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What Is Customer Retention + 16 Proven Retention Strategies

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Improve customer loyalty with this list of 16 customer retention strategies that are backed by academic research and case studies on consumer behavior. Read the full article

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5 Tips for Customer Retention

Return Customer

All too many companies spend much of their energy and budgets on customer acquisition without investing sufficiently in customer retention. Knowing what your customers need and want and actively working to help them reach their goals with your product or service is at its heart.


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Case Study: How Gong uses Community to Fuel ARR and Customer Retention


In 2021, Gong customers tasked the Revenue Intelligence platform to find a way to bring them together to share and learn from one another. This led Gong’s CCO, Eran Aloni, to implement a community as the central part of its customer strategy.

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Making Personalization the Center of Your Customer Retention Strategy like Spotify


Long-term customers are more valuable to your company’s growth than you may think. A study from Harvard Business School found that increasing customer retention rates by even 5% can boost your company’s profits by 25-95%. They have growing customer retention despite more competitors on the playing field.

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Customer retention in the telecom industry – new thinking


Acquisition costs far outweigh those of keeping current customers, further motivating companies to implement innovative strategies to boost customer retention in the telecom industry. This is further underscored by research suggesting that a mere 5% increase in a company’s retention rate can increase profits by 25% to 95%.

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5 rules for a highly successful customer experience implementation with amazing ROI! – A case study

Beyond Philosophy

It could be increased market share, improved NPS, or higher customer retention. In this phase, you also need to get the voice of the customer and the voice of the process. We explore the many reasons why customers do what they do—and what you should do about it. – A case study appeared first on CX Consulting.

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Customer retention is the new religion

Hello Customer

January typically is a month to forecast trends, and we believe customer retention will be an important one. But we see increasingly more organisations move their focus from aggressive acquisition investments to retention management. Customer retention or acquisition? On top, new customers often get more benefits.