My Latest White Paper - Leveraging Cloud Communications for SMBs

Jon Arnold

I write my fair share of white papers, and when combined with a webinar, they can be effective demand generation tools for vendors and providers. I did a well-attended webinar with them about this topic in December, and the white paper has now been published.

My Latest Cisco White Paper: AI in the Contact Center

Jon Arnold

Included in that mix is a white paper I've been doing for Cisco. Everyone is trying to assess what AI can really bring to the contact center, and to help educate the market, they engaged me to produce this vendor-neutral white paper.

CX Trends You Need to Watch in 2018 [White paper]


2018 is game time. It’s time to look at your customers as teammates rather than as opponents. It’s time to reboot your customer experience game. And: It’s time for you to win.

The Secret Sauce for Increasing Customer Happiness [White Paper]


If you run a call center, change is familiar. The functionality and technology is more advanced than ever before. Beyond that, the expectations of service, the metrics that gauge success, and the channels customers can use to maximize their efforts and minimize their wait times are very different.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. That being said, the paper is not a primer on AI nor does it get into defining what it. White goods giant saved $50M per year by reducing unnecessary.

The Top Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2019 [White Paper]


In this white paper , you’ll read about several significant subplots in 2019: Gamification in the Contact Center. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the top contact center trends to watch for in 2019. And we’ve got you covered. So many storylines, so little time.

10 Trends That Will Disrupt Customer Service in 2018 [White Paper]


“I feel the need , the need for speed !”. In Top Gun , the 1986 classic, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s famous phrase effectively summed up the future of customer service (CS).

Catching Your IVR System Up With the Times


The office of the 1970s was built on paper files, the office of the 1980s was built on word processing, spreadsheets, and other PC software, and the office of the […]. Blog Cloud IVR Migration White Paper


9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018 [White Paper]


Today, changes to the contact center are a response to consumer behaviour, and not simply the result of business initiatives. In a climate where technology and customer preferences change at a breathtaking pace, it can be overwhelming to consider all the ways that your contact center needs to evolve.

3 Benefits of a Managed SMS Provider You May Not Have Considered


Interactive Services Proactive Notifications & Mobility benefits communication compliance consider customer CX employee experience guidance managed Notifications outbound proactive provider regulation SMS staff supplement support TCPA white paper

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

for Your Contact Center WHITE PAPER Good forecasting generates immediate. Customer Case Studies White Paper: “The Definitive Guide to the Modern Contact Center” White Paper: “Beyond Shift Bidding: Dynamic Scheduling” +1 (855) 784-2807

Insight-Driven Marketing – The Intention/Reality Gap

Peter Lavers

In my role as a SAS collaborator and recognised influencer , I was recently sent the white paper “ Darkness of Digital Shadows ” and supporting infographic. The SAS Darkness of Digital Shadows reports can be accessed here: White Paper: [link].

My Next Webinar - with 8x8: How SMBs Can Leverage Cloud for Collaboration

Jon Arnold

It’s based on a white paper I just completed for 8x8 , focused on educating SMBs about how the cloud can take them much further than just replacing premise-based telephony. The white paper will be available for download soon from 8x8, but the webinar is free for all.

Disrupter No. 7: Social Profiling


By Lauren Kindzierski, HGS VP of Solutions and Capabilities Earlier this year, HGS released a white paper on this year’s top 10 customer experience disrupters—those that are sure [.].

Engaging surgeons for better documentation


Our newest white paper, […] The post Engaging surgeons for better documentation appeared first on What’s next.

Webinar Shout-Out with 8x8 - Tomorrow - Leveraging the Cloud for Collaboration

Jon Arnold

The webinar is based on my about-to-be-published white paper for 8x8 , and I’ll be joined by one of their customers for some first-hand insights about how the cloud is helping SMBs collaborate more effectively. Time sure flies, and after three events last month, I’ve got a backlog of blog posts to get done. Here’s the most pressing one - my webinar tomorrow at 2 ET.


Not Just CTI, Digital Transformation


We're pleased to share a new white paper written by McGee-Smith Analytics that tackles the subject of digital transformation for the contact center industry. The white paper highlights: The road to digital transformation in a contact center.

The Seven Customer Experience Survey Habits of Companies that Give A Damn

Connecting the Dots

In its most recent white paper , CCMC identifies the seven customer experience habits of companies that realize return on their customer experience investments. CCMC ~. Are you spending too much for too little return on your customer experience surveys?

8 Things About the Voice Channel We’re Tired of Hearing


In Fonolo’s latest white paper, “ 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018 ,” it’s revealed that 18-24 year olds actually express an increased appreciation for the voice channel. White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018.

How to Make Your Agents Feel Like They’re on Summer Vacation


Steep targets for each team are volleyed out on black, white or dash boards. For more easy customer service hacks, download our free white paper: 10 Trends That Will Disrupt Customer Service in 2018. White Paper: 10 Trends That Will Disrupt Customer Service in 2018.

Sales 200

Join Fonolo at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference


White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018. This white paper explores key areas that are sure to shake up the industry. Tradeshow season is upon us!

