CX Specialist Ben Motteram Divulges Upcoming Trends in Customer Support

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The promise of a delightful customer support experience comes with the responsibility of actually delivering it consistently. Just buying and installing the latest customer support software onboard does not automatically mean that you will provide a great experience to your customers.

The 3 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make with Customer Support

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In my multiple interactions with the company, they made three critical mistakes in the customer support experience. These are the same 3 mistakes you can’t afford to make with your customer support experience. How can the company believe this is customer support?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Excellent Customer Support on Social Media

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Long gone are the days when phone calls were the best way to deliver excellent customer support. Modern customers believe that social media is a new better way to interact with the brands when they have questions, problems, or concerns. Offer Customers Contact Alternatives.

Which is the Best Customer Support System for your Company?


Your customers are the heartbeat of your company. If you are not attending your customers efficiently your business effect badly. But to handle your customers effectively, a reliable system of customer support is needed. Social Customer Support.

Why Facility Management Leaders Need B2B Customer Support Software


You’ve got customers with all different types of buildings and a wide array of needs and demands. This means there’s isn’t a “blueprint” for how to deal with customer issues as they arise. Fortunately, B2B customer support software exists to help! B2B Customer Support

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The Blueprint to Scale Your Customer Support Operations


You’ve got a product or service people love, and you’re getting new customers all the time. Five customer support agents may no longer be enough, and it’s time to expand the team to double digits to meet the demand of tickets and phone calls. Customer Support

Boosting Your Customer Support: Human-Operated Live Chat vs Chatbots


When was the last time you contacted customer support of an online business? If you’ve had a customer support interaction recently, did you speak with a real person or a chatbot? Human-Operated Live Chat vs. Chatbots: Customer Perceptions.

What is the difference between Customer Support and Customer Success?


Customer Success is a new phenomenon and so, several companies club it with customer support. They feel that customer success is an extension to customer support. But there are several key differences between customer support and customer success.

Effective Customer Support: Why it is the Lifeblood of Your Online Business?

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However, the one common factor they share, which has brought them profit and goodwill, is how effective their customer support services are. Importance of Effective Customer Service in eCommerce Business. In short, keeping customers delighted is their #1 priority.

How to Write a Compelling Customer Support Email


When you’ve worked in support for a while, especially for the same company, it can feel like Groundhog Day. 3 common emails support receive: In my experience, most emails we receive in support fall into into three buckets: I love you, but here are the things that you need to change.

20 Essential Features in a B2B Customer Support System


There are A LOT of features available for companies to choose from when deciding what’s important in their Business to Business (B2B) customer support software solution. Advanced account administration – All systems need to have strong control over what users can and can’t do.

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How to Automate Customer Support Using Emails, Calls and Chatbots?


Customer support, for most companies, has been a cost center. Especially, when responsibilities like account management and customer success have moved on to dedicated teams. How happy your existing customers are can determine how much revenue would you get […].

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support Metrics


When it comes to customer support, the ability to experiment, tweak, and improve your service is a huge part of making your customers’ experience great. On this page you can see a complete list of all the customer support metrics that matter, and why.

5 ways to retain your customer support staff


Many companies face the same challenge with their customer support team: how to prevent the support staff from leaving. There are many reasons why people burn out, especially within a customer facing role. But, these can be prevented by nurturing your support team.

The Importance of Combining Your Learning Management System and Customer Support Software


Many businesses are looking for new ways to improve and strengthen their own customer relationships. They’ve hired a great team of account managers, have incredibly knowledgeable support agents, and have provided them with the technology needed to succeed.

Customer Support Predictions for 2016


We looked back with our best posts from the customer support community in 2015, now we’re looking forward with predictions for 2016. We’ve asked support pros from Kayako and beyond what they think the biggest trends in customer support will be in the next 12 months.

Aircall’s 2018 Customer Support Strategy Survey


Plans, Predictions, Insights, and Opinions From 475 Customer Support Leaders. This survey provides a detailed (and timely) answer to a two-part question: What are the issues today’s customer support leaders care about the most? 3) Increasing customer lifetime value.

Guest Blog: Rebuilding the Foundations of Customer Support in the New World of Software as a Service


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Boaz Amidor, shares four techniques that have striking, measurable results when it comes to the efficiency of the Customer Support Program of companies providing online and mobile customer support.

5 Quick-Fire Tips for More Personal Customer Support


Aside from building an excellent product, companies should also focus on outstanding customer support. Research has shown that around $83 billion is lost by businesses every year just because of poor customer service. One way to do that is to make customer support personal.

How Email Management Software Improves Customer Support

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For customer support professionals, email management software is no longer optional — it’s essential for an efficient workflow. As simple and affordable as they are, email distribution lists and shared inboxes can lead to overlooked customers, dropped work and duplicated efforts.

Forget Happiness, This Is the Top Emotion for Customer Support

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I placed a frantic call to technical support. The technical support rep must have been super empowered. She skipped all of the usual items on the support checklist ("Yes, I've tried rebooting my computer.") For support teams, customer relief is much more important than happiness.

