Is On-Premise Software Dead? Why So Many Companies are Moving to SaaS

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Your work computer likely has Windows and the Office suite installed directly on the machine, so why shouldn’t you have software for sales, customer support, marketing, or other industries right alongside it? Here are a few reasons why so many companies have made the switch to SaaS….

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Why Customer Loyalty is Essential to SaaS Companies

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It’s no secret that the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry is on fire right now. After all, so many businesses are evaluating SaaS options that even if they churn, there will be five more waiting and ready to sign up, right? Loyal customers can help sales in two specific ways.

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How SaaS Help Desk Software Helps in Achieving Business Goals

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Lead generation, sales, and operations continue to be the top business goals, but customer service is the foundation of organizational success. Employees are responsible for varied business activities like marketing, operations, finance, and sales.

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What Support Metrics Should SaaS Companies be Using?


But this is your life as a manager developing a SaaS customer support model that scales. 5 Metrics that shape your SaaS customer support model. A lot of the structure of your SaaS support model can be built around the insights from your conversation volume.

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The Essential Sales (Summer) Reading List


Vacations — and other OOO moments — provide sales professionals with a unique opportunity to gets some needed relaxation but also to enhance their job-related knowledge base. Sales is a study in motivational psychology. Great sales professionals understand the why as well. Sale

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21 Most Active Sales Influencers on Social Media in 2018


Sales influencers adore doing this. If you want to follow everyone on this list, check out the list on Twitter , where we’ve brought together all the sales influencers, so you can easily check their profiles and follow each person you want to. CEO of A Sales Guy Inc.

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How to Create Enablement Content Your Sales Team Actually Uses


Alex has a professional background in creating and leveraging targeted sales enablement content to produce qualified leads and increase sales efficiency. The growing buzz around sales enablement. Building the bridge between marketing and sales. Sales

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Part 1. Interview with Sales influencers – Sales Tips from Dan Martell


And sales tips are no different. Once you type your question on how to become better in sales in Search, you’ll get 101 sales advice in return. To help us sort through what sales tips actually work, and which ones each salesperson should consider implementing within the next year, we’ve contacted the most popular sales influencers. Dan, you are a world famous business coach for SaaS founders. I’m going to focus on the young sales reps.

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Hunting vs Farming customers – A virtuous cycle between Sales and Success teams


With the emergence of the subscription economy and in particular in the SaaS industry, we have come to distinguish 2 main business activities that contribute to the growth of a company: Hunting and Farming. Hunting and farming: How Sales and Success thrive together.

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RapportBoost to Showcase New Chat Sales Boosting Platform at ICMI


RapportBoost to Showcase New Chat Sales Boosting Platform at Booth #318 at ICMI Contact Center Demo Nov. November 6, 2018 – RapportBoost , a Los Angeles based technology company that boosts chat sales for contact centers, will exhibit at next week’s ICMI Contact Center Demo in Las Vegas.

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Double Your Sales with Awesome Live Chat Upselling Techniques


Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman–not the attitude of the prospect.”- Use the following best sales techniques to put your customer at ease: Share quality content and advise. Promote Current and Ongoing Sales. Sales and promotions. Bulk sales.

The Customer Success Manager: The Essential Link Between Sales and Support


A lot has been written about the sales journey and the role a good support team has in keeping customers happy. The customer success manager role bridges the gap between sales and support and, in SaaS organizations especially, they are almost indispensable.

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Six tips for scaling your sales and service team


Similar to how automated robotic processes made the production of cars more scalable, automatic processes in sales and customer service can improve your efficiency dramatically. With the rise of mobile technology and cloud-based SaaS, there’s no need to tie your team to their desks. Customer service agents can work from home and sales representatives can work on-the-go. What do you think is most important when trying to make a sales or service team scalable?