Join Fonolo at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference


White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018. This white paper explores key areas that are sure to shake up the industry. Tradeshow season is upon us!

June Writing Roundup

Jon Arnold

Somehow, I got my regular fill of writing done, along with a podcast, a webinar, and the launch of one of my current white papers. Sure was a busy month, and capped off a roughly two-month run of continuous events I either attended or spoke at. Finally had a chance to exhale, put this digest together for my June writing, and gear up again for what hopes to be a quieter month. Something tells me things won't stay quiet for long, so gotta get back to work now.

February Writing Roundup

Jon Arnold

14 My Latest Cisco White Paper - AI in the Contact Center , my blog, Feb. Time for another monthly writing update. My mix of work has shifted a bit, so my volume of writing is less, but am plenty busy in other areas. Depending on what you did or didn't read from me in February, here are the highlights to share: How Can Huddle Room Technology Maximize Collaboration Success? TechTarget, Feb. 27 AI in the Workplace - Voice is All you Nee d,, Feb.

What’s the best way to use contact handle time as a key performance indicator?


For more information about KPIs and balanced scorecards, see DMG’s white paper: Top KPIs for Managing Customer Service, Sales and Collections Contact Centers. Question: What’s the best way to use contact handle time as a key performance indicator? Answer: The amount of time agents spend handling interactions in each supported channel (e.g., inbound/outbound calls, chats, emails, short message service (SMS)/text, messaging, social media, etc.)

For Employees and Customers, Should the Goal Be Higher Engagement or Higher Experience Value?

Beyond Philosophy

Whenever encountering white papers that conflate the connection between employee engagement and happy customers, the above questions need to be asked. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

Contact Center Customer Experience Best Practices


For more insights on the latest customer experience trends in the call center industry, download our recent white paper, Contact Center & Customer Experience Trends 2018. Customer experience (CX) is evolving.

Stop wasting time and money in 2019


For more reasons how KBA threatens modern call centers, check out our white paper to see how contact centers can save money and provide a more secure and satisfying customer experience in 2019.

4 Powerful Rules to Create Employee and Customer Word-of-Mouth Programs That Work

Beyond Philosophy

Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

B2C 361

Seven Ways to Engage Your Customers Using Social Media

Beyond Philosophy

Post blogs, articles and create white papers that share information on the latest and greatest happening, not just with you and your company, but in your industry. Social Media can level the playing field. It’s the equalizer between small and big businesses. Even solo entrepreneurial businesses can create a global presence using social media. With a strong website, optimized with the right words and phrases, a small business can make a big presence.

Unusual Tips for Training Contact Center Agents


White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018. This white paper explores key areas that are sure to shake up the industry. There are a few things to keep in mind when building an A+ team of call center agents.

The Problem with Self Service

Beyond Philosophy

Parature’s complimentary white paper “ Getting More with Self-Service ,” the Service Council reports their recent poll respondents ranked the following as the top three challenges for their Self-Service Channels: Message constancy. Information accuracy. Integration consistency. People like the convenience of self-service. More and more of your Customers believe access to self-service options is essential to their relationship with your business.

What was the best customer service and contact center content from 2018?


These curated items include some of our most-read posts along with white papers call center leaders will appreciate. Customer Contact Week’s white paper provides clear-cut strategies for better performance.

What Cupid Has to Say About Your Call Center Relationships


White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018. This white paper explores key areas that are sure to shake up the industry. The relationship between contact centers and their customers can be a volatile one.

Ten Dumb Things Smart Contact Center Executives Do

Taylor Reach Group

Days filled with meetings, limits interaction with direct reports, free time to review news stories, white papers, technology articles etc. There are a lot of smart — very smart — individuals managing and directing Call and Contact Centers today.

How designing a customer experience culture leads to sustained commercial success – a whitepaper by Cranfield School of Management and Pelorus Jack


‘Culture by design’, a white paper by Pelorus Jack and prominent academics from Cranfield School of Management , explores how to connect organisations with their customers to create a consistent, world-class customer experience that leads to sustained commercial success.

How content marketing helps you support customers, not just win them


White papers. White papers are similar to ebooks, but they are generally shorter and focused more narrowly targeted. A guest post by Walter Chen – Founder & CEO of iDoneThis.

50 Quick Tips for Improving the Customer Experience


If you require a deeper dive into ramping up your CX regimen, be sure to check out our recent white paper which gives a play-by-play of the CX trends for the year. White Paper: CX Trends You Need to Watch in 2018. Your customer is your brand.

The Customer Experience Is Your Best Marketing


But, today a good website is about offering up new content, sometimes daily (or even more often), in the form of articles, white papers, videos and even games. What is marketing?

Real-Time Adaptive Scheduling Improves Contact Center Dynamics (whitepaper)


This white paper presents the concept and benefits of real-time adaptive scheduling, which will enhance customer satisfaction and improve employee engagement while enabling managers to meet their service-level objectives and reduce operating expenses. Real-Time Adaptive Scheduling Improves Contact Center Dynamics (whitepaper). 7/11/2017. By Donna Fluss. Introduction. Adaptive intraday management capabilities allow enterprises to bridge the gap between forecasts and reality.