3 Signs Your Business Needs a Dedicated Customer Support Team

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While customer acquisition may be at the top of your list, customer retention should be as well. Your company may produce the best or only product of its type on the market, but without good customer support, your business will have a hard time holding on to customers.

How to Boost Customer Retention with Unified Customer Support


When you give your customers exceptional support, they are 4 times more likely to reward you with their loyalty. But what does exceptional support look like in 2016? Because helpdesks encourage your staff to see customers as faceless support tickets. .

Who Should Be Accountable for Customer Feedback Loops?


Customer feedback loops suffer from a lack of commitment. Most teams believe that a response to their customer marks the end of a closed-loop feedback system. Let’s go back to the start and reiterate your feedback process so you can improve both user and customer experiences.

Top Customer Support Blogs, Communities, Podcasts and Newsletters


It might surprise you to know that there are two regular podcasts dedicated to nothing but customer support. With one of those having 100+ episodes, how much more could there possibly be to say about customer support? Customer support is undergoing a fundamental shift.

How to Recruit Your First Customer Support Employee


We’ve looked at how to successfully scale your customer support team before. This article will explain how to recruit your first customer support employee. Why you need to recruit your first customer support employee. Poor customer reviews.

How to Align Customer Success & Customer Support


Importance of Aligning Customer Success & Customer Support. Perhaps the most critical alignment in an entire organization is that of customer success and customer support. Let’s first start by defining each of these teams : What is Customer Support?

How to Scale Customer Support without Growing Pains


When your operation is in its infancy, it’s easy to dispense personal, dedicated, effective customer support. However, as your business grows (and if you offer excellent customer service, chances are, it will), so will your support team. Give your customers options.

What One Change Would Most Improve Customer Support in 2018?


Our 2018 customer support strategy survey was sent to 475 industry leaders. How large is your customer support team? Participants were asked to name the one change that would have the largest positive impact on their customer support strategy in 2018… Survey Responses Reveal Trends to Improve Customer Support. Support agent attrition and low employee morale were repeatedly cited as motivators for change in 2018. News Support

5 Ways to Start Modernizing Your Customer Support for a More Personal UX


Until recently, it was assumed that technology would replace people in customer support. Modern customers want the organizations they work with to be their advocates, to be accountable and proactive when it comes to their needs and goals. Customers want their experience with a brand to be personalized and intimate. Customer ExperienceNow it's clear that technology alone isn't enough.

Customer Support’s Important Role in Solving Common Churn Problems


Understanding why customers churn is critical to how you continue to position, sell, and support your customers and to build your product and business. Churn is also costly–it’s 5-25x more expensive to earn a new customer than it is to keep an existing one!

Computer Telephony Integration: 8 Ways It Benefits Customer Support


This article will explore the various beneficial effects that computer-telephone integration can have on your call center installation, and on your customer experience. Call centers can provide assistance to their customers in different languages and time zones without delocalising.

Does it Spark Joy? Marie Kondo’ing Your Customer Support Strategy


It’s essential to keep an eye on how things change for your product and team, so you can make sure the support you’re offering your customers is the best option for everyone. What if we apply those same ideas to our support teams? For our purposes, we’ll think of support channels as our possessions in need of tidying. Now let’s adjust the rules to make them work for support instead: Commit to doing the work and be proactive. Think of Your Customer.

What’s the Difference Between Customer Support and Customer Success?

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The difference between customer support and customer success has sparked a number of lively discussions. Customer Support teams resolve product-related issues and educate the customer about how the product works. They empower customers to find answers (e.g.,

Customer Support 2.0 and the Rise of the Portfolio Success Manager

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I was interviewed by Jayaram Bhat, Squelch Co-Founder and CEO and we talked about the latest trends in both customer support and success. We examined the more proactive role that support teams are playing and then introduce the concept of the portfolio success manager.

The Art of Troubleshooting for Customer Support Professionals

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When a customer writes in to your support team reporting that something isn’t working right and you haven’t seen this situation before, it’s time to start troubleshooting. This is a ton of additional effort for the customer, who just wants a quick fix to the problem.

The Magic of One-to-Many Customer Support

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For a long time, I had a deeply held belief that great customer service could only happen when there was a helpful person on the other end with all the answers. Growing the customer support team to provide that level of service as the business grew was no problem.

5 customer support job descriptions to build an all-star team


As a field and as a department, customer support is no longer relegated to the kids’ table. Customers are afforded more options than ever, and as a result, their expectations in terms of service and support are soaring. The importance of customer support.

How to Recruit Your First Customer Support Employee


We’ve looked at how to successfully scale your customer support team before. This article will explain how to recruit your first customer support employee. Why you need to recruit your first customer support employee. Poor customer reviews.

How to Recruit Your First Customer Support Employee


We’ve looked at how to successfully scale your customer support team before. This article will explain how to recruit your first customer support employee. Why you need to recruit your first customer support employee. Poor customer reviews.