Net Promoter® White Paper: Next-Generation Net Promoter®


Welcome to Next-Generation Net Promoter®, the newest methodology from our latest white paper. The post Net Promoter® White Paper: Next-Generation Net Promoter® appeared first on CustomerGauge.

My Latest White Paper - Leveraging Cloud Communications for SMBs

Jon Arnold

I write my fair share of white papers, and when combined with a webinar, they can be effective demand generation tools for vendors and providers. I did a well-attended webinar with them about this topic in December, and the white paper has now been published.

CX Trends You Need to Watch in 2018 [White paper]


2018 is game time. It’s time to look at your customers as teammates rather than as opponents. It’s time to reboot your customer experience game. And: It’s time for you to win.

How to Engage Customers – “Hearts, Then Charts” White Paper


Almighty Chief Strategy Officer Ian Fitzpatrick recently wrote and published the white paper, “Hearts, Then Charts,” which offers a practical framework for aligning organizations with their customers to create a customer-centric culture.

Why Conversational AI Is Key to Customer Service in the Customer Experience Era

My Latest Cisco White Paper: AI in the Contact Center

Jon Arnold

Included in that mix is a white paper I've been doing for Cisco. Everyone is trying to assess what AI can really bring to the contact center, and to help educate the market, they engaged me to produce this vendor-neutral white paper.

The Top Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2019 [White Paper]


In this white paper , you’ll read about several significant subplots in 2019: Gamification in the Contact Center. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the top contact center trends to watch for in 2019. And we’ve got you covered. So many storylines, so little time.

10 Trends That Will Disrupt Customer Service in 2018 [White Paper]


“I feel the need , the need for speed !”. In Top Gun , the 1986 classic, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s famous phrase effectively summed up the future of customer service (CS).

Cross-Company CX: Closing the Loop at Every Level


In our most recent white paper, Next-Generation Net Promoter®: How to Monetize […]. Blog Featured close the loop modern NPS Next-Generation Net Promoter white paper


New White Paper from Frost & Sullivan on Improving Customer Experience and Business Results

Customer Interactions

In its new white paper You Can Have It All: Satisfied Customers AND Profitable Operations, industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan confirmed that optimizing customer interactions is critical to improving business performance. According to the Frost & Sullivan white paper, what successful companies have in common is that they build a system to optimize the dynamics of customer interactions, whether by phone, email, chat or social media.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. That being said, the paper is not a primer on AI nor does it get into defining what it. White goods giant saved $50M per year by reducing unnecessary.

Catching Your IVR System Up With the Times


The office of the 1970s was built on paper files, the office of the 1980s was built on word processing, spreadsheets, and other PC software, and the office of the […]. Blog Cloud IVR Migration White Paper


Know Your Survey: Voice of Customer and Market Research


Blog Featured NPS and CX Benchmark Survey surveying white paperWe’re thrilled to announce the release of our 2017 NPS® and CX Benchmark Survey, made in collaboration with MIT CISR!

9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018 [White Paper]


Today, changes to the contact center are a response to consumer behaviour, and not simply the result of business initiatives. In a climate where technology and customer preferences change at a breathtaking pace, it can be overwhelming to consider all the ways that your contact center needs to evolve.

Understanding the power of ForeSee benchmarks


Customer Experience Research Retail benchmarking Benchmarks white papersThe basic definition of a “benchmark” is a standard or point of reference to which something can be compared. The way it relates to customer experience isn’t much different; ForeSee’s.

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

for Your Contact Center WHITE PAPER Good forecasting generates immediate. Customer Case Studies White Paper: “The Definitive Guide to the Modern Contact Center” White Paper: “Beyond Shift Bidding: Dynamic Scheduling” +1 (855) 784-2807

3 Benefits of a Managed SMS Provider You May Not Have Considered


Interactive Services Proactive Notifications & Mobility benefits communication compliance consider customer CX employee experience guidance managed Notifications outbound proactive provider regulation SMS staff supplement support TCPA white paper

A Decade of Contact Center Pipeline: Useful Resources on Our Website

Contact Center Pipeline

You can view our Directory Listing of products and services, check out our White Papers and view our latest Research Reports (we will have the results of two new surveys coming out soon: […].

Industry Leaders Agree: Successful Sales Enablement Focuses On Conversations, Not Content


While content like case studies, product one-sheets, and white papers absolutely have a place in advancing the sales process, that place is to reinforce existing conversations. Sending a white paper to a prospect without context isn’t going to close a deal.

Sales 72

Insight-Driven Marketing – The Intention/Reality Gap

Peter Lavers

In my role as a SAS collaborator and recognised influencer , I was recently sent the white paper “ Darkness of Digital Shadows ” and supporting infographic. The SAS Darkness of Digital Shadows reports can be accessed here: White Paper: [link].

My Next Webinar - with 8x8: How SMBs Can Leverage Cloud for Collaboration

Jon Arnold

It’s based on a white paper I just completed for 8x8 , focused on educating SMBs about how the cloud can take them much further than just replacing premise-based telephony. The white paper will be available for download soon from 8x8, but the webinar is free for all.

