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Building Customer Care Leaders in the Virtual / Work-from-Home Environment


In 2001, after managing her first virtual contact center, Vicki realized that different leadership strategies and tools were needed for the at-home environment. Vicki Brackett has been leading both virtual/work-at-home and brick-and-mortar contact centers for over twenty years.

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The Largest Call Center Association in the NorthEast!

Contact Center Pipeline

The NECCF was founded in February 2001 by contact center executives and specialists who wanted an unbiased “user group” […]. You may not be familiar with the NorthEast Contact Center Forum (NECCF), but you should absolutely get this incredible regional organization on your radar!


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5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 12-27-2021


Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey , HAL, the computer could talk in a human-like fashion, yet it still sounded like a computer. They use speech recognition and natural-language processing to enable users to complete some tasks. My Comment: In Arthur C.

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What can humans and AI learn from each other?


We’ve seen it become sentient in 2001: A Space Odyssey, enslave mankind in The Matrix, and take over the world in The Terminator. Cinema hasn’t given AI the best image over the years. It’s no surprise that people worry about AI taking over our jobs.

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How Much Do International Toll Free Numbers Cost?


Since 2001, AVOXI has helped businesses find the best toll free number pricing around the world. This 800 number price guide was originally posted in May 2017.

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How CERN Faces the Pandemic the Digital Way – A Customer Success Story


Ilem was founded in 2001 and specializes in digital and managed services to help enterprises digitalize their business. They are headquartered in Switzerland, and also have offices in France and Morocco. Collaboration Success Story: CERN.

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Meet our December Wall of Fame Sponsor: 2Ring

Contact Center Pipeline

Company 2Ring CEO/Founder Ondrej Smolar Founded 2001 Describe your company 2Ring is an independent software vendor focused on innovative enhancements for many of the major contact center platforms (Amazon, Cisco, Five9, Genesys).