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What is Important in 2020?

Beyond Philosophy

When I founded Beyond Philosophy back in 2002, no one was talking about Customer Experience. What is Important in 2020? Yogi Berra, the New York Yankees Coach once said, “Predictions are hard, especially about the future.” ” Predictions can be difficult; it is true.

Secrets Revealed: This is How You Get Growth!

Beyond Philosophy

Since 2002, Beyond Philosophy has focused on growth driven by an improved Customer Experience. This is The New Imperative for 2020. Our global Customer Experience consultancy engaged research at the end of 2019 to determine our direction for the next decade.

The Future Today! Personalization 2.0

Beyond Philosophy

And as I have been saying since 2002 when I started up my Customer Experience Consultancy, emotions influence over half of any Customer Experience outcome. In 2002, we didn’t have the wearable biometric tech to track emotions back then, nor did we think to do something as unusual as wiring people’s facial muscles so we could simulate emotions with programmed electronic currents. We live in the data age. Data is collected about our personal behavior everywhere.

Is Any Attention Good Attention?

Beyond Philosophy

We started back in 2002, when nobody knew who we were, or, frankly, what a Customer Experience was. Is Any Attention Good Attention? I like Oscar Wilde. His best quote is, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” ” Of course, there are times when people are talking so bad, one might wonder if it is worse than being ignored.

UK Scores Fall Whilst U.S. Rise – What’s The Problem?

Beyond Philosophy

I founded Beyond Philosophy in the UK back in 2002. I see these two things being major contributory factors to the lack of success of UK companies, and it hurts me to say that, being a proud British person working in this field since 2002. Every time I go back to the UK I feel like I took a step back in time. The Customer Experiences I have in the UK are not as good as I have in the USA, now there is evidence to back this up.

Aesthetics: Why This is A Vital Part of Your Experience

Beyond Philosophy

Back in 2002, I spoke with Ian McAllister, former Chairman and Managing Director of Ford Motor Company, Ltd., in the UK for my book, Building Great Customer Experiences (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002). Do you still have the box your phone came in?

Stumped for New Ideas? This is What is Stopping You

Beyond Philosophy

When we first started with Beyond Philosophy in 2002, we worked with a water utility in the UK. I like books that show you another perspective you weren’t expecting. Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is an example.

How to Create A Financial Times Award-Winning Consultancy from Scratch

Beyond Philosophy

So, I told them, starting my marketing efforts with my first book, Building Great Customer Experiences (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002). Beyond Philosophy won an award named one of the Best Management Consultancy Firms in the UK, by the Financial Times (FT). This was voted on by clients and peers, we couldn’t be more honored or proud. This bonus episode podcast explores how you can take your idea and turn it into an Financial Times Award-Winning consultancy, too.

CX Design Wins A Nobel Prize

Experience Matters

Thaler often collaborated with another behavioral economist (and one of my favorite economists of all time), Daniel Kahneman, who won a Nobel Prize in 2002. In case you missed it, Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in Economics. He’s a well-known behavioral economist and author of the popular book Nudge. You may have seen Thaler in this scene from The Big Short where he and Selena Gomez explain a financial instrument called a synthetic collateralized debt obligation (CDO).

The 5 Rules of Measuring and Managing Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

I defined it for myself as the mix of rational and emotional parts of an interaction with a customer, which later became my first book, Building Great Customer Experiences (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002).

Customer Experience: 5 Startling Predictions for 2020

Beyond Philosophy

In 2002, when I started Beyond Philosophy, Customer Experience was an area that was only forming. Here we go, beginning of 2020 and a whole new decade. It is essential to reflect where we have been and where we want to go at this time of year.

7 Books that changed our lives, will they change yours? – Essential summer reading

Beyond Philosophy

Shortly after the BT Customer Experience program was a success, I wrote my first of seven books on Customer Experience, Building Great Customer Experiences (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002) , and started my global Customer Experience consultancy, Beyond Philosophy.

Is Outsourcing Your Customer Experience Really A Good Idea or Just Wrong?

Beyond Philosophy

When I was writing my first book, Building Great Customer Experiences , back in 2002, I interviewed a source from BMW who said something I never forgot: “We don’t have any ‘Only-ers’ in our organization.”

7 Questions That Reveal Whether Your Company is Committed to CX

Beyond Philosophy

When I started Beyond Philosophy back in 2002, I could ascertain whether a company was customer-focused or not right away. I wondered how I did that. When I thought about it, there were some common telltale cultural signs organizations share that indicate where their focus lies.

