The 5 Rules of Measuring and Managing Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

When I was in corporate life, my boss asked me to improve the Customer Experience and do it for the least cost. what is a Customer Experience?” Once you realize that emotions are a significant part of the process, it is time to work them into your business strategy.

What Do The Pioneers of Customer Experience See for the Future: And What Should You Do About It?

Beyond Philosophy

I recently participated in a Customer Experience Day webinar with two other leaders in our field, Joe Pine and Lou Carbone. You might remember how I came to this field of Customer Experience almost 20 years ago after years of working in the corporate world.


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3 Ways Customers’ Minds Plays Tricks on Them

Beyond Philosophy

In “ Thinking Fast and Slow ,” Professor Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences recipient in 2002, explores why our mind plays tricks on us. Instead, it’s a system of lazy thinking based on emotion, not logic. System one is fast, doesn’t take much energy to do, and is based on emotion. Discovering What Customers Don’t Know Themselves. The post 3 Ways Customers’ Minds Plays Tricks on Them appeared first on.

The Future Today! Personalization 2.0

Beyond Philosophy

When you make something personal for a customer, you start to create an emotional relationship with your product or service. And as I have been saying since 2002 when I started up my Customer Experience Consultancy, emotions influence over half of any Customer Experience outcome. Furthermore, the level of emotional engagement you have with a customer is what builds customer loyalty. The Emotional Experience Today Has New Applications.

Is Customer Experience Dying? The Three Pioneers of The Movement Debate

Beyond Philosophy

Back in 1994, Steve Jobs introduced a concept at an Apple conference: that the design of their products should begin at the desired Customer Experience and work backward from there. Now, 2021, Customer Experience as we know it is dying. Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience.

Is Outsourcing Your Customer Experience Really A Good Idea or Just Wrong?

Beyond Philosophy

Sometimes your Customer Experience requires you to outsource a portion of it to a third party. This trampoline story is a classic example of what can go wrong when you outsource part of your Customer Experience. Unfortunately, customers do not differentiate between the two parts.

Telecoms in Mumbai: What It Teaches Us about India and CX

Beyond Philosophy

It parallels a shift in the overall mindset of consumers in this area, one of a more commanding and capricious customer. In other words, the Customer Experience matters here more than it did even a couple of years ago. A new global survey released by Amdocs last month reported a trend in the region where consumers demanded more control and personalization in their Customer Experiences with their Telecom provider. Likewise, the negative emotions have an effect, too.

Any Press Is Good Press, Right?

Beyond Philosophy

When I started Beyond Philosophy back in 2002, nobody knew us. At Beyond Philosophy, we have always tried to be at the cutting edge of Customer Experience, pushing the boundaries. In my first book, I wrote about customersemotions and the emotional experience. It also means that from a Customer Experience perspective, you should consider who your target audience is and how you associate with them. on The Intuitive Customer Podcast.