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Customer Success Metrics: 10 Key Indicators for SaaS Companies


Customer success metrics are essential to the growth of every SaaS company. When it comes to your SaaS business, you need to be measuring and evaluating your customer success. This helps you analyze how much value your customers gain from your product, and you can select particular KPIs to help you do so.

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Key SaaS Metrics that Matter

CSM Practice

With the value of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market estimated to hit $225 billion in the US by 2025 , the industry offers lucrative opportunities for tech entrepreneurs. However, launching a SaaS company can be risky. for SaaS companies, compared to over 10% for paid advertising clicks.

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Why SaaS Leaders Should Outsource Their Customer Success Program


When we are talking to organizations in the sales cycle, we will often hear from SaaS companies that the customer success role is too complex, too critical, too deeply embedded in their internal operations to ever be outsourced. We are here today to say, with respect, they’re wrong. It’s kind of ironic because many (most?) Ill-defined KPIs.

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The crucial nuance behind seven top Customer Success metrics for SaaS companies


Some Customer Success metrics are considered standard but there’s often more than meets the eye. Sales and marketing professionals that geek out on metrics can find themselves in deep philosophical debates about the best numbers to track. There is often more than one way to calculate a given Customer Success metric; Gaming.

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8 Key SaaS Customer Success Metrics & How to Measure Them

Help Scout

Measure and improve your customers' ability to be successful with your product by tracking these 8 key SaaS customer success metrics. Read the full article

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Guest Post: Ways to Improve the SaaS Customer Experience


This week we feature an article by Anand Subramanian, a content writer from Freshflows , a product management app for B2B SaaS product teams. He shares how to improve the SaaS customer experience to encourage customer loyalty. Software as a service (SaaS) has grown rapidly in recent years, particularly in recent months.

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Why NRR (net revenue retention) is the one metric to rule them all for SaaS


Cut to 2022, and the idea that a SaaS company could secure venture funding without investors digging deep into retention metrics seems comical, if not reckless. Net revenue retention (NRR) is taking center stage as the qualifying metric for determining the health of a SaaS business. Customer success is business success.

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