurants

voip 50

The New Executive Position: CLO (Customer Love Officer)


Some people say it’s “too soft,” but my take is that it just makes you real. I had a great call with a team of real estate agents the other day and we talked about how to show their clients how much they loved them.

WRAP Spotlight on Howard Bendell


Howard Bendell brings over 25 years' timeshare and real estate experience to the WRAP group of professionals organized by CustomerCount’s Bob Kobek. Continue reading → The post WRAP Spotlight on Howard Bendell appeared first on CustomerCount. News Howard Bendell WRAP

VOC Leaders: How CREA leverages CX data to refine & improve customer journeys


The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is one of Canada’s largest single-industry trade groups, with over 100,000 members including real estate brokers, agents, and salespeople. We sat down with CREA. The post VOC Leaders: How CREA leverages CX data to refine & improve customer journeys appeared first on ForeSee. Client Insights Client Stories CREA Customer Journey Paul Dombowsky VOC Leaders

Alpha Corp


Alpha Corp is one of India’s leading real estate company whose value-driven and customer-centric approach is only matched by the transparent systems and processes adhering to the highest standards of accountability. Being a leading outsourcing company in India itself, Octopus Tech provides high-quality real estate outbound calling services to Alpha Corp which in turn, has helped the company move one step ahead towards getting qualified inquiry and closing a deal.

Communication! Communication! Communication!

Olympia Consulting

What do people say are the three most important things in real estate? Location, Location, Location. In a similar way, I would suggest that the three most things required to run a successful organization are: Communication, Communication, and Communication!