17 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas: New & Super-Effective [2019]


But if we ask an average realtor their best real estate lead generation strategy, we mostly get 2 answers: Cold Calling. After interviewing leading real estate agents and coaches. Also, Facebook is inherently visual just like real estate.

Top 10 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Realtors


Not just nervous real estate agents, new real estate agents can benefit from these cold calling scripts too. This is exactly why I have prepared 10 cold calling scripts that can be used in various domains in the real estate world.

Service Spotlight: Real Results for Real Estate


Success in real estate depends on a host of factors. You’ll note that many of the top real estate firms consistently earn high marks for customer service, revenue ranks, market share, and more. Concerns about optimizing value are real.

Give your real estate business an edge with SMS Bot


In real estate, simply generating leads is just not enough. However, the issue arises that these leads can come to you in real estate at any time of the day. What is a real estate SMS bot? How is it relevant to the real estate industry?

Top 10 best Blogs and Podcasts for every real estate agent


With the consumer market now being highly aware of their needs and new things in town, as a real estate agent, one needs to be up-to-date with new trends too. That is why I have compiled this comprehensive list of 5 blogs and 5 podcasts for every real estate agent to check out.

The Key to Succeeding in Real Estate? Improved Customer Service

CSM Magazine

Customer service is the key to any successful business and real estate is no exception. If you show a two-bedroom house to a couple with one toddler and another baby on the way, you are clearly doing something wrong” advised real estate experts from Walton Robinson in Newcastle.

How Home Bay Helps Buyers & Sellers Fast-Forward Real Estate Transactions


We believe this realignment of the real estate industry is long overdue.”. The post How Home Bay Helps Buyers & Sellers Fast-Forward Real Estate Transactions appeared first on Customer Experience & Cloud Call Center | Aircall Blog. Months of stress, pounds of paper, and waves of regret over whether you could’ve gotten a better deal. Historically, these have been the inevitable side effects of buying or selling a home.

How Call Centers are Shaping the Real Estate Industry of Today


While most of the real estate professionals happily look forward to visiting properties with their trusted clients, there are only a handful of realtors who consent to the task of cold calling, an equally important task which helps them gain new clients.

How Real Estate Agents Can Boost Sales Using LiveChat


Real estate is a people-driven business. But increasingly, the initial communication between a real estate agent and a potential homebuyer happens online. In the past, the bulk of a real estate agent’s interaction with a customer happened in person.

4 Simple Tips to Improve Customer Service in Your Real Estate Agency in the Social Age

Win the Customer

What benefit do your customers have to use your services? Find ways to help your customers make sound buying decisions to make your job easier while improving their own well-being. Business

Why a Property Management Answering Service is Essential for Your Building

Ambs Call Center

Real Estate & Property ManagementAs a property manager, you provide a vital service to the building owner, whether it’s for a commercial property or a residential landlord. In doing so, you function as an interface between the owner and the tenants.

How a Hosted VoIP Solution Can Benefit Different Industries


Hosted VoIP for Real Estate . Real estate agents rely on their ability to communicate quickly with prospects and leads. Therefore, it makes sense to find a communications tool that empowers real estate agents to stay connected and productive while on the go. Business Hosted VoIP Small Business hosted VoIP hosted voip for construction hosted voip for customer care hosted voip for hotels hosted voip for real estate hosted voip for restaurants

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Pronounce names right with the NameShouts Chrome Extension


So they’re probably working in real estate, human resources, or sales. Diversity Inclusion chrome extension Customer Relationship Management product launch real estate sales-hacks toolkit

WRAP Spotlight on Howard Bendell


Howard Bendell brings over 25 years' timeshare and real estate experience to the WRAP group of professionals organized by CustomerCount’s Bob Kobek.

Alpha Corp


Alpha Corp is one of India’s leading real estate company whose value-driven and customer-centric approach is only matched by the transparent systems and processes adhering to the highest standards of accountability.

Lessons from a Cold Call

Call Center Weekly

Yesterday I received a cold call from a local real estate company. This is Dan from XY Real Estate. Here's exactly how it went: "Hi, this is Kathryn." Are you looking to sell your home?" "No." No." "Are Are you sure?" "Yes." Yes." "Ok, Ok, thank you. Bye."

VOC Leaders: How CREA leverages CX data to refine & improve customer journeys


The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is one of Canada’s largest single-industry trade groups, with over 100,000 members including real estate brokers, agents, and salespeople. We sat down with CREA. The post VOC Leaders: How CREA leverages CX data to refine & improve customer journeys appeared first on ForeSee. Client Insights Client Stories CREA Customer Journey Paul Dombowsky VOC Leaders

7 Business Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To

Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists

We looked at a crop of podcasts that cover a range of business topics from law to real estate to accounting to making a profit. Podcasts have become an excellent way to entertain yourself while commuting, traveling, or working out. Here are our favorite business podcasts, in no particular order. Leadership & Management Customer Service Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Overcoming the Expense of Customer Service in Major Urban Centers


In particular, the following three factors play into this predicament: Pricey Real Estate. Commercial real estate prices are ever on the upswing, with an average 9% annual growth in current large markets. Lower Cost of Living & Real Estate.