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3 Ways the Best Brands Do Omnichannel Right


For example, in B2B sales today, it’s not enough to bank on your sales people being the sole entry point for customers. Blog Customer Experience Featured ecommerce linkedin loyalty multichannel omnichannel retail SaaSHave you had enough of the term omnichannel?

Learn To Drive Customer Success With Live Chat


Customers and prospects have a number of ways to reach your team with sales and support questions, but none are as effective and immediate as live chat. Customer experience Startup life customer success help desk live chat Saas

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3 Ways the Best Brands Do Omnichannel Right


For example, in B2B sales today, it’s not enough to bank on your sales people being the sole entry point for customers. Blog Customer Experience Featured ecommerce linkedin loyalty multichannel omnichannel retail SaaSHave you had enough of the term omnichannel? It blasted into our vocabulary a few years ago, shoving out multichannel as the preferred ubiquitous business speak of our time. Omnichannel paints a picture of an all-knowing customer journey.

WFM in the cloud: Five reasons to make the move


Sales of cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) solutions are on the rise and Olle D?ring, As cloud WFM is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) it removes up-front costs. ring, CEO at Teleopti outlines five reasons for contact centers to make the move to cloud without delay.

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jeannie Walters

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How does the SaaS customer experience differ from traditional business models? The SaaS customer journey leans heavily on the customer to understand the product before buying, and that's why trial periods are so popular.

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Selling to VP Level Executives: An Insider Look


Successful B2B sales can be an indirect, multi-step process. While preferences and personalities will naturally vary, getting to know someone who’s been — and currently resides — on the opposite end of this sales equation is a huge advantage. Let’s talk about you as a sales prospect.

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Why You Should Think About Your IT Team Structure (Right from the Start)


This is especially true in the SaaS world. The post Why You Should Think About Your IT Team Structure (Right from the Start) appeared first on Business VoIP, Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing Content - Nextiva Blog. In the digital age, a company’s IT team is one of the most important facets of their business. If you’re selling software as a service, you must have a strong, well-organized IT team structure backing you.

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The Live Chat Revenue Opportunity: Get Customer Engagement Right to Grow Your Business


It can drive leads, sales, and revenue. The results tell us that live chat can: Increase sales. Live chat drives sales. Maximize sales and engagement with proactive engagement. Customer experience live chat sales

The Subtle Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service


The term ‘customer service’ evokes nostalgia for sales clerks in long aprons in country town emporiums. This can be understood in the context of SaaS (software as a service) and other tech companies. SaaS companies and support teams.

What is a Lead and how it’s different to Prospects, MQLs and SQLs


Subscribers, Leads, MQLs, SQLs, Prospects, Opportunities, Customers: these terms get thrown around in B2B sales and marketing departments the world over but it’s almost like we’re speaking different languages. Of course, the basic premise is that each term relates to how far through the sales process a non-customer is and what lead nurturing still needs […]. Comments I am working on a saas product and I found the article.

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20 Call Center Pros Share the Most Undervalued Call Center Metrics and How To Better Leverage Them


Ben M Roberts is the Head of Marketing for a SaaS startup called Talkative. Maybe that’s cutting out a step in the sales process that slows them down or buying a power dialer for them to use, like MOJO. Osiris Parikh is a certified inbound sales professional and SEO strategist.

Fireside Chat: Natero Shares Tips for Customer Success

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A few years ago, Customer Success might have been an extension of the sales function or a rebranded support team. As a whole, SaaS executives tend to focus on Customer Success metrics like retention trends, expansion rates, and Customer Lifetime Value.

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The Secrets of Net Negative Churn – Customer Advocacy


Whether you call it cloud software or SaaS, one thing is clear: the cloud has changed the way all business operates. From high-growth tech startups to legacy enterprise corporations, SaaStr’s Annual conference for SaaS experts hosts a wide spectrum of attendees united by technology, tactics, and direction.