50 Best Customer Service Articles of the Decade [2019 Update]


Ask yourself if you’d like to be pitched to immediately after you’ve downloaded an ebook or white paper. To serve today’s customers, we must think beyond automated sales emails or chatbots.

voip 62

Disrupter No. 7: Social Profiling


By Lauren Kindzierski, HGS VP of Solutions and Capabilities Earlier this year, HGS released a white paper on this year’s top 10 customer experience disrupters—those that are sure [.].

The Convergence of Customer Communications and CX


We researched with Forrester , produced an ebook , and authored a white paper , all digging deeper into the detailed why’s and how’s of the topic. We have been writing about the convergence of customer communications management (CCM) and digital customer experience (CX) management technologies for over four years. We were way ahead of the curve then, and still are now. Customer Experience Customer Communications INTOUCH

Monetized Net Promoter®—Tying Revenue to NPS®


In our recent white paper, Next-Generation […]. In the past, many companies have employed a “heritage Net Promoter” model. This model provides steps for measuring customer feedback and acting to quickly close the loop.

Slaying Algorithmic Aversion: If Co-Workers Resist Your Algorithms, How Will You Improve Customer Experience?

Centriam Customer Experience Lab

Centriam’s Data Science team recently authored a new white paper on the massive opportunities for modern machine learning algorithms to improve customer experience.

10 Things to Look for when Selecting a Digital Engagement or Visual IVR Platform


Click to Read White Paper. Introduction. Visual IVR has gone mainstream. Widespread adoption of this digital technology is taking place rapidly. However, not all Visual IVR solutions are the same. This document outlines the features you should look for in a digital engagement platform. Read More. Jacada Blog

Amazing Business Radio: Natalie Petouhoff


With years of experience as a contact center analyst, a customer service advisor, and more, she has authored over 150 white papers, e-books, and webinars. From AI to “HIMI” Human-Inspired Machine Intelligence. Shep Hyken interviews Dr. Natalie Petouhoff.

Visual Automation: Boost Agent Productivity with Smart Eyes


This in-depth white paper by TechSee explores the real-world uses of implementing vision automation technologies within the contact center. The white paper provides a deep dive into the impact visual automation is having on a wide range of contact center KPIs.

The Seven Customer Experience Survey Habits of Companies that Give A Damn

Connecting the Dots

In its most recent white paper , CCMC identifies the seven customer experience habits of companies that realize return on their customer experience investments. CCMC ~. Are you spending too much for too little return on your customer experience surveys?

Engaging surgeons for better documentation


Our newest white paper, […] The post Engaging surgeons for better documentation appeared first on What’s next.

Webinar Shout-Out with 8x8 - Tomorrow - Leveraging the Cloud for Collaboration

Jon Arnold

The webinar is based on my about-to-be-published white paper for 8x8 , and I’ll be joined by one of their customers for some first-hand insights about how the cloud is helping SMBs collaborate more effectively. Time sure flies, and after three events last month, I’ve got a backlog of blog posts to get done. Here’s the most pressing one - my webinar tomorrow at 2 ET.


5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of June 24, 2019


Dimelo) In this white paper, a number of our expert’s breakdown why changing your strategy to unify your communications across multiple channels can help you adapt to changing customer behavior.

Not Just CTI, Digital Transformation


We're pleased to share a new white paper written by McGee-Smith Analytics that tackles the subject of digital transformation for the contact center industry. The white paper highlights: The road to digital transformation in a contact center.

February Writing Roundup

Jon Arnold

19 My Latest White Paper - Leveraging Cloud Communications for SMBs , my blog, Feb. I did more traveling than writing last month, but still managed to get some things out. As usual, here’s a digest of my thought leadership for February, and if you want to see more, please drop me a line. There’s More to Digital Transformation than Automation ,, Feb. 28 Speech Tech in the Enterprise - 3 Themes to Explore , No Jitter, Feb.

8 Things About the Voice Channel We’re Tired of Hearing


In Fonolo’s latest white paper, “ 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018 ,” it’s revealed that 18-24 year olds actually express an increased appreciation for the voice channel. White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018.

The Customer Experience Is Your Best Marketing


But, today a good website is about offering up new content, sometimes daily (or even more often), in the form of articles, white papers, videos and even games. What is marketing?

How to Make Your Agents Feel Like They’re on Summer Vacation


Steep targets for each team are volleyed out on black, white or dash boards. For more easy customer service hacks, download our free white paper: 10 Trends That Will Disrupt Customer Service in 2018. White Paper: 10 Trends That Will Disrupt Customer Service in 2018.

Join Fonolo at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference


White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018. This white paper explores key areas that are sure to shake up the industry. Tradeshow season is upon us!

Join Fonolo at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference


White Paper: 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018. This white paper explores key areas that are sure to shake up the industry. Tradeshow season is upon us!