Why the Property Sector Relies on Customer Service

CSM Magazine

However, the real estate market is a business that’s almost like any other, and much of the same rules apply here as they would with any other industry; namely, needing quality customer service! Do the estate agents provide flexible prices, or more favourable locations?

Living Room Realty: Meeting Customers Where Their Obsession Is


Jenelle Isaacson, Owner and Founder of Living Room Realty in Portland, Oregon, used her punk rock roots to make local real estate actually feel local.

Newsletter Time - November Issue

Jon Arnold

This time around, Chris and I talk about takeaways from two recent conferences he attended, with the broad focus being the convergence of technology with real estate. The November issue of JAA’s Communications and Collaboration Review went out yesterday to subscribers.

Setting up Customer-Centric Organizations across Industries: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ajay Nambiar, Customer Service & Facility Management Head, L&T Realty

Customer Guru

The real estate industry is, again, different. We had to change this and thus, professionalize real estate, which we achieved to a large extent. Real estate is like a marathon and requires a similar set of parameters for a project to be delivered successfully.

Lessons From The Overlook: Stick to Your Core

Toister Performance Solutions

The real estate market in Idyllwild has been heating up lately. Several real estate professionals have told us we could make a nice profit by selling our cabin.

Three C’s of Customer Service Success


There is an old saying in the real-estate industry: The three keys to success are location, location and location. I have a similar take on the customer service and customer service world. The three keys to customer experience success are consistency, consistency and consistency.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of March 19, 2018


My Comment: It is said that in real estate the three most important words are location, location, and location. Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week.

The Right Call Center Location: Site Visits, Due Diligence, and Driving to a Final Decision

EPIC Connections

Scheduled Meetings: Meet with economic development officials, community leaders, workforce training representatives, staffing agencies, local call center employers, fiber and technology providers, university officials and real estate leaders.

A Customer is Yelling. What Would You Do?

Toister Performance Solutions

He was a real estate agent. The real estate agent was demanding that the postal service pay to have the house rekeyed.

Stay Mobile with Live Chat Operator Console for iOS

Provide Support

Scenario 1: If you are a real estate agent. Provide support is glad to announce the release of the live chat operator console for iOS. This version allows you stay connected with your customers on the go and handle chat requests if you are not at your computer.

5 Reputation Management Tips for Local Businesses

CallSource Insights

The more this content feels like it’s coming from a real person , the better. He is one of the top real estate investors in Arizona with over a decade of local business experience.

Guest Blog: Creating a Great Remote Customer Service Team


There are significant savings in real estate and hard costs, it’s easy to get coverage 24/7, and workers view not having to deal with a commute as a major benefit. This week we feature an article by Wayne Turmel who writes about how to be successful with a remote customer service team.

4 ways first time buyers want you to market to them


Savills real estate already offers this feature for their more premium properties. Real Estate. The options are limitless as long as you are providing real value to your customers' experience.

AppConnect Partner Spotlight: Textline


It’s no wonder customers like Gametime, Climb Real Estate and Spark rave about them. Imagine you’ve just purchased courtside tickets to a Warriors game.

Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Call Center Weekly

Use your cover image real estate wisely. Looking to grow your career? Expand into consulting and management? Leverage your customer experience and call center knowledge to hit the speaking circuit? Building a personal brand on LinkedIn is the key to opening new doors.

Site Selection for Your Contact Center

Taylor Reach Group

Real Estate Considerations. Real estate in any considered location is also critical. If you have found a great market with no available real estate that is suitable, then your options become delaying the project in hopes that something suitable becomes available (unlikely in a small market) or to delay the project and build to suit. Available Real Estate. By: Colin Taylor, CEO & Chief Chaos Officer.

AppConnect Partner Spotlight: Textline


It’s no wonder customers like Gametime, Climb Real Estate and Spark rave about them. Imagine you’ve just purchased courtside tickets to a Warriors game.

How Do You Keep Up With Customer Expectations?

Beyond Philosophy

I used a car example here, but you could add in just about any good or service, from insurance to medical care to Manhattan real estate. Have you been to the Congo? If not, can you describe the weather? How about the vegetation? Now tell me why you thought that?

4 Reasons to Switch to a Virtual Contact Center


There’s no need to invest in costly real estate, equipment or create a separate IT team to manage physical equipment. Technology allows more organizations to operate with greater flexibility. Companies have the option to expand their hiring options to a global scale.

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3 Proactive Customer Success practices to reduce churn


If you are a cloud telephony business, you could write a precise and detailed blog about how a feature of your product i.e. SMS Bots, can help a specific industry i.e. Real Estate, make more revenue. ‘Churn’ is quite possibly the cringiest word in business.

?? Amazon Doubles Down on HQ2?

Branch Mesenger

If you're looking to take a gamble on where HQ2 lands, real estate may be your best bet. While the moving trucks aren't quite fueled up, the prospect that they could be heading to Crystal City has been the first topic brought up to local real estate agents.