Innovation Enhances the Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market


The vast majority of the sales were to existing contact centers whose management made the decision to migrate to the cloud. The adoption rate of the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market as of the end of 2017 (July 2018) was 14.1% (includes hosted and software as a service (SaaS)), up from 11.4% The result is higher sales rates, larger collections and greatly improved customer service. Innovation Enhances the Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market.

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Remove the Distance Between Your Team and Your Customers


All companies should act like my new gym…but it’s particularly important in the world of SaaS. With subscription models ruling the waves in SaaS, our customers are only ever a few clicks away from joining competitors. A 5% monthly churn rate makes SaaS life pretty difficult.

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Talking Omnichannel But Organised Multi Channel?

Peter Lavers

This change has been complemented by the move to purely digital products in some categories e.g. music downloads, ebooks / enewspapers / emagazines, movie streaming, SaaS. We “do” marketing and sales, but the customer “does” their experience!

Guest Blog: Customer Service Trends for 2018


Business are recognizing the importance of creating a balance between the two sales funnels. Rohit Prasanna brings about 14 years of digital marketing experience and has been an advisor to software start-ups in the mobile and SaaS areas.

Guest Blog: Don’t Make Me Wait


As both a professor and chief scientist at a SaaS software company, I spend time around two groups of people that couldn’t be more different: Enterprise marketing, sales, and customer experience executives.

Webinar: How to Stop Your Customers From Leaving You


But before throwing more money at the marketing and sales departments, have you ever looked at why some customers churn? They hand them off to sales, sales carefully handles the customer through their many segments and moves them into their first account.

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USAN Announces Contact Suite for Amazon Connect


Dialer adds high-touch outbound calling capability to Amazon Connect in order to boost sales, increase collections, launch surveys, etc. One of the first companies to host contact center technology in the cloud, USAN has provided contact center software-as-a-service (SaaS) since 1989. March 18, 2019 – USAN, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions, today announced the availability of Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect and Dialer for Amazon Connect.

Guest Blog: 4 Technology Solutions to Help You Manage Customer Service More Effectively


With BI, AI, and cloud-based SaaS apps, CRM software is adapting to your business, not the other way around. If you work for an SMB, have someone from inside sales or marketing handle a live chat on your company’s website during business hours.

Sneak Peek: 2019 Customer Experience Trends


Omni-channel CX will also expand to provide sales and support over social media, like Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger. For example, software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies can monitor settings configurations that may cause glitches.

Self-Service Customer Onboarding to Lower Support Costs


The customer site is CAKE software for restaurant management and point of sale , a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product owned by the massive food service conglomerate Sysco. Even better, their MindTouch site has also informed and improved the sales process. “That’s what I want!” ” she exclaimed. It happened while I was demoing a customer’s deployment of MindTouch to a senior leader in Customer Support.

GetApp Analysis Declares Aircall a Call Center Software Leader


2 cloud-based call center software by GetApp, the premier research and review site for businesses exploring SaaS solutions. Marketing, sales, and customer support tools have limited power unless they can communicate with one another. A Category Breakdown.

Expert Roundup: How Data from Survey Software Shapes Marketing Campaigns

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Bruce Harpham B2B SaaS Content Marketing Consultant. For example, you are marketing a sales automation software tool. Through surveys, you can find out the actual words that sales professionals use (e.g.

Customer Perceived Value: Understanding What Appeals to the Consumer


From most SaaS companies, people do not merely buy software, but rather solutions. One study showed that using this method increased sales by 24%. Clearly, this is easier said than done when considering an SaaS company who conducts business in many countries and currencies around the world. When an SaaS company offers its clients a free trial, they are saying, “Please try our product. This is especially true for SaaS companies.

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7 Ways Phone Calls and Live Chat Improve Customer Retention and Revenue


Especially when it comes to service businesses, both traditional and SaaS, because service solutions often need to be tailored to the individual customer. How does this apply to sales and marketing? Your team will close more deals and negotiate higher value sales via phone.