How to Create A Financial Times Award-Winning Consultancy from Scratch

Beyond Philosophy

So, I told them, starting my marketing efforts with my first book, Building Great Customer Experiences (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002). Beyond Philosophy won an award named one of the Best Management Consultancy Firms in the UK, by the Financial Times (FT). This was voted on by clients and peers, we couldn’t be more honored or proud. This bonus episode podcast explores how you can take your idea and turn it into an Financial Times Award-Winning consultancy, too.

Troublesome Trends & Predictions for 2018

Beyond Philosophy

Having worked in Customer Experience since 2002, I may be too much of a purist. I am apprehensive about my industry. However, for a while now, I have been writing about the decline and dilution of the discipline of Customer Experience. From changing titles but not behavior to a poor understanding of what customers want, the trends are troublesome. My concerns only grow as we roll into 2018. I can sum it up with two examples. Example #1: Relabeling Rather Than Revamping.

What is the best scale for customer satisfaction surveys?

Customer Relationship Metrics

Surveys with fewer response options are “forcing” respondents into a category that causes information loss and renders the results to be less reliable than those with more variability (Van Bennekom, 2002). Research also highlights a cognitive difference between a rating of 3 and a rating of 4 that is smaller than between a rating of 4 and a rating of 5 on the 5–point scale (Van Bennekom, 2002). 2002). 2002).

3 Ways Customers’ Minds Plays Tricks on Them

Beyond Philosophy

In “ Thinking Fast and Slow ,” Professor Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences recipient in 2002, explores why our mind plays tricks on us. I often say people are irrational, but only because they are. We all do irrational things. We like to think we make logical decisions based on rational thinking all the time, but we don’t. The truth is, your mind plays tricks on you every day, and many times, it’s in one of three ways.

Revealed: 7 Essential Elements For Your Omnichannel Strategy

Beyond Philosophy

I founded my global Customer Experience Consultancy in 2002 when Customer Experience wasn’t a thing yet. Omnichannel means at its foundation, integration. Therefore, an omnichannel strategy could also be called an integration plan. Furthermore, there are seven essential elements to your omnichannel approach that you can’t afford to forget. Forbes once described the omnichannel experience as the point where “ marketing meets ubiquity ,” an apt description.

We All Hate Losing – Here’s Why

Beyond Philosophy

As described by Professor Daniel Kahneman of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School (and winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics), we have a tendency to evaluate things in terms of gains and losses. Tennis great Jimmy Connors famously said, “I hate to lose more than I love to win.”. His aversion to loss isn’t limited to elite athletes. Distaste for losing motivates politicians, gamblers, businesspeople and importantly, ordinary consumers.

3 Dangers of Employing Smart People

Beyond Philosophy

Several years ago, Professor Daniel Kahneman, winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, looked closely at the idea that our minds have two systems of thinking in his book, “Thinking Fast and Slow”. Why we do what we do is a fascinating science. The brain has interesting ways to interpret the world around us and spur us into action. Knowing the brain drives our behavior, you would think those with high intelligence would have the upper hand in making good decisions.

Why Encouraging Social Goodwill Cultivates Employee Engagement and Improve Customer Experiences

Satrix Solutions

The BOINC Project was funded by the National Science Foundation in 2002 and is located at UC, Berkeley. More than ever, businesses are being asked to play a central role in tackling complex societal challenges. To make a meaningful impact, employee and customer engagement are the key.

Trade In Old Thinking For New

Beyond Philosophy

Since 2002, I have worked with all types of industries. Did you know there was once a German belief that if you sleep with your mouth open, your soul will escape disguised as a white mouse ? Or that ancient doctors used to drill holes in their patients’ heads to cure migraines? Or that drinking the ground up testicles of a small mammal mixed with alcohol was considered a contraceptive in 16th century Canada? These sound mad today but at one time they were considered facts.

What Do The Pioneers of Customer Experience See for the Future: And What Should You Do About It?

Beyond Philosophy

Even since I joined the movement back in 2002, the ideas of what a Customer Experience is, how it works, and what you can do to optimize it have changed a lot. From time to time, I participate in speaking engagements and, in the time of COVID-19, virtual speaking engagements.

Words Matter in the CX Profession

Horizon CX

Prince with Kathleen Logan-Prince, 2002?1st Prince with Kathleen Logan-Prince, 2002?1st I first wrote and published this blog topic back in July of 2015.

Why Gut Decisions Are Sometimes Wrong

Beyond Philosophy

Psychologist and Professor Daniel Kahneman , winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, explains why this is in his book, “ Thinking Fast and Slow ”. There is a certain romantic notion that we sometimes just know things in our gut. We equate this to wisdom or expertise. In truth, when your gut instinct turns out to be right, it is a result of the complicated system of decision-making your brain employs.

What is Customer Science? Is This the Next Wave of Change?

Beyond Philosophy

It reminded me of 2002 when I first started talking about getting into Customer Experience. So, what is Customer Science? Like any embryonic change, Customer Science is evolving and emerging, like Customer Experience did over the years. In my view, Customer Science is the fusion between technology (mainly AI), behavioral science, and data. These individual parts are not new, but their integration under one concept is— and it can make a massive difference in customer-driven growth.

SmartAction Sees Record Growth Against Backdrop of Achieving Profitability


SmartAction was founded as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research company in 2002 and is now the leading provider of AI-powered virtual agents for customer service.

Too Big To Care? Why Mega-Mergers Threaten Us

Beyond Philosophy

I founded my global Customer Experience consultancy in 2002. How big does a company need to get before it is too big to care about Customer Experience? If this week’s news is any indication, telecom customers in the U.S. and grocery shoppers in the UK could find out. We all can see from surveys like this (#2), or this one (#6), Customer Experience has been a significant area of concern for many CEOs recently.

Uncovering CX in China: They’re Ready, Are You?

Beyond Philosophy

I wrote Building Great Customer Experiences , my first book about Customer Experience, in 2002 with John Ivens. As a Customer Experience consultancy, Beyond Philosophy , we have worked in China on a few occasions. We learned a few things about what to do and what not to do there, as it pertains to Customer Experience. Three Truths Every Marketer Should Know about CX in China. China is still in the early stages of Customer Experience discovery.

Killers of Corporate Life

Beyond Philosophy

I reached the exalted heights of SVP leading a team of 3,500 people globally before I left to start Beyond Philosophy, a customer experience consultancy, back in 2002. There are 2 killers of corporate life – speed and politics. Let me give you some background. Before setting up Beyond Philosophy I spent most of my career working in large corporate companies, climbing the ladder of success.

Getting Company Culture and Operations Right, and Keeping Them Right: What It Really Means to Be Stakeholder-Centric This Labor Day

Beyond Philosophy

In part, he authors built on ambassadorial ideas expressed in two editions of The Customer Comes Second (1992 and 2002), by Hal Rosenbluth and Diane Peters. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy. A recent article on corporate customer-centricity by a prominent market research firm made the case for this type of culture as “the most effective way to meet customers’ changing needs.”

Telecoms in Mumbai: What It Teaches Us about India and CX

Beyond Philosophy

As Customer Experience consultants, we have asserted since 2002 that the global marketplace necessitates a focus on your competitive differentiation. There is a shift in power for Telecoms in the Asia Pacific region toward the consumer. It parallels a shift in the overall mindset of consumers in this area, one of a more commanding and capricious customer. In other words, the Customer Experience matters here more than it did even a couple of years ago. Are you ready?

Any Press Is Good Press, Right?

Beyond Philosophy

When I started Beyond Philosophy back in 2002, nobody knew us. Well…It depends! I implemented a strategy based on one of Oscar Wilde’s phrases. Wilde said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” ” We put loads of material out there to ensure we were “talked about.” ” We discussed marketing efforts in our latest podcast.

7 Signs of Decline for the CX Movement in 2015

Beyond Philosophy

I am pleased to have helped, in some way, to shape a new industry with our books, research and client work since 2002. Customer Experience continued to be a dominant business issue throughout the world in 2014. We get many inquiries for our services globally. I worked with clients in more countries than ever before last year, including China, India, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. They are all working to improve their Customer Experience.

CRM 253

The Truths All Bosses Know About Being the Boss

Beyond Philosophy

Since 2002, I have learned some truths about starting my own business. In this series, professionals share how they embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. See the stories here , then write your own (use #BetheBoss in the post). I was a senior executive with 3,500 people reporting to me globally. I had worked my way up and found my place in corporate life. I had it all: a big expense account, a big budget, and a big salary. So with all of these big things happening for me what did I do?

CX Is Hitting A Brick Wall

Beyond Philosophy

When I started consulting back in 2002, no one knew what Customer Experience was. I appreciate this is a controversial title – but let me explain! Last year, I questioned whether Customer Experience had delivered the goods. This year, I question whether Customer Experience is the problem. This year, I think Customer Experience isn’t failing us; we are failing Customer Experience. This whole line of thinking started last June with the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score.

The Surprising Affect Your Experience Has on Price Imaging

Beyond Philosophy

Since 2002, we have consulted brands all over the world and completed hundreds of successful implementations. Customers have an idea of whether you are a low- or high-priced store almost before they ever interact with you. There are many reasons for it, and you are responsible for a lot of them. There is a story that demonstrates this concept that happened in a neighborhood in Boston called Jamaica